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129 - The Price is Wrong

Kyle upgrades his droid phone. Alex takes a vacation. Michael's enjoying the summer vibes. Micro-dosing or Asana? One is making people more productive. We discuss our productivity hacks. Tool upgrades and new launches.


128 - Semantic Violation

Michael's running hard at life, Kyle's doing taxes (a bit late) and Alex enjoys the comedy. Redesigning the receipt for the modern era. Simple UX solutions to the FB privacy issues. Lyft adds pronouns to profiles; adapting your products to the changing world landscape. How to build modern stylesheets for type styles. Opinions abound!!


127 - Just a You Designer

Michael got a new phone, Kyle took a family vacation and SuAnne puts everyone to shame with her vacation plans. The debate rages around the value of UX to the business and how to talk like an executive.


126 - BLT: Bad Lovely and The Middle

SuAnne Hall is back! She fills up in on what she's been up to. Slack IPOs and Kyle loves them for it. Michael is rejuvenated from his vacation and surprise... he rode a scooter. Everyone has jury duty, however SuAnne went full UX when asked to serve on a jury. Kyle's so happy that Microsoft is cool again. Lastly, user testing makes all the difference.


125 - Two Fs One M One N

Alex explains the woes of having a common name on the internet. Michael's old car is falling apart but he's running away for a Dad weekend! Kyle wants to solo in the woods. We talk more Samsung hardware woes, TurboTax dark patterns, and we take the Adobe personality quiz.


124 - Dino Clean

Kyle got guilted into take your kid to work day. Michael gave his toddler haircut number 2. We discuss buying domains and how a guy became the onion man! Brainstorming our random domain businesses. Tesla released a full auto drive video, what does this mean for our future?


123 - Dribbble Issues

Alex is sitting in for more! Kyle helped run a call for proposals workshop, Michael and Alex talk public transit. Habit forming motivational posters can make a big difference. Alex schools us on the redesign of Helvetica for the digital age. The nitty gritty of UX terminology, what means what and how to set expectations. Best practices for writing error states.


122 - Not a Pregnant Woman

We're joined by Alex Hoffman; product designer, hand letter extraordinaire. Kyle is teaching the kids, Michael is adjusting to office life. John Meeda says design isn't that important, what do we say? Colorado launches a new "free" logo. Best practices of design systems from a pro. How do you pizza?


121 - Rainbow Skeleton

This week we explore the quantified self movement. We ask ourselves if self tracking in the name of life improvement is worthwhile, and we take a look at those who take it to the extreme. We consider pairing machine learning with quantified self to create useful insights. But first, Kyle chases down a food truck, Michael’s wife makes spam musubi, Kate Mills (still in the house!) plans a trip to Puerto Rico and Emily says goodbye to listeners for a couple of months while she launches a baby.


120 - School Me

This week we talk about the state of continuing tech & design education. Product Design Lead Kate Mills is in the house and she has a scooter! Kyle has been teaching real live students. Michael wont tell us what's up, but does share sage wisdom on crafting a UX career. A super pregnant Emily finds out that graphic storytelling is one memorable approach to teaching.


119 - Innie Outie Onboardie

Starting new jobs all the ins and outs of onboarding. Emily gets motherly with Kyle. Micheal is amazed by Tesla Mobile service. Emily chooses he unborn child's favorite animal. The team shares our "fun fact" answers for introductions to new groups.


118 - More Than a Feeling

Animations are more than a feeling. Some are heavy, some are light, many are supported and some delight. Emily got to use CSS keyframe animations this week. Meanwhile, Kyle started his new job. Michael accidentally knocked over someone’s popcorn kernels, triggering a complicated Rube Goldberg scenario. Google Assistant gets a physical button on Nokia and LG models and we wonder if we should be going in an opposite direction, towards total voice control... even though the combination of AI...


117 - Ethics Are External

Emily senses that the recording studio is haunted. Michael is getting accustomed to his new 40 hour per week job. Kyle was fun-employed all week, which included work. Microsoft employees protest using Halo Lens for military training, which raises questions that raise more questions about ethics in tech. YouTube bans comments on videos with children, a micro step on a long journey towards salvation. And finally, we each bottom line our lessons learned from these troublesome times.


116 - Counterpoint Kyle

It's COLD in Denver! Emily loves the clickbait articles. Micheal relives a walking meeting horror story for the Wall Street Journal. Our thoughts on why and how to use walking meetings yo your advantage. Do largest tech companies need a physical headquarters? We talk Amazon city selection and remote working. And Kyle teaches us about mob coding.


115 - Spurlock Blitz

It's Kyle's birthday!!! Emily is making the moneys and baking the baby. The guys have new gigs. Is it possible to cleanse your life of the big 5 tech companies? We ponder what it means for you lifestyle when opting out of tech. We end with the impact of big tech expanding headquarters on the local ecosystems.


114 - Pencils and Stencils

Michael and Kyle are already planning the 8th year of DVLP DNVR, August 2019. Emily is out of frosting. In this process focused episode, we preach on the power of low fidelity. We identify one big, giant, gaping pitfall in giving applicants design challenges - and Michael gives pro tips for approaching challenges from a problem solving perspective. We also examine one guy’s success in designing an onboarding process.


113 - Bathtime Pooptime

A pregnant Emily cries over the Hamilton storyline. A not pregnant Kyle tears up when he imagines that Nintendo is a person who gets old and passes away and has a funeral. Michael snowblowers for the entire neighborhood. In tech news, Apple users pay the cost of privacy for optimal user experience. Google bets for both sides by distributing PWAs in the Play store. Podcasting steps up to join media wars 2019.


112 - One Milkshake

Michael's still dry; sparkling water fun. Emily has her own case of FOMO. Kyle Dads at peak levels. Michael and Kyle bond over dad bods. The UX of DOB dropdowns as we issue a Cody's Design Challenge. Chick-fil-A gets physical with CX. Home Depot switches fully to self-checkout and Kyle builds a new desk. Emily builds her own burger, iPad style.


111 - RIP Argyle

Everyone presents! Emily spoke, Kyle spoke and Michael judges a design challenge. Our thoughts on the new Slack logo. We get cozy with some 2019 design trends. Lastly some portfolio tips from a Twitter user who looked at hundreds of portfolios in a few days.


110 - Fowl Motivations

Kyle makes his strong feelings known on a number of topics, including the use of job titles in our current tech culture. We all talk about highlights from not one of the most insightful yearly reviews, which results Kyle grieving hard over the declining popularity of Firefox in 2018. The Duolingo owl changes its attitude, which reminds Kyle of systemic problems in modern education. And finally we cover a design tools year end survey!