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Episode 7: George and The Old Republic

Maybe I’ve just never really understood games. George gets it, though. Like really gets it. It’s a little unfair – he designs them for a company that makes big ones. But he still can’t get his rotation right. “When you go there… it’s immediately a different world.”–George Smith That’s kind of the point, George. Show […]


Episode 6: Taylor and Her Food Truck Bike

There comes a time in every young person’s life where you wake up and decide: I should got to Denmark and build a bike. And then you do. And it’s pretty amazing. “I just wanna like live my life on a bike and just like, you know, just, go with the flow and cycle through…”–Taylor […]


Episode 5: Storytime With MJ

Matt and I haven’t talked in 13 years. A lot changes in that amount of time. But we’re both still listening to Jimmy Eat World. Sometimes you risk your life to save your man card. Sometimes you have to shit on someone’s lawn. But hey, at least we’ve got that asthma thing figured out. “The […]


Episode 4: Elon, Babies, and Dead Queens

Going into this conversation, I had no idea what to expect. I knew talking with Elon could really only go one of two ways: either we’d have a nice, polite, intelligent conversation, or it would diverge into the raunchiest discussion I’ve had yet. It was both. I learned about bees. Apparently, Corvettes are evil. Or at […]


Episode 3: Jeremy and the Individual Collective

Jeremy and I get heavy into the things that make humans tick. How does our culture affect our thinking? Why is being vague bad? Who amongst us is truly evil? In Keeping with the traditions of this show, we came to exactly zero conclusions to offer. “Hell Yea!” –Jeremy Fain Internet, you need to step […]


Episode 2: Michael and the Philosophy of All Things

Michael brought to the table some deep philosophical discussion. I brought Montucky Cold Snacks. I’d say we’re even. In this episode, listen as we attempt to solve the world’s political stage and become ever so confused as an old boat becomes a new one. I think I even attempt to speak French at one point. […]


Episode 1: Alan, Jury Duty, and Being a Professional

In this weeks episode, Alan and I get serious about everything from Jury Duty to Religion and the advancement of technology. Our drink of choice for the night: The One They Call Zoe – and oh, how she put us down. “Ever since the time of the Magna Carta… I am YOU.” –Alan Hines Enjoy […]