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A sometimes nostalgic, sometimes cynical look back at pop culture. Join us as we revisit movies, cartoons, and live-action TV of the 80s and 90s, and ask the question, ”Does this hold up? Or did I just ruin my childhood?”


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A sometimes nostalgic, sometimes cynical look back at pop culture. Join us as we revisit movies, cartoons, and live-action TV of the 80s and 90s, and ask the question, ”Does this hold up? Or did I just ruin my childhood?”




Dungeons and Dragons...and Astronaut Ice Cream

Hello Everyone, We're trying to come back from obscurity with this "lost episode" of the 1980s cartoon version of Dungeons and Dragons. We talk about the history of the game, the show, and get into our full recap of two of the episodes of this short-run series. We also feature the museum favorite, freeze-dried astronaut ice cream for our non-sponsored snack review. Did we love the show? Was it cancelled too soon? Listen to find out? You can find us on our new website: You can find the entire D&D cartoon series on YouTube here:


The Incredible Hulk...And Air Heads

Starring Lou Ferigno and Bill Bixby, The Incredible Hulk aired from 1977-1982! Listen in as we discuss the history of the comic book character and the behind-the-scenes details of this classic adaptation. We watch two episodes and try the tart taffy candy Air Heads. Did we love the show as much as the Marvel movies? Does it hold up? Listen to find out! Links to listen can be found at Visit our Patreon page for exclusive bonus episodes at


Clue... and Starburst

This week we explore the cult classic "Clue." Listen in as we discuss Tim Curry, Madeline Khan, the original board game, and our non-sponsored snack, Starburst! One film, three endings. Did we love them? Did we hate them? Listen to find out! Links to listen can be found at Visit our Patreon page for exclusive bonus episodes at


Columbo and Chocolate Cigars

This week we explore the beloved detective show "Columbo." Listen in as we discuss Peter Faulk, Dobermanns, Leslie Nielson, and the country of Hungary. Oh, we also review chocolate cigars. Links to listen can be found at Visit our Patreon page for exclusive bonus episodes at


Patreon Bonus! Some Kind of Wonderful!

This episode is our first Patreon Bonus Episode! We're sharing it with everyone for this month only! Join us on Patreon for ad-free bonus episodes every month! For Valentine's Day, we take a look at Some Kind of Wonderful! Our runner up for "Best Date Night Movie," this 1987 teen romance stars Eric Stoltz, Mary Stuart Masterson, and Lea Thompson. One of the many successful films by John Hughes, the film is almost a gender-swapped remake of another Hughes' film, Pretty in Pink. Spoiler Alert! One of us loved the movie... and one of us did not. And someone broke a tooth after the podcast snacking on more Jordan Almonds. Listen to find out! Links to listen can be found at


Chip & Dale Rescue Rangers... and Chick-O-Stick

Chip 'n Dale: Rescue Rangers is an American animated adventure comedy television series produced by Walt Disney Television Animation.[1] Created by Tad Stones and Alan Zaslove, it featured chipmunks Chip and Dale, mice Gadget and Monterey Jack, and housefly Zipper as a team of mystery-solving detectives working on "small crimes." Before we revisit this Disney classic, we try Chick-O-Stick, the retro peanut butter coconut candy that one of us called "as dry as a desert" and the other of us thoroughly enjoyed. Megan talks about meeting Chip & Dale at Disney World with her fanatic brother, Steve talks about forming his own Rescue Rangers gang, and we both enjoy revisiting this afterschool cartoon now available on Disney+ Links to listen can be found at Support our show on Patreon at


The Princess Bride... and Hershey Kisses

Welcome back to Season 2 of Stop Ruining My Childhood! The Princess Bride began as a satirical novel by William Goldman in the mid 1980s. In 1987, it was made into a film with a script written by Goldman and directed by Rob Reiner. The movie had a 16 million dollar budget and brought in about 30 million in revenue, but soon found a huge audience in VHS and DVD releases and became a cult classic. Before digging into the history of the story and our memories of both the book and the film, we talk about Hershey's Kisses! What other snack could we revisit for this romantic "kissing book" movie? Steve recalls going to Hershey, Pennsylvania, Megan recalls trying to find the unedited version of Goldman's novel, and we both enjoy watching the movie that won our award for "Best Date Night Film. Links to listen can be found at Visit our Patreon page for exclusive bonus episodes at


On Rewind: Splash

This week, we revisit the Tom Hanks and Daryl Hannah romantic comedy, Splash! Before diving in (pun intended) to the film, we try the classic childhood candy, Swedish Fish and answer the question, "Are these actually Swedish?" Then, we swim through some facts and explore the history of the movie. We uncover why this was a Disney film without the Disney name attached, we discuss the casting choices including how both John Candy and Eugene Levy became attached to the project, and we talk about the popularity of the name "Madison." Does Splash sink or swim? Listen to find out! Visit our blog to watch along with us at


On Rewind: Reading Rainbow

It's September, and that means it's back to school time! To celebrate, we're revisiting the show that got everyone to read in the summer... Reading Rainbow! Hosted by Levar Burton, Reading Rainbow is an American educational children's television series that originally aired on PBS from 1983 to 2006. After digging into the fascinating history of the show, Steve reminisces about "Book It," a program that gave kids free pizza for reading, and Megan describes cataloging her books and movies as a kid. First, we both enjoy a school lunchbox treat, Snack Pack Pudding Cups! Does Reading Rainbow hold up? Do we miss the tin can Snack Packs used to come in? Tune in to find out! Links to listen can be found at #PBS #1990s #BookIt #LevarBurton #ReadingRainbow #stopruiningmychildhood #80s #1980s #1980sTV #1980sCartoons #SummerTV #Back2School #Reading #StarTrek #TBT #ThrowbackThursday #tbthursday #Kelloggs #Kellog #SnackPack


On Rewind: Scooby Doo

This week, we go way back to revisit the original Scooby-Doo! Scooby-Doo Where Are You debuted in 1969 to answer a call for Saturday morning cartoons with less violence and more humor. The Hanna-Barbera production spawned dozens of TV shows and movies. Before our full review of the original animated TV series, we have our non-sponsored snack, Sixlets: a candy that tried to be better than M&Ms! We talk about our memories of Scooby-Doo, and Steve calls Megan "pretentious" and Megan calls herself, "kind of WASPy." Was Megan being pretentious? Did we appreciate the nuances of the mystery as much as we did as kids? Were the Sixlets better than M&Ms? Listen to find out! Links to listen can be found at #1970sTV #1970s #ScoobyDoo #ScrappyDoo #CaseyKasum #Cartoons #Sixlets #Shaggy #Velma #Daphne #Fred #MysteryMachine #stopruiningmychildhood #80s #1980s #1980smovies #1980sCartoons #SaturdayMorning #TBT #ThrowbackThursday #tbthursday


On Rewind: Flight of the Navigator

This week, we revisit the live-action Disney film, Flight of the Navigator! This 1986 movie starred Joey Cramer as David, a 12-year-old kidnapped by a spaceship he calls Max. The voice of Max was provided by Paul Reubens, best known for his Pee-Wee Herman character. Sarah Jessica Parker also appears in one of her first film roles. Before our review, we try the retro childhood treat, the Sugar Daddy! The sticky, caramel pop was invented in 1925, but surged in popularity in 1973. Did we love the movie? Did we break our teeth on the candy? Listen to find out and watch with us by visiting our blog #Disney #DisneyMovie #LiveActionDisney Movie #80sMovies #80sBaby #90sKid #RetroPodcast #80sRewatch


On Rewind: Little House on the Prairie

This week, we discuss all things Little House! We start with our snack review and dive into the history of maple sugar candy. Why was it popular during the Pioneer Days? When did we switch from maple sugar to white sugar? Then, in our "Fun Facts" section, we talk about the history of the Little House books and how these slower, gentler stories were adapted into one of the longest-running, dramatic television series of all time! We rewatch and recap three episodes throughout the run of Little House, and close out with a sneak preview as Steve chooses our next movie! Did we ruin our beloved childhood memories? Or, does Laura Ingalls Wilder still resonate with us today? Listen to find out! Watch with us at #LittleHouse #LauraIngalls #70sTV #80sTV


On Rewind: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

On Rewind! This week, we revisit the original cartoon version of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles! What began as a comic book in 1984, TMNT quickly launched into a series in 1986, and an empire was born. The franchise spawned 5 animated television series, 5 live-action films, 4 animated films, 4 comic book series, toys, video games, table top games, pinball machines, amusement park rides, and more! Megan remembers her brother's obsession with the show and her enjoyment of the original toy line. Steve remembers dressing up like the teenage turtles while playing with his brothers. We discover fun facts including some key differences between the US and UK versions, and we debate over whether or not Raphael is cool and rude or just rude. And Steve enjoys eating his nostalgic, childhood snack, Totino's Pizza Rolls... while Megan noshes on a small bite of gluten-free DiGiorno's. Did we love the show? Did the turtles drive us crazy? Would the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles approve of Totino's? Listen to find out! Links to listen can be found at #tmnt #teenagemutantninjaturtles #ninjaturtles #toys #actionfigures #turtlepower #s #leonardo #donatello #raphael #neca #cowabunga #toycollector #tmntcollector #comics #shredder #turtles #michelangelo #tmnttoys #rottmnt #vintagetoys #tmntleo #marvel #tmntdonnie #tmntmikey #1980sCartoon #TBT #TBThursday #ThrowbackThursday #tmntraph #kevineastman #SaturdayMorningCartoon


50th Episode Extravaganza

For our 50th Episode Extravaganza, we created the Reminiscent Awards (Remis). Steve, Megan, and Megan's brother Tim nominate and select TV shows, movies, and cartoons from the 80s and 90s in the following categories: We'll be reviewing the winners from each category next season! During the show, Tim introduces Steve to his childhood favorite, the tuna melt. Megan nearly dies trying grape Kool-Aid for the first time since she was five. And we all have a high-spirited debate as our choices are judged. This episode is sure to cause much controversy long into our next season! Links to listen can be found at We are currently constructing our Patreon page at #80smovies #90smovies #90skid #80skids #80sbaby #GenX #generationx #eldermillennial #millennials #awardshow #Awards2022 #bestmovies #WorstMovies #80snostalgia #90snostalgia #podcastawards #firstseason #overrated #moviefranchise #movies #tv #cartoons #80scartoons #90scartoons #reboot #remake #familypodcast #comedypodcast


Scrooged... and Dots

In this modern take on Charles Dickens' classic novella A Christmas Carol, Bill Murray plays Frank Cross, the youngest president of a TV network. His ambition and sarcasm caused him to alienate nearly everyone in his life including his lost love, Claire; his secretary, Grace; and his brother, James. Before revisiting this beloved 80's gem, we try out Dots, the gum drop best known for decorating gingerbread houses at Christmas. We learn all about the history of the gum drop, and delve into all the behind-the-scenes fun facts of Scrooged. Megan learns that Steve has never eaten Dots. Steve learns that Megan has Scrooged memorized, and we both talk about the 80s humor of the film. Did we feel the Christmas Spirit? Did we wish we could go back into the past to erase this film? Listen to find out! Links to listen can be found at We're also working on setting up our Patreon page at #scrooge #scrooged #billmurray #KarenAllen #ghostbusters #groundhogday #caddyshack #charlesdickens #80s #80snostalgia #80sbaby #80smovies #christmas2022 #happyholidays #SNL #christmasmovies #saturdaynightlive #90skid #90snostalgia #comedypodcast #Bobcat #RichardBurton #CarolKane #christmascarol #christmascarols #christmastime #ghosts


Silver Spoons... and Ring Pop

Silver Spoons was a sitcom that ran from 1982 to 1986 on NBC and 1986-1987 in first run syndication. The show focused on the family-friendly antics of wealthy playboy and toy factory owner Edward Stratton III and his young son Ricky, who comes to live with him in the pilot episode. For the holidays, we watched the Christmas episode, which also featured a young Joey Lawrence in one of his first roles. We talk about how the show helped to propel the careers of child stars Ricky Schroder, Alfonso Riberio, and Jason Bateman. Then, Megan enthuses about the toy train featured in the mansion's living room... while Steve enthuses about Erin Gray, who played Kate, Edward's assistant and love interest. And before all of that, we enjoy our snack for the week, Ring Pop! We talk about the history of this treat, going all the way back to the founding of the company in the 1800s! Did the show hold up? Did we feel the Christmas spirit? Did we learn something today? Listen to find out! Links to listen can be found at


Star Wars Holiday Special... And Chunky

This week, we watched the Star Wars Holiday Special, which originally aired on November 17, 1978, on CBS. Featuring "Life Day," a holiday on Chewbacca's home planet, it was the first Star Wars spin-off film, set between the events of the original film and The Empire Strikes Back. We discuss behind-the-scenes history of the made-for-TV-move, including problems with directors and writers, and the fact that the special introduces the character of Boba Fett. Before digging into our review, we try a Chunky candy bar, and talk about the bar's unique history and changes from the original recipe! Did we love the special? Did one of us call it a "hot piece of garbage?" Did we ruin our childhood memories of Star Wars forever? Tune in to find out! Links to listen can be found at #starwars #disney #starwarsfan #darthvader #jedi #lukeskywalker #lifeday #starwarsmemes #stormtrooper #yoda #lightsaber #starwarsholiday #starwarsnerds #maytheforcebewithyou #bobafett #LEIA #hansolo #holidayspecials #Thanksgiving #thanksgiving2022 #thanksgivingpod #podcast #HappyLifeDay #70s #70sbaby #80sbaby #70snostalgia #GenX


Small Wonder Thanksgiving... and Aerobars

Small Wonder was a science-fiction sitcom aimed at kids that ran for 96 episodes from 1985 to 1989. The show starred Tiffany Brissette as a robot named VICI, Jerry Supiran as her brother Jamie, and Emily Schulman as her annoying neighbor, Harriet. Before diving into the pilot and Thanksgiving episodes, we talk about the unusual syndication of the show and the show runner’s other robot-themed ventures. Megan talks about her robot obsession, Steve talks about his childhood school plays, and we both try the Aerobar, the lesser-known candy made by the same people who brought you the KitKat. Did the Aerobar live up to the hype? Is Small Wonder as horrible as the 80s listicles would have you believe? Listen to find out! Links to listen can be found at


Monster Squad... and Tootsie Rolls

Monster Squad was an amazing Halloween movie... that debuted in the summer of 1987. As a result of poor planning and marketing, the movie flopped at the box office, but became a cult hit with Gen X kids. The movie features a group of outcasts much like the Goonies who battle against Dracula, the Wolfman, the Mummy, Frankenstein's Monster, and the Creature from the Black Lagoon. Steve recalls his hilarious adventures, hunting for monsters in abandoned buildings with his friends and a few sharpened sticks. We both learn about the history of the Tootsie Roll, and Megan talks about why the first ever wrapped "penny candy" is a treat she refuses to eat. Why was the Creature from the Black Lagoon called "Gill Man" in the film? Did Megan love this film, watching it for the first time? Did Steve and his friends catch any monsters? Listen to find out! Links to listen can be found at


Buffy the Vampire Slayer... and Wax Lips

Buffy the Vampire Slayer was a 1992 movie that... we did not rewatch. The TV show was way better! Moving away from the tone and campiness of the movie, the show defined "post camp" and ran for 7 seasons from 1997 to 2003. We explore the history of the TV show and its strange ties to the original film, and we also explore the history of Wax Lips, our non-sponsored snack for this episode. Steve talks about his "childhood" crush on Sarah Michelle Gellar, Megan discusses remembering the actress from a lesser-known teen soap opera "Swan's Crossing," and we both agree on our rating for Wax Lips. Oh... and Megan tells the TRUE spooky story of a time when she and her brother found a needle in their Halloween candy. Did we love the show? Hate the candy? Fall in love with the musical episode all over again? Listen to find out! Links to listen can be found at #buffy #vampire #vampireromance #buffythevampireslayer #Halloween #witches #witchythingss #witchyvibes #rewatch #rewatchpod #podcast #buffyverse #buffysummers #Willow #josswhedon #TheCW #angel #spike #90sKidsMemories #90stvshows #90stv