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Syndicated radio show Rover's Morning Glory blends biting commentary, ridiculous antics and discussions that would get most people fired.

Syndicated radio show Rover's Morning Glory blends biting commentary, ridiculous antics and discussions that would get most people fired.


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Syndicated radio show Rover's Morning Glory blends biting commentary, ridiculous antics and discussions that would get most people fired.








Charlie brought in a fart detector, Aries Spears, & more

Rover has no interested in meeting his family members. News Reporter gets hit by a car. Charlie brought in a fart detector. The news showed a brutal motorcycle crash. Update on Charlie's taxes. Aries Spears calls in to talk about his upcoming comedy shows. Smart 'penis pad' stops premature ejaculation by zapping your taint.


Dieter's Conspiracy Corner, artificial wombs, & more

Does CPAP machine make you fart? Rover didn't realize that eating bad food is not good for him Playboy model says men are scared of her. What happened to Lauren Smith-Fields who died on a Bumble date? Jogger fights off teen who planned to strangle him to death and keep body for sexual fantasies. Woman fakes own kidnapping to get away from husband. Crypto dudes are looking at artificial wombs to save humanity. Dieter's Conspiracy Corner - Why does the White House have a wall around it?


Update on Jeffrey's broken car, Browns player is arrested naked, & more

Is Rover's penis fungus caused by low vitamin D? 3 Police Officers charged with manslaughter for little girl's shooting death. Dak Prescott collected money for the Cowboy's practice squad. Nike executive Larry Miller met with family of innocent teen he murdered in 1965. Update on Jeffrey's broken car. U.S. Senate candidate from Louisiana smokes marijuana in campaign ad. Malik McDowell in naked arrest after violent attack on deputy. Dumb responds to allegations that B1 hung up something on...


Rover has a fungus growing on his penis and balls, Does B2 have body dysmorphia, & more

NYC has a safe space where people can legally do drugs. Landlord sparks fury by selling Banksy mural for 2 million. Dallas Cowboys' fans throw trash at the refs. Rover holds his cat while he craps. Rover has a fungus growing on his penis and balls. People are looting trains for Amazon packages. Hunter records a deer running into him and gouging his eye. Woman is upset after boyfriend asks her to put makeup on to meet his friends. Mom says daughter brought home letter from school offering...


Professor goes on weird rant, ISIS bride wants to return to the US, & more

B2 has trouble buying shorts online. Australian minister Mark McGowan uses a translator to translate english into english. Supreme Court refuses to hear appeal of US-born ISIS bride who wants to return. Professor of Ferris State goes on weird rant. Dumb gets upset with people asking for B1 updates. The guy that received the pig heart transplant once stabbed a man in 1988.


Dieter's Conspiracy Corner, does covid shrink your schlong, & more

Pennsylvania dentist denies murdering his wife during African hunting trip. Covid symptom sees horrified man’s penis shrink by 1.5 inches. Judge orders man convicted of sexual assault to join the military or go to jail. Guy accidentally calls a woman the C word before their first date. Dieter's Conspiracy Corner - Bob Saget was killed by the vaccine.


Dieter almost got into a fight at a casino, did Jeffrey pretend to be in the military to get free drinks, & more

Dieter was spotted at a casino getting into a fight. Female dolphins have a clitoris much like humans. Are Mom bods hot? Duji gives an update on her contract negotiation. Should felons be allowed to be EMTs? Psychic swindled bipolar man out of more than $1 million. Did Jeffrey pretend to be in the military to get free drinks?


Surgeons transplant a pig heart into a human, Model was stalked using Apple AirTag, & more

Harvard study reveals 4 secrets to long term happiness. Tesla adds chill and assertive self-driving modes. Sports Illustrated model says she was stalked using Apple AirTag. LAPD officers fired for catching a Snorlax instead of a burglar. Canadian politician in heat for posting pic of wife shoveling driveway US surgeons transplant a pig heart into a human.


Dieter tries to sniff Dumb's jarred farts, Is Aaron Rodgers going to boycott the Super Bowl, & more

Dieter is back after having Covid. Jeffrey's car still doesn't work. Is Aaron Rodgers going to boycott the Super Bowl? Salon refuses to cut autistic child's hair. Lia Thomas dominated by fellow Ivy League transgender swimmer Iszac Henig. Dieter tries to sniff Dumb's farts.


The crew tries farting in jars, Dumb recaps his Christmas, & more

Wizards broadcaster ripped for insensitive comment about Kevin Porter Jr.'s late father on game-winning shot. The crew tries farting in jars. Treasure hunters who believe they led FBI to cache of Civil War-era gold four years ago sue agency Dumb recaps his Christmas.


Guy was shot by police on NYE for shooting off his gun, pretty privilege, & more

Teachers would wear mics, allowing parents to review incidents, in proposed Florida bill. Attractive women reveal benefits of pretty privilege. Rover was having a hard time cancelling a cell phone subscription. Ohio man shot dead by police was celebrating new year with rifle. Utah tech executive resigns after anti-Semitic email rant.


