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Welcome to St Louis In Tune! Thank you for joining us for fresh perspectives on issues and events with experts, community leaders, and everyday people who are driving change and making an impact that shapes our society and world. The show is co-hosted by Arnold Stricker and Mark Langston.


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Welcome to St Louis In Tune! Thank you for joining us for fresh perspectives on issues and events with experts, community leaders, and everyday people who are driving change and making an impact that shapes our society and world. The show is co-hosted by Arnold Stricker and Mark Langston.



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Exploring St. Louis: A Family Adventure Guide

Dive into family-related activities and destinations in St. Louis with guest Tara Smith, author of 'Best Mom, St. Louis'. Tara, a seasoned blogger and mother of four, shares insights from her book, offering a plethora of recommendations for family outings that cater to various interests, including the best places for pizza, outdoor activities, and cultural experiences. The discussion emphasizes the importance of spending quality time with family, exploring local attractions, and embracing the opportunity to be a tourist in one's own city. Tara also discusses her motivations behind writing the book, her background, and the effort involved in curating the list of recommended places. Additionally, the episode touches on the significance of digital detox for kids, fostering family bonds through shared experiences, and provides a brief overview of upcoming book signings where audiences can meet Tara Smith in person. [00:00] Introduction to Family Fun in St. Louis [00:38] Welcome to St. Louis In Tune [00:55] Morning Banter and Show Teasers [01:39] Promoting Civility and Family Togetherness [03:43] Tara Smith Discusses Her Book 'Best Mom, St. Louis' [04:55] Exploring St. Louis: A Family-Friendly City [06:03] The Making of 'Best Mom, St. Louis' [11:57] Tara's Personal Favorites and Family Memories [16:31] Uncovering Hidden Gems in St. Louis [19:21] The Importance of Family Activities and Communication [27:51] Tara Smith: Not Just the 'Best Mom' but a Guide for All [31:36] Exploring Hidden Gems: The Skate Park Discovery [35:20] Affordable Family Fun: Free Activities and Budget-Friendly Options [38:10] The Ultimate Family Adventure: Creating a Bucket List from the Book [39:27] Book Signings and Engaging Events: Where to Meet the Author [44:00] Encouragement for Single Parents: Balancing Work and Family Time [47:33] Celebrating National Days and Wrapping Up with Humor SCHEDULED EVENTS FOR BEST MOM ST. LOUIS Places mentioned: "Frontenac Mall": "00:12:10" "Union Station": "00:14:04" "Booster Park": "00:15:19" "Lone Elk Park": "00:10:38" "World Bird Sanctuary": "00:10:38" "Suzanne Park": "00:10:38" "Mississippi River": "00:16:56" "Trolley ride in St. Louis": "00:16:56" "Magic House": "00:18:44" "Forest Park": "00:18:45" "St. Louis Zoo": "00:18:45" Mentions "Dred Scott Heritage Foundation Petition": "00:22:49" "Saint Louis In Tune Website": "00:24:02" "Tara Smith's Blog Site": "00:39:28" "Book "Best Moms Saint Louis"": "00:39:28" Best Mom St. Louis BookSt. Louis Lifestyle Mom Blog: Fun Family Activities, Travel, Crafts And Recipes Mixed In - Seeing Dandy Blog This is Season 7! For more episodes, go to #stlouis


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From Script to Stage: The Journey of Theatrical Creation

Gary Wayne Barker, a renowned director, actor, professor, and associate dean at St. Louis University shares insights of his direction of Arthur Miller's 'All My Sons kicking off the 26th season of the New Jewish Theatre. He reflects on his journey from acting to high-level academia and directing, emphasizing the value of multi-faceted skills in the arts. Barker also discusses the challenges and dynamics of producing theater in various venues and the nuanced process of casting and directing a play. Additionally, the conversation touches on the ongoing struggle to engage contemporary audiences with traditional theater forms and the significance of the arts in society. The episode wraps up by discussing an upcoming production of 'All My Sons' and offering advice for aspiring theater professionals. [00:00] Welcome to St. Louis in Tune: A Dive into Theater and Its Impact [00:56] Springtime Vibes and the Anticipation of the Eclipse [01:35] The Etiquette of Theater Attendance: Do's and Don'ts [02:11] The Evolution of Movie Theater Experiences [03:41] Spotlight on Gary Wayne Barker: From Actor to Academic Leader [07:09] The Art of Directing: Challenges and Adaptations [14:12] All My Sons: A Deep Dive into Arthur Miller's Classic [20:04] Casting Insights: The Process Behind the Scenes [23:25] Saint Louis In Tune: Reflecting on the Show's Mission and Reach [27:36] A Charmed Experience in Theater Production [28:13] The Art of Assembling a Creative Team [30:09] St. Louis: A Surprisingly Big Theater City [31:43] Reviving Theater in the Modern Age [36:01] The Director's Role: Vision, Flexibility, and Collaboration [44:23] Advice for Aspiring Theater Artists [48:48] Closing Thoughts and Humor to Lighten the Day New Jewish Theatre Current Productions | St. Louis JCCTheatre in St. Louis | New Jewish Theatre | The J - St. Louis This is Season 7! For more episodes, go to #njt #arthurmiller #allmysons #newjewishtheatre #plays #theatre #theatreproductions #theatredirecting


