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Rough Sketch is a Podcast that is designed to explore creativity. We talk to creative people about their process and set them an improv drawing challenge. Scheduled to release one episode a month on the first Friday of the month.

Rough Sketch is a Podcast that is designed to explore creativity. We talk to creative people about their process and set them an improv drawing challenge. Scheduled to release one episode a month on the first Friday of the month.


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Rough Sketch is a Podcast that is designed to explore creativity. We talk to creative people about their process and set them an improv drawing challenge. Scheduled to release one episode a month on the first Friday of the month.




Jen Rowe - Ep#34

Happy new year listeners. We start this year with an Improv bang and managed to organise a chat with performer extraordinaire Jen Rowe. Jen is multi-talented and when she is not teaching, performing or writing then she is probably out on a walk, painting or practising hip-hop dancing. We chat about how the lock down was and the new challenges that face UK performers now that the UK is no longer in the EU. Be sure to check out Jen's awesome drawing on our social media. Jen Rowe Links...


2020 in review - Ep#33

Hello there, well it's been a bit of a year huh? 2020 I think has been a bit of a trial for a lot of us, but we go through it. A huge thank you to all of the guests that we have had this year. Without them, we would have a very different show and it's been wonderful to have these lovely conversations get to create with them. This is a retrospective episode looking back on our 16 episodes this year and finding the hidden joy with links to the guests involved. Jamie IlesCBMatt...


Dan Berry - Ep#32

After listening to his podcast Make It Then Tell Everybody for the past year and consuming over 200 episodes we caught up with podcaster, maker, creator and jack of many trades Dan Berry. We talk to Dan about his 8 years in podcasting, his brief dalliance with stand-up and how that helped him in teaching. How he knows that he has an idea that he wants to draw and how words can give you various feelings when you think about them way too much. Dan Berry Links...


Andy Perry - Ep#31

As promised we set up and had a great chat with Andy Perry the writer of the Reanimator Incorporated Graphic Novel. Having already spoken to the artist Lyndon White. We dive into his writing process a fair bit and how he wanted the whole process to be collaborative with Lyndon. He does mention just how valuable the editing process was and how it reformed the story. We talk a little about a writing retreat that he went on with Arvon and as a writer just how much that improved his ways to...


Art Nine Two - Ep#30

Fantastic independent artists and comic book creators Damian and Helena make up Art Nine Two and for us, it was a huge amount of fun to sit and chat with them. Damian's recent comic GGA (Galaxy Grappling Alliance) is a huge homage to the early days of the WWE bit with the matches having a deeper meaning. He has an incredible passion for Wrestling and movies and he even runs his own podcast called Omen to That really makes the comic feel like it has motion and he goes into a bit of detail...


Lyndon White - Ep#29

After receiving the fantastic first issue of the Reanimator Incorporated graphic novel we really wanted to reach out to the creators. This is a chat with artist and illustrator Lyndon White and we have a chat scheduled with Andy Perry coming soon. Chatting with Lyndon was fascinating. He is certainly prolific with his work and if you take a look at his portfolio on his site it shows just a selected amount of what he has been up to. We chat about how he puts his work together, the work that...


Jenny Gyllblad - Ep#28

After a bit of rescheduling, we managed to have a chat with Jennie Gyllblad to talk to her about the comics that she makes, smut, art and all sorts of other things. We cover a lot of ground with Jennie from her most recent work Rough Hex to fetish culture and the state of comic book publishing in Sweden and why her living in the UK is not "A phase". We loved how when Jennie realised she didn't have to censor herself she jumped in with both feet. This does include the amazing idea she came...


Harriet Braine - Ep#27

We are super happy to bring you a chat with Harriet Braine. Harriet is the second presenter of The Design Spark Podcast that we have been lucky enough to get onto the show. We talk to Harriet about her experience of recording the podcast with Lucy Rogers and Bec Hill. Her experiences living and working in Edinburgh during the festival, as well as the highs and lows that winning awards early in your career can bring. We also learn that Harriet is not just a super talented musician and...


Joe Latham - Ep#26

At time of writing, Joe and his wife are just about to have a baby so we managed to get a chat with him before that happened. It's also a bit of luck because we were only talking about Joe in the last episode. We met Joe at Thought Bubble 2019 and Chris loved his watercolour style comic The Fox, The Wolf and The Woodsman but we didn't get much of a chance to chat to him. So it was interesting to dig into Joe's history and learn how he grew into web design. Making MySpace (remember that?)...


