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Her new podcast is inspired by her undying love of TV shows Greys Anatomy, This Is Us, FRIENDS (it will ALWAYS be relevant) and even The Bachelor! She'll cover everything from dating and relationships to music, sports to her love of sleeping and anything that falls in-between.

Her new podcast is inspired by her undying love of TV shows Greys Anatomy, This Is Us, FRIENDS (it will ALWAYS be relevant) and even The Bachelor! She'll cover everything from dating and relationships to music, sports to her love of sleeping and anything that falls in-between.
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Her new podcast is inspired by her undying love of TV shows Greys Anatomy, This Is Us, FRIENDS (it will ALWAYS be relevant) and even The Bachelor! She'll cover everything from dating and relationships to music, sports to her love of sleeping and anything that falls in-between.




Ep. 55 Just Like That

Fellow People’s Choice Award nominee Nia Jax from WWE checks in, and they get real about her efforts on body positivity and her experience in professional wrestling. And remember Tanya mentioning that she wrote a song after her last relationship ended? She found the lyrics! We give a live reading that you will not want to miss. Then, we try to help out an anonymous listener with a problem with her boyfriend, and everyone in the studio is split on what to do. Plus, we have a huge...


Ep. 54 Debby and the Doctors

Debby Ryan is scrubbing in with us this week! She opens up about her relationship, and shares some intimate moments from her early days in the entertainment industry, and how she’s working to put more positivity back into the world. Then, the doctors break down all the symptoms from Tanya’s 1st date with a new guy, and Becca has a word of warning for pet owners.


Ep. 53 Red Starburst

It’s safe to say that Tanya has her mojo back! Becca and Tanya break down the bevy of guys that she had in her orbit while at the iHeartRadio Music Festival in Vegas, and if her openness about her relationships on the podcast is intimidating. Then, we catch up with American Idol winner and fellow People’s Choice Award Nominee Maddie Poppe, and hear all about how things are going with her boyfriend Caleb. And Tanya doesn’t make it very far before she gives a full horoscope reading for both...


Ep. 52 When the O.R. Hits the Strip

We are scrubbing in from Las Vegas! Becca and Tanya haven’t spent a lot of time together lately, so they’re using this Vegas trip as a chance to get caught up. And we hear from Tanya’s other BFF, Sofia Carson! She shares some details from her amazing journey in entertainment, and we hear some inside info on her next project. Then Jana Kramer returns to the OR to talk about how she knew her husband was “the one”, and she tells us about her challenge to get a guy to say “I love you” first.


Ep. 51 Sherlock Rad

Get comfortable and pop some popcorn for this one, because Tanya has returned from her date with Dean Unglert, and we’re getting a full recap, including the answer about the kiss at the end of the night! Becca has some thoughts about Robert’s new girlfriend that anyone who’s snooped on an ex can relate to. And you can’t miss the guest today, because her advice could totally change your financial future. Nicole Lapin, author of “Boss Bitch” joins the O.R. with tips on how to ask for a...


Ep. 50 Scrubber's Choice

Becca and Tanya are celebrating their People’s Choice Award nomination in a big way! They welcome a special guest from the world of animal medicine into the O.R. Dr. Evan Antin, also known as “the hot vet”. We find out if he would ever date someone who doesn’t like animals, if he’d ever go on The Bachelorette, and he teaches Becca and Tanya the proper way to sedate a rhino. Plus, Tanya may have a new man in her life, and we get an update on her coming date with Dean Unglert. And Becca...


Ep. 49 Emergency Contacts

Tanya welcomes Bachelor Nation superstars Dean Unglert and Peter Kraus into the O.R. for a full physical. We hear their thoughts on Colton as the next Bachelor, and get down to the real deal when it comes to their dating lives. One of the two guys might be sparking a new romance with Tanya! And Keiko Agena (Lane from Gilmore Girls) checks in to talk about her new book, how to spark creativity, and the magic of Stars Hollow. Then, we find out who replaced Tanya’s parents as her emergency...


Ep. 48 Making the Rounds

Becca and Tanya have a LOT to get caught up on this week! We hear all about how Becca is cursed to never meet Ellen Pompeo, no matter how close she gets, but we also hear a story of the magic that happened when she ran into Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis. Tanya shares some Tales from the Tour Bus, and you won’t believe the guy that has resurfaced in her life. And the doctors teach their trick for when meal deliveries won’t come to the door.


Ep. 47 Does This Look Infected?