Duji and Dumb became billionaires, Duji tried selling foot pictures, & more

Manhattan DA Alvin Bragg to stop seeking prison in some cases. Man who faked being disabled teen to get diaper changed arrested again. TV star Stephanie Matto stops selling farts after health scare. Duji tried selling foot pictures. Dumb's step dad would wear a woman's slip to bed. Relationship expert reveals red flag phrases that could indicate your other half is cheating. Duji and Dumb thought they became billionaires.


PBR deletes bizarre tweet about ass, Dumb wants advice because a woman he knows is getting beat, & more

Pabst Blue Ribbon deletes bizarre tweet about Dry January. New Apple Watch ad accused of being overly gruesome. Cancer-stricken mom gets Times Square billboard to help daughter find a man. NYPD rookie sorry for giving her boss a lap dance. Dumb wants advice because a woman he knows is getting beat. Rover updates everyone on new toxic phrases that you can't say.


Dumb posted a rambling video on NYE, Is Jeffrey's daughter asking people for money online, & more

Jeffrey's car is broken again. Rover got a his wife a vacuum for Christmas. Betty White died. Charlie's dog had a boner that wouldn't go away. Snitzer went to New York City. Duji got Covid. Dumb was rambling drunk on instagram on New Years Eve. Jeffrey made out with a woman during Christmas break. Is Jeffrey's daughter asking people for money online?


The cast lets loose with some drinks live on-air! JLR Christmas Parody Songs interrupt Jeffrey as he tries to update his health condition, Drunk Dieter makes fun of our boss Keith Crotchkiss. All that and more!

The cast lets loose as the year wraps up! Duji, Dieter and Dumb get drunk on Christmas Ale and Rover pounds champagne. JLR tries to update us on his illness but is interrupted by Rover's favorite JLR Christmas parody songs. Dumb thinks he knows the origin of circumcision - was it a grossed-out wife? Keith Crotchkiss stops by as things continue to get too loose as the drinks flow...All that and more!


Dieter's Conspiracy Corner, Coast Guard diver pulls body from car above Niagara Falls, & more

Pope Francis says sins of the flesh aren't that serious. Dad shares bizarre letter daughter received from boss on first day. Transgender swimmer who used to compete as a man, destroys her rivals in weekend race. Male rapist who identifies as woman rapes disabled inmate. Deion Sanders' recruits IG model to school JSU football team. Coast Guard diver pulls body from car above Niagara Falls. Dieter's Conspiracy Corner - Juice Wrld.


Bombshell revelation regarding Duji and Dieter's contract with iHeart. Crazy ex-con calls in saying the state of Ohio is trying to kill him. Hot TikTok'er confronts old guy in gym on video. All that and more!

Rover says he'd hold powdered fentanyl in his hand despite the online fears that it could kill you. Crazy Ex-Con calls in saying the state of Ohio is trying to kill him. Dumb tells a sad story from his childhood. Rover is shocked to learn that Duji and Dieter are not under contract with iHeartMedia. Duji and Dieter could leave iHeart right now if they wanted to, so Dieter auditions for "The Classic Cafe". Rover tells a story about our old boss getting his tie stuck in a newspaper machine....


Sebastian Maniscalco calls-in, Dumb's son piloted a plane, Update on Jeffrey's vile sickness, and more!

Comedian and Actor Sebastian Maniscalco calls in to talk to Rover. Show cast members are dropping like flies. Jussie Smollett trial takes an unexpected sexual turn. San Francisco Suspends Cannabis Tax To Combat Illegal Marijuana Sales. Rover is amused by a school's overreaction to a vape-pen. Substitute teacher is fired on the spot for singing Britney Spears song in class. Dieter gives an update on his best friend Jeffrey's vile diarrhea. Danish golfer accused of sexually assaulting a woman...


Jeffrey goes home sick because he had vile diarrhea, Parents of school shooter plead not guilty, & more

Dumb is back after having Covid. Jeffrey recaps his weekend. San Francisco restaurant defends denying service to armed police officers. Duji falls for LeeAnn Kreischer post. House has hundreds of Amazon packages in the front yard. Parents of suspected Michigan school shooter plead not guilty to manslaughter. Jeffrey goes home sick because he had vile diarrhea. Dumb gives an update on his relationship with B1.


Jeffrey attempts to walk to work, Duji's mom taught Gia how to french kiss, & more

Jeffrey is doing his annual walk to work to raise awareness of pre-diabetes. Portland teachers union proposes one day per week where high school students work remotely and are self taught. Alec Baldwin did an interview about the film shooting. Snitzer is going to NYC. Ghislaine Maxwell trial. Jeffrey arrives from his 11 mile walk. Dieter played an adult video game with his 9 year old nephew. Duji's mom taught Gia how to french kiss. Rover tested positive for Covid in Ireland.