Graham Johnson - Ep#25

Welcome back for a rather chilled episode with the wonderful Graham Johnson. Graham is a producer, improviser and illustrator to name a few things. We chat to Graham about his early influences like the webcomics Questionable Content and Dresden Codac. It's really interesting to hear Graham talk about how these "Slice of Life" style comics appealed to him more than the more superhero/fantasy style. We dive into being able to work with the fantastic Kid Carpet and his current projects which...


Mat Roff - Ep#24

We arrange a chat with creative problem solver Mat Roff. Sadly, we had a little issue with our audio on this episode but Mat's audio is great and after all, it is all about our guest and not us. Mat helped us in a bit of a deep dive into why fan art can be so important in any artist journey. He told us how everything for him is classed as some sort of collaboration and how that keeps his work fun and interesting for him and his clients. His openness is something we applaud, it's not always...


Lucy Rogers - Ep#23

Professor Lucy Rogers (PhD) is an inventor with a sense of fun. She is a Royal Academy of Engineers visiting Professor of Engineering: Creativity and Communication at Brunel University, London, a Fellow of the Institution of Mechanical Engineers and she is adept at bringing ideas to life, from robot dinosaurs to mini-mannequins and even a "fartometer" for IBM! Chris had the pleasure of meeting Lucy at an improve intensive weekend with The Maydays and just knew we had to get her on the...


Melanie Light - Ep#22

We sat down with Director and all-round awesome human being Melanie Light way back in February before the lockdown was put in place and now we finally bring it to you. Melanie not only writes and directs her own films but she is also a huge part of the Women In Horror month putting on amazing horror showcases. If that was not enough and is a huge advocate and voice for female representation in the film industry, especially in the horror scene. Her short film The Herd won several awards...


Samuel George London - Ep#21

This month we bring you a chat with comic book author and fellow podcaster Samuel George London. We met Sam at True Believers (2020) and invested in his Milford Green comic books. It's amazing that Sam had never even written a major fictional story until he wrote Milford Green. He did so with the help of a structure laid out by Dan Harmon called the Story Circle and drawn by ace Finnish artist Mikael Hankonen. Sam talks about his experience with Kickstarter, how he found Mikael, delivering...


Arthole - Ep#20

Another month is upon us and we are still in lockdown, we hope you are all well. This episode was recorded at the beginning of March. Elliot and Kay collectively known as Arthole joined us after a full day at the Bristol art fair Shake. We fed them and plied them with tea to find out more about their own art fair, style, interests, influences and whatnot. Of course, we also made them roll some dice and invent something on the spot and they did not let us down. How Kay managed to draw a...


Matt Emeny - Ep#19

Welcome to our April episode where most of the world seems to be in some sort of lockdown (including the UK). We hope that you are well and employing some sort of social distancing. We had this interview with Matt Emeny already recorded and obviously, we want to bring it to you so that you can check out his work. Matt makes his own theatre productions, acts and would love to direct his own movies. Chris has been working with Matt for the past few months as part of the theatre training that...


CB - Ep#18

We took a trip in early Feb to Cheltenham to check out True Believers Comic Festival. There we caught up with a multi-talented creative CB. We first bumped into CB at Cardiff comic con and we were compelled to have them on the Podcast as soon as we could. It took a while to set up but we got there in the end. CB has produced two awesome comics; ThirteeN, the adult erotic demon zine about a former witch who is thrown into a life of servitude in the fiery pits of the underworld and Avery...


Jamie Iles - Ep#17

Welcome to Episode 17 where we talk to storyboard artist Jamie Iles. If the surname sounds a little familiar it's because we spoke to his wife almost 1 year ago Sophie Iles. It was so nice to finally sit down with Jamie and have a chat about his work. We feel that storyboard artists are a very under-appreciated breed of people, they can add so much to a project. Jamie talks about his love of story and how him and Sophie are very different in how they try to tell stories and many other...


2019 in review and plans for 2020 - Ep#16

Happy new year from both of us. We had recorded a whole episode with the amazing Katy Shutte but due to technical difficulties, we don't have any of that audio. We will say that if you have the chance to check out any of Katy's work then please do so. We would like to also thank the Bristol Improv Theatre for giving us space and time to record with Katy. We will fix the technical issues and have a back up for this year. So this episode is just a bit of a look back on our first year of...


Dan Emmerson - Ep#15

Welcome to probably the last episode for the year where we chat to the multi-talented Dan Emmerson. First a quick advert for our recording space which was donated to us by Desklodge. Desklodge is a hotdesk and office rental space that have two locations in Bristol and one in Basingstoke. You can pay by the hour for just £3 per hour and £20 (ex. VAT) for a whole day. For more pricing take a look at the Desklodge website or give them a call. New members get 2 free days! Dan is a...