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Story Time at the Roo Bus is a weekly podcast where we talk about funny or interesting stories from the Bonnaroo Music and Arts Festival that takes place every June in Manchester