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Syndicated radio show Rover's Morning Glory blends biting commentary, ridiculous antics and discussions that would get most people fired.


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Syndicated radio show Rover's Morning Glory blends biting commentary, ridiculous antics and discussions that would get most people fired.







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Charlie called the cops on his mom, Duji got in a fight over concert tickets, and much more!

Trending video of John Mellencamp walking off stage in the middle of his show. Duji got in a fight with the drummer of JCM. The TSA tweeted about a passenger cheating at Wordle. Is Snitz still playing every day? The Mayor of Atlantic City and his wife are accused of abusing and assaulting their teenage daughter. Charlie called the cops on his mom because she tried to get him to clean his room. Movie producer, Carol Baum, says Sydney Sweeney "isn't pretty and cannot act." A woman who accused Trevor Bauer of sexual assault is facing fraud charges in Arizona. Did Eager Beaver ever get back to Rover on his favor? Pornstar, Phoenix Marie, is suing Pornhub.


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Rover is excited for the Backstreet Boys trip, Kyle Rittenhouse speaking tour, and much more!

Rover asked Eager Beaver to try and hook him up for the Backstreet Boys concert. Hannah Guiterrez, the armorer on the set of Rust, was sentenced. An 81-year-old Ohio man has been charged with murder. B2 thinks that if Rover killed someone, he wouldn't have any feelings afterwards. Kyle Rittenhouse is speaking at Kent State University. Medical bills. Is it inappropriate to ask someone to show some skin? A very quick recap of what was revealed on The Aftermath.


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Charlie says Duji owes him an apology, Dieter went on a road trip, a hungry politician, and more!

Camo pants make Jeffrey feel like a man. Dieter and Corey Rotic took a trip to Pittsburgh for a 90s comic con. Charlie refuses to use a check. Krystle hosted a few panels at Fan Expo Cleveland. Duji was out on the town all weekend. A politician in Spain found on social media eating his own feces. Iran sent drones to Israel. A woman is arrested after she made threats against city council members. Jeffrey went on a short road trip to Dayton. Snitz was at the CIFF. Charlie says Duji owes him an apology. Travis Kelce slammed a beer before receiving his diploma at the University of Cincinnati. Disturbing video of an accident at a gas station in North Carolina.


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Dieter explains why he was detained, JLR deletes one text thread to save on storage, and much more!

Dieter gives the backstory of why he was detained in Michigan. JLR deletes a text thread to save on phone storage. A woman is embarrassed after her performance review was exposed. Charlie wants to file an extension on his taxes. OJ Simpson passed away from prostate cancer. A verdict has come down in the Apple River stabbing case. A husband is being investigated after his wife was found dead from strangulation. A man in Brazil was cheating on his fiancé with her 15-year-old niece.


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Is conspiracy corner rubbing off on Charlie, recording at the gym, a wolf at the bar, and more!

Is Dieter's conspiracy corner rubbing off on Charlie? Krystle put her arm through a glass door. A man paraded an injured wolf around a bar. Rover is working on a project that requires fire safe plywood. A woman fitness trainer is upset because someone walked in front of her camera while recording her set. Lenny Kravitz was seen working out in leather pants. The Apple River stabbing suspect is on trial. The Coast Guard has called off the search for the missing 20-year-old that jumped off a cruise ship. Dieter's Conspiracy Corner details how Sean Diddy Combs is innocent.


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Is Duji involved in a new business venture, JLR's weekend of text, sex, and lies, plus much more!

Charlie is off beef. A school in Missouri is teaching kids how to hunt, dissect, process, and cook meat. Dissecting Jeffrey's weekend that was filled with text, sex, and lies. Rover got an important phone call yesterday. A television station in Mexico aired video of the eclipse. A woman on TikTok is offended by a compliment a man gave her. Barrel jeans are the latest trend. Is Duji inovlved in a new business venture?


