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A married couple... reconnecting.

A married couple... reconnecting.


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A married couple... reconnecting.




Episode 8 – The Truth Laid Bare

Warning: Mature Content in Today’s Episode In today’s episode, Parker & Rachel share a very raw, real time conversation about Parker’s infidelity and how far back it goes, admits to sexual addiction, and how the couple are having to start back at square one because of Parker’s inability to be honest when his infidelity was […]


Episode 7 - Seven Questions, Week Three

Parker & Rachel are back with a brand new episode of Starting Over Married! In today’s episode, the couple do their third week of Seven Questions, where they take seven questions from their journal that they’ve previously answered, share new answers and reveal their previous answers to show what may have changed over that time […]


Episode 6 - Reflections

Parker & Rachel are back with a brand new episode of Starting Over Married. In today’s episode, the couple dive into their previous episode, The Elephant in the Room, and share more details around what led them to have to start their marriage over. In addition, they share details on Rachel’s recent trip to Denver […]


Episode 5 – The Elephant in the Room!

Parker & Rachel are back with a brand new episode! To start off the episode, the duo discuss the elephant in the room and share what caused them to start the podcast and the difficulties in their marriage that led to where they are today. After that, they discuss their recent trip to Denver, the […]


Episode 4 – Seven Questions, Week Two

In today’s episode, Parker & Rachel start off talking about their weeks and the upcoming weekend. Then they go through another week of questions they’ve previously answered and give their updated answers while reviewing the answers they wrote six weeks ago. Please subscribe/rate the podcast on your favorite provider and follow us on Twitter @StartingMarried.


Episode 3 - Oscars & Counseling

In Episode 3, Parker & Rachel open up the episode talking about the Oscars. Learn their thoughts about the winners and the show itself, what some of their favorite moments were, and what they were most surprised. In the second half of the episode, the married couple discuss the impact of counseling on their relationship, […]


Episode 2 - The Seven Questions Game

In Episode 2, we spend most of the episode playing a game where we ask seven questions to one another. We dive into the background of this game and how it will continue to pop back up in future episodes we record. In addition, we talk about Game of Thrones for a moment, and our […]


Episode 1 – Where It Began

Welcome! This is a journey of my wife, Rachel, and myself, Parker. To say we are happy is an understatement. We are in love. We spend as much time with each other as we possibly can. Even with that though, we have drifted apart and we recognize it. We have made mistakes (okay, I have […]