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Skooled is a podcast for young adults whose present existence is different than the future they envisioned for themselves in the past. Journalist, Nia Hamm, interviews experts about some of the major challenges today's young adults face in the hopes of helping listeners achieve their full potential.

Skooled is a podcast for young adults whose present existence is different than the future they envisioned for themselves in the past. Journalist, Nia Hamm, interviews experts about some of the major challenges today's young adults face in the hopes of helping listeners achieve their full potential.
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Skooled is a podcast for young adults whose present existence is different than the future they envisioned for themselves in the past. Journalist, Nia Hamm, interviews experts about some of the major challenges today's young adults face in the hopes of helping listeners achieve their full potential.






41: Not Your Grandmothers Cancer: Why Cancer Rates are Increasing Among Young Adults

The rates of certain forms of cancer are increasing among young adults. Recent studies show a correlation between cancer rates in young adults, particularly millennials, and obesity. But experts say there are other risk factors and reasons that explain this trend. Dr. Adrienne Phillips specializes in Hematology and Oncology. She is also an Assistant Professor at Weill Cornell Medicine/NewYork-Presbyterian. Dr. Phillips joins Skooled to explain why more young adults are being diagnosed with...


40: Breaking Through Burnout

If you feel as though you’re in the rat race and constantly running on a wheel without ever getting ahead, you’re not alone. A Gallup study found that about 7 out of 10 millennials experience some level of burnout on the job. A recent buzz-worthy article labeled millennials as the “burnout generation.” What’s behind the prevalence of burnout among young adults and how can it be fixed? Breakthrough Coach, Nandao Rodriguez joins Skooled to help answer those questions.


39: Vows: Commitment Through Self-Love

Commitment doesn’t have to be between two or more people. The same goes for vows. You can also commit to yourself. In fact, relationship coach, Dr. Michelle Hanna, teaches that in order to ensure healthy, long-lasting commitments to another person such as the vows people make during a wedding ceremony, we should also be making them to ourselves. Dr. Hannah joins Skooled to explain what she calls self-vows.


38: One On One With Celebrity Fitness Trainer Jerry Ford And His Choice Between Guns, Drugs or Wealth

For celebrity fitness trainer turned author Jerry Ford, as a child it seemed as if the only choices he had were guns, drugs or violence. As he got older, he realized those choices might leave him dead or in jail. So he chose to pursue his dream of becoming a celebrity fitness trainer and a wealthy entrepreneur. He shares his difficult but rewarding journey in his book GUNS, DRUGS OR WEALTH, which he joins Skooled to talk about.


37: Millennials, Marriage And Money: How To Prevent Money From Ruining Your Marriage

Young adults have low marriage rates compared to previous generations. Studies show economic security or the lack thereof may play a large role in millennials’ likelihood to marry. Even for millennial couples who do get married, finances can still be a taboo subject, which become problematic when couples begin to blend their finances. Known as America’s #1 Relationship Therapist, Kiaundra Jackson joins Skooled to offer advice for millennials couples who want to combine their finances in a...


36: Keeping it Real With Reality TV Star Melody Holt

The world knows Melody Holt as a reality TV star on the Oprah Winfrey Network’s unscripted series, ‘Love & Marriage: Huntsville,’ which centers around the lives of three African American power couples in Huntsville, AL. On the show, viewers are introduced to Melody as a successful millennial mom, wife, “serial entrepreneur,” socialite and friend who seems to have everything figured out. We soon learn that, like many of us, her life is complicated and at times can seem like a roller coaster...


35: Eggology: Freezing Your Eggs In Your 20's and 30's Part 2

The increasingly popular egg freezing phenomenon is redefining the meaning of family planning by giving more women the freedom to decide when to have children. However, many women don’t realize how many factors can help or hinder your chances of conception that must be considered along with assisted reproductive technology such as eggfreezing. This is especially true when considering that a woman in her 20s has a 20% chance of getting pregnant, which decreases with time. Fertility expert...


34: Eggology: Freezing Your Eggs In Your 20's and 30's Part 1

With more young women choosing to prioritize their careers before having a family, many more women are also choosing to freeze their eggs as the likelihood of conception decreases with age. But experts say far too many women, including millennials, remain in the dark about the process and often wait longer than they should to do so. Millennial fertility expert Valerie Landis is the founder of Eggsperience and the podcast host of Eggology Club. She joins Skooled to share key facts about...


