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Gare de l’Est

One of my favorite objectives in my short trip to Paris was to record the sound of TGVs. I was always fascinated by the idea of being a train-spotter and in my recording-visit to the Gare de l’Est, I had the chance to catch three TGVs and two “regular” trains that sounded and looked like TGVs… I recorded some of the train station’s ambiance, but mostly the trains. Have a good listening at precisely 12.55 pm! Articolul Gare de l’Est apare prima dată în SEMI SILENT.


Fuga Lolelor

The revitalization of an ancient Transylvanian Saxon custom Articolul Fuga Lolelor apare prima dată în SEMI SILENT.


Sister of a ball boy, a poem by V. Leac

The poetry of V. Leac seems suspended somewhere in between humor, absurdity, and a light and tender perplexity in the face of those minuscule exceptional instances in one’s life. Every next step is a trustworthy transgression toward an uncertain, promising and yet deluded future. In the shape of a musical/sonic performance, we take upon ourselves to read his poetry, with warm loudness and other means tangible while standing on our toes: a performance in the guise of a duo of voices for a...


Ode to your frugal love affairs

This sonic poem – in the absence of words – could be a participatory review for the abundance of dating apps rooted relationships with short expiration date. It contains reactions to matches on such apps, reflections to the essay The Agony of Eros by Byung-Chul Han, memory exhumations and sharp intimacy technicalities. The voice-voices disclose fragility as virtue and pain as spectacle as much as criticism and joy and pleasure as heart fitness. Articolul Ode to your frugal love affairs...


Omnia 2020

A personal and slightly emotional reading of the past, present and a possible future of the National Center of Dance in Bucharest. Articolul Omnia 2020 apare prima dată în SEMI SILENT.


Apophenia (binaural)

The material you are about to hear is an immersive acoustic experience containing footage from and around HOIA BACIU forest. It focuses on the POIANA ROTUNDĂ area, labelled as the nexus for series of events, often depicted as peculiar. Six audio segments carefully selected: details of all sorts; tactile illusions; collages; arrangements or unprocessed sound, mixed together. Some brutal, some seamless, blending the raw with the subjective. Articolul Apophenia (binaural) apare prima dată în...


Eight Over Two: A Soundtrack

We track. We follow movement, note the progress or existence of something, we signal through sonar and bio sonar, radio and Morse, radar and scanners, heart monitors and surveillance. In so doing, we listen but also compose an acoustic space of our trailing, create sonic debris of our pursuit, a spontaneous audible record. Articolul Eight Over Two: A Soundtrack apare prima dată în SEMI SILENT.


5 voices by the proverbial Fireside

During a thunderstorm that never happened, 5 people meet by fireside to discuss how power structures play a part in how we interpret and hear different voices. Together they converse and examine how we listen to each other's voices, how we experience our own voices and how we think our voices might relate to our personalities and identities. In reality, the 5 of them actually met individually with the artist in the sticky heat of Toronto's humid summer days, surrounded by cicadas singing in...


Santé (binaural)

A non-verbal sound design piece that translates the struggle of living a normal life, while dealing with the memory of a past trauma and its triggers. Articolul Santé (binaural) apare prima dată în SEMI SILENT.


Gate 3

I visited gate 3 of the Constanța shipyard on a Friday afternoon, taking on as „stalker” the local poet Yigru Zeltil, hence the abundance of steps on the recording. I did not catch a lot of interesting sounds with my DR-05 Tascam equipped with wind protection, except for a freight train that most likely carried cocaine, several types of trucks loading and unloading, plus a special crane sorting and otherwise handling scrap metal. When I approached the crane in order to better record the...


Twin Sounds

Cars pass at high speed through a village and overlap with lives lived alongside the roads of Romania. Like waves, the noise of engines invades the sound space and transports us from one house to another. At each passage, a previously imperceptible sound is revealed. This sound experience prompts a listening proposition: One sound can hide another; but could a sound contain, in itself, another sound? Can completely different objects and actions generate identical sounds? The search for...


Otetelișanu Morning with Maria

Early morning walk with Maria in Benești village, Vâlcea county. An exercise in finding the right morning ambience. A reflection on the recording process. The dogs are our friends. Articolul Otetelișanu Morning with Maria apare prima dată în SEMI SILENT.


Basement Overture

The stories that were told, the stories that were made, the ghosts that we heard and those that we imagined. A composition using invited and created sounds, a play with the acoustics of a generous basement, mixing prerecorded, diffused and rerecorded sounds in a dynamic dialog between faraway nature sounds, a voice imitating natural sounds and also being a voice, and the evidence of the architectural properties of the building through its acoustics and “mobile parts”. Articolul Basement...


Poultry Market (binaural)

Hundreds of poultry, ducks of all ages, from hatchlings right out of their egg to noisy males, several varieties of geese, some very large with red cheeks like a cock’s comb, turkeys, chickens and hens, delicate decorative cocks like knick-knacks, peacocks in full bloom, some varieties of pigeons with hideous heads and a discussion about ostriches. A binaural immersion that smells of bird droppings. Articolul Poultry Market (binaural) apare prima dată în SEMI SILENT.


Horses Talk

In the small village of Benești, a few hours' drive West of Bucharest, locals use horse-drawn carts to go to the fields. They return with freshly cut hay or sand from the riverbed. Coachmen talk to their horses in order to indicate which directions to follow and the appropriate speed. “Dii” to move forward, “Hai” to go faster, “O” to stop. I've invited myself with the microphones on board for a ride. Communication runs through sounds and gestures, which in my lack of understanding Romanian...



Sound piece created by tweaking recordings containing the Romanian countryside’ sounds around the Conacul Otetelișanu, a skylark, some other birds, a pheasant, dogs, geese, sounds of my steps, the wind in the trees by the lake, the bell next to the church and me whistling a song written by Istvan Sky. There’s a glitch in/for every idyll. Articolul Idyll apare prima dată în SEMI SILENT.


Drip Drop

Drip drop it starts. Drip drep continues. Can you imagine a rain without the rain only made with our mouth? It began like this and went even further. Metamorphoses in a personal storm with thunders like bells running in memories of old rains from other days, how it felt the rain and water then? The dynamic of the water is felt in the flow and rapidity of chosen sounds to be composed. Engage a journey of personal waters that evolve in a feeling. Articolul Drip Drop apare prima dată în SEMI...


Bălcești. Morning (binaural)

7am. Driving Mara to the bus stop in Bălcești. She starts a binaural recording. I continue and develop the exercise. The piece follows our movements and reactions to the surroundings, the story of a dream I had, the immediate encounters. Articolul Bălcești. Morning (binaural) apare prima dată în SEMI SILENT.


Next Revolution, Please!

An art acustica experiment with two characters dialoguing on themes like revolution, consumerism, making the world a better place, progressive politics, subversive strategies, the future of mankind. Articolul Next Revolution, Please! apare prima dată în SEMI SILENT.


Withering Sounds (excerpt)

The piano is an anti-nomadic instrument. It is often sitting in the same room for decades surviving several generations of a family, silently (or not) witnessing their histories. In interaction with the room-climate the piano is slowly changing over the decades. It is a kind of time-travel-instrument shaped by time and space. Sound artists Eva Poepplein and Janko Hanushevsky (aka Merzouga) played and recorded three aged pianos inside their rooms. They are not pianists and used the pianos as...