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Women sharing the stories of their work, their loves, and their lives.

Women sharing the stories of their work, their loves, and their lives.
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Women sharing the stories of their work, their loves, and their lives.






Storied Women | Meet Norma Tamayo

She's a nurse, educator, model, author, and now a guest on The People Chronicles Storied Women. And she has a reminder for all of us - everyone has a purpose in life. Listen as Norma Tamayo shares her journey of how she found her direction and how she uses her life as an example to impact her patients, students, and readers... everyone with whom she comes in contact ..including us!


Storied Women | Meet Dr. Sudha Allitt

Have you ever explored your spirituality -- seeing yourself in a different light - a light of love, compassion, and peace? Dr. Sudha Allitt, co-founder of Kula Kamala Foundation, is my very special guest on Storied Woman. Listen to Sudha's inspirational words as she awakens us the to teachings of yoga and shares an uplifting message of enlightened living.


Storied Women | Meet Katie Brosky

A baby takes a lot of our time and attention. No news there. But in giving time and attention to our child do we forget about giving ourselves some time and attention as well? New mom Katie Broskey learned early that in order to take care of her daughter, she must make self-care a priority. Listen to Katie share what she has learned in the last 13 months and meet Addison, the youngest guest ever on Storied Women (Addison not Katie).


Storied Women | Meet Liz Egner

She’s a family woman, businesswoman, and master networker always looking to help other women succeed. Liz Egner says that ‘life is all about relationships’ and she actively works at building relationships in her personal and professional life. Listen as Liz talks about realizing early in life that being part of a team, whether it is at home, in the office, or on the athletic field is what makes life worth living. And according to Liz, of course, it makes it all fun! Learn more about Storied...


Storied Women | Meet Dr. Susan Looney, President of RACC

We know life does not always go as planned. And yet when Plan A goes off course, it can initially throw us for a loop. Do we look at the change as a failure or do we see it as an opportunity to explore a whole new adventure? If you have courage, like Dr. Susan Looney, you realize that Plan B can be a confidence builder and a way to gain new experiences far beyond anything that you have ever imagined. Listen as Dr. Looney tells us how she went from a teenaged high school drop-out to a woman...


Storied Women | Meet Carmen White Ms. PA International, 2018

Are you one who makes excuses? I don't have time. I am too tired. Or do you live a life of "no excuses, you make your own success?" Carmen White, public interest attorney, lives according to the latter and is convinced that if we make excuses, we miss out on a lot. Listen to how Carmen tells her story of rising above childhood poverty and divorce to become not only an attorney but Ms. PA International, 2018. Carmen reminds us not to judge a book by its cover - albeit a cliché' but in this...


Storied Women | Meet Josephina Encarnacion

Do you think that our thoughts and emotions play a role in attracting what we want in life? Josephina Encarnacion shares her story of learning to open up her life to joy by opening up the way she thinks to embrace limitless possibilities. Listen as Josie tells us of her empowering message which led her on a trip, all by herself, to somewhere she has never been before.


Storied Women | Meet Stacey Taylor

What happens when a family models a life of service? In this case, the lesson is well learned and the succeeding generations continue to be fully engaged in the community. Listen as Stacey Taylor tells us about her life with the NAACP, Human Relations Commission, her church, etc. – all in service to her neighbors. As Stacey says, ‘if we are going to live here, we might as well help one another.” Update: The Juneteenth BBQ has been relocated to City Park on June 16th- starts at noon. Hope to...


Storied Women | Meet Yvonne Stroman

Have you ever had a gut feeling that something is just not right? You don't know why but you just 'feel' it. Yvonne Stroman knows the feeling quite well. She confidently labels it, woman's intuition - a powerful force deserving of recognition and respect. In this interview, Yvonne reminds us that we need to listen to our inner self, accept it and follow its cues.


Storied Women | Meet Jackie Wenrich

If you have ever met a woman who blends a ray of sunshine with a bit of tornado, then you must know Jackie Wenrich. She is the real deal. But understanding her authentic self-has taken time. Listen as Jackie tells us how she learned to embrace herself, unmasked, and live life ‘her way.’ Learn more about Storied Women with Annarose Ingarra-Milch.


Storied Women | Meet Linda Umstead

Does loss serve a purpose? What if you suffer multiple losses? How would you handle it? Listen to Linda Umstead and hear how this woman turns the energy of her tragic pain into meaningful purpose by offering a healing touch in another’s life at their time of need. Truly a remarkable woman.


Storied Women | Meet Adrean Turner

You may have heard it many times, "Be Your Best Self." But what does that really mean? And how in the world do we do it? Today my "Storied Women" guest, author and coach Adrean Turner shares her insights on how to overcome obstacles to gain self-fulfillment and ultimately success. And simply put, how to be our best self. Take a listen.


Storied Women | Meet Lizette Epps

As a woman, I bet it is easy for you to cheer for your girlfriends, your parents & siblings, your children, your church and even your employer. But is it difficult for you to cheer for #yourself? Learning to be our own cheerleader is so very important in both our personal and professional life, especially when we are surrounded by people who are not our cheerleaders. Listen as Lizette Epps tells us how she has learned that being her own cheerleader has led her to live a more fulfilling and...


Storied Women | Meet Toni Reece

Knock, knock – who's there? Opportunity? Opportunity who? You will never know unless you are brave enough to open the door. At least that is how Toni Reece operates. The wizard of the innovative, community story-telling platform The People Chronicles, comes from behind the curtain to share how she spots opportunity and then more importantly how she acts on the opportunity. It takes courage to step out of our comfort zone and do something different but to be successful we need to grab the...


Storied Women | Meet Debbie Roman-Peers

Do you know your purpose? It’s reported that only about 25% of Americans say that they have a clear sense of their purpose in life. Most feel neutral about the concept while others, like empty nesters, may feel they lost their purpose. It took a while to discover her purpose, but now Debbie Roman-Peers has a clear understanding of her mission and more importantly, is taking action to ensure that she lives a purposeful life. Listen to Debbie as she shares her story of discovery. I am...


Storied Women | Meet Ann Dybalski

Do you have hope? How valuable is hope to your success? Listen as Ann Dybalski reminds us that no matter how things may appear, we must always have hope for a better tomorrow.


Storied Women | Meet Franki Aitken

Franki Aitken - Do you think that anyone can make a difference in the world? Franki Aitken is convinced that each of us can leave the world a little better simply by giving of ourselves. Listen as Franki shares her insights into what it takes to make a meaningful mark on our community.


Storied Women | Meet Rosa Julia Parra

The world needs passionate people. But how do we find our passion? And once we found our passion, then what? Listen as Rosa Julia Parra tell us how her passion to help people has guided her to help others in her community.


Storied Women | Meet Maureen Banks

What inspires you? Or should I ask, who inspires you? Author Maureen Banks found her inspiration in her autistic grandson. She has written a series of book with a successful autistic character reminding us that autistic people can be productive people. Listen to her inspiring words.


Storied Women | Meet Johanny Cepeda-Freytiz

Whatever you do, do you do it with love? Do your actions show the love that you feel? Listen as Johanny Cepeda-Freytiz tells us about the valuable lesson of love she has learned from her her parents and how she now tries to do everything with love...especially when it comes to her family, business, and community.