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SHILLR presents two brand new podcasts that focus on documenting the best and brightest artists, collectors, and founders that are shaping the future of Web3. CURAT3D is a brand new series by SHILLR focused on having evergreen, and focused conversations with the creatives shaping the future of Web3. VAULT3D is a series of episodes recorded over the past two years that have been remastered, and repurposed underneath the SHILLR brand with the same focus of documenting the creators shaping the future of Web3.


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SHILLR presents two brand new podcasts that focus on documenting the best and brightest artists, collectors, and founders that are shaping the future of Web3. CURAT3D is a brand new series by SHILLR focused on having evergreen, and focused conversations with the creatives shaping the future of Web3. VAULT3D is a series of episodes recorded over the past two years that have been remastered, and repurposed underneath the SHILLR brand with the same focus of documenting the creators shaping the future of Web3.





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VAULT3D: Miguel "Gorilla" Lopez - Sketches to Metaverse: An Animator's Tale of Resilience and Revolution in Art and Gaming

Discover the colorful life of Miguel Lopez, affectionately known as "Gorilla", as he opens the sketchbook of his past and sketches the outlines of his future in the realm of animation and the metaverse. From childhood doodles influenced by silent film stars of animation to breathing life into some of TV's most beloved characters, Miguel takes us on a whimsical ride through his professional and personal evolutions. His story is a testament to the power of mentorship, the transformative nature of Web3 on intellectual properties, and the seamless blend of art with gaming that's propelled him towards his innovative pursuits. Next, we dive into the nostalgia of classic cartoons and video game dreams with Guerrilla Miguel, whose journey weaves through the simple joys of drawing Bugs Bunny to standing toe-to-toe with corporate giants defending his unique creation, Sporky. Miguel's vibrant narrative is a full-circle odyssey from the youthful fantasies of communicative devices inspired by Star Trek, to his current pioneering work in constructing a metaverse where those dreams take digital form. His tale is not just one of creativity but of dogged resilience, an inspiring reminder of where passion can lead when combined with unyielding determination. Buckle up for an animated discussion on the unorthodox paths to success, as Miguel shares his audacious leap from a t-shirt entrepreneur to knocking on the doors of film, ultimately joining the ranks of The Simpsons' animation team. We recount heartwarming encounters with icons like Adam West, and deep dives into industry experiences that shaped his legacy. Alongside his ambitious business partner Meggy, he underscores the synergistic dance between creative control and innovation, charting a course for artists and dreamers that's as varied as it is rich with opportunity. Join us for an episode that's not just a conversation, but a journey through the vibrant imagination of an artist whose dreams are as animated as his career! Miguel contact: Linktree: X (Twitter): SHILLR: Website: Twitter: Instagram: Youtube: Music by 800DB Twitter:


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VAULT3D: Jihoz-Empowering Players and Pioneering Digital Nations through Axie Infinity

Original Recording Date: November 26th, 2021 Join us at the forefront of gaming innovation with special guest, Jihoz, the visionary co-founder of Axie Infinity. In a world where digital assets are revolutionizing play, we explore the transition from avid gamer to blockchain pioneer. Discover how Axie Infinity is reshaping the gaming landscape by empowering players with true ownership of in-game assets and pioneering a community-driven economy. This episode promises to be a treasure trove of insights for enthusiasts and skeptics alike, challenging the conventional wisdom of work and play in the digital age. In the next part of our conversation, we discuss the balance between guiding newcomers and fostering a culture of exploration, the integration of NFTs into mainstream gaming, and the importance of accountability in the burgeoning Web3 culture. We address the skepticism surrounding NFTs head-on, discussing the impact of learning through experience and how Axie Infinity is a vanguard in the educational frontier of the crypto economy. Finally, we look at the future of Web3 gaming, examining the exciting possibilities and challenges of scaling a close-knit community into a thriving digital nation. Our conversation spans new tools fostering token-based engagement, the potential of blockchain ecosystems to disrupt traditional gaming models, and the strategic vision behind Axie Infinity's Ronin sidechain. Tune in for a thought-provoking session that will leave you contemplating the transformative power of Web3 has on the gaming community. Jihoz Socials: X (Twitter): Axie Infinity: Website: X (Twitter): SHILLR: Website: Twitter: Instagram: Youtube: Music by 800DB Twitter:


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VAULT3D: Nicole Sales - The Fusion of Fine Art and Digital Frontiers

