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We're heavy on sports chatter but will definitely be branching out into movies, music, pop culture and almost anything else. There will be close to zero talk on religion or politics, but pretty much anything goes.

We're heavy on sports chatter but will definitely be branching out into movies, music, pop culture and almost anything else. There will be close to zero talk on religion or politics, but pretty much anything goes.
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We're heavy on sports chatter but will definitely be branching out into movies, music, pop culture and almost anything else. There will be close to zero talk on religion or politics, but pretty much anything goes.








Episode 26 - Mark Spector - Sportsnet, Author

This week Mark Spector of Rogers Sportsnet joined me in Podcast Alley to discuss the movement in hockey regarding abusive coaches, the Oilers hot run and his new book about Hockey Canada and the World Junior Championship. It was a really fun conversation.


Episode 25 - Jason Strudwick - Former NHL player turned broadcaster

Jason Strudwick was a tough customer when he played his 674 games in the NHL with 100 fights on his resume. He also has an infectious personality and is one of the best storytellers. I enjoyed working with him and this conversation was a lot of fun.


Jason Strudwick helping to share the wealth when a teammate hits a bonus

Jason Strudwick tells a funny story about a former Oilers teammate hitting a big bonus and how Studdy helped him share the wealth, despite the players disappointment, it's a culture thing. Full episode Tuesday.


Jason Strudwick on trash talking

Jason Strudwick played 674 games in the NHL and over that time heard a lot of trash talkers. What was it like and you might be surprised at who he says was one of the best.


Jason's Strudwick's last job before becoming a pro hockey player

Jason Strudwick will be my guest this week, here's a quick clip about his last job before he became a pro hockey player. Full episode out Tuesday.


Episode 24 - Brock McGillis, LGBT Activist

Brock McGillis the first pro hockey player to come out as gay joined me for an important conversation about the language used in hockey dressing rooms when he was growing up, knowing he was gay but keeping it to himself. We discussed whether or not there needs to be a star pro player who comes out as gay and what that might be like pressure wise.


Episode 23 - Rod Pedersen - The Rod Pedersen Show

Rod Pedersen has been on the airwaves in Saskatchewan since 1988 and spent 20 years as the voice of the Riders. He's now onto a new venture in a changing media landscape. He previewed the CFL playoffs, talked some NHL and discussed his journey to sobriety. It's a really open and interesting conversation about where he is now in his life.


Episode 22 - Halloween Horror Special with Kevin Martin - The Lobby DVD Shop

It's time to celebrate horror movies with this special Thursday Halloween Night edition. Kevin Martin of the Lobby DVD Shop joined me to talk the good, the bad and the ugly when it comes to horror, and he has some amazing behind the movie facts about some big time movies. As usual you can win an gift card from Acme Meat Market just for paying attention!!! Happy Halloween. Enjoy! Subscribe! Review!


Episode 21 - Dave Jamieson - TSN 1260

My good friend Dave Jamieson stopped by The Marsh at Podcast Alley for a conversation about sports, life and media. Dave grew up in Vancouver so he has a unique view of the 80's Oilers. He also was the communications guru for the Eskimos for 14 years and dealt with all kinds of people, including a guy nicknamed 'The Urinator' It was a fun conversation and as always you can win a GC from Acme Meat Market!!


Episode 20 - Chris Dingman - 2x Stanley Cup Champion

Chris Dingman was a Brandon Wheat King fan favourite (though not mine as you'll find out) and first round pick of the Calgary Flames, he won 2 Stanley Cups, fought a lot of heavyweights and played with some serious HOF dudes. He is also a terrific story teller and gave us a peak into what his NHL career was like. Just a word of warning there is some swearing that takes place in this episode.


Episode 19 - Ryan Rishaug - TSN

Ryan Rishaug is one of the most recognized reporters in Canada, and he was also the subject of some stories by Darren Dreger on a recent episode, so he wants to set the record straight on a few things. We talked practical jokes the road, is Bob McKenzie off limits? And the prank that backfired. We also chatted about the difficulties he faced covering the Humboldt Broncos bus crash and the help he sought out to deal with that.


Episode 18 - Jouni Nieminen - Finnish Freelance Writer, Survivor

Who is the greatest Finnish hockey player of all time? Just one of the questions I had for my friend Jouni Nieminen, a freelance writer originally from Finland. I also wanted to chat with him about Jesse Puljujarvi's situation, but those questions took a back seat after Jouni had a serious health scare. An interview that was supposed to take place in August was pushed back and I'm just glad it took place at all.


Episode 17 - Corey Hirsch - Mental Health Advocate, former NHL goalie

Corey Hirsch played in the NHL and the Olympic games, he's now a Canucks radio analyst, but more importantly he's a mental health advocate. Along with talking about his career we discussed how his teammates reacted to his sickness. We also discussed how to approach mental health with your kids and what stopped him from committing suicide?


Episode 16 - Darren Dreger - TSN Insider

Darren Dreger is one of the most plugged in guys in NHL media and he's one of the nicest guys as well, but don't let your guard down around him as he's also a massive practical joker. He has a passion for backyard rinks as well and we discussed quite a bit in this episode.


Darren Dreger almost quit the biz

Did you know TSN's Darren Dreger almost quit the biz? Good thing he didn't he's now one of the most plugged in hockey insiders in the game. Full episode with Dreger on Tuesday.


Episode 15 - Wade Redden - former NHL player

Wade Redden spent 15 years in the NHL, 11 with the Senators and Ottawa made the playoffs ever year he suited up. He played with some exceptional players and we chatted about his life and career on this week's episode. What happened when he told Zedeno Chara off in the corner before they were teammates?


Episode 14 - Joaquin Gage - Former Oilers goalie, Jamie Thomas - Fantasy Fun Time

Joaquin Gage is a former Oilers goaltender and he dropped by the studio with some great insight into the current day Oilers and some funny stories from his playing days. We also talked Super Heros and Villains. Jamie Thomas and I discussed Andrew Luck retiring from a Fantasy angle and our Myron French Question of the Day was about the worst fan base in sports.


Episode 13 - Derek Van Diest - Edmonton Sun, Journal and

Derek Van Diest of the Edmonton Sun, Journal and has some interesting insights into the Oilers, their new management group and Jesse Puljujarvi. He joined me in The Marsh to discuss the NHL off season, as well as covering the Women's World Cup, finding a Grant Fuhr mask in Paris and athletes getting political.


Episode 12 - Rob Brown, Oilers Radio Network - former NHL Player

He's watched a lot of Oilers games as the in game analyst on the Oilers Radio Network and he also played the game with one of the best of all time in Mario Lemieux. We welcomed Rob Brown to The Marsh to discuss the upcoming Oilers season and his career.


Episode 11 - Jamie Thomas - Fantasy Football Preview

I dive into Fantasy Football with Jamie Thomas as we preview the season. We debate different types of leagues, who's over and underrated and primed for a comeback season. My Top 3 was who's not in the Pro Football HOF that should be, hello Amy Trask!!!! And we went casting with the Fishin' Musician in John Candy Characters.