We bring back “Ask a Guy” and get the real answers about how to get out of the “friend zone” from JoJo Fletcher's brother Ben. Then, Becca and Tanya explore the confusing fascination the world has with pimples, when Dr Pimple Popper calls in. She explains what it’s like to build a whole empire around zit explosions, and gives some valuable advice about achieving your dreams. And, we hear all about Tanya’s upcoming crazy adventure going on tour with Charlie Puth and Hailee Steinfeld.


Ep. 46 How to Set a Thirst Trap

Tanya has a big update about the new strategy she’s using for dating, and we hear about a budding “robe-mance” between her and a member of Bachelor Nation, and meanwhile, Becca is tackling a relatively unknown frontier – cooking dinner. Becca and Tanya break down the delicate and sublte art of setting a thirst trap, and we hear about a guy from Tanya’s past that has unexpectedly resurfaced.


Ep. 45 Smooth Move Tanya

Before diving into everything going on in their week, Becca and Tanya have to be honest with each other about a fight they got into over the weekend, and when they lay it all out, there isn’t a dry eye in the room. Becca gives Tanya her honest diagnosis of Jason from The Bachelorette after she met him over the weekend, and we hear what happened when Becca and Jason ambushed Tanya with a surprise FaceTime. The cringe is real when Tanya tells the story of sending a guy the single worst...


Ep. 44 Unbroken

The OR takes on a different tone this week, as Tanya and Becca reflect on Demi Lovato's fight with addiction. Dr. Drew calls in to share some incredible advice on what people can do if their friends or loved ones are struggling with addiction or alcohol abuse. And Brad Goreski sits in as guest co-host, and gets very real and honest about his own challenges with sobriety.


Ep. 43 I’m a Modern Woman

Becca and Tanya recap what happened when they went “out-out” this last weekend, and you’ll be shocked when you find out how Robert Graham helped Tanya give out her phone number at a bar. We hear a touching story of what Becca did for Tanya on her birthday, and we hear their early thoughts on the new season of Grey’s Anatomy that just started production.


Ep. 42 I Scrubbed In Like This

On Tanya’s birthday eve, we get an emotional Dr. W update that everyone can relate to. And we hear about the men that Mark really does not want Tanya to date. Have you ever been on social media and felt that everyone looks so perfect? We’re going to break all of that down with the woman behind the #WokeUpThisWayChallenge. She shares some inspirational advice about feeling comfortable and beautiful in your own skin that you need to hear. And Becca and Tanya tackle the age-old debate:...


Ep. 41 With a Hough and a Puff

Derek Hough stops by the O.R. to participate in our “Ask a Guy” case study! Becca and Tanya get Derek’s honest takes on who should make the first move, and when it’s okay to pass gas in front of your significant other. And we get a crucial update about things getting serious with Dr. W!


Ep. 40 Diagnosis from Dr. Goreski

Becca has some major competition for Tanya's heart when her other BFF Brad Goreski stops by to scrub in. Then, get ready to cringe, because Becca and Tanya tell the insanely awkward story of what happened when they tried to meet a few Grey's Anatomy cast members over the weekend. And Tanya and a listener share an incredibly personal diagnosis, so Dr. Sherry calls in with advice on how best to handle it and what women need to know.


Ep. 39 You're Killin' Me Tilley!

This week Becca takes the OR to the dugout when the crew from The Sandlot stops by. The guys hang out to share stories from being part of one of the most iconic movies in history, and you gotta hear some of the amazing advice they give out to some listeners.


Ep. 38 The Bold Scrub

This week, Becca drops a huge bombshell, when she reveals if she’ll ever get back together with Robert. Then, Melora Hardin from The Bold Type, The Office, and Transparent checks into the OR, to talk about what she’s learned from her career in Hollywood and the importance of feeling empowered. Then we hear all about Tanya’s follow up appointment with Dr. W!


Ep. 37 Time of Duff

There’s some major fangirling in the O.R. today, because Hilary Duff is scrubbing in! Becca and Tanya talk to her all about her music, her relationship, and the new season of her show Younger. Becca and Tanya give a recap from Wango Tango, and what it was like for Becca to be the “5thwheel”. Then they do a full break down on Tanya’s first date with Dr. Wussy


Ep. 36 Put Some Aloe On It

Becca and Tanya break down the newest resident in Tanya’s on-call room, who they’ve named “Dr. Wussy." Then, they prank call a fan and give her the surprise of her life. After they re-cap their weekends, find out what Tanya does to cure her horrible sunburn. ...and Tanya raps!