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"The Battle of Bright Moon" with Noelle Stevenson

It's the only way our season could end! Lauren and Eric welcome She-Ra executive producer and showrunner Noelle Stevenson to the pod to chat about nets, real-life villains, rainbows, and so much more! Thank you Noelle and Dreamworks for all of your support. To our listeners -- we'll see you in about a month!


"Light Hope" with Josie Campbell

The introduction of Light Hope to Princesses of Power brings a lot of surprising and fascinating lore with it. Who better to chat with about her episode, then, than She-Ra story editor and writer Josie Campbell? (No one, that's who!) Also, if you've ever wondered about how much math writers use in their job, this episode is for you.


"Promise" with Vera M.

Two adults who host a She-Ra podcast are at least self-aware enough to know that ultimately, the show's meant for kids. So we decided to interview one! This week, Vera, 8, tells us about why she loves the Princesses of Power and why "Promise" is her favorite episode. Eric also reveals the source of his longstanding feud with the Goldbergs.


"The Beacon" with Elizabeth Kresin

Art director Elizabeth Kresin joins Lauren and Eric to discuss one of the most emotional and character-driven entries in the first season of Princesses of Power, and we get a look inside the creative design process of the show to boot!


"No Princess Left Behind" with Rae Geiger

Character designer Rae Geiger joins Lauren and Eric via Skype to chat about their favs Entrapta, Mermista, Olivia Octavius, Kate McKinnon, and a bunch more on this very sweet episode of our show! There's also some political stuff at the end. Definitely follow Rae on Twitter and giant thanks to them and the whole Dreamworks crew for a really excellent interview.


"Princess Prom" with Ashley Demma

This week, Lauren and Eric get fashionable with special guest Ashley Demma, an expert on dress who shares some terrific insight into the formal wear gracing our heroes and villains in one of the most striking episodes of Princesses of Power! Follow Ashley on Instagram for more insights, and stick around for one fan's tremendous theory about Kyle! As promised in the episode, here as Ashley's Shoplook sets if YOU want to channel some Princess Prom style at your next formal outing.


"In the Shadows of Mystacor" Part 2 with Rachel Megibow - Self Care

We're heading back to Mystacor for a look at some of the deeper themes of trauma and healing in the episode, including a chat with school psychologist and returning guest Rachel Megibow, who even uses She-Ra to talk with her students! Also, any fans in New Orleans, we are serious about coming to see you!


"In the Shadows of Mystacor" Part 1 with Emily Mozartmaid - Contintuity

In the first of our two-part look at this episode, we talk with Emily Mozartmaid (author of the OTHER political She-Ra project, the She-Ra Generation Blog) about an episode rich with connections to the past, including digging into our favorite character, the one and only Shadow Weaver. Definitely give Emily's blog a read, especially if you're feeling nostalgic for some classic Princess of Power action!


Holiday Mailbag!

Lauren and Eric respond to some tweets and emails from fans of the show, including a mea culpa re: our treatment of the topic of veganism last season. Thanks to everyone who continues to write in and give us lots of good stuff to think about!


"System Failure" with Duo Yang

This week, it's Eric's turn to throw some shade as we cover Princess Entrapta's introduction to the squad, "System Failure." Good thing we're joined by the awesome Duo Yang, who goes hard for his favorite princess and brings some fascinating observations about the role of technology in society.


"The Sea Gate" with Ryan Ferguson

This week, Lauren, Eric, and guest Ryan Ferguson take on toxic masculinity, finding your tribe, and being "over it" in a discussion of a trio of rich new characters -- Sea Hawk, Mermista, and Scorpia. Huuuuge thanks to impromptu engineer Logan Dean for helping us record Ryan on Skype. Logan hosts his own podcast, a super-sweet synth-drenched D&D actual play called Low that I think y'all would really dig! Find this episode on:Apple PodcastsGoogle PlaySpotifyStitcher (feeds may take a few...


"Flowers for She-Ra" with Michael Sherrillo

Illinois Science Council Associate Board president Michael Sherrillo joins Lauren and Eric in the greenest, most political episode yet of She-Ra and the Princesses of Power! From the failures of Good Vibes Only (TM) to eating bugs, this episode has it all!


"Razz" with Matt Leuck

Vintage toy reseller and longtime She-Ra fan Matt Leuck joins us to chat about the Princesses episode with the strongest connection to the past. Plus, we dive into how political this reboot really is (or isn't), and Eric has a beef with the new theme song. You can shop Matt's online store here!


"The Sword (Parts 1 & 2)" Part 1 - with Shelby Mongan & Clint Worthington

She-Ra's back on Netflix, and our show's back for season 3! In the first part of our two-part premiere, we talk with a couple adults -- one television critic, and one longtime Noelle Stevenson fan -- who've never watched She-Ra before! Do you think we all liked it? Recorded live at the Cards Against Humanity Theatre! Make sure to check out Clint over at Consequence of Sound and Alcohollywood, and Shelby will be taking over the Nerdologues' Your Stories podcast in December!


Vote // Trailer

Lauren and Eric check in with a pre-election message and some initial responses to the Netflix series' promotion! In case you haven't for some reason, you can catch the Dreamworks She-Ra trailer here. And more importantly, make sure to vote on November 6. Great resources include and We'll see you on November 17!


Summer Check-In (Live from an Unfortunate Podcasting Booth)

Lauren and Eric pop back for a summer check-in on the unveiled Netflix designs, the forthcoming Power of Grayskull documentary, and any reasonably good political news they can scrounge up. DISCLAIMER: This was recorded at a venue that wasn't meant for podcasting (though we were invited to record there). There's some background noise and it's pretty echoey. Sorry about that!


Season 2 Live Finale/Masters of the Universe (1987)

Well, friends, here we are at the end of our second season. Just like last year, we wanted to close out the season with a live finale celebrating our show, our past guests, and our favorite franchise. This time, we decided to watch 1987's live-action Masters of the Universe at that party, and we invited our friends Jon Clarke (Caffeinated Comics, Without U2) and Symphony Sanders (Welcome to Night Vale, Good Morning Night Vale) to join in the fun. Special thanks to off-stage returning guest...


Looking Forward, But Better

Turns out we released last week's prediction episode a little too early. This week, Lauren and Eric jump back into the studio for a better-informed look ahead at the Netflix reboot based on last week's press release.


Looking Forward

This week, Lauren and Eric share their thoughts and hopes on the forthcoming Netflix She-Ra reboot. From politics to cast size to serialization to fan culture, let's all look forward together, huh?


"Jungle Fever" & "Sweet Bee's Home" / Costuming

This week, Lauren dives into her expertise in costuming as we analyze the function & fashion of the clothing of Etheria. If you ever wanted a shortcut to understanding effective costume design, Lauren shares her three key aspects here. Also, Frosta gets saucy.