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Story Time at the Roo Bus is a weekly podcast by and for the music festival community. From Bonnaroo and beyond, we talk weekly with the people that make the festivals we attend, share stories, and talk about what else has us excited.

Story Time at the Roo Bus is a weekly podcast by and for the music festival community. From Bonnaroo and beyond, we talk weekly with the people that make the festivals we attend, share stories, and talk about what else has us excited.


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Story Time at the Roo Bus is a weekly podcast by and for the music festival community. From Bonnaroo and beyond, we talk weekly with the people that make the festivals we attend, share stories, and talk about what else has us excited.




91 - Live from Bonnaroo

This is THE episode we've waited years to make. We're LIVE from Bonnaroo!


90 - We Are Bonnaroo

It's time. After three years away, we're all finally returning home to the Farm we've missed so badly. Jo and Brooklin join Sharla and Daniel for the last podcast recorded from our living room before we head out to Manchester. See you at the Farm this week, we all love you all so much.


89 - One Week Left With Our Patreons

It's almost here. We've waited the better part of three years, and Bonnaroo is next week. We share some nervous but excited anticipation with much of our Patreons from this past year, and are also joined by our Roo Bus crewmate Jo and a special guest from the Radiate Positivity Project! Rest up, take your vitamins, and be prepared. Bonnaroo is almost here.


Bonus Mini Episode: Lord Taco from The What Podcast

We got bummed that there was no episode of The What Podcast this week so close to Roo, so we called in Russ / Lord Taco to just make one up and see how he's doing!


88 - Reddaroo Takeover with Kevin and I Am Bonnaroo

With two weeks to go, we're handing the podcast over to Kevin from Camp Reddaroo! The crew over at Reddaroo have been our BFF's over the years, and we're excited to hear about their upcoming annual beer exchange and much more! Kevin also has a great interview with the amazing David Bruce of the I Am Bonnaroo photo project as well!


87 - The Roo Game Show with Eric and Ben

Eric and Ben are here to guest host this week, and Ben has done his homework with some amazing party games that he's brought along for the first half of the show. We also take a deep dive into the schedule that finally released, and talk a bit about what to expect from our events at the Roo Bus in just a few weeks!


86 - Party at the Roo Bus with FLIPTURN

The first big party at Bonnaroo 2022 is going to be at the Roo Bus, and we've got our visiting artist FLIPTURN on the show this week to talk about it! Meet the band, find out what other artists they're geeking out about, and take a deep dive into one of their early tracks with us. We also talk to our giveaway contest winner Nick, and Daniel and Sharla also talk about what's left to prep for with just ONE MONTH UNTIL BONNAROO!


85 - Roo Panel with Pondo's Army

Sharla is out on work travel this week, so we bring in possibly the best co-host that we could ask for, PONDO! The man with the horns and the clock is in this week to talk with our big crew about some of their picks and plans now that we're just over a month out until the biggest party on the planet!


84 - Rick Farman of Superfly / Ticket Giveaway Finalists

This week is a supersized version of the podcast! Ben, Eric and others join us inside the bus as Jo gives us some EDM tips for Roo. We also have on a super special guest, Rick Farman is one of the co-creators of Bonnaroo itself and is here to tell us about the early days of Roo, as well as the new Superf3st event that Superfly is working on. We also have our four finalists for our ticket giveaway contest! Head to our Twitter poll starting on 5/3 to vote for your favorite!


83 - Wedding Party Planning With Blair and Adrian

We're just a month and a half away from the biggest party on the planet, and we've got some planning to do. Blair and Adrian are here so we can get a little planning done for their Thursday wedding ceremony on top of the Roo Bus, and Mitchel is here as well because not only is he in town for Sharla's surprise birthday party, but he's officiating the wedding too!


82 - Bus Party with Mehrnaz and Eric

We're back inside the bus this week for a party with our new buddies Mehrnaz and Eric! We talk about what a pair of first timers need to know, what happens at Camp Reddaroo and much more. Sharla, JoJo and Daniel also take a trip up to Manchester and have a little tea about what's happening this week at the Farm too! Link to the shower that Brooklin has been talking about lately:


Bonus Episode: Two Months Until Roo

Sharla and Daniel have had real life get in the way and make us way too busy, but we wanted to get a weekend bonus episode out to hang with everyone! We talk about when to expect the schedule, what the current festival demographic looks like, what's been going on in our own lives and much more!


81 - The Bonnaroovian Code with JoJo

Our good buddy and Roo Rookie JoJo joins us this week as we record the first episode of the season from inside the Roo Bus! We talk about our picks and other fun things, but mostly this episode is all about The Code. Learn what it means to be a Bonnaroovian and the simple guidelines to keep in mind when it comes to getting out there and radiating positivity!


80 - Big Announcements with Mrs. Bonnaroo!

It's a big week on the podcast! We've got two big announcements. We've got more information for our featured artist for our Wednesday Night Party at Bonnaroo: FLIPTURN! If that wasn't enough, we also have been given two tickets by Bonnaroo to give away on the podcast. Tune in to learn how you can win them. After that, Daniel has a fantastic talk with Mrs. Bonnaroo herself, Rebecca French! We are also joined by our good friends Sarah, Jo, the incomparable Mitchell from Camp Reddaroo, as well...


79 - Roo Guide for ROOkies II

In a sequel to an episode from last year, Brooklin, Daniel and Sharla are back with our tips for everyone coming to Bonnaroo for the first time! From what to pack, what to wear, and the geography of Roo itself, we're here to help. ❤️


78 - Okeechobee Followup & Roo Improvements

We're back from Okee and we have many thoughts! Brooklin and Daniel explain to Sharla what worked and what didn't, and how some of what we saw could be applied at Bonnaroo. Along with that, we also talk about some of the Roo improvements that are planned for this year. Just three more months to go until we're back on the Farm!


77 - Live from Okeechobee

We joined forces with much of Camp Reddaroo and many other regulars from Bonnaroo to put together a huge group camp at Okee! In this episode live from our campground on the Saturday morning of the festival, we talk about our favorite sets, what we like about the festival itself, and much more!


76 - Love Thy Neighbor With Gabe

This week we invite one of our best Roo buds Gabe on the podcast. The Farm is one of the most welcoming places on the planet, but sometimes the outside world can be a little more tricky and we have much to discuss about that. Beyond that, we also talk a bit with Gabe about great places in Nashville to eat, fast cars, and much more. Sharla, Brooklin and Daniel also are on to talk a bit about our plans for Okee, share some of our picks, and much more!


75 - Welcome to the Farmily With Mitchell

This week, we hand over the whole episode to our guest host Mitchel Padgett of Camp Reddaroo! Maybe you know him from International House of Vinyl, maybe it's from his annual tradition of howling at the Moon on the first night of Bonnaroo. If you don't know him, you need to get to know him, because he is one of the most magical and majestic humans in the Roo community. This week, he takes us everywhere from camping tips, to his favorite shows, and even to a story of a "fart-along" that he...


74 - I Love You Like Kanye Loves Kanye

Sharla and Daniel hold down the fort for our Valentine's Day episode! We're talking a lot about our plans for Okeechobee in a few weeks, as well as some more details for our Wednesday Night Party at Bonnaroo. We also go through a lot of questions we recently got, such as how in the heck does the line for the pit work anyways?