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Canada’s favourite radio show is The Roz & Mocha Show. It’s your go-to show for entertainment and pop culture exclusives. If you don’t hear it on The Roz & Mocha Show, you won’t hear it anywhere else.


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Canada’s favourite radio show is The Roz & Mocha Show. It’s your go-to show for entertainment and pop culture exclusives. If you don’t hear it on The Roz & Mocha Show, you won’t hear it anywhere else.




670 - New UFO Report, 112 Year Old's Secret To Life & Snoop Dogg Scared Of Horses!

NASA releases new report on UFOs. Hugh Jackman and wife are a getting divorce. Drake Vs. Halle Berry. Snoop Dogg is scared of horses. 112 year old gives secret to long life. Plus, Survivor of Humboldt Broncos bus crash wins ‘The Amazing Race Canada’.


669 - Dream Cars, Dumbest Injury & Spelling!

Is there was one dream car we could own which one would it be? What's the dumbest injury we've ever had? What word do we still have trouble remembering how to spell? Did we ever get in trouble at school?


668 - Memories, Smells & Toothpaste!

Would we lose all our memories from age 0-10 if it meant our body de-aged by 10 years? What's a smell that instantly transports us to our childhood? Would we rather use toothpaste that taste like pickle juice or shampoo that smells like dirty socks?


667 - Fans Try ‘Damnit By Maurie’, '30 Seconds Or Less' & What Is ’75 Hard’!?

Can Mocha or Maurie sharpen a pencil in 30 seconds or less? 5 Roz & Mocha fans are in studio to be the first to try the new fragrance ‘Damnit By Maurie’. Maria is doing something called ’75 Hard’. New music from NSYNC coming in soon! Is it almost leather season?


666 - Nickelback On The Hate, Neve Campbell Pay Equity & Snooping!

The Roz & Mocha Show tries smelling salts. Maurie’s chat with Nickelback at TIFF. Where are you snooping when you visit someone’s house? Neve Campbell’s epic answer about pay equity at TIFF. Akon’s advice on saving money. Did they find the remains of an alien in Mexico?


665 - Chris Evans Is Married, Lil Nax X At TIFF & Emily Ratajkowski Talks Divorce!

Lots of interviews from The Toronto International Film Fest including SNL star Bowen Yang, Lil Nax X, Finn Wolfhard, Salma Hayek & Jessica Chastain. Shocking footage from the reality TV show ‘Rio Shore’. Ashton Kutcher & Mila Kunis apologize. Chris Evans is married. Emily Ratajkowski talks divorce. Plus, what happened backstage at the VMAs between Justin Timberlake & Megan Thee Stallion.


664 - “Death Row” Meal, Annoying Our Partners & Foods That Describe Us!

What would everyone’s “death row” meal be? What food best describes us? What is the one thing you do that your partner gets annoyed by?


663 - Physical Features, Transportation & Clothes!

If we could take one physical feature from any one of our colleagues what would it be? Do we wear clothes when we’re home alone ? If we were able to use ANY mode of transportation for every day use what would we choose? Would we rather our partner have constant night terrors or sleep apnea?


662 - The Panic And Chaos As The Fire Alarm Goes Off During The Show!

When KISS building's fire alarm went off during the Roz And Mocha Show the panic becomes the news... 🔥🚨 Here’s all the unforgettable chaos!


661 - Taylor Swift’s ‘Era’s Tour Concert Film, Mouth Charades & Maria's Dad Vs Ikea Furniture!

Games week continues with Mouth Charades! Maria’s dad tries to put Ikea furniture together and it is amazing. Info on Taylor Swift’s ‘Era’s tour concert film and how you can see it.


660 - We Play 'Pinched', '5IN7' & New Music From Drake Soon!

We chat with kids about going back to school. It’s games week on The Roz and Mocha Show, we’ll play a round of ‘5IN7’ & Pinched! An incredible Helluva Story of a search for a husbands ACTUAL car 10 years after his passing. New music from Drake on the way!


659 - Joe Jonas Headed For Divorce, Burning Man Storm & Rolling Stones Are Back!

A Delta flight from Atlanta to Barcelona had to turn around on Friday due to a, "biohazard issue." More specifically, one of the passengers had DIARRHEA. Joe Jonas is headed for divorce. Burning Man had a massive rain storm and turned it into mud we talk to people who were there. New horror movie based on ‘Mary Had A Little Lamb’. Billboard reveals the ‘Song of the Summer’. Rolling Stones are back with a new song.


658 - Cringe Songs, Pranks & Regrettable Impulse!

What song makes us cringe when they hear it? What impulse thing have we done and regretted it? What is the funniest prank we’ve ever pulled on someone?


657 - School Memories, Start Of Fall & Maurie's Wheeze!

What’s our funniest memories from school? When does Fall start for us, August, September or October? Has Maurie always wheezed or did it randomly start one day?


656 - Roz & Mocha Chat With Past KiSS $25K Sound Winners!

As you all try and guess the KiSS $25K Sound, Roz & Mocha speak to past winners who cracked the code and claimed the coveted jackpot. Discover their success and learn the tricks they used to solve the elusive mystery sound. Tune in for exciting insights, thrilling stories, and expert advice that might just help you become the next KiSS $25K champion!


655 - Bill Murray And Kelis Broke Up, Pumpkin Spice Butt Wipes & Canada's Rudest Cities!

Bill Murray and Kelis have broken up. Damnit Maurie chats with Billy Porter about the actors strike. More celebs are joining OnlyFans. We learn about Pumpkin Spice butt wipes. Plus, we run down the list of the Rudest Cities in Canada.


654 - Billy McFarland Chats 'Fyre Fest 2', Shem's August Recap Song & 14th Anniversary Of The Roz & Mocha Show!

Fyre Fest’s Billy McFarland joins Roz and Mocha! Shem’s August recap song. The fragrance ‘Damnit By Maurie’ is done! We celebrate 14 years of The Roz And Mocha Show! Did anyone see the Super Blue Moon?


653 - RIP Bob Barker, 'Barbie' Is WB's Biggest Film & RIP ‘The Idol’!

Crown producers promise to handle Princess Diana death delicately. WWE star Bray Wyatt died of an apparent heart attack. People who work in HR are more likely to have an office romance. ‘Barbie’ is Warner Bros’ biggest movie ever. RIP Bob Barker. RIP ‘The Idol’. Former ‘Bachelorette’ star Josh Seiter is not dead. We learn Taylor Swift flies home after EVERY show.


652 - Favorite Club Song, Neighbourhood Foods & Lets Talk Aliens!

We learn what everyone’s favorite club song used to be. What food is our neighbourhood best known for? Do we believe in aliens? Do we ever refer to certain items in another language?


651 - Celebrity Impressions, Roz's Married Life & Baby Body Parts!

How's married life so far for Roz? Our favourite celebrity impressions to do. In terms of looks, do we think we’re at our prime now? If we had to have one baby body part what would it be?