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Exploring the Tapestry of the 29th St. Louis Jewish Film Festival

This episode features an in-depth interview with John Wilson, Director of Cultural Arts at the Jewish Community Center, who details the festival's offerings, including a special segment on Israeli student filmmakers impacted by terrorist attacks. Wilson also sheds light on his role as a fight director in theater, emphasizing safety and the illusion of violence on stage. The conversation extends to other cultural arts programs at the J, including the youth theater program, book festival, and the new Jewish theater, underlining the significance of local arts in fostering community and human connection. The episode concludes with amusing discussions encapsulating a mix of informative and entertaining content. [00:00] Kickoff: The Jewish Film Festival & A Warm Welcome [00:40] Catching Up: Weather, Sports, and Beach Etiquette [02:37] Diving Into Stage Combat with John Wilson [06:33] Exploring the St. Louis Jewish Film Festival [14:07] The Art of Film Selection and Festival Insights [25:59] Surf's Up: John Wilson's Adventures in Hawaii [27:51] Navigating to the Venue: Directions and Address [28:28] Showcasing the Film Festival: Highlights and Themes [28:53] Exploring Jewish Heritage Through Film: The Catskills Documentary [31:20] Romance Takes Center Stage: Love Stories at the Festival [33:14] The Cultural Impact: Celebrating Human Connection Through Film [36:43] Curating the Festival: Selection Process and Committee Insights [40:15] Behind the Scenes: Managing Multiple Cultural Programs [42:05] The Artistic Community in St. Louis: A Hub for Creativity [42:56] Celebrating Success: Awards and Recognition [45:05] Wrapping Up: Final Thoughts and Festival Details Theatre in St. Louis | New Jewish Theatre | The J - St. LouisSt. Louis Jewish Book Festival - St. Louis JCCYouth Theatre - St. Louis JCCFilm Festival Schedule - St. Louis JCC This is Season 7! For more episodes, go to #jewishfilmfestival #jewishfilmfestivalstlouis #stlouisjewishfilmfestival #filmmaking #filmdirector #october7 #stagecombat #thej #jewishcommunitycenter


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Cross-Cultural Tunes: From Indian Ragas to Jazz Riffs

Saint Louis In Tune welcomes Seema Kasturi, a practitioner of Carnatic Classical music from St. Louis. Seema shares insights on her upcoming show, Harmony in Music, which aims to blend Carnatic classical music with Western improvisation, including jazz and other genres, alongside English literature for broader comprehension. The segment underlines the collaborative essence of music across cultures and highlights the event scheduled for April 6th at the Grandel Theatre. Besides musical endeavors, the episode also touches on an St. Louis Cardinals' history, Yogi Berra's famous quotes, and various recognitions of national and international observances. [00:00] Fusion of Musical Genres: A Unique Blend [00:27] Welcome to St. Louis In Tune: A Fresh Perspective [01:04] Civility and Parking Etiquette: A Light-hearted Banter [02:19] Introducing Seema Kasturi: A Maestro of Carnatic Classical Music [02:53] Harmony in Music: A Fusion Concert Preview [03:14] The Art of Improvisation: Blending Carnatic and Jazz [09:12] Exploring Carnatic Music: Scales, Improvisation, and Rehearsals [14:17] A Multifaceted Talent: From Music to Software Engineering [17:46] Engaging with the Audience: The Power of Interactive Performances [20:23] Bridging Cultures Through Music: Seema Kasturi's Vision [23:05] The Dred Scott Heritage Foundation: A Call for Commemoration [24:07] St. Louis In Tune: A Platform for Informative Stories [25:42] Harmony and Music: A Final Reminder [31:35] Nostalgic Baseball Memories and Stadium Experiences [32:38] Stadium Amenities and Changes Over Time [34:36] Historical Highlights and Cardinal Achievements [36:34] Unique Stadium Events and Fan Experiences [38:24] Concerts and Other Events at the Stadium [41:17] National Days and Fun Facts [47:06] Yogi Berra's Wisdom and Legacy Harmony in Music – Soorya Performing ArtsSeema Kasthuri YouTubeSeema Kasthuri – Soulful MusicSoorya Performing Arts This is Season 7! For more episodes, go to #grandeltheatre #sooryaperformingarts #harmonyinmusic #carnaticclassicalmusic #carnaticmusic #seemakasthuri #toddmosby #fusioninmusic #musicalstyles


