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Sight Attendant is an exploration of the difference between how blind and sighted people consume movies and television. While some TV shows and films have audio description for the blind, several do not. Join us as we do this by delving into the wonderful and revered catalogue of Nicolas Cage films.

Sight Attendant is an exploration of the difference between how blind and sighted people consume movies and television. While some TV shows and films have audio description for the blind, several do not. Join us as we do this by delving into the wonderful and revered catalogue of Nicolas Cage films.


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Sight Attendant is an exploration of the difference between how blind and sighted people consume movies and television. While some TV shows and films have audio description for the blind, several do not. Join us as we do this by delving into the wonderful and revered catalogue of Nicolas Cage films.




Episode #46: Harry Potter and Jeff Weasley

The long awaited next installment of the Harry Potter as told by a guy that doesn't have a clue what he is talking about. This one was pretty tough particularly without any alcohol. Ashley pretty much carried this one and informed Jordan that several key moments actually take place in other movies. Also there are some Weasley brothers called Bill and Charlie? Like what the hell? I mean Bill?


Episode #45: A Little Bit of Catching Up

A very laid back episode this week as we didn't really cover anything specific. Just catching up with each other and you all. We talk about a really great email we received that made our little hearts burst with joy. We also talk about a the Conqueror Challenge that Ashley is using to help hit her fitness goals and get dope ass medals. Links:


Episode #44: Ellie Wallwork Interview

A great guest this week with Ellie Wallwork! We have covered an episode of Call the Midwife she starred in. She is an actress, a singer, and a Eurovision fan. Also she is blind. She also had a role in the film Imagine which we covered as well as an episode of Doctor Who which we talk about in this episode. This was a ton of fun to record and we hope you enjoy. Also go find and watch everything that Ellie has been in!


Episode #43: Eurovision Song Contest

We went to Europe! It's.. Kinda.. We really just watched Eurovision! Which was totally awesome and totally weird. Also when you watch with friends that discuss it becomes surprisingly accessible. This is a pretty good primer for folks that have seen that Will Ferrell movie but don't have any other experience with Eurovision. Also we are super excited for next weeks episode so we will just remind you here that it's going to be great and you should tell a...


Episode #42: Harry Potter and the Mystery of the Chalk Brothers

It's time for Harry potter Again! This time it's the Goblet of Fire. Which is definitely not the Goblin of Fire. In this one we learn that the Chalk Brothers and the defeaters combined are still no match for our main girl Fluta Licker. Naturally. We also learn that the Chalk Brothers are definitely a thing and they are really important in this movie. All things considered Jordan actually did pretty well here and is also really attractive. If none of that made any sense to you, please tune in...


Episode #41: Dogs Without Horses

Super special guest episode this week with producer Tony! It's time to ask some questions about accessibility and their experience with movies and games of all kinds. We touch on what going to a movie theater is like and the challenges that come with that. An obvious one for anyone that knows Tony but we also talk board games and accessible design. We mention meeple like us, 64 ounce gaming, and the dots RPG project including talk about their really cool braille RPG dice. We will be back...


Episode #40: Russian Alexander Hamilton

Another season coming to an end here with this wrap up episode. We cover some of the brief moments in your favorite shows that featured blindness. We also run through this season and look back at how these shows all could have been so much worse. Big Announcement Time! Next season we will be covering Stephen King and all things related to his work. Also, of course, #blindstuff. In the meantime catch our intermission Harry Potter episodes and a bonus HBO episode coming soon. As always, share...


Episode #39: Scent of a Woman

We finally did it! Scent of a Woman Time! After many requests it's here. Content warning as this film and our episode deal with self harm and suicide. Who the hell knew that Pacino won an Oscar for this? Al Pacino has always looked 100 years old. It's packed full of pretty good confidence advocacy and weird old man aggression. We probably missed some of the good bits, make sure to email and tell us about them. As always, share us with a friend so we can spread more...


Episode #38: British Grey's Anatomy

Spicy episode for you all this week as we watched an episode of Call the Midwife. It was all about that thing where folks assume the abilities of people with disabilities. I mean what the hell, her own sister tried to get her baby taken away cause she was blind. Gross. Also we are in the middle of the audio description awareness challenge. Use the hashtag #TADAchallange, go watch something with audio description and use that tag! Also challenge others that haven't used audio...


