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Conversations with people about their passion and their involvement with the community. Helping to rebuild the fabric of society one conversation at the time. Please Subscribe and Share.

Conversations with people about their passion and their involvement with the community. Helping to rebuild the fabric of society one conversation at the time. Please Subscribe and Share.
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Conversations with people about their passion and their involvement with the community. Helping to rebuild the fabric of society one conversation at the time. Please Subscribe and Share.






Episode 39 - Kate Gunn - Author/Writer

Kate Gunn grew up in Greystones, Co. Wicklow, Ireland. She has been involved with parenting publications for a number of years and she is currently working with one of Ireland’s largest websites. She became a blogger out of the desire to share her story for “sanity’s sake”. The separation from her husband, a few years ago, has lead Kate on a quest to write the book that she would have loved to have while going through the marriage breakdown. Her book “Untying the knot” is published in...


Episode 38 - Petra Fulham - Nutritionist

Petra was born in Brunei from Dutch parents and her travels saw her growing up in Scotland until finally settling in Ireland where she is married and mother to four children. Her passion for food, cooking and anything related to nutrition, have lead her to start her own business of consulting with clients to improve their health via a better appreciation and better relationship with food. You can find out more about Petra on Instagram @earthcookeat...


A thank you note for 2018

SOCIAL FABRIC 2018 – A Thank You Note When I started this journey, I had an idea for a project that would help young adult to rediscover the art of conversation. Growing up in Italy, we sat at the table everyday as a family And in Italy the family includes uncles, aunties, grannies, granddads, neighbours and anyone that happen to be passing by when the dinner was served. At the time it didn’t really seem to be that important, but as I spent 50 on this earth, I realised that the...


Episode 37 - Tony Duffin - CEO AnaLiffey

Tony Duffin took on a volunteering job in a shelter in London at the age of 21 while out of work not knowing that it was going to shape his working life for years to come. Tony has been working with people that use drugs for the past 25 years and is now the CEO of the ANA LIFFEY Drug Project, that has been pioneering harm reduction in Dublin, Ireland for a number of years. Tony likes to “work with people that many would find difficult to work with” and he is passionate about campaigning for...


Episode 36 - Sinead Kane - Athlete/Solicitor

Sinead Kane is visually impared but it has not stopped her from achieving incredible feats both in the work place and on the running fields. She is the current Guinness Book of Records holder for distance traveled on a tread mill in 12 hours. She is also the first visually impaired to have completed 7 marathons in 7 days and 7 continents and the list goes on. Sinead is also a motivational speaker and has combined her successes on the field with her Law Degrees to become a vocal advocate for...


Episode 35 - Fr Tony Coote - Priest/Fundraiser

Fr Tony Coote was diagnosed with Motor Neuron Disease in March 2018. I had the privilege to meet with Tony in November 2018 and unfortunately his voice has already been badly affected by this unforgiving disease. Tony’s outlook in life and his faith have given him an incredible strength and a fantastic humour that are both infectious and inspiring. Tony’s “choose to live instead of existing” and is making it its own personal quest to create awareness as well as raising funds for the much...


Episode 34 - Paula McLoughlin - CEO A Lust For Life

Paula McLoughlin is the acting CEO of A Lust For Life, an Irish charity organisation with a vision for a “world where the wellbeing of humanity is the headliner on the main stage, and everything else is a support act.” Paula has worked in the management consulting business for a number of years and has lived in London for nearly two decades before coming back to her hometown, Dublin. She is passionate about Mental Health and the journey that A Lust For Life has taken her on. Along with Ciara...


Episode 33 - Charlie Wright - Founder of Hopeful Traders

Charlie Wright is a Social Entrepreneur, founder of HopefulTraders. Hopeful Traders are changing the face of creativity and social impact through sustainable fashion and collaboration. Hopeful Traders work on a number of initiatives that are all inclusive and allow art to become a vehicle for change. Charlie has struggled with his own mental health issues but success stories and future plans are driving him to ensure the success of Hopeful Traders in years to come. He is currently Crowd...


Episode 32 - Ciara Kelly - Broadcaster/Columnist

Ciara Kelly qualified as a GP and practiced medicine for nearly two decades. She has also been writing a column for the Irish Independent for the past 10 years and after been a regular contributor on a number of national and regional radio stations, since 2017 she has had her own prime time current affair radio show. With television and writing projects in the pipeline, Ciara’s journey of discovery and appetite for new challenges, is only beginning. You can find out more about Ciara Kelly...


Episode 31 - Colm Nicell - Film Director/Producer

Colm’s love for cinematography started as a young man in Blanchardstown, Co. Dublin, Ireland. After a couple of different college options he found his way into the world of cinematography, working as a runner, researcher, floor assistant and technical operator. Colm is a co-founder of SnackBox Films, a production company based in Dubln, Ireland. He directed their latest movie, Under the Clock, a great documentary that follows the lives of people that met under the iconic Clery’s Department...