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Gobsmacked at the Sight: The 1904 St. Louis World's Fair

This episode features Patrick Murphy, a renowned author, television producer, and media personality, discussing his latest book Prelude to a Century: The 1904 St. Louis World's Fair; aka the Louisiana Purchase Exposition. Murphy shares insights into the World's Fair's historical significance, including its architectural marvels, technological innovations, and cultural impact. The fair, celebrated for its grand scale and achievements, attracted 22 million visitors and showcased inventions that foreshadowed modern advancements. Murphy also highlights lesser-known aspects, such as the controversial exhibition of indigenous peoples and other ethical concerns. The episode delves into Murphy's research process, revealing previously unseen photographs and stories discovered in archives. The conversation also touches on the fair's enduring legacy in St. Louis, encouraging a reflection on the city's potential and historical accomplishments. [00:00] Welcome to St. Louis in Tune: Exploring the St. Louis World's Fair [01:28] Returning to Civility: Travel Tips and Etiquette [02:14] Special Guest Patrick Murphy: A St. Louis Media Icon [02:37] Diving into 'Prelude to a Century': The 1904 World's Fair Unveiled [03:18] Patrick Murphy's Journey: From Media to Authorship [15:06] Exploring the Pike: The Heart of the 1904 World's Fair [20:00] Reflecting on the Fair's Legacy and Its Impact on the Future [25:36] Exploring the Dred Scott Heritage Foundation's Mission [28:15] Diving Into the 1904 St. Louis World's Fair with Patrick Murphy [28:53] Unveiling the Dark Side of the World's Fair: Infant Incubators and Human Exhibits [30:50] Patrick Murphy's Book Tour and Writing Journey [33:49] Reimagining St. Louis: The Legacy of the 1904 World's Fair [42:56] Reflecting on St. Louis' Past and Future Through the Lens of the World's Fair [47:50] Closing Thoughts and Invitation to Explore Further Candy MenMissouri History Museum - World's Fair Exhibit (04/27/2024 - 04/30/2030)Patrick Murphy AuthorReedy Press This is Season 7! For more episodes, go to #stlouisworldsfair #1904worldsfair #mohistory #louisianapurchaseexposition #1904stlouisworldsfair #incubator #icecreamcone #jello #construction #wirelesstelephone #earlyautomobiles #washingtonuniversity #meetmeinstlouis #ferriswheel


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Exploring Bias and Censorship in High School Debate with James Fishback

In this episode of "Saint Louis In Tune," hosts Arnold Stricker and Mark Langston interview James Fishback, the founder of Incubate Debate. They discuss the significance of debate in education, the problems with high school debate formats, and the inception of Incubate Debate to offer a nonpartisan platform for students. Fishback addresses the challenges of judges' biases and the need for diverse viewpoints in school libraries. The episode also touches on the importance of open communication, understanding idioms and acronyms, and the value of being receptive to new ideas and perspectives. [00:00] Introduction to High School Debate [00:10] The Importance of Idioms and Acronyms [00:52] Exploring the Word 'Retinue' [02:22] The Power of Listening and Understanding [03:41] The State of High School Debate [04:43] Interview with James Fishback [04:46] The Goals and Challenges of Debate [05:16] The Birth of Incubate Debate [06:02] The Problem with Judge Paradigms [08:16] The Growth and Impact of Incubate Debate [16:59] The Importance of Diverse Viewpoints in Libraries [22:54] Closing Remarks and Reflections [38:04] Exploring Idioms and Their Origins [40:17] Diving into Acronyms and Their Meanings [47:41] Fun Facts and Jokes to Lighten the Mood [51:50] Celebrating National Days and Their Significance [55:04] Wrapping Up and Encouraging Continuous Learning Media Bias | AllSidesFentanyl Is Killing American Kids. Most Don’t Even Know They’re Taking It.The Truth About Banned BooksPart II: At High School Debates, Watch What You SayAt High School Debates, Debate Is No Longer AllowedJames T. Fishback Incubate Debate This is Season 7! For more episodes, go to #debate #highschooldebate #incubatedebate #jamesfishback #thefreepress #bannedbooks #banningbooks #acronyms #idioms


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Sauce Boss: Freddie Lee's Journey from Hobbyist to Sauce Maestro