33: Beta Testing Love and Marriage

Turns out the way millennials approach the idea of "forever" when it comes to love and marriage is a lot like how a researcher may approach a new type of computer software. Studies show millennialis more open to beta testing their marriages and relationships than others generations. What impact does this have on outcomes in their love lives? Husband and wife co-hosts Jason and Nia Clark explore this and more on this episode of Skooled.


32: Life Interrupted: When Illness Strikes in Your 20's and 30's

Increasingly, diseases we commonly associate with people in their 60s and 70s are hitting generations decades earlier. We're hearing about more people in their 20's and 30's with life altering, debilitating diseases and disorders. Early detection and lifestyle factors are part of the reason. However, sometimes it's merely about the hand you're dealt in the genetic poker game of life. Tia M. Ivy knows first hand what this experience is like. She joins Skooled to talk about being diagnosed...


31: Branding: Beyond Selfies

Branding: Beyond Selfies Description: Brand Marketing can make or break your business. Even if you don’t have a business, if you’re employed, chances are you have a professional profile, in which case you are your brand. How you choose to market your business or yourself has a lot to do with your success. Millennial entrepreneur and branding expert, Trevy Caldwell is the founder of MyStory MyBrand. She joins Skooled with some must have tips on branding for beginners.


30: Mindset Manifestation Part II: Clear Goals and Limiting Beliefs

In Part II of the Mindset Manifestation series, Dr. Petrina talks about creating a growth mindset, which in part entails being clear and intentional about your goals and identifying your upper limits or the limiting beliefs that are holding you back from achieving your goals.


29: Mindset Manifestation Part I: Ask, Believe, Receive

Success or failure. Win or lose. These things are often determined by our mindset. If something is holding you back from achieving your dreams and goals, chances are it has everything to do with your mindset. Dr. Petrina Naylor, PhD, is a mindset coach and the founder of A Queen With Dreams. She teaches clients how to have a mindset that helps them manifest their dreams. She joins Skooled to teach us the keys to elevating our mindset so we can manifest everything we hope for and aspire to...


28: Love Thy Self

We are our own worst critics! We can be meaner to ourselves than the meanest person we know. We can punish ourselves without even knowing it. Self love can change this. Self-acceptance is one of the first steps. Jaclyn Amys is a therapist who sees a therapist herself and hosts The Anxious Therapist Podcast. She joins Skooled to show us how we can can learn to accept ourselves while becoming the person we want to be.


27: The Most Anxious Generation

Millennials have been dubbed the “Most Anxious Generation.” Stress and anxiety so common that many of us just expect it in our daily lives as much as we expect sunrise or rain. These days there are so many environmental factors that exacerbate the problem, including our busy schedules, social media and even our sleep habits. The good news is stress and anxiety don’t have to control your life. Therapist, Derrick Collins helps run the Stress and Anxiety Center in Florida with his father and...


26: The Money Moves Plan

Making Money Moves is a very millennial thing to say. CPA & Financial Education Expert Mara Liz Meinhofer is taking it a step further with her Money Moves Plan that can help anyone reach their financial goals, even if they only have $1. She joins Skooled to share these tips and her own personal financial journey, which includes the lows of being broke and in debt as well as the highs of overseeing accumulated budgets of $1 billion and serving as the former Deputy Secretary of Puerto Rico's...


25: Living your best life in debt

Description: Debt. Millions of millennials and young adults are saddled with it. Many have not figured out how to manage it well or pay it off. Meet Jason Butler: millennial, blogger and founder at For several years Jason has been chronicling his struggles and successes with paying off tens of thousands of dollars of debt while living his best life, pursuing his goals and having fun. He joins Skooled to share his secretes and advice for other millennials struggling to...


24: Credit is Currency

Good luck doing pretty much anything without having a good credit score. The good news is, if you're not on the best of terms with Experian, Equifax and TransUnion, it's not to late to start fresh. Financial advisor Faith McLemore of Credit Currency is joining Skooled to give millennials, xennials and GenZ-ers 5 tips they can use to start the new year on the path to having good credit.


23: What They Don't Tell You About Weddings

Cohosts and newlyweds, Jason Clark and Nia Clark are back together on another episode of Skooled to talk about their recent nuptials, and some of the important lessons millennials are rarely told about the ups and downs of planning a wedding and making it to the alter.


22: From Reality TV to Real Love

We know her as Dr. Lexy on the OWN reality TV show, "Ready To Love." Dr. Alexis Branch joins journalist, Nia Hamm, on Skooled podcast to talk about her highs and lows on the show, what she learned while on the show and how she stepped out on faith and found true love.