Episode 30 - Colm Mac Con Iomaire - Musician

Somewhere in the middle of all this madness there is music and Colm Mac Con Iomaire. Nuala O’Connor Colm Mac Con Iomaire was a founding member of Irish trad band Kíla and has been a member of legendary band The Frames with Glen Hansard from the beginning. Colm has released two solo albums, And Now the Weather and The Hare’s corner, as well as scoring music for theater and movies, including Vivienne De Courcy’s Dare To Be Wild Brought up in a Irish speaking family in suburbian Dublin where...


Episode 29 - Niall O'Murchu - WimHof Method Instructor

Niall played basketball for Ireland from his teenage years until he abruptly decided to stop and take up martial arts. The journey took him to London to train with Shaolin monks and learn the ancient art of breathing and meditation. When he came across the Wim Hof method, he realised that that was going to be his path and he became an instructor. Niall is a softly spoken gentleman that loves nature and herbal remedies. You can find more about him on or on instagram...


Episode 28 - John O'Regan - Athlete/Instructor

John O’Regan is an accomplished ultra runner and adventurer. Some of his achievements include 24 hours running events, Marathon Des Sables, North Pole and Seven Marathons in Seven Continents. John’s broke many records in the past 20 years or so of running adventures. But John is also very committed to ensure that his knowledge of the sport can be of help to others: be it coaching in his local club, contributing to mental health programs, advising Athletics Ireland or guiding and coachins...


Episode 27 - Tara Flynn - Actress/Writer

Tara Flynn is an Irish actress and writer. Her body of work on TV , Radio and Theatre includes; Line of Duty, Moone Boy, Doctors, Hide & Seek and many more. As part of a campaign in Ireland to repeal the 8th amendment, (paving the way for the legalisation of abortion in some circumstances) she wrote and performed a play “Not A Funny Word” that details her own experience of abortion and having to travel outside of Ireland for it. She was a founder-member of comedy singing trio The Nualas and...


Episode 26 - Ruth Fitzmaurice - Author/Writer

Her first book “I found my tribe” became an instant bestseller and won Ruth the Newcomer of the Year at the Irish Book Awards in 2017 Ruth’s late husband, filmaker Simon Fitzmaurice, was diagnosed with Motor Neuron Disease in 2008 and her book started as a series of notes written in her journal “talking to herself”. She is currently working on the final draft of the movie script, the release date yet to be announced. The importance of sea swimming, writing as an escapism, bringing up five...


Episode 25 - Daniel Hannigan - Chef/Fundraiser

Daniel Hannigan is a young man with a passion for cooking and more importantly on a mission to ensure that people are opening up about depression, self-harm and suicide. He has created pop-up five-star catering events around Dublin, Ireland, where guests are treated to a fine dining meal while enjoying a conversation, as well as listening to some of the people touched by the the above issues. Daniel’s has been working closely with the 3Ts ( and he has a lot more ideas about how he...


Episode 24 - Stephen Flynn - Social Entrepreneur/Happy Pear

Stephen Flynn is one half of the The Happy Pear. He and his identical twin David created a movement for social change that centered around well being – plant based diet, happy heart courses, exercise and sea swimming at sun rise. In this conversation Stephen tells us of the challenges of fatherhood, travelling, schooling and how things are changing for the millennial’s generation. He has also co-authored three best selling cook books as well as appearing on a variety of Irish and...


Episode 23 - Barry Cronin - Photographer

Barry Cronin is an award winning photographer from Navan, Co. Meath, Ireland. Over the years his photos have appeared in a newspapers and magazines all over the world and his archive is currently around 30,000 images But the road to his current profession has been far from easyand he discusses it candidly along with some great insights in the world of photograpjy.. you can find out more about Barry and his work or on Twitter @sidelighter...


Episode 22 - Sarah Bowie - Illustrator/Artist

Sarah is a Visual Analyst for a design thinking company by day and a visual story author/illustrator by evenings and weekends. Sarah has published a few children’s books, her latest one “We’re going to the zoo!” is out with The O’Brien Press and co-found The Comics Lab and organised the first Irish-French Comics Sarah’s chronicles her bus commute to work with daily sketches (see below) that are a beautiful snapshot of Dublin life. Ordinary is what Sarah loves and her sketches reflect that...


Episode 21 - Jess Kelly - Broadcaster/Tech Correspondent

Jess Kelly is Technology Correspondent with Newstalk 106FM, Ireland leading talk radio. She is also the producer and presenter of her own shop, TechTalk. Jess’ enthusiasm is infectious and that goes beyond technology and her self labelled “nerdiness”. Her attitude to life and work has seen her raising from making coffee in the radio station’s canteen for free to her own show in a relatively short space of time and her views on social media and technology in general are refreshing and...