In this episode of Saint Louis In Tune, Arnold Stricker and Mark Langston delve into the world of barbecue, exploring the nuances between grilling and smoking. The highlight of the show is Freddie Lee, the creator of Freddie Lee's Gourmet Sauce, who shares his inspiring journey from making sauces as a hobby to becoming a staple in over a thousand stores across the United States and Jamaica. His sauces, free from high fructose corn syrup and vegan-friendly, have made a name for themselves, initially known as 'Ghetto Sauce' but later rebranded to appeal to a wider audience. Freddie's commitment to flavor, combined with personal anecdotes and a discussion on the challenges small businesses face, provides a rich narrative on passion, entrepreneurship, and the craft of sauce-making. [00:00] Introduction to Barbecue Season and the Show [01:01] The Art of Barbecuing and Grilling [01:27] Cultural Etiquette: Removing Shoes at Home [02:51] Introducing Freddie Lee and His Gourmet Sauce [06:42] The Story Behind the Sauce's Name [12:34] The Sauce's Impact and Expansion [19:02] The Challenges of Running a Small Business [25:47] The Variety and Uses of Barbecue Sauces [28:11] The Production Process of the Sauce [29:15] Choosing the Right Ingredients for the Sauce [29:30] The Art of Making Spicy Sauce [30:15] The Secret Behind the Mild Sauce [30:36] The Importance of Flavor in Food [30:53] The Complexity of the Sauce's Ingredients [31:37] The Role of the Wife in the Business [32:05] The Process of Marinating and Grilling Meat [33:49] The Art of Baking with the Sauce [37:17] The Journey to Finding the Right Packaging [40:41] The Challenges and Triumphs in the Sauce Business [40:57] The Love for Cooking and the Sauce [42:27] The Versatility of the Sauce in Cooking [46:48] The Future Plans for the Sauce This is Season 7! For more episodes, go to #bbq #barbeque #bar-b-que #sauces #BBQsauce #stlouis #entrepeneur #barbequesauce #bar-b-quesauce #spicysauce #gourmetsauce #grilling #smoking


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Resolving Tangled Title Issues and Bringing Vacant Properties Back to Life: The Neighborhood Advocacy Program's Impact in St. Louis

In this episode of St. Louis In Tune, host Arnold Stricker interviews Peter Hoffman, Managing Attorney for Neighborhood Advocacy at Legal Services of Eastern Missouri. The discussion revolves around the organization's crucial role in helping communities address the issues of vacant and abandoned properties, one of the biggest challenges faced by neighborhoods in St. Louis city. The conversation also highlights how being proactive at community level leads to creating neighborhoods of opportunities, need for estate planning, and how the Neighborhood Advocacy Program, launched in 2018, provides free legal support to neighborhood associations. Hoffmann emphasizes the importance of volunteers' contributions to the program and concludes by referring 'homegrown' talents in St. Louis. The episode ends with recommendations for local historical and cultural sites to visit. [00:00] Introduction to Promises and Community Action [00:37] Welcome to St. Louis in Tune [01:02] The Importance of Civility and Stereotype Challenge [01:45] Introduction to Legal Services of Eastern Missouri [02:02] Understanding the Work of Legal Services of Eastern Missouri [03:54] The Role of Volunteer Lawyers [05:13] Neighborhood Advocacy Program: A Focus on Vacancy and Property Abandonment [07:23] Addressing Vacant and Abandoned Properties: Challenges and Solutions [11:40] The Complexities of Property Title Resolution [14:47] The Role of the City in Addressing Vacant Properties [17:54] How Legal Services of Eastern Missouri Receives Cases [20:50] The Importance of Estate Planning [22:27] Addressing Persistent Nuisance Problems [23:56] Saint Louis In Tune: Mission and Reach [25:41] Dred Scott Heritage Foundation: A Call to Action [26:58] Interview with Peter Hoffman: Journey into Public Interest Law [31:14] Neighborhood Advocacy Program: Voices from the Community [36:00] Appreciation for Volunteers and Nonprofits [40:53] Exploring St. Louis: Historical Sites and Museums [45:48] Closing Remarks and Invitation to Engage Links mentioned in the show: Legal Services Neighborhood Advocacy Legal Services Neighborhood Advocacy-The First Five Years Legal Services of Eastern Missouri Interview with Lynn Jackson-Dred Scott's Great, Great Granddaughter-Part I Interview with Lynn Jackson-Dred Scott's Great, Great Granddaughter-Part II This is Season 7! For more episodes, go to


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Unraveling Life's Narratives: On Stage with St. Louis Storytell