Step inside the realm of digital art as we chat with Nicole Sales, VP & Director of Digital Art at Christie's, whose career took an adventurous twist following the groundbreaking Beeple sale. As the traditional art world collides with the digital frontier, Nicole regales us with tales from the epicenter of this transformation. From navigating her way through the esteemed corridors of Christie's to charting the auction house's bold venture into NFTs, her narrative is a veritable masterclass in bridging the gap between timeless classics and the pixelated promise of tomorrow. Within this episode, we dive into her journey that led her from the art studio to industry expertise, demonstrating that a passion for art, coupled with a strategic economic mindset, unlocked doors to unforeseen opportunities in her current role. Nicole and I discuss the seismic shift in societal appreciation for digital creators, illuminating how NFTs are not only reshaping the valuation of artistry but also empowering artists with the tools to forge their own destinies. We dissect the significance of Web3 savviness in today's business strategies, touching on the intricacies of roles like the Chief Metaverse Officer. Nicole offers a treasure trove of wisdom for women navigating the NFT space, advocating for community and adaptability as cornerstones of success. Tune in for a rich tapestry of insight and inspiration, and find out how to keep a finger on the pulse of Christie's pioneering NFT ventures, where art and innovation dance in a web-free world. Nicole links: X (Twitter): LinkedIn: Christies, Inc. links: X (Twitter): Website: SHILLR: Website: Twitter: Instagram: Youtube: Music by 800DB Twitter:


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VAULT3D: j1mmy.eth - Navigating the NFT Landscape: From CryptoKitties to Avastars, Shaping Digital Identities and the Future of Online Interaction

Join us on a riveting journey through the multifaceted world of NFTs as we chat with J1mmy.eth, the visionary behind Avastars and an influential figure in both Flamingo DAO and XCOPY DoomDAO. We're peeling back the layers of digital identity and examining how blockchain is revolutionizing our interactions online. Encounter Jimmy's transformation from a CryptoKitties aficionado to a NFT heavyweight and dive into the creation story of Avastars and Nameless, the minting platform that launched successful projects such as GaryVee's Veefriends. As we traverse the realms of gaming and art, you'll discover the seismic shift that NFTs have ushered into these spaces, debunking the doubts of naysayers who cling to the outdated 'right-click and save' argument. The historic $69 million Beeple NFT sale was more than a headline—it was a signal flare, announcing the arrival of NFTs as a cultural mainstay. And as we connect the dots between in-game purchases and the boundless potential of NFTs in gaming, prepare to envision a future where your digital assets journey with you across virtual landscapes, enriching your gaming experiences. Wrapping up, we ponder the future of identity through the lens of NFTs. Imagine a world where social biases are dismantled by anonymous or non-representative profile pictures, cultivating a merit-based digital society. As we speculate on the forthcoming waves in online personas and reputation-based systems, we invite you to join this fascinating conversation. It's a dialogue that not only examines the current state of NFTs but also paints a picture for the dawn of our digital identities. j1mmy.eth links X (Twitter): Avastars X (Twitter): Collection: Flamingo DAO X(Twitter): The Doomed DAO Website: SHILLR: Website: Twitter: Instagram: Youtube: Music by 800DB Twitter:


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VAULT3D: Emma Nedell- From Hollywood to Web3, Crafting Digital Realms and the Art of the Story

Embark on a narrative odyssey with Emma Nedell, Tally Labs' Head of Story and World Builder for Azurbala, as she shares her journey from Hollywood to the uncharted waters of Web3 storytelling. We traverse the fusion of digital and physical realms, and explore how Emma's craft is reshaping characters and worlds for a new age. With a nod to the disruptive force of Unreal Engine in filmmaking, our conversation unveils the transformative interplay between technology, storytelling, and the relentless pursuit of creative evolution. Emma and I dissect the role of hard work in seizing opportunities, celebrating the unpredictable yet calculated dance that can lead to life-altering breakthroughs. Our discussion weaves through the importance of continuous growth and the recognition of personal aptitudes, offering valuable wisdom that resonates across various career landscapes. As our conversation comes to a close, we contemplate the film industry's current state, the allure of storytelling within the digital frontier of Web3, and the societal challenge of navigating information overload. We also touch on the essence of community building in a trustless environment and the personal virtues that guide us amidst global uncertainty. Emma's insights, coupled with personal reflections, provide a distinctive perspective on the responsibilities we bear in the ever-evolving tale of digital connectivity. Emma Nedell X (Twitter): Website: SHILLR: Website: Twitter: Instagram: Youtube: Music by 800DB Twitter:


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VAULT3D: Michael Tant - Unraveling NFTs, Crypto's Financial Frontier, and the Power of Pseudonymity

Join us as we dive deep with Michael Tant from Citizen X Crypto, unraveling the complexities of pseudonymity in crypto and the transformative potential of gaming through token economics. Our conversation traverses the rollercoaster ride of seizing NFT opportunities, the wisdom of patient investments, and the cultural shifts that can occur in a blink. In a space where even a moment's hesitation can mean missing out on cultural shifts, Michael shares his firsthand experiences of navigating the NFT market, the influence of key figures like Gary Vaynerchuk, and the excitement surrounding projects like Cool Cats and World of Women. The discussion then shifts gears to the foundational elements of DeFi, the role of DAOs in community governance, and the significance of liquidity pools in creating a more accessible financial system. Through personal anecdotes and expert insights, we explore how these innovations democratize economic opportunities and empower individuals. We round off our journey by examining the importance of trust and social currency in the digital realm, where reputation is king and pseudonymity can open doors to equitable interactions. As we share candid advice for those looking to dip their toes into the crypto universe, the episode is a call to embrace risks, bet on oneself, and understand the value of community engagement. Whether a seasoned crypto enthusiast or a curious newcomer, this episode is packed with invaluable lessons and visions of a digital future reshaped by blockchain and NFTs. Michael Links: X (Twitter): Citizen x Crypto: SHILLR: Website: Twitter: Instagram: Youtube: Music by 800DB Twitter:


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VAULT3D: Brayden Hall - Capturing Life's Peaks and Valleys

This episode of VAULT3D, selected from the archives, stitches together a tapestry of tales from Brayden's leap into a career fueled by passion, his backpacking odyssey through South America, and the deep dive into the unpredictable yet alluring waters of NFTs and cryptocurrency. Brayden unravels the narrative of his climb from snapping weekend hikes around Vancouver to becoming a trailblazer in the travel photography realm. We discuss the delicate act of preserving authenticity while meeting market demands, and Brayden lays out the map for navigating the economic landscapes of one-of-one pieces and limited editions in the digital art market. As the episode winds down, we don't just share photographs; we share reflections on the shifting currents of the past year's market tumult. We cast our gaze towards the horizon of the NFT space, speculating on the rise of Web3 gaming as a beacon for future engagement. Drawing from the collective wisdom of our experiences, we underscore the importance of consistency in creation, the evolution of collector dynamics, and the enduring power of artistry amidst the ebb and flow of digital tides. Join us as we discuss the transformative potential of the digital frontier. Brayden Links: Linktree: Website: X (Twitter): Instagram: SHILLR: Website: Twitter: Instagram: Youtube: Music by 800DB Twitter:


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VAULT3D: Alex Zinder- Decrypting Crypto's Value Beyond Speculation, Embracing Security in Adoption, and Celebrating Community Resilience

Prepare to have your perspective on cryptocurrency transformed as Alex Zinder, CTO of Ledger, joins me for an enlightening discussion that transcends mere speculation and peels back the layers of genuine value creation in the crypto market. We tackle the integration of blockchain technology into daily life and the pivotal role education plays in that journey. Witness firsthand how Alex's traditional finance acumen intersects with the boundless potential of decentralized ecosystems to shape a future where cryptocurrency becomes as commonplace as your favorite smartphone apps. Cryptocurrency isn't just for the individual enthusiast anymore; it's making headway into the corporate world, and with that comes a new set of challenges and solutions. In this episode, we scrutinize the strategies behind crafting a user-friendly yet secure gateway into cryptocurrency for both personal use and enterprise adoption. As we analyze Ledger's blueprint for mitigating risks, including sophisticated cyber-attacks, we uncover the evolving nature of crypto security and what it means for both small-scale enthusiasts and large corporations managing hefty digital assets. We wrap up with a candid reflection on the rollercoaster ride of the crypto market—its ebullient highs, its sobering lows, and the community's unyielding spirit that powers through it all. Our conversation veers from the robust potential of NFTs and smart contracts to the surprising touches of joy and humor that keep the crypto world vibrant, even in a bear market. The essence of this episode lies in celebrating the resilience of the community and the continuous pursuit of knowledge, as we recognize the imperative of staying true to crypto-native values amidst the unpredictable tides of the market. Alex Links: LinkedIn: X (Twitter): Ledger: Website: X (Twitter): SHILLR: Website: Twitter: Instagram: Youtube: Music by 800DB Twitter:


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CURAT3D: Han - Sculpting the Digital Art Spectrum with CryptoCubes, Autonomous Artistry, and the Aura of Algorithms

On the Season Finale of Season 2, we were joined by Han, a trailblazing generative artist and visionary behind the CryptoCubes project. As his tale unfolds, from architectural roots to the forefront of digital artistry, we delve into the essence of his self-taught journey, tracing the influence of gaming on his initial coding experiences and witnessing the remarkable ascent of his creations to the prestigious halls of LACMA. In this episode, we unravel the intricacies behind the mesmerizing CryptoCubes. These aren't your average art pieces; they're a testament to the power of algorithmic generation and blockchain synergy. Han shares the thrill of collaborating with over 110 artists, weaving together a tapestry of individuality and community that blurs the lines between creator and creation. We transition to discussing the integration of augmented and virtual reality with these cubes, imagining a world where art leaps off the screen and becomes an intimate part of our everyday existence. Our conversation wouldn't be complete without a foray into the broader realms of cryptocurrency and the ripple effects of projects like CryptoPunks. Han and I tackle the complex dance of decentralization in the art market, debating the future of NFT marketplaces and the critical role of curation and self-promotion for artists navigating this digital renaissance. Join us as we explore the boundless potential of creativity intersected with cutting-edge technology. Han links: Website: X (Twitter): SHILLR: Website: Twitter: Instagram: Youtube: Music by 800DB Twitter:


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VAULT3D: Anocam - From Finance to Freelance: An Artistic Journey through Japan's Heartland and the Digital Art Revolution

Embark on a voyage with Anocam, a visual artist whose narrative spans from the high-paced finance sector of London to the serene vistas of Japan. This episode peels back the layers of his artistic odyssey, delving into the struggles and triumphs of adapting to compact Japanese living, the delicate balance of work and leisure, and the intricate dance with Japanese culture and artistry. As we meander through the ever-shifting art landscape, Anocam sheds light on the emergence of NFTs and the uphill battle many creatives have faced in the wake of the pandemic. He opens up about the gritty reality of being a creator, juggling English teaching with nurturing passion projects, and his foray into the digital collectibles market. Our discussion probes the concept of value in both tangible and virtual mediums, the psychological nuances of investment, and the generational divide in digital ownership perceptions. It's an eye-opening perspective on the interplay between technology, creativity, and culture. The episode culminates with a deep dive into the ways Web3 is transforming branding and storytelling, offering visionaries like Anocam's innovative platforms for true self-expression. His 'Alone in Japan' series is a vivid exploration of Japan's tranquil essence, particularly the timeless allure of Kyoto. As we close the conversation, he reflects on his artistic evolution and his quest to capture Tokyo's psychedelic vibrancy, while navigating his Southeast Asian Londoner identity in Japan's multicultural landscape. Join us for an inspiring dialogue that journeys across continents, creative boundaries, and cultural insights through the lens of a true artist. Anocam links: X (Twitter): Instagram: Art discussed: A Tokyo Dream: Alone in Japan (series): A Silent Movie (series): SHILLR: Website: Twitter: Instagram: Youtube: Music by 800DB Twitter:


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CURAT3D: Lady Cactoid - Merging Art and Technology, and Weaving the Tapestry of Tomorrow's Innovation

Join special guest Lady Cactoid , Co-Founder of Cactoid Labs as we unravel the symbiosis of art and technology. As blockchain redefines the artistic frontier, we muse on how cities without strong cultural tapestries might evolve, intertwining with the threads of tech to weave a future of unparalleled artistic ventures. During the discourse, Lady Cactoid shares her experiences in blending traditional art with new technologies, revealing her work with the Los Angeles County Museum of Art and the societal implications of technology evolution. Through discussions, the conversations highlight how artists can create markets for themselves with the technological tools available at their disposal. We then delve into the traditional art world, and the significance of museums and machine learning in current society. Turning the spotlight to the future ambitions of Cactoid Labs, the dialogue explores AI, machine learning, and the influence of video game history in art. As we draw this episode to a close, we discuss the historical significance of women in computational arts to the promise of AI in deciphering nature's enigmas, the dialogue we foster today plants seeds of innovation for tomorrow. Join us as we look forward to the unfolding tapestry of artistry and digital discovery that awaits in 2024. Lady Cactoid: X (Twitter): Cactoid Labs: LACMA x Cactoid Labs: X (Twitter): SHILLR: Website: Twitter: Instagram: Youtube: Music by 800DB Twitter:


