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Wisdom about connection, wellness, belonging, and listening on sidewalks.

Wisdom about connection, wellness, belonging, and listening on sidewalks.
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Wisdom about connection, wellness, belonging, and listening on sidewalks.




The Healing Journey of a Vietnam Combat Veteran

Stand Out Quotes Once you label someone with a disorder you create a greater sense of aloneness. I have relabeled PTSD to stand for Past Trauma Stated Differently. Veterans do not believe they are the ones that are broken, society is.Veterans take meaning from their mission. When you take that away from them, society does not make sense to them.Note: There are pieces of this episode that may be triggering for current and former veterans and those who have experienced trauma. Practice...


How To Be Resilient In Our Connections

Standout Quotes from this Episode: In order to grow more resilient, we need to take useful experiences fully in, so they move from a shift in a state to a shift in a trait. To enter into the depths of we, we have to have a healthy sense of me, of my own rights, autonomy, rights to disengage if I need to. Intimacy is not at odds with autonomy. There is a real distinction between solitude and loneliness. Loneliness carries as many risks for health... Rick Hanson, Ph.D., is a psychologist,...


Widening Our Embrace To Asylum Seekers Detained At The Border with Belinda Hernandez Arriaga

Stand Out Quotes from This Episode Everyone has a human right to basic needs. Everyone has a right to have their family and be safe. Basic tenants of the children’s human rights convention are that every child has a right to not be separated from their parents. We see moms and dads and grandparents coming to save their lives. This was not their plan or desire to come to the United States but was forced to save their lives. Belinda Hernandez Arriaga is a Faculty Coordinator for the...


Connecting Skillfully With People Experiencing Homelessness with Julian Plumadore

Standout Quotes From This Episode We can honor the dignity, self-determination, and support the empowerment of people who are experiencing homelessness. It is not the job of anyone to go out and fix people. If we think we can fix someone it means we are starting with the belief they are broken. Get in the habit of recognizing the difference between fear and danger or comfort and safety. Uncomfortable and socially unacceptable behaviors we may experience are off-putting but not a direct...


Uncomfortable Because We Are Different with Dr. Shelly P. Harrell

Podcast Note: This conversation was recorded in 2018. We had some connection interruptions in a few spots. Stick with it. Good stuff here. Standout Quotes From This Episode: Dr. Shelly Harrell is a Psychologist at Pepperdine University and a Couples Therapist. She has built a meta transactional framework called PEaCE for interacting across differences and holding a larger context in mind. (Person-Environment-Culture - Emergence). Dr. Harrell grew up in Detroit Michigan during the civil...


The Revolution of Putting Relationships First with Drs. Harville Hendricks and Helen Hunt

The Revolution of Putting Relationships First with Drs. Harville Hendricks and Helen Hunt Standout quotes from this episode: The outside creates the inside. -Dr. Harville Hendricks Connecting is more important than the individual and Sidewalk Talk is creating a relationship revoluion. -Dr. Harville Hendricks Mental health has taught us to look inside when something is wrong. No. We need to look outside. -Dr. Harville Hendricks What makes you tired when you are listening to someone...