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Rough Sketch is a Podcast that is designed to explore creativity. We talk to creative people about their process and set them an improv drawing challenge. Scheduled to release one episode a month on the first Friday of the month.

Rough Sketch is a Podcast that is designed to explore creativity. We talk to creative people about their process and set them an improv drawing challenge. Scheduled to release one episode a month on the first Friday of the month.


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Rough Sketch is a Podcast that is designed to explore creativity. We talk to creative people about their process and set them an improv drawing challenge. Scheduled to release one episode a month on the first Friday of the month.




Neil Hampton - Ep#63

For the first time in about 2 years we are able to have a face to face chat. Neil Hampton (aka 14Eight) is a Bristol based creative who is fairly new to the scene of being in markets. In his words Neil makes "gothic home decor and jacket junk" which if you are into that kind of scene you will know what those things are and probably will take a look. We talk about the nerves of doing your first "artist" market, poorly designed t-shirts and all sorts of other stuff. Neil Hampton links...


Andy Perry & Lyndon White - Ep#62

I was honoured to be asked by Andy & Lyndon to come back on the show I had to say yes. Since we have met them both before the chat is a little different but we try to focus on the changes that life can bring to both throw curveballs at your creativity or aid it. We also create miniature worlds created in science flasks! Please go and check out the Kickstarter for part two of the Reanimator Incorporated books, it's way past its initial goal so everything now opens more stretch...


Geoffrey Krawczyk - Ep#61

Geoff got in touch with us via Twitter asking us if we wanted to have a chat about a comic he was working on. We said yes, and so here it is instead of the episode we had previewed on our Patreon which we had some audio issues. We had a really interesting chat with Geoff about his past work and more current work with EroTech. We dived into how design plays such a large element in creating comic books, how NSFW comic does not have to be ALL smut, then created a dark gothic submarine cop...


Grimly Fiendish Crafts - Ep#60

We had a lovely chat with the very talented Grimly Fiendish Crafts who creates very cute and spooky things out of felt, fabric and that sort of thing. The really fun part about their work is that a lot of them have something unique because they are all hand-made. We talked about not being good at "traditional art", being a kinesthetic learner, the things they have on in the background while they work, creating your own physical market and we had a rant about Etsy fees. Grimly also joined in...


Aru - Ep#59

We met Aru about 4 years ago at I think the same convention we met Sarah Millman because they were tabling with CB. It's just taken a while for us to organise a proper chat with them but we hope you agree that it was well worth the wait. Aru chats with us about their comics and recent dip into making games and project management. We also have a chat about attention spans, to-do lists, autism and boy love. Aru also joins us in the drawing and creates a marvellous image. Aru links...


Rhianna Pratchett - Ep#58

Rhianna Pratchett is not a journalist despite what Wikipedia says although she certainly used to be. She has however written for many computer games including TombRaider, Overlord, Mirrors Edge and Heavenly sword to name a few. She has also written for DC, Marvel and Dark Horse and so much more. We are so thankful to be able to grab some of her time to chat through her history of creativity, her creative environment and the tricks she uses to persuade her own brain into working and so much...


Gem Sheldrake - Ep#57

Gem Sheldrake, is an artist, comic creator, graphic designer for 2000AD and small press enthusiast. We accidentally hit on Gem's love for Arthur Morgan and traversed the usefulness of gaming to give your brain a break or to inspire you. We also talk about depression, how it's hard only having a small space to differentiate the difference between "work" and "home" and Gem's recent project with old Uni buddy and previous guest Phasechan. During our creative section, we create a cyberpunk...


Zoe Burgess Foreman - Ep#56

Our first episode of 2022 is with multi-talented creator Zoe Burgess Foreman. Zoe is a researcher, horror enthusiast, author, artist, podcaster and on top of all of that is a teaching assistant for a special needs school. We talk to them about how they find time to go to the toilet, ADHD, what Cthulhu would be like if he was a hot boi, the struggles that exist around adult manga in acquiring it, publishing it and people judging you for it. We go off on many a tangent and eventually get...


Chris Bissette - Ep#55

This is our final chat of the year and we end the year with multi-talented creator Chris Bissette. In their own words, Chris is a TTRPG designer, writer, vocalist and musician. In 2021 Chris decided that they would go "full-time" into their creative endeavours and things seem to be going okay so far. We spoke to them about the benefits of using a physical device to add tension to RPG's, their music and how there is a huge difference between enjoying writing and enjoying the act of having...


Kat Willott - Ep#54

Kat's illustration work includes a range of cards, invites and even bespoke illustrations too. Let's not forget that the Dinos and Dice Rolls Comic Kickstarter surpassed 300% of its funding which has to be declared a success. There is so much more to her work drawing cute dinosaurs going on adventures though. It was lovely to chat with Kat and then catch her in real life when we met her at Thought Bubble. We hope that she had an excellent convention, we really enjoyed creating a space...


Jordan Thomas - Ep#53

We had the pleasure and of a chat with Jordan Thomas who is a comic book writer that has recently released The Complete Frank At Home on the Farm book. We chat to Jordan about the awesome Quarantine comic that he did at the beginning of the pandemic in 2020, working with Clark Bint, how a film background helps him visualise a page and lots of other stuff. For our creative section, Chris shares his dislike of Leonardo Di Caprio and draws a weird eyeball testicle cowboy. Don't forget if to...


Michael Cthulhu - Ep#52

We bring you a chat with metal worker extraordinaire Michael Cthulhu. We chatted with Mike about how his love of metal working began, his reasons for not buying a lathe, nudity, what his work means to people and what he would like to happen to him should his family find him in some horrible life ending accident. We did totally forget to discuss his podcast. During our creative section we create a story where monsters turn into children at night and are hunted by one of those old school...


Victoria Pheasey - Ep#51

When Victoria tweeted that she would love to guest on other peoples podcast we're not sure she took into account that we would pounce on that but here we are. It's truly a delicious chat, poking about in Victoria's writing, love of video games, twitch presentation and her relationship with cross-stitch. It's another unapologetic tangent heavy episode where Chris and Nathan learn about the benefits of the phrase "fresh baby", discuss the Sims franchise and how writers love to make people...


Charlot Kristensen - Ep#50

It's October and we are aiming to get back to two episodes a month until the end of the year. We celebrate our 50th episode in style as we chat with an incredible comic creator and illustrator Charlot Kristensen. Charlot's comic What We Don't Talk About is a powerful story about Farai who has been in a relationship for two years and has never met her partner’s parents. Until this weekend the comic takes place. We chat about her story, its origin, her process and other bits. That's all...


Jason Chester - Ep#49

Welcome to our only September episode as we are taking the rest of the month off to try and book some awesome people to finish the year off in style with any luck. In this episode, we chat with Jason Chester, a creative artist who mostly does art for fun and not for money! We found Jason via Oxford Doodle Club who you may remember from our chat with Mat Roff. It's a very tangent heavy episode where both Jason and us trundle down some conversation paths but we do still chat about...


Katie Fishlock - Ep#48

Bristol-based artist Katie Fishlock is celebrating the joy of sexual pleasure and relationship with the self. Both provocative and playful, she is also challenging the boundaries of portraying sexuality in this often-complex world. A former Graduate of Falmouth School of Art (2008), she has worked extensively as a make-up artist and stylist within the fashion industry, including with Boy George and Alexander McQueen. When we got in touch with Katie we had no idea that she was going to turn...


RC Beiler - Ep#47

Greetings superfolk! We bring you a super-human episode of the podcast where we talk to Gamemaster and creator of the Masks and Mayhem podcast RC Beiler. RC spoke to us at what was for him very early in the morning about why he decided to begin making a real play RPG podcast, how he met his victims/players, the value that playing an RPG with your friends has, the amount of time and effort that goes into the show as well as touch on beating yourself up for "not getting enough done". We...


Mike Garley - Ep#46

We managed to grab some time with Mike Garley, a very busy writer and lecturer. Mike has a huge back catalogue of work and has recently (at time of writing) completed the Kickstarter campaign for the Samurai Slasher Omnibus. During our chat we dig a bit into the Our Final Halloween series, how Mike feels about giving artists notes on their drawings to help get the idea across and discover exactly what kind of podcast this isn't. We can't thank Mike enough for his time, patience and joining...


Morrighan Corbel - Ep#45

Let us introduce the incredible artwork of Morrighan Corbel. We found her through Twitter somehow and we are incredibly glad we did. We think her artwork really portrays that feeling of aloneness, isolation and somewhat frustration. She also does pretty incredible pet portraits.. We loved chatting with Morrighan. It was really interesting for us to find out that as she has ADHD she tends to bill in terms of day rather than hours. We cannot thank her enough for the time she gave us and for...


Emmett Nahil - Ep#44

We chat with Emmett Nahil, an editor and writer of many things including books, comics and narrative heavy games who is based in the US. Emmett goes into great detail about the upcoming game Love Shore and just completing the Kickstarter for Let Me Out and what he aims to bring to the people who consume his work. Emmett Nahil links Shore on SteamLove Shore on Contact Us We encourage...