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VAULT3D: Chris Hytha - Redefining Urban Landscapes, Authenticity in Art, and the Pursuit of Passion in the Blockchain Era

Embark on a journey with the masterful Chris Hytha, Philadelphia's trailblazing designer and visual artist, whose Roe Homes collection took the Web3 world by storm. Sit back as we wander through Chris's vision, where the ordinary becomes extraordinary and the city's unseen nooks become a canvas for storytelling. This episode peels back the layers of urban landscapes, revealing the magic of rooftops and the allure of abandoned industrial terrains. Together with Chris, we confront the concept of authenticity in both artistry and existence, navigating the fine line between crafting for personal fulfillment and societal approval. We dissect the evolution of Chris's photographic endeavors, from his acclaimed Super Rare collection to his ambitious project capturing high rises across America. This episode is a mosaic of candid perspectives on the artistic process—how a singular viewpoint imbues meaning into art, the ethical nuances of compositing, and the journey towards a signature visual language amidst the crowded NFT space. Finally, we tackle the profound essence of life's purpose and the pursuit of meaning beyond material desires. Chris shares his childhood aspirations and reflects on the significance of chasing what genuinely ignites one's passion, contrasting the empty race for status with the richness of living with intent. Tune in for a thought-provoking conversation that not only spotlights the architectural beauty of American cities but also offers a mirror to our own search for authenticity and the courage to follow our deepest passions. Chris links: Linktree: Website: X (Twitter): Instagram: SHILLR: Website: Twitter: Instagram: Youtube: Music by 800DB Twitter:


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CURAT3D: Eli Scheinman - Weaving Technology with Art, the Craft of Storytelling, and Curation

This week, we had the pleasure of sitting down with Eli Scheinman, Head of Art at Proof, where we discussed the delicate dance of storytelling in the art world and its impact on the era of digital art collecting . Storytelling is more than just a buzzword; it's a craft that injects life into artwork, creating a bond between creator and collector, and Eli does it with a combination of integrity and strategy, adding necessary dimensions to powerful stories. Navigating the crypto art scene can be akin to charting unknown waters, where the currents of market speculation and the depths of an art's narrative must be balanced. We peel back the layers of this journey, examining the challenge of safeguarding an artwork's essence amidst shifting market dynamics, and highlight the lack of useful tools to tell multi-dimensional stories. Eli's path to curation is incredible, starting with a foundation in contemporary history and political ecology to a chance encounter with Kevin Rose and starting multiple companies together. This experience carved out the niche for Proof Collective and initiatives like Grails. We bring the conversation home by underscoring the importance of quality and intent in our endeavors, spotlighting the nuanced and purposeful approaches that define our work in marrying technology with art, fostering human connections in the dynamic Web3 space. Eli links: X (Twitter): Proof: Website: X (Twitter): SHILLR: Website: Twitter: Instagram: Youtube: Music by 800DB Twitter:


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VAULT3D: Joshua Doner - Pioneering the NFT Frontier, CryptoPunks' Influence, and the Digital Assets Revolution

This weeks guest is Joshua Doner, partner at the gaming fund, Real Third Web! Saddle up for an episode that dissects the complex relationship between NFTs, the art world, and the digital economy. From the rise of CryptoPunks to the role of digital collectibles in empowering artists and musicians, we're laying it all out on the table. Join our deep dive into the symbiotic world of NFTs and gaming, the revolutionary potential of direct artist-to-fan connections in the music industry, and the story that had everyone buzzing about how CryptoPunks debuted on the Olympic Stage. Joshua's insights illuminate the seismic changes afoot—how digital assets are challenging the status quo and rewriting the rulebook on creativity, ownership, and community in the digital age. We grapple with the skepticism surrounding the space and share personal anecdotes that reveal a nuanced portrait of an industry at its tipping point. As we chart the course for the future, we touch on the many narratives of financial inclusion that cryptocurrencies champion, the exciting concept of fractional art investments, and the burgeoning ecosystem that's democratizing finance. This episode isn't just about understanding a trend; it's about envisioning a future where digital assets unlock new experiences, communities, and opportunities. Tune in for a conversation that's not just about a digital revolution—it's about the personal revolutions unfolding within each member of the crypto universe. Josh links: X (Twitter): SHILLR: Website: Twitter: Instagram: Youtube: Music by 800DB Twitter:


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CURAT3D: Sofia Garcia - Bridging Art, Technology, and Community through ARTXCODE

Embark on a captivating journey with Sofia Garcia, the creative powerhouse merging the worlds of art, technology, and community. Her story illuminates the path from the corridors of art history to the forefront of creative coding, where "ARTXCODE" was born, and the spirit of "Code Art" began nurturing the intricate relationship between non-profits and the art tech landscape. We discuss the many layers of the digital art revolution, from the explosive growth of generative art, to the intimate tales behind Sofia's chosen CryptoPunk. Our discourse ventures into the trenches of art funds, the fresh terrain of artist representation, and the future trends poised to reshape our engagement with art. We acknowledge the emotional weight of digital assets, reflecting on how they become enmeshed with our online identities, and invite you to ponder the symbiosis between art and life, and the profound emotions they evoke. Through Sofia's insights and our shared reflections, this episode promises to enrich your understanding of the evolving nexus of art, technology, and human connection. Sofia Social Media X (Twitter): Instagram: ArtXCode Website: X (Twitter): Code Art Website: X (Twitter): SHILLR: Website: Twitter: Instagram: Youtube: Music by 800DB Twitter:


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VAULT3D: Jeremy Cowart - An Artistic Odyssey from Photography to AR, Charting the Digital Renaissance in the Age of NFTs

Embark on an artistic odyssey with the multitalented Jeremy Cowart, as he recounts a voyage from photography faux pas to digital art dominance,. We're not just talking about a man with a camera; we're delving into the soul of an artist who transformed the pixels of challenge into a masterpiece of resolve. From the inception of Block Queens to wrestling with the web of Web 3.0, Jeremy's narrative is a tapestry of trials, triumphs, and embracing the absurdity of aging. Join us as we trace Jeremy's journey of self-discovery, a quest that led him to a community where his digital and abstract visions found fertile ground to grow, and where the pandemic's shadow cast a surprisingly luminous glow on his artistic endeavors. Closing the loop on our exploration, we celebrate the intersection of the tangible and the technological with Jeremy's foray into augmented reality prints. Imagine a world where the digital art you adore springs to life in your living room, where AR doesn't just augment reality but amplifies the resonance of ownership. We're charting the course of art's future, discussing the ironies and implications of big tech's dance with decentralized dreams, and pondering the potentials of blending online influence with offline experiences. Through it all, Jeremy's story stands as a beacon for the creative spirit, inviting us to witness how the boundless canvas of the internet can paint new realities across our walls—and our lives. Jeremy links: Website: X (Twitter): Instagram: SHILLR: Website: Twitter: Instagram: Youtube: Music by 800DB Twitter:


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CURAT3D: Ben Roy- Confluence of Crypto, Identity, and Digital Art

Join us as we sit down with Ben Roy, the visionary behind Accelerate Art and an Angel Investor, as we unravel the complex tapestry of Web3. We'll examine the transformative potential of DAOs in reshaping governance structures, delve into the significance of self-sovereignty, and explore Ben's transition from traditional finance to the cutting-edge world of Crypto and NFTs. Our conversation will illuminate the ever-evolving relationship between technology, culture, and identity in the dynamic ecosystem of Web3. This episode is a treasure trove for those fascinated by the intersection of crypto and governance. We dissect the pioneering efforts of DAOs like Tribute Labs (Flamingo DAO) in redefining investment and cultural stewardship, and contemplate the cultural impact of gaming on the crypto universe. Our discussion traverses through the nuanced perspectives on community-led decision-making in decentralized systems, providing a window into how these concepts might migrate from niche markets to mainstream consciousness. Wrapping up, we navigate the delicate interplay between excitement and risk in the world of cryptocurrency, and share personal experiences about the generational embrace of digital art and NFTs. Whether you're curious about finding your niche in crypto, or how intrigue can lead to broader acceptance of novel technologies, this session has it all. Join us in this enlightening exploration of the multifaceted Web 3 landscape, where we peel back the layers of how culture, technology, and identity converge. Ben Roy links: Digital Objects by Ben Roy (Newsletter): X (Twitter): Accelerate Art links: Website: X (Twitter): SHILLR: Website: Twitter: Instagram: Youtube: Music by 800DB Twitter:


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VAULT3D: Anjali Young - Fostering Community, and the Evolution of Collabland

Anjali, co-founder of Collabland, brings to light the fascinating story behind a tool that's now a cornerstone of the Web3 space. Anjali's narrative is a blend of trials, triumphs, and the kind of steadfast conviction needed when you're early to a movement. As we navigate the digital landscape together with Anjali, we uncover the intersections where personal crypto encounters meet strategic business insights. The revelations shared offer a peek into the genuine hustle required to champion a startup and how nurturing a community can lead to more connected and equitable digital futures. From the inception of a DAO to aid pandemic sufferers, to the strategic avoidance of a Series A funding round in favor of community alignment, to the innovative NFT sale that turned fans into stakeholders—every chapter of this tale is a lesson in shaping an ecosystem where participation translates to ownership. The importance of online data ownership, the role of financial incentives in driving community engagement, and the thrilling prospects of a decentralized future are all on the agenda in this enlightening episode. Join us, as Anjali and I chart the course through the transformative waves of NFTs, DAOs, and the very essence of Web3 itself. Anjali links: X (Twitter): Collabland: linktree: SHILLR: Website: Twitter: Instagram: Youtube: Music by 800DB Twitter:


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CURAT3D: Ruben Wu - Redefining Artistic Narratives, Collaborations with Machine, and Crypto-Native Artwork

Join us on an enlightening journey as we sit down with Ruben Wu, the multi-talented artist who's weaving technology, space, and time into one-of-a-kind narratives you won't want to miss. From his journey in the band Ladytron to his innovative approach to art, Ruben offers a fresh perspective on the fusion of music and imagery. We'll discuss the power of visual language, how it allows artists to express their individuality, and why it’s more than just a stylistic choice. Ever wondered about the role of AI in art? We tackle this topic head-on with a riveting conversation about the collaboration between our Reuben and AI artist Jenni Pasanen. We explore potential outcomes when human creativity meets AI abilities, hinting at a future where technology and creativity aren't just side-by-side—they're intertwined. Our dialogue extends further into the realm of digital art and its evolution, examining the innate human desire for physical representation and the ways technology can satisfy this longing. We save one of the hottest topics for last - NFTs. Their impact on the art world has been profound, and we dive into how they create unprecedented opportunities for artists and collectors. We explore whether an artwork is considered crypto-native or not and how NFTs can enhance the provenance aspect in art. As we close our chat, we reflect on the dynamic landscape of the art world, the online creative community and the transformation of the NFT community into a more welcoming space. Tune in and get ready for a stimulating discussion at the intersection of art, technology, and innovation. Reuben Wu Contact: Linktree: Website: X (Twitter): Instagram: Notable Press & Auctions: National Geographic August '22: An Irresistible Force (Sotheby's): SHILLR: Website: Twitter: Instagram: Youtube: Music by 800DB Twitter:


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VAULT3D: Tim Riopelle- Journey Through Art, Discovering a Unique Style, and the Power of Blockchain Technology

Join us, as we chat with guest, Tim Riopelle, As a professor and an artist, Tim has journeyed through the realms of animation, video game design, and visual effects for films, eventually finding his niche within the enchanting landscape of NFTs. During our conversation, Tim elucidates the intricate dance between his creative process and influences, unearthing how he discovered his distinct style. We delve into his journey from animation to art, punctuated with anecdotes from his work on various projects. Tim's insights into the Ethereum and Tezos ecosystems and the distinctive benefits of using Tezos for NFTs are truly illuminating. As we dive deeper, we venture into the world of generative NFT projects, discussing how platforms like Async Art can streamline the process of creation. With transparency, Tim shares his struggles of balancing a regular job with the world of Web3 and the realities of managing social media in the NFT space. Yet, through it all, his conviction in the transformative power of blockchain technology and the revolutionary potential of NFTs in the art world remains unflinching. This episode is a journey through the dynamic world of NFTs, teeming with insights and inspiration for every artist navigating this brave new world. Join us as we celebrate the fusion of art and technology, with Tim Riopelle offering us a front-row seat to his creative odyssey. Tim links: X (Twitter): SuperRare: Foundation: SHILLR: Website: Twitter: Instagram: Youtube: Music by 800DB Twitter: