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Here ye, here ye! This is Royally Obsessed, the podcast for all things Royals! Kaitlin Menza and Lisa Ryan both write about The Royals for everyone from Cosmo to NY Mag, and each week they discuss the highs and lows in Buckingham palace, and everything you need to know for high tea. Follow the show on Instagram @RoyallyObsessedPodcast, and like our facebook group, Royally Obsessed!

Here ye, here ye! This is Royally Obsessed, the podcast for all things Royals! Kaitlin Menza and Lisa Ryan both write about The Royals for everyone from Cosmo to NY Mag, and each week they discuss the highs and lows in Buckingham palace, and everything you need to know for high tea. Follow the show on Instagram @RoyallyObsessedPodcast, and like our facebook group, Royally Obsessed!
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Here ye, here ye! This is Royally Obsessed, the podcast for all things Royals! Kaitlin Menza and Lisa Ryan both write about The Royals for everyone from Cosmo to NY Mag, and each week they discuss the highs and lows in Buckingham palace, and everything you need to know for high tea. Follow the show on Instagram @RoyallyObsessedPodcast, and like our facebook group, Royally Obsessed!





Has there ever been a crazier couple of days for this generation of British royals? We hope this is as wild as it gets, because our hearts can't take it. Lisa and Kaitlin are joined by special guest Katie Sturino, founder of Megababe Beauty and the 12ish Style, to discuss the joyous news of Meghan Markle's pregnancy and the first images of the Sussex tour down under (Prince Harry holding tiny baby Uggs?!). Plus, oh, Princess Eugenine got married and we're reviewing best moments and best...


Pregaming For the Royal Wedding Drama

Another royal wedding is here at last! Join Kaitlin and Lisa as they pregame for Princess Eugenie's impending nuptials -- which will definitely be full of drama, given Fergie (what else is there to say?), the presence of royal exes, and all the Casamigos tequila everyone will surely be drinking. The ladies are also chatting about Kate Middleton and Prince William's flirty mental health appearance, and prepping for Pippa Middleton to become a mom (literally any second now). Listen to this...


Kate Middleton Is Back and All Is Right with the World

Lisa and Kaitlin fully support generous maternity leave, but we also are fully thrilled that Kate Middleton is back in action. Rocking a new haircut and some ancient boots, our girl returned to work by attending the cutest event of all time. Then there are updates on Princess Eugenie's wedding (do you smell the drama Fergie is cooking up all the way from Windsor?), that new documentary about the queen, and — refill your royal refreshment — Samantha Markle actually apologized for being...


Kaitlin Almost Met a Royal, and The Duchess of Sussex Is Exhausting Us

Meghan Markle has proved herself to be the Beyonce of British royals this week, packing in so many events and launches and outfits that mere mortals like Kaitlin and Lisa are, frankly, overwhelmed. On this week's episode, the ladies discuss Markle's new cookbook, hairstyle, outfits, and other recent events — like the party weekend she enjoyed with Prince Harry in Amsterdam. Whither our invitation? Plus the whole Cambridge family attended a wedding (some in little blue britches), and...


So, Uh, Was That Meghan Markle Picking Up Dog Poop?

Drop everything; there's a royal mystery to solve! A pic of "Meghan Markle" walking a (pooping) dog near Kensington Palace was posted on Twitter, but sources close to the royal deny it's her. Luckily, Lisa and Kaitlin are here to unpack "poop-gate" with special guest Sally Holmes of Marie Claire. The trio also takes a walk down memory lane with their favorite Kate Middleton and Prince William gossip. Grab your vodka soda, and join them on this important journey.


Meghan Markle's Dog Has a Book Deal and We Don't

Hold onto your royal refreshments, because this episode is packed. This week, we're discussing the new children's book about Meghan Markle's dog, which traces his journey from rescue to royalty. We're jealous of this dog. Plus, there are new details about the Sussex trip down under this October, and we need to debate Meghan's big Jason Wu moment. Then we're joined by Vulture staff writer Kathryn VanArendonk to talk about The Crown's chances at the Emmys this week. Go, Claire Foy!


Meghan and Harry Went to a Benefit, While We Did Some Instagram Stalking

Summer is over and two of our favorites are officially back in action. This week, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle attended a benefit for sick children, and the whole event was heartwarming. Also, Meghan wore another suit, their new dog's name has finally been revealed, and oh look, we found some new hot royals to stalk on Instagram (when we aren't too busy looking at Gary Janetti's Prince George memes, that is). Listen to this week's episode of Royally Obsessed for all that and more.


Prince Harry Should Definitely Join the Cast of Hamilton

The British royals are finally creeping out of Balmoral, and Kaitlin and Lisa couldn't be happier. First stop for the Duke and Duchess of Sussex was a performance of Hamilton, where they chatted with Lin-Manuel Miranda and joked about King George III, as one does. The pair also got a dog — think they'll adopt us next? There are updates on The Crown and, wow, a cute Thomas Markle-adjacent story for once? Plus, we're celebrating Princess Diana's life by chatting about some of her greatest...


Meghan and Harry Are Hanging With the Clooneys, And Why Weren't We Invited?

No joke, we are having a tough week. All the royals are on vacation, and we weren’t invited on Meghan Markle and Prince Harry’s trip to visit George and Amal Clooney in Italy! Sigh. But thank goodness there are some Chelsy Davy updates and a job opening at Buckingham Palace to lift our spirits! Join us as we imbibe on some spirits and chat about all that and more. If you have any burning Royals questions, email them to and we will answer them on the pod!


We're Gossiping With Lainey Lui and Craig Brown!

The royals may be on summer vacation (sigh), but Lisa and Kaitlin are still here -- and bringing you their most gossipy episode yet. This week, the ladies are joined by Lainey Lui of -- the absolute authority on all things celebrity and royalty -- and Craig Brown, the author of a hot new biography of Princess Margaret. Pour yourself a royal refreshment and get ready for some hot goss!


Hey, Is That Meghan Markle's Bra?

Our fabulous four Brits are out on the town this week. Kaitlin and Lisa are talking about William and Kate's date night in Mustique, the wedding that Meghan and Harry attended (and somehow both experienced wardrobe malfunctions at?!), and Thomas Markle, well, he can go to the bad place. Listen to this episode of Royally Obsessed for all that and more.


We're Celebrating Birthday Girl Meghan Markle with Caroline Moss!

Happy birthday to the Duchess of Sussex, the queen of our hearts. This week we're talking about the unfortunate way Meghan's celebrating her 37th birthday, and her and Harry's new couple's monogram. Plus, the Markle family has reached new heights of horror — and the queen may finally get involved. Lisa and Kaitlin are joined by the very witty writer Caroline Moss, the co-author of the 2018 book Hey Ladies!. Listen to this week's episode for all that and more.


Yay, Prince George! Boo, a Markle Sibling Joins Reality TV! With Special Style Guest Elizabeth Holmes

It's been five whole years since Prince George, aka the future king of England, arrived on the scene, and nothing can get the ladies down — not even the news that Samantha Markle is joining Celebrity Big Brother. Plus, did QEII give Meghan and Harry the best wedding gift of all time? Our hosts are joined by Elizabeth Holmes, veteran style reporter and creator of the popular Instagram Stories series "So Many Thoughts," where she obsesses over the royal family. She fits right in with Lisa...


Meghan and Kate Head to Wimbledon, and Thomas Markle Sr. Stirs Up Drama

What a big royal week! First, Meghan Markle and Kate Middleton granted our biggest wish and watched Serena Williams play at Wimbledon together. There were also cute christening pics (especially because of Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis), unfortunate Trump moments, and ugh, Thomas Markle Sr. ... again. Listen to Kaitlin and Lisa discuss all that and more on this week's Royally Obsessed.


Meghan Markle Is Wearing Three Outfits a Day and We're Overwhelmed? (is that our style?)

Description: What a busy time for the royals! In the past week alone, there's been Prince Louis's christening, lots of Kate Middleton and Meghan Markle outfits, royal trips, military ceremonies, adorable Princess Charlotte antics, and oh yeah, a new mysterious accent that everyone's been talking about. Listen to this week's episode of Royally Obsessed as Kaitlin and Lisa chat about all that and more.


A Very Meghan Markle Independence Day

It's the week of Independence Day in the U.S., and Kaitlin and Lisa are celebrating the only way they know how: by talking about Meghan Markle and revisiting the British royals' best moments in America. The ladies are also joined by former People magazine royal reporter Diana Pearl to discuss Meghan's recent appearance at Prince Harry's polo match and Queen Elizabeth's health. Listen to this week's episode for all that and more.


Meghan Markle Leg-Crossing Drama and Prince William's Trip!

It's summer time, but things sure aren't slowing down for the British royals (or Kaitlin and Lisa). Meghan Markle attended a formal awards ceremony with Prince Harry and Queen Elizabeth -- during which the duchess (GASP) crossed her legs. Also, Prince William is on a royal trip; Meghan's dad won't stop talking to TMZ; and Princess Charlotte had another cute wave. And... have you heard about BDE? Because we think a certain royal has it... Listen to this week's episode for all that and more.


The Fug Girls Are Here to Talk Meghan Markle's Post-Wedding Style

On this episode of Royally Obsessed, Kaitlin and Lisa are joined by Heather Cocks and Jessica Morgan, aka the Fug Girls, aka the writers behind the amazing fashion site Go Fug Yourself. Together, the ladies discuss whether Meghan Markle's style has gotten too conservative since her wedding, what it was like to be in Windsor that day, and their bestselling book, The Royal We. Plus there was Royal Ascot, Meghan's train trip with Queen Elizabeth, and the return of Thomas Markle, woof. This...


Meghan Markle at Trooping the Colour and Cute Royal Kids!

Kaitlin and Lisa are still recovering from the royal wedding (aren't you?), but luckily, there have been plenty of royal sightings to help in the process. All your favorite royals (including Meghan Markle, Princess Charlotte and Prince George) made an appearance at Trooping the Colour, the queen's birthday parade. The royal kids also acted especially adorable at a polo match the next day. And there's also some new info on upcoming royal trips. Listen to this week's Royally Obsessed to hear...


Meghan Markle's Exes and a British Royal Expert Scammer!

This week we're drowning our post-royal wedding sorrows by doing our favorite thing: gossiping. Turns out, one "British" royal expert has been conning us all, and Kaitlin and Lisa have the details on that. Also, Meghan Markle's two exes also have some life updates for us -- one is engaged, the other is having a kid -- and what's with the new rumor about Kate Middleton's royal wedding outfit? Listen to this week's Royally Obsessed to find out.