Join Arnold Stricker and Mark Langston of the Saint Louis In Tune Radio Show as they welcome Peggy Ray, Project Manager for St. Louis Storytell. Listen in as they discuss the power of storytelling, the importance of keeping the core meaning intact, the role of structure and creativity in narrative, as well as a detailed portrayal of what St. Louis Storytell is all about. Also, get a sneak peek into their upcoming event 'Crime and Punishment'. Tune in for the splendid highlight of the show where Peggy shares a personal, emotional, and relatable story, offering listeners a small taste of what St. Louis Storytell brings to the community. [00:00] Introduction to Storytelling [00:31] Welcome to St. Louis In Tune [00:52] Casual Banter and Discussion [01:23] The Importance of Civility [01:58] Super Bowl and Betting Conversations [03:21] Introduction to St. Louis Storytell [03:53] The Process of Storytelling [05:07] The Origins of St. Louis Storytell [07:29] The Power of Storytelling [08:12] The Audience Experience [09:53] The Importance of Narrating Our Stories [11:32] The Storytelling Process and Preparation [20:33] The Impact of Audience Response [22:22] Upcoming St. Louis Storytell Event [25:39] Conclusion and Final Remarks [30:23] Discussing the Venue and Event Format [32:00] Future Plans and Growth of the Event [33:07] The Challenges and Rewards of Teamwork [34:26] A Personal Storytelling Experience [34:48] Promoting the Upcoming Event [43:06] The Power of Storytelling [44:27] Dred Scott Heritage Foundation Announcement [46:11] Fun Facts and Jokes Segment [52:02] Closing Remarks and Sign Off St. Louis Storytell Links Instagram Facebook Website Tickets This is Season 7! For more episodes, go to #storytelling #stlouisstorytell #crimeandpunishment #tellingastory #groupstorytelling


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Creating Opportunities in Media Production Disparity: Continuity STL Workshop

Arnold Stricker and Mark Langston host a discussion with Michael D. Francis, a content creator and filmmaker who is part of the St. Louis-based non-profit Continuity. Francis elaborates on the task of finding media professionals from diverse backgrounds and the challenges associated with it. He reveals his journey from starting at the bottom to now possessing an extensive background in media, working for major networks and producing popular shows. Continuity focuses on increasing diversity in media productions by offering skills-based training and mentorship opportunities for inroad talent. Francis emphasizes the importance of their Set Basics Workshop, which provides newcomers an understanding of the fundamental skills and terminologies of the industry. The conversation also touches upon the crucial impact of media productions on local economies and the necessity to improve infrastructure to attract bigger productions. [00:00 Introduction to the Show [00:00] The Importance of Diversity in Content Creation [00:17] Introduction to Continuity, a Non-Profit Organization [00:49] The Hosts' Banter and Introduction to the Topic [01:36] Interview with Michael D. Francis [02:12] Michael's Journey in the Media Industry [05:39] The Importance of Set Basics Workshop [06:34] The Impact of New Tax Incentive on Local Film Production [06:46] The Economic Impact of Film Production on Local Communities [07:31] The Need for More Skilled Workers in the Film Industry [07:58] The Benefits of Film Production to the State [10:40] Details about the Set Basics Workshop [17:19] Success Stories from Past Participants [20:06] The Founders of Continuity [21:35] The Future of Film Production in St. Louis [25:13] Conclusion and Contact Information [33:51] Diversity in Media Production and Evolution of Filming Technology [34:53] Reminiscing About Old Times and Technological Changes [35:50] Discussing National Days and Their Significance [39:54] Reflecting on the Influence of Ronald Reagan [49:48] Light-hearted Banter and Jokes [53:54] Conclusion and Sign Off This is Season 7! For more episodes, go to #continuity #continuitystl #mediaindustry #


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The Art of the Guitar: Exploring Music with Matthew Von Doran

In this episode of Saint Louis In Tune, hosts Arnold Stricker and Mark Langston welcome Matthew Von Doran, an exceptionally talented guitarist and educator. Matthew offers insight into his background, his teaching technique, and details his 99 Decisions video guitar program. He also reflects on his move from California to St. Louis and how it influenced his career. The hosts and Matthew discuss the power of music in evoking emotion, live looping, the intricate skill behind improv, and Matthew even delivers a live acoustic performance. [00:00] Introduction to the Show and Guest [02:24] The Art of Guitar Playing and Teaching [04:11] Matthew's Musical Journey and Influences [08:13] The Science Behind Music and Creativity [13:05] Live Looping and the Evolution of Matthew's Music [20:05] Matthew's Upcoming Talk and Performance [29:03] Exploring Jazz and Musical Preferences [30:01] Journey into Jazz Fusion and Musical Influences [31:09] Creating a Jazz Album and Personal Musical Identity [33:02] The Unexpected Journey to St. Louis [36:43] Embracing the Digital Age of Music [40:37] The Art of Improvisation and Emotional Connection in Music [46:45] The Evolution of a Music Career and Future Endeavors [51:48] Reflecting on the Music Industry and Aging Musicians [52:56] Wrapping Up and Final Thoughts This is Season 7! For more episodes, go to #guitar #guitarlessons #livelooping #99decisions #kranzbergartsfoundation #highlowstl #neuroscienceofmusic #musicindustry #lindenwooduniversity #matthewvondoran


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Shaping St. Louis: The Untold Narratives

Authors Calvin Riley and Nini Harris join Arnold Stricker and Mark Langston on Saint Louis in Tune to discuss their book, Black St. Louis. They delve into the rich African American history in St. Louis, covering significant personalities, the formation of vibrant neighborhoods, the educational strides achieved, and key historic events that shaped the current Black experience. Calvin and NiNi's discussion emphasizes the importance of looking at Black history as an integral part of all St. Louis history and how their book brings to light unknown but important historical figures and narratives. [00:00] Introduction and Hosts' Casual Conversation [00:11] The Importance of Unknown Figures in St. Louis History [02:31] Discussion on the Book Black St. Louis [02:42] Exploring the Life of Jeannette Forchet [03:29] The Role of African Heritage in St. Louis [05:25] Introduction to the Authors and Their Collaboration [06:05] The Importance of Preserving Black Artifacts [20:08] The Impact of Immigration on Black St. Louisans [27:41] The Significance of Freedom Suits in St. Louis History [31:21] Discussing Freedom Suits and Education [31:29] The Struggle for African American Education [33:03] The Story of Vashon Family and Their Contribution to Education [34:06] Discovering Vashon Family Artifacts [36:07] The Establishment of the George B. Vashon Museum [37:43] Exploring the Curtis Family and People's Art Center [41:32] The Impact of Migration on St. Louis Neighborhoods [50:04] The Significance of the Book Black St. Louis [51:47] Promoting the Vashon Museum [52:29] Closing Remarks and Humor George B. Vashon Museum - NiNi Harris - Future Dates with Calvin and NiNi about Black Saint Louis This is...


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Inside the Ring: The Incredible World of Circus Harmony

Jessica Hentoff, Artistic and Executive Director for Circus Harmony discusses and explores the vibrant and supportive community Circus Harmony creates. She talks about Circus Harmony's upcoming show 'Nocturne', along with its variety of classes aimed at all ages. Jessica also sheds light on Circus Harmony's engagement with schools and communities, their efforts to teach crucial life skills through the medium of circus, and their numerous successful alumni. [00:00] Introduction to Circus Harmony [00:49] The Importance of Sunshine and Vitamin D [01:17] The Importance of CPR Certification [03:13] Interview with Jessica Hentoff, Artistic and Executive Director for Circus Harmony [04:40] The Concept of Social Circus [05:09] Peace Through Pyramids Program [07:11] The Power of Circus in Building Skills and Community [12:04] Upcoming Circus Harmony Show: Nocturne - TICKETS HERE [15:42] Circus Harmony Spring Classes and Summer Camps [23:42] Circus Science and Architecture Program [29:51] The Marvelous Miss Maple: A Dog That Makes Coffee [30:04] Defy Gravity Coffee: A Unique Blend Supporting a Cause [31:22] Circus Harmony Alumni: From Broadway to WWE [41:34] Circus Harmony Cookbook: A Unique Blend of Recipes and Circus Acts [45:58] Architecture and Acrobats: A Unique Circus Harmony Program [51:07] Circus Acts That Have Withstood the Test of Time This is Season 7! For more episodes, go to #circus #circusharmony #acrobat #socialemotionallearning #trapeze #circusperformer #circuslife #lifeaftercircus


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Lost and Found: The Forgotten Treasures of St. Louis

We explore the 'Lost Treasures of St. Louis', a comprehensive book showcasing unique historical sites, memorable events, and objects related to the city's rich history. Our special guest, Dennis Dillon, a retired sports writer and co-author of the book, reveals intriguing stories behind these treasures. He discusses how he worked to complete the book and the interesting historical discoveries he made, such as the existence of a vibrant Chinatown in St. Louis, and surprising stories about popular landmarks during Prohibition times, among others. [00:00] Introduction and Hosts' Banter [02:29] Guest Introduction: Dennis Dillon [03:15] Dennis Dillon's Sports Writing Career [07:16] Discussion on Football and Mizzou's Prospects [08:38] The Lost Treasures of St. Louis: Book Introduction [08:46] The Making of The Lost Treasures of St. Louis [21:04] Exploring Lost Treasures: Bayou Bell and More [26:22] The Story of Bloody Island [29:14] The Biltmore Club: A Speakeasy from the Past [30:26] The History of the Biltmore Club [31:59] The Impact of the Pandemic on Local Businesses [34:12] The Evolution of Local Restaurants [34:44] The Thrills and Dangers of Wet Willies [36:13] The Legacy of the Plantation Club [40:19] The Lost Treasures of St. Louis [41:03] The Closure of Local Churches [45:06] The Future of St. Louis In Tune (our new website) [48:37] The Humor Segment [53:39] Conclusion and Farewell This is Season 7! For more episodes, go to #losttreasures #stlouis #stlouishistory #reedypress


