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Rebranded from So-Called Oreos, Sufficiently Black is a show that explores what it means to be comfortable in your Blackness despite living in a world obsessed with stereotypes. Hosts Kia, Amari, and Janae deep-dive into Black womanhood, identity and culture through a critical lens as they navigate their way through adulthood.


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Rebranded from So-Called Oreos, Sufficiently Black is a show that explores what it means to be comfortable in your Blackness despite living in a world obsessed with stereotypes. Hosts Kia, Amari, and Janae deep-dive into Black womanhood, identity and culture through a critical lens as they navigate their way through adulthood.






[Playback] ”So How Do You Celebrate Holidays With Black Families?”

We're taking a look back at an episode during the So-Called Oreos day for the holiday season! The hosts start off on a little bit of a funny tangent (sorry!) about a white student not knowing he applied to an HBCU and some funny Jonas Brothers interactions. The conversation revolves around how Black people celebrate the holidays and how it may different from our white counterparts. Rachel and Amari explain how they celebrate in a Caribbean household and the four debate if potato salad is...


”Why Your Profession Shouldn’t Be Your Personality” feat. Khaaliq Crowder

Sufficiently Black is starting off with a conversation about fighting trolls on the podcast's socials, debating if you should date a bartender and an update on Kia and Janae's night out. For the main topic of discussion (starts at 16:10) Sufficiently Black is joined by Khaaliq "Leeky" Crowder to talk about why we fall into the trap of our job being our identity and how to fix that mentality. Khaaliq opens up about his career past and journey that led him to become a social media producer for...


”Why Do We Expect Black Women To Mother?”

It's getting cold so it only makes sense for Sufficiently Black to start off expressing their true feelings about the cold weather and holidays and how they plan to get through this winter. It's also the last season of Insecure and Kia, Janae and Amari reveal their strong opinions on the situation between Lawrence and Condola before the main topic of discussion (which starts at 30:30). The three hosts explore why society expects Black women to take on the "mother" role. This can be in...


”Dating Tips from a Professional Matchmaker” feat. Jasmine Diaz

Sufficiently Black is joined by Celebrity Black Matchmaker & Dating Strategist, Jasmine Diaz! (Interview starts at 18:10). Diaz tells her fascinating story of starting a matchmaking business during a recession and answers all the questions you have for a matchmaker. Jasmine tells us what she looks for in terms of compatibility, the trouble she runs into for finding matches for clients and client horror stories! She explains why Black women are having a hard time finding a Black male...


”Does A Ride Or Die Really Exist?”

We've all heard of the "ride or die" trope but is finding a ride or die partner actually obtainable? Before Kia, Amari and Janae get into the main topic(starts at 24:50), they discuss their trauma of white people loving Black-dominated sports and their issues with one of their favorites... Adele. The hosts explain the difference of the "ride or die" meaning from women vs. men, Janae seeing the "ride or die" mentality in her parents' relationship and their personal experiences acting as ride...


”Why Is There A Divide Within The African Diaspora?” feat. Dr. Amy Yeboah Quarkume

Have you noticed that there always seems to be a disconnect between African Americans and other people in the Diaspora? Why does it feel like being labeled "African American" is a bad thing? Sufficiently Black explores these questions with "daughter of Africa," Howard University Professor Dr. Amy Yeboah Quarkume. Dr. A explains the importance of language to limit the divide, whether people in the Diaspora are capable of cultural appropriation and the issues with Marvel's Black...


”What Does It Mean to Be Black?”

We are officially back!! In the first episode since the rebrand, Kia, Amari and Janae give updates on their lives since the start of summer and explain how they have readapted to living in white spaces because of covid. The hosts discuss all the factors that make someone Black, why struggling does not have to be part of the Black experience and why it's hard for us to be gatekeepers of our culture. Lovehoney: Join us on Discord!: Email:...


[Playback] ”So You Want To Get Into Astrology” feat. Mecca Woods

Oreo gang we promise this is the final playback episode before the official rebrand to Sufficiently Black on September 21st! Until then, we are visiting one of our favorite episode where we sat down with Mecca Woods, a professionally trained astrologer, author, host and podcaster to talk all things astrology! Mecca gives us all the details on the traits of the four elements of the zodiac signs, how we attract people who hold the qualities we lack, opposite signs and why we pay attention to...


Introducing Sufficiently Black

Oreo gang.....We're excited to announce the launch of Sufficiently Black premiering on September 21st! Rebranded from So-Called Oreos, Sufficiently Black is a show that explores what it means to be comfortable in your Blackness despite living in a world obsessed with stereotypes. Hosts Kia, Amari, and Janae will deep-dive into Black womanhood, identity and culture through a critical lens as they navigate their way through adulthood. Join us every other Tuesday for funny and intellectual...


[Playback] ”So You Have Some Amazing Black Female Friends”

Oreo gang we are still prepping for this rebrand but don't worry we are coming back stronger than ever! Amari decided to grace us with a lovely poem before we take a look at an episode all about love and friendship! The Oreos discuss the importance and significance of the Black female friendships they have in their lives and Amari open ups about her friends reaching out when she decided not to be as social. Janae reveals her epiphany on what really matters to her in the world and Kia...


[Playback] ”So Let‘s Talk About Colorism”

It is the last episode before the rebrand! We are taking a look back at one of our most played episodes and a highly requested topic... Colorism. The Oreos deep dive into the definition and history of colorism and discuss how colorism is ingrained in our society with a particular focus in media. The hosts discuss how dark skinned characters are portrayed in some of our favorite content as children until now. Each host gives their personal experience with colorism and the negative effects...


[Playback] ”So What‘s Your Experience With Interracial Dating?”

In prepping for our rebrand we are taking a look back to our episode on interracial dating. Amari opens up with some personal news and updates since 2019 before the Oreos discuss their different experiences with dating other races. The conversation takes an emotional turn when a popular OK Cupid survey comes up that sparks the discussion of how Black men and women treat other when it comes to dating. Relief Factor: Join us on Discord!: Merch:...


[Playback] ”So You‘re Just Pretty For a Black Girl”

The So-Called Oreos are prepping for their highly anticipated rebrand and they are revisiting early episodes that really embody the "Oreo" experience. We take a look at the so-called compliment, "you're pretty for a black girl" and discuss the different impact of compliments based on skin color. EarlyBird: Join us on Discord!: So-Called Oreos Club: Merch:...


[Playback] ”So You‘ve Been Told You Talk So White”

It's time to take it back! We're revisiting one of our first episodes while we prep for our rebrand! In this episode, the Oreos discuss the topic of "talking white" and the negative implications it has on our culture and society. Omio: Join us on Discord!: So-Called Oreos Club: Merch: Email: Twitter:...


”So Let‘s Look at the History of Black Food in America” feat. The Melanin Martha

It is the last episode before So-Called Oreos takes a hiatus for the summer before our well anticipated rebrand! (Don't worry we will still have episodes for you to listen to during the break.) Before the main topic of discussion, the hosts discuss some problematic celebrities and the real definition of "cancel culture." In honor of Juneteenth, the Oreos give some background on the holiday and discuss how they celebrated (or didn't celebrate) growing up. The Melanin Martha aka Jordan Wimby...


”So You Have Questions for Us”

The Oreo gang start the episode off by giving an update about the podcast and the issues they have with current "Black" shows on air. The conversation is a lighter one as the Oreos decide to clear out their mailbox with the questions you have! Kia, Janae and Amari address how to hold yourself accountable, managing comparison during adulthood, gaining confidence after taking majors Ls and of course ending it on the recent dating app horror stories. Brüush: (Code:...


”So You‘re Dealing With Body Changes”

It's the 50th episode and two year anniversary so cue the airhorn! Before the main event the hosts discuss their recent endeavors on dating apps and what has (or has not changed) one year after the death of George Floyd. (Main convo starts at 30:00) The hosts explain the recent body changes they have noticed in their mid 20s and how they are coping with it. They also discuss the relationship between their bodies with sports in high school and how having a certain body type made them feel...


”So You‘re Black and Love a White-Dominated Sport” feat. Tari Kandemiri

It's a single Oreo episode with Amari interviewing her co-host of ESPN's Sound On with Tari & Amari, Tari Kandemiri. Tari is the creator of the popular social account, Official Lax Girl, the founder of skincare company Hama Beauty Inc, and on the Board of Directors of The Tewaaraton Foundation. Tari gives us the details on how she fell in love with lacrosse after moving to The States from Zimbabwe and growing her anonymous twitter account @officiallaxgirl to over 18k to express her love for...


”So You‘re at Odds With Religion in the Black Community”

The Oreos sit down to discuss all things religion and spirituality as they grapple with not fully believing in things that are common in the Black community. After giving a history lesson and stats on the current relationship between Black people and religion, the hosts discuss their religious upbringing, the importance of church in Black culture and why they have issues with the church and organized religion. The three touch on the recent backlash that Lil Nas X received as well as how your...


”So...Can Minorities Be Racist?” feat. Jasmine Price

The Oreos answer the very important and complicated question, can minorities be racist? It's something we've seen discussed and wanted to do a deep dive to settle the answer once and for all. Kia and Janae are joined by Jasmine Price, an educator, professor, and most importantly, Janae's older sister. Janae explains the difference between prejudice, discrimination and racism before Jasmine gives a lesson on the circle of oppression, circle of equality and forms of injustice so we can truly...