Episode #37: Curb Your Ableism

It's Curb time again this week except this time with added artificial blind flavor. We watched a few episodes of Curb Your Enthusiasm that featured a blind character. As with most things and us our feelings were mixed.... Some really funny stuff mixed with poor assumptions about what blind folks are capable of. Also don't forget about our interview on the audio description narrators of America podcast! Get in touch with your inner Larry this week and awkwardly tell someone about our...


Episode #36: The HBO Max Episode

Well it finally happened, we did a whole ass episode on HBO max. Why you ask? Well it's because they got their dicks sued off and were literally forced to give a shit about blind folks. They did a ton of really great things but also completely missed the mark on a few. We had a ton of fun recording this episode but Jordan is being a typical whiny blind guy for a good portion. Go watch some audio described content after you listen to our interview on the Audio Description Narrators of America...


Episode #35: Men in TIGHT tights

We are all over the place this week! It's a party because the ladies over at HBO actually pulled through with the audio description being added to their service. This excitement carried through the episode, not that it takes much for Jordan to yell into the microphone. We also watched and talked about a movie, Mel Brooks' Robin Hood: Men in Tights. It has a ye olde blinde person in it and a ton of other inappropriate stuff. Predictably we talk about IKEA but it's actually accessibility...


Episode #34: My Blind Brother

Well this episode got a bit more serious than either of us expected, even though the movie was really great. Some great actors from Parks an and Recreation fame are in our movie this week called My Blind Brother. We explore several of the common blind struggles and tropes in this one. Asking for help is difficult, not knowing the motives of folks around you, dealing with people you love saying things that are just weird, all covered in this one. Also HBO better get its shit together or we...


Episode #33: The Puppy One

Alright y'all it's a bit of an anniversary episode this week as guide dog Frisco came into Jordan's life three years ago this month. For this episode, we watched the film Pick of the Litter. The movie covers a litter of pups moving through their process of becoming guide dogs at Guide Dogs for the Blind. We had a ton of fun watching and recording this episode. As usual lately we also mention the looming deadline for HBO Max to add audio description to its service. Guess we will see what...


Episode #32: Imagine

A bit of a weird one this week with a film that most of you probably can't watch. If we find a way for y'all to see it we will definitely share it. Join us at a blind school where we learn a little about sighted folks trying to tell blind folks how to live. You might guess this inspired some yelling from Jordan. We also touch on a guest spot we will be doing soon. And remind everyone to do that sharing thing. Y'all know the drill, Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Instagram...


Episode #31: Dumb and Dumber

I'll bet y'all forgot there was a blind kid in Dumb and Dumber. Well, leave it to us to remind you. While we were both quite familiar with this national treasure already, it was still a super fun episode. Which of us is more Harry and more Lloyd? Also could they have put even one attractive person in this movie? Jordan is not a fan of "90s" hot girls and Ashley is actually a golden retriever. Tune into this shorty but a goody. Credit given to this video for the interview clip...


Episode #30: The Cunning Linguist

It's ya bois, back at it week after week. We have a bit of a shorty for you this week BUT we have a guest in the studio for the first time ever. One of our avid listeners chats with us about In The Dark and her experience dating a blind guy in her younger days. We discuss several talents that blind folks seem to share and maybe some not so good traits they also have. Ashley and Raven did have to mic share, so be kind, we hope the audio quality is still as fire as it has ever been. Feel free...


Episode #29: In The Dark or Actually Just Blind

Well this has been a long time coming, it's time for In The Dark. Stop reading this and go watch the first episode of this show. We've heard so much about it and were absolutely surprised by it. Being rude as a blind person is cool again. We are finally moved in to our new home and trying to minimize the chaos, we hope to be in better social media contact soon! Enjoy!


Episode #28: Gotta Get That Blind Thing Going For Me

What up, it's ya Bois, the hot blind guy and the funny gal. We back as absolute super heroes. We are both using Jordan's improved hearing and sense of smell to go off on a 40 minute tangent at the beginning of this episode. Strip clubs! Hot insurrectionists! Eventually they talk about Daredevil, the show. The kids are voracious readers, check their Good Reads...


Episode #27: Audio Description Redux

Welcome back y'all. RIP Jordan, Ashley killed him for being an asshole. Lucky for you he's got multiple lives and here be his redemption arc. This is your semi regular update on audio description. We also introduce our new regular segment where Jordan asks Ashley what things and people look like. Let's be honest though it's just mostly Jordan asking if people and buildings are hot. We talk about feeling left out of pop culture stuff that isn't described and this awesome app called spectrum...