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Ice Sculptures & Festivity: Celebrating & Welcoming Back the Loop Ice Carnival

Dive into the cool world of ice carnivals and ice sculpting as we find out about the 17th Annual Loop Ice Carnival happening in the U. City Loop. Jessica Buehler, discusses the schedule of the carnival and reveals the exciting attractions, which include over 50 handmade ice sculptures, an ice carving demonstration, free hayrides, a penguin crossing, and so much more. Sean Leahy, owner of Full Spectrum Ice Sculptures, shares his professional journey as an ice sculptor, the intricate process of creating spectacular ice sculptures, and his experiences in ice sculpting competitions across the nation. This episode provides an opportunity to discover and appreciate the underrated artistry within ice sculpting. [00:00] Introduction to the Ice Carnival [00:15] Welcome to St. Louis In Tune [01:11] The Return of the Ice Carnival [02:13] Exciting Activities at the Ice Carnival [03:55] The Ice Carnival's Drone Show [04:25] Exploring the Ice Carnival Map [06:44] Food and Games at the Ice Carnival [08:36] The Ice Carnival's Tattoo Scavenger Hunt [09:04] Family Fun at the Ice Carnival [09:47] The Ice Carnival's Grand Giveaway [10:33] Closing Remarks from Jessica and Invitation to the Ice Carnival [17:31] St. Louis In Tune Show Information [19:04] Supporting the Dred Scott Heritage Foundation [20:24] Introduction to Ice Festivals [20:30] Exploring the World's Best Ice Festivals [23:53] Ice Sculptures in Modern Events [25:55] Interview with Sean Leahy, Professional Ice Sculptor [27:04] Sean Leahy's Journey into Ice Sculpting [28:49] The Process of Ice Sculpting [37:01] Challenges and Achievements in Ice Sculpting [41:09] Certification and Professionalism in Ice Sculpting [44:43] Closing Remarks and Upcoming Ice Carnival This is Season 7! For more episodes, go to #icesculpting #icesculpture #ucityloop #delmarloop #loopicecarnival #icecarnival


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Six13's Hanukkah Parody: A Musical Journey through Taylor Swift's Hits

In this episode of "Saint Louis In Tune," Arnold Stricker interviews Lior Melnick from the a cappella vocal band Six13. They discuss the band's unique blend of traditional Jewish liturgy and contemporary pop song parodies, their recent Hanukkah-themed Taylor Swift parody, and the band's experiences performing at prestigious venues. Lior also shares his personal journey with Six13, highlighting the meaningfulness of creating Jewish music and connecting with people, especially those isolated from their Jewish heritage. Listen to Six13 on these platforms: YouTube Apple Music Spotify This is Season 6! For more episodes, go to #six13 #parody #taylorswift #jewishmusi #hanukah #Chanukah #Hanukkah #acapella #acapellavocalband #beatbox


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A Stage for Dreams: The St. Louis Teen Talent Competition

Leanne Matthews, the Artistic and Education Director, and Steve Neale, the Music Director, discuss the 14th annual Teen Talent Competition in St. Louis. They provide details about the competition, which is open to high school students and accepts all kinds of talent. The competition offers mentorship, performance opportunities, and scholarships. They also discuss the coaching workshops that help participants polish their performances. Matthews and Neale encourage teens to participate, emphasizing the supportive environment and the valuable experience they will gain. NOTE: Deadline to register is January 8, 2024 Registration for Teen Talent is open until January 8, 2024. For more information about the 2024 St. Louis Teen Talent Competition, including registration details, coaching workshops, and sponsorship opportunities, please visit Fabulous Fox Theatre This is Season 6! For more episodes, go to #TeenTalent #teentalentcompetition #FoxPerformingArtsCharitableFoundation #music #dance #comedy #stlouis #circusact


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Honest Aging: Adapting to Your New Normal

In this episode, guest Dr. Roseanne Leipzig, an internationally recognized physician in geriatric medicine, discusses her approach to transforming aging individually and as a society over her 40-year career. She talks about her recent book 'Honest Aging: An Insider's Guide to the Second Half of Life', and addresses popular questions and misconceptions about aging. Dr. Leipzig will be appearing at the St. Louis Jewish Book Festival. [00:00] Introduction and Guest Presentation [02:54] Understanding Aging and Ageism [04:30] The Impact of Perception on Aging [05:13] Personal Experiences and Insights on Aging [06:22] Understanding Normal vs Non-Normal Aging [09:34] The Importance of Geriatric Medicine [14:13] Making Difficult Decisions as You Age [17:16] The Importance of Communication in Aging [20:49] Understanding Dementia and Memory Loss [24:05] Conclusion and Final Thoughts This is Season 6! For more episodes, go to #geriatriccare #aging #johnshopkinsuniversitypress #healthandaging #secondhalfoflife #healthcareprofessionals #geriatrician #drrosanneleipzig #tipsonaging #icahnschoolofmedicine xQsB3P3IY8k07iqWPFSK


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Humans of St. Louis

Social worker and photographer Lindy Drew is the co-founder and lead storyteller of Humans of St. Louis, where she combines photography with oral history to create intimate, revealing snapshots of St. Louis locals. The interview delves into the process and philosophy behind the project, highlighting specific interactions with St. Louis's residents and the release of a hardcopy compilation of Drew's work called 'Humans of St. Louis.' She discusses the inception of the project, her approach to social storytelling, challenges during the book's creation, and the consequential impact of her work on the community. Lindy will be appearing at the St. Louis Jewish Book Festival. [00:00] Introduction and Hosts' Banter [01:44] Guest Introduction: Lindy Drew [03:12] Lindy's Journey from Science to Social Work and Photography [04:08] Lindy's Travels and Experiences Abroad [06:36] The Birth of Humans of St. Louis [10:38] The Art and Process of 'HOSTLing' [12:46] The Impact and Significance of Storytelling [17:49] Lindy's Personal Experiences and Observations [21:28] The Role of Audience in Storytelling [27:06] Closing Remarks and Upcoming Events [29:42] Exploring Vacant Buildings and Artwork [29:51] Gifts for the Kids of the World [30:28] Behind the Scenes: Creating HOSTL - Humans of St. Louis [31:05] The Journey of Building a Social Media Presence [31:42] The Evolution of HOSTL - Humans of St. Louis [32:58] The Challenges of Publishing a Book [34:42] The Process of Creating the Book [37:33] Choosing the Cover of the Book [40:52] The Impact of the Book and Future Plans [42:58] The Story of Lewis Greenberg [48:41] The Role of Social Work in Storytelling [51:53] The Future of Humans of St. Louis [56:09] Conclusion: The Impact of Humans of St. Louis This is Season 6! For more episodes, go to #humansofstlouis #lindydrew #brownschoolatwashingtonuniversity #hostl #photography #storytelling #streetphotography


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Charity Woodrum: Resilience Through Poverty, Family Dysfunction and Unspeakable Tragedy to Become an Astrophysicist for NASA

In this compelling discussion, Sandy Cummings, acclaimed journalist, and Charity Woodrum, aspiring astrophysicist, share the process of creating a documentary about Woodrum's life, Space, Hope, and Charity: The Remarkable Journey of Charity Woodrum. The film follows Woodrum's journey from growing up in poverty in rural Oregon to pursuing her dreams of studying astrophysics, surviving personal tragedy, and finding strength from unexpected support from mentors, old friends, and complete strangers. Sandy shares her process in capturing Charity's story, emphasizing the power of storytelling and the importance of mentorship, particularly for women in science. Charity discusses the importance of mentorship, finding joy again despite the grief, and her ongoing project 'Woody's Stars', a mentorship program and enrichment fund for students historically excluded from STEM. The film is an official selection of the St. Louis International Film Festival. [00:00] Opening [00:50] Introduction of the Guests - Laying the Foundation of What You Will Hear [01:03] Sandy Cummings: A Renowned Journalist and Filmmaker [01:58] Charity Woodrum: From Rural Oregon to Astrophysics [02:20] Charity's Journey: Overcoming Tragedy and Pursuing Dreams [03:03] The Making of the Documentary: Capturing Charity's Story [04:23] Charity's Vulnerability and Strength on Camera [05:53] The Filmmaking Process: From Interviews to Editing [06:30] The Impact and Reception of the Film [06:52] Synopsis of the Film: Charity's Journey [10:46] The Power of Support and Kindness in Tragedy [20:36] Charity's Current Work in Astrophysics [21:49] Woody's Stars: A Program for Encouraging Women in STEM [24:17] Coping with Grief and Finding Purpose [29:22] Closing Thoughts: The Power of Small Acts of Kindness This is Season 6! For more episodes, go to #nasa #charitywoodrum #sandycummings #sliff #stem #womeninscience #universityoforegon #womeninnasa #astrophysicist #astrophysics #woodysstars #documentaryfilm #inspiringstories #spacehopeandcharity