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Story Time at the Roo Bus is a weekly podcast where we talk about funny or interesting stories from the Bonnaroo Music and Arts Festival that takes place every June in Manchester, Tennessee.

Story Time at the Roo Bus is a weekly podcast where we talk about funny or interesting stories from the Bonnaroo Music and Arts Festival that takes place every June in Manchester, Tennessee.


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Story Time at the Roo Bus is a weekly podcast where we talk about funny or interesting stories from the Bonnaroo Music and Arts Festival that takes place every June in Manchester, Tennessee.




47 - Rookie Round Table

Get ready for a bonus-sized episode, because there's just a little over two months to go and a lot to talk about. We welcome in a round table of Bonnaroo rookies, including one new friend who hasn't been back to Bonnaroo since the Beastie Boys played their last show twelve years ago! Brooklin is also back and we talk Kalliope, totems, and other random bus stories. Strap in, this is a long one, but it's a fun one!


46 - Shawn Eckels from Andy Frasco & The U.N.

On this week's episode we're thrilled to be joined by awesome dude and one of our new BFF's, Shawn Eckels from Andy Frasco & The U.N. These guys are about to make a huge splash on Thursday of Roo this year. The entire tent is going to be their stage, and you're going to want to be in the middle of it. With less than three months to go, we also start talking serious about prepping for Roo when it comes to entry and the heat!


45 - Mini Roo / Grab Bag

We're back from our Mini Roo out in our secret location in Tennessee, and had an awesome time with many Roo friends we'd not seen in a while. We talk a little bit about the fun we had there, Lord Taco trolling Sharla, as well as a grab bag of other fun Bonnaroo topics now that we're just three months out!


44 - History of Roo Part 2: 1999 to 2021

We pick things back up in the big year of 1999 to look at the beginnings of Bonnaroo itself in the second part of our two part series. Daniel and Sharla look at why 1999 was such a monumental year, and how AC Entertainment started in Knoxville to make Bonnaroo what it was.


43 - History of Roo Part 1: 1967 to 1999

Get ready for a fun history lesson. Sharla and Daniel have dug up a lot of research to guide you along the history of Bonnaroo. We're doing this in two parts, and the first deals with everything leading up to Bonnaroo. Learn about all of our roots, going all the way back before Woodstock. Stick around for Part Two next week, where we'll pick up the story as it starts back in Manchester!


42 - The Roo Bus Guide for Rookies

Daniel and Sharla are back in this episode where we take a thorough look at what a first time Bonnaroovian needs to know to get ready. From what to bring (and what not to bring) to what you can expect on each day, we hope that our near-decade of experience on the Farm can help you out!


Bonus Episode: Visiting Manchester / St. Paul at The Caverns

In this bonus episode, Sharla and Daniel talk about visiting The Farm this past weekend, as well as talk our crew tradition of visiting the Manchester Cracker Barrel. We also talk about our visit to The Caverns to see one of our favorites, St. Paul and the Broken Bones!


41 - Twenty Years of Legendary Sets

Get ready for a super sized episode, because we had an amazing talk with some fantastic people that you probably already know. We're joined by Barry from the What Podcast, Chloe from The Bonnarooster, and Kyle the Bonnaroovian to talk what we think have been the most legendary sets in the twenty year history of Bonnaroo, and what could be that set this coming year. We also have a fun announcement: We're starting a Patreon! We'll explain at the top of the show, but 80% of all Patreon funding...


40 - Roo FAQ

Brook returns in this episode where we talk about some of the most frequently asked questions that always crop up early in Roo Hype Season. We talk a little bit about the new entry procedure and what we'll all need to know about that, as well as when you should get into a headliner pit and much more.


39 - Bonnaroo is Back

It's all happening. Bonnaroo is back. We take the time to talk about the awesome updates, how amazing this all is, and what a fantastic lineup is waiting on us when we return to the Farm. "Life is a gift. We must celebrate it. We have to dance to show God we are grateful to be alive."


38 - Trickle of News / Meet a Roovian

Hang on for a double sized episode! Daniel and Sharla talk about the new camp entrance plan, the new transit system, the pop up shop, as well as who might replace Tool on the lineup. We also welcome in our good buddy Kevin from Camp Reddaroo as he introduces a new segment on our show where you meet a Bonnaroovian. That lineup is right around the corner, let's have a little fun while we wait on it!


Bonus Episode: Concerts on the Farm

Things are picking up for a return to Roo, and the first step of the way there are Concerts on the Farm. We've got a quick bonus episode about our reactions, what's next, and share a quick story involving riding a case of PBR from 2015.


37 - Annexing the Farm

There's a lot of pent up energy about Roo news and we're here to think it through too! This week we're joined again by our buddy Ryan French who is an Alderman in Manchester to talk about what the annexation of the Farm might mean, and we also talk vaccine news and Daniel's favorite topic of Tame Impala.


36 - Blooming With The Parachute People

Finally this week we're joined by The Parachute People themselves, Ron and Kesi! We hang with them as they tell us the story of the origins of the Roochute and how it eventually became the non-profit organization it is today. Daniel and Sharla also share some of their formative moments in music, and we talk a bit about how the good news keeps rolling in!


35 - Camp Party with DJ Sno

With a winter storm blowing through, there's no better time to be joined by our buddy DJ Sno. He's practically been the House DJ for the Roo Bus over the years, and we're excited to talk about campground parties with him. Sharla, Daniel and Brooklin also talk about everything from St. Paul, to vaccines, to even Animal Crossing!


34 - From the Roo Bus to the Playboy Mansion

Watch out because Sharla got beside herself recounting this old story. A random guy we met went from just being a cool visitor at the bus to visiting the Playboy Mansion and acting with Joaquin Phoenix. We also talk about which inauguration artists we'd pick to headline a Bonnaroo as well as talk updates on a possible Festival Season in 2021!


33 - Welcome to 2021

Thank goodness the dumpster fire of 2020 is over with. Now that we're in a new year with what should hopefully hold better days ahead, we take a look at the upcoming year with some special guests. We're joined by our friends Tom and Angie, who tell us a bit about the Save Our Stages Act as well as how people working in the live music production industry are handling things. We also got sent some exclusive info from our pal The Festive Owl on what's to come in 2021 as well.


32 - A Very Bonnaroo Christmas

In this very special episode, we invite some of our best Roo friends over for an awesome time to just hang out, talk about our favorite albums of 2020, and what shows we're looking forward to in 2021. It's been a crazy year for all the wrong reasons, but we're all ready to party in 2021 for the right reasons.


31 - The Dolly Vaccine

Everybody's favorite Angel of Tennessee is back to save us yet again! We talk about how the vaccines are finally letting us see the light at the end of the tunnel, and what it might mean for lineups when we get back to the Farm. We also have a little fun for Thanksgiving and recommend some of the stuff we've been enjoying lately as well!


30 - The Monkey Bar with Dave

If you don't know Dave and The Monkey Bar, you should! It's an amazing lounge and bar that's run by fans for fans out in the campgrounds at Bonnaroo. Dave brings in absolutely everything for it every year and sets up this awesome spot to host everyone to come hang. We also talk a bit about the news of Roo being moved to September of 2021 and remember the amazing Mayor Lonnie. Also, make a plan to go vote this Tuesday!