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Rover checks the toilet for snakes, did Dieter watch the eclipse, and much more!

Eclipse flight, traffic, and what the show thought of the event. Video of a southwest flight's engine falling apart while landing. A teacher in Ohio may be terminated because she used two sick days to attend a concert. A nurse is in trouble after police arrest her husband and find beastiality and child porn on his phone. Snitz is looking into getting an Airstream. Terrence Howard is suing the CAA. Has Krystle gone on another date with her match? Did Dieter watch the eclipse? Rover looks into the toilet to make sure a snake is not in the bowl. A man in Canada was bit by a sewer rat.


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Will Jeffrey accept his mission, Rover booked his flights, rude people, and much more!

Will Jeffrey accept his mission? Rover booked his flights. The first location was half successful. A professor at the University of Tennessee gave their students the option to do a fifteen second dance or write a paper. An expert claims that quantum computing will become standard in the next five years. Is it rude to ask to jump the line at the grocery store if you only have one item? Rover says no one sees him when he is walking down the street. A man and his family were floating down the river when he was surrounded by a group of kids. Cheerleading is in Duji's future.


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An affair leads to a double murder, Apple creating robots for the home, and much more!

Have you ever smelled a cat fart? Apple is developing a home robot that will follow you around the house and eventually be able to complete chores. Jimmy Kimmel couldn't believe how clean Japan's streets are in comparison to the United States. A 61-year-old man punched in the face by a construction worker in an elevator. A glass door shattered when two people were leaving a building. Sad news in the RMG family. Prosecutors reference an au pair's affair with an IRS enforcement agent in a double murder. Dieter's Conspiracy Corner talks about why we should be worried about the upcoming eclipse.


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JLR left out a few details from the weekend, how are Duji's baby chicks doing, and much more!

How are the baby chicks doing at Duji's house? Yum brands plan on implementing AI-first tech for their fast-food restaurants. Amazon Fresh stores are removing their "Just Walk Out" checkout feature from their stores. It seems Jeffrey may have left out some details from his weekend festivities. A website claims it can calculate how many people fit your dating criteria. University of California Berkeley community farm has set new rules for who can and cannot garden on specific days. American basketball players star for an Iraqi team that is owned by people whose owners include forces that have attacked U.S. troops.


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Rover claims Charlie drives like a grandma, log rolling is best for avoiding gunfire, and more!

Iowa-LSU national anthem controversy. How is Duji's mom doing? Rover has been looking at direct flights to South America. Video has been released of the 15-year-old girl who shot and killed after being kidnapped by her father in California. Dieter says log rolling is the best way to avoid gunshots. Tips on what to do if you are being followed in your car. Rover claims Charlie sits up against the steering wheel to drive. What are the shows' plans for the eclipse? An 8th grade teacher made a video on the slang kids use. Will J.K. Rowling be arrested for her views and comments on transgender people?


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Larocque family shenanigans, how penis size correlates to intelligence, and much more!

This day in history. Lizzo says she is stepping out of the limelight. Duji understands Lizzo's frustrations. Could you take on a house cat? Easter weekend shenanigans in Amish country. If JLR won the lottery he would buy a $200k house. A study was done analyzing intelligence in men and how it correlates to their penis size. Man admits to his husband that he killed a person years ago. Dieter wouldn't rat out his spouse. Date night and fun at the bar with the Laroque family. Fake eclipse glasses are flooding the market. The cat is prohibitng sleep in Miami.


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Duji Downunder, Kung Fu Panda Penis, exposing a cheater, and much more!

The latest trend involves bars playing only women's sports on their televisions. People are upset by an undefeated women's soccer team in Australia. More info on the Diddy raids. Beyonce's country album, Cowboy Carter, dropped. Ted Cruz podcast deal is fueling ethics concerns. People are comparing the kayaking Karen video to Duji. Rover could not believe the story he read in the police blotter. A husband exposed his wife for cheating in a post on her LinkedIN account. Tyler Austin Messer attempted to break into a home he believed was part of a child sex trafficking ring. The Truth vs. Alex Jones .


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Rover was thinking about JLR in the shower, Krystle's matchmaker date, throwing bananas, and more!

Rover does not like the reason people are getting higher SAT & ACT scores. How long will the Francis Scott Krey bridge cleanup take? Did Krystle's make it to the date the matchmaker setup? Rover was thinking about Jeffrey in the shower. A fight broke out at a Pittsburgh gas station convenience store after a banana was thrown at an employee. Women are getting hit in the face on the streets of Manhattan. Dieter's Conspiracy Corner talks about who was really behind the bridge collapse in Baltimore.


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Did Jeffrey make it to the fence company Monday, a Diddy update, the matchmaker date, and much more!

Dieter likes the new kickoff rules introduced by the NFL. Governor DeSantis has signed a law banning social media use for kids 14 and under. Viral photo of the man handcuffed at the Kansas City parade shooting is suing for spreading false information. What did Jeffrey do after the show on Monday? The matchmaker date is this evening. Krystle says she likes an average joe but the men she follows on Instagram would say otherwise. Diddy update.


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Bridge collapses after a cargo ship crashed, Sean Diddy Combs house raid, and much more!

Krystle is very sunburnt from her trip with JLR. The Francis Scott Key bridge collapsed into the Patapsco River after being struck by a large cargo ship. Shohei Ohtani has addressed the gambling scandal involving his former interpreter. Sean "Diddy" Combs' homes have been raided by the feds due to a sex trafficking investigation. What are Dieter's thoughts on Princess Kate Middleton's cancer diagnosis? Rover is thinking about doing Pilates. Server plays the voicemail his boss left him after calling off of work due to a broken wrist. Actor Forrie J. Smith, of "Yellowstone," says he was kicked of a flight for refusing to sit next to a passenger who was wearing a mask.


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Jeffrey recaps the spring break trip, Buffalo Bill's house from Silence of the Lambs, and more!

A school district in California is keeping track of how long a student is gone for a bathroom break. A 50-year study, done in the UK, found that playground bullies end up being more successful and make more money as adults. What did Jeffrey and Dieter get into while on spring break? Another show member went on a weekend trip. Rover gives his Roadhouse movie review.


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Jeffrey is excited for spring break with Dieter, he shares what he packed, and much more!

Jeffrey seems excited for his spring break trip with Dieter. People are upset by the Make-A-Mom at home insemination kit commercial. The underoos story. Caller offers a reward to help find his stolen car. Los Angeles Dodgers fire Shohei Ohtani's interpreter after major gambling allegations have come to light. What did JLR pack in his suitcase? Former officer, Maegan Hall, wins half a million dollars in her lawsuit against the city. A teacher says she was fired from her job because she is a rapper. Rover listens to Sexxy Red's song, Poundtown, for the first time. Duji is a terrible pet owner.


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Did Jeffrey get approval for the spring break trip, Rover went on a recon mission, and much more!

Uber driver mistakenly runs over a child after the family exited the vehicle. Did Jeffrey get approval from his wife to go on spring break with Krystle? Rover went on a Reven recon mission. The show received a box of gifts. Charlie was called a fruit booter at the skatepark. A mother in Georgia was caught encouraging her daughter to steal a purse at a restaurant. Trio of young bank robbers. Dieter's Conspiracy Corner deals with a world leader that is believed to be married to a man.


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Jeffrey is back, Charlie saw Dune Part 2, hurricane shots on spring break, and much more!

Jeffrey is back and shares his feelings on what has transpired over the past week. Rover went to the gym. Charlie saw Dune Part 2. Road trip to the pencil sharpener museum. Two children were found unattended while their parents were passed out drunk on the beach. A bartender in Fort Lauderdale has perfected the slap shot. Who will Jeffrey pick to go on spring break with him?