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Story Time at the Roo Bus is a weekly podcast by and for the music festival community. From Bonnaroo and beyond, we talk weekly with the people that make the festivals we attend, share stories, and talk about what else has us excited.


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Story Time at the Roo Bus is a weekly podcast by and for the music festival community. From Bonnaroo and beyond, we talk weekly with the people that make the festivals we attend, share stories, and talk about what else has us excited.




125 - Respect the Farm

Just a few more weeks to go and Roo is almost here! Sharla and Daniel are out inside the bus this week as we go over some last minute plans and answer some Reddit questions. We also have Randi and Amy on this week to talk about what we can do to respect the farm and be environmentally friendly! Hang in there and finish your prep, Roovians, we're almost home!


124 - Girl's Night at the Roo Bus!

Sharla leads this year's all lady episode with Madison, Skyler and Chloe calling in to hang with her! From safety at Bonnaroo, the lack of female headliners, and crazy Bonnaroo stories, everyone dives in deep. Just less than a month to go, everyone!


123 - Groop Camp Chill

The deadline to join a Groop is coming up! Sharla and Daniel hang with some JB and Chloe from our Roo Bus Groop to talk about if it's the right place for you. (But also discuss which cheeses are the best.). We also talk with our contest winner Jonathan and go through the top Roo questions for the week!


122 - Getting Roo Fit with Celia & Ticket Giveaway Finalists

Sharla and Daniel hang out with our good friend Celia this week! With just a month and a half to go, we ask our resident fitness expert from the Parachute People to give us some tips on how we can best be getting Roo Ready and get in shape. We also have our four finalists for our Bonnaroo GA ticket give away, be sure to listen to all four and then head to our Twitter to go vote for your favorite.


121 - Party with The House of YES

Sharla and Daniel are back this week with packing and travel tips for Roo, a reminder about our GA ticket giveaway, but most importantly we have on Adam from The House of YES! Adam takes us through a quick tour of their history, how they love Bonnaroo as much as we all do, and gives us a peek at what to expect at our favorite plaza this year!


120 - EDM at Roo 2023 With The OnlyDans

It's a gaggle of Dans, Daniel H and Daniel K from Georgia are here this week to take a deep dive into the EDM at Roo this year! If you already like Griz or Odesza, the OnlyDans take you on a tour of what other artists on the lineup you might also like. Sharla and Daniel are also here to talk about more details on our Wednesday party, and much more Roo tea.


119 - Outeroo Experience Details and Bonnaroo Ticket Giveaway

Sharla and Daniel dug through as much as we could find to detail all of the Arts & Experiences lineup coming to Outeroo this year. It's probably one of the most diverse lineups that Bonnaroo could have booked, and it's mindblowing. We're also partnering with Bonnaroo to give away two GA tickets to Roo this year, listen in to find out how to enter!


118 - Two Months Away, Time to Prep!

Sharla and Daniel are back with a short episode this week, but also with a crazy reminder. We're just two months away, so it's really time to start thinking about your prep for Bonnaroo. From camping to food, we run through our checklist of what you should start doing now to get ready for the greatest week of the year.


117 - Know Your Roots: A History of Music Festival Culture

Sharla and Daniel take you through a whirlwind of history in this episode. We've spent close to a month researching and editing this one, and we're so excited to get it out to you. From the Beat Generation in the 1950's, to the jam bands of the 1990's, we take a deep dive into the roots that made our Bonnaroo community what it is today.


116 - After Hours and Bar Hopping with Adah

Our good friend Adah stayed the weekend with us, so after a Sunday brunch we sat down to over both some great Bonnaroo announcements and also what's happening in Nashville lately. Adah books a number of shows in town and also works behind the scenes at the Ryman, so she had some great stories to share. Sharla and Daniel also go over the After Hours and Plaza lineup as well!


115 - Live From Okee 2023!

Brook and Daniel take you along for the trip down to South Florida for this year's kickoff to festival season at Okeechobee! Friends like Mitchel, Dave and Richard join along, and we pad out the show with clips from Flipturn's amazing set on Sunday!


Special Episode - What Tennessee's Anti-LGBT+ Bill Means for Roo

The State of Tennessee has passed an awful anti-LGBT+ bill this past week. It's a tough blow for the diverse and accepting crowd at Bonnaroo, but we can still find ways to love and support one another. We're joined by Davis and Sammee this week to talk about how this has affected the Drag and Trans communities, and what we can do to pull together to keep Bonnaroo a safe and accepting place. Read more about the bill and the conversation on the Bonnaroo Reddit:


114 - Ready for Okee 2023!

Brooklin and Daniel are headed down to South Florida for Okeechobee next week, and we take a look through the schedule to make our picks for each day. Learn what's both different and similar between Okee and Roo, and also take a look at some of the same artists that we'll be getting at Bonnaroo later this Summer!


113 - The Roo Bus Maintenance Guide

Sharla and Daniel are back this week and somehow are both fighting through a sinus infection for this episode! We talk about some of our favorite Bonnaroo Plaza Pitches from this past week, the future of the House of Yes when it comes to incoming Tennessee Law, and then go through the whole checklist of what we have to get done with getting the bus itself ready for this Bonnaroo season!


Bonus Episode: Live from Brazil! 🇧🇷

Sharla, Brooklin and Daniel send this audio postcard from our hostel in Brazil! Hear why we encourage everyone to get out of their comfort zone and why it’s much cheaper than you may think.


112 - The Bonnaroo Code with Lindsey

One of the things that sets Bonnaroo apart from other festivals and events is The Code. It's some simple rules that helps our community stay what it is, and we couldn't think of anyone better to go over it with than last year's Bonnaroovian of the year Lindsey! Sharla and Daniel also talk about Roo's Plaza Pitches, our first announced artist for our Wednesday party, and much more!


111 - FAQ's from /r/Bonnaroo

It's our collab episode with the Bonnaroo Subreddit! We're all noticing that we're going to have a ton of first-timer's at Roo this year, so we worked with the moderators of /r/Bonnaroo to collect all of your questions and do our best to answer them. For more answers from the community, make sure to check out everyone else's amazing answers on the thread here:


110 - Lineup Day 2023

One of the best lineups in years is here and we're here to talk with countless Bonnaroovians about it. This is always our biggest episode of the year, and we're so pumped to have you along for the ride. Sharla, Brooklin and Daniel host a giant panel, welcome new Bonnaroovians to our amazing community, and much more. Welcome to the greatest party on this planet.


109 - New Year's Party Game Special with Zack

New Year, New Roo! Zack the Chrome Dome Hippie crashed at our place overnight for New Year's, so we had him along for our annual tradition of playing a little party game for our holiday special. Join Sharla, Brooklin, and Daniel as we play a little Roo game and also talk about our last minute hopes and guesses for the Bonnaroo lineup that should be dropping very soon.


108 - Christmas Call-In Episode

With everyone waiting on a lineup in the coming weeks, we decided to turn the episode over to you! Sharla and Daniel go through some of the latest news and rumors, but also turn the mic over to some other voices in the community to hear what's going on for them and what they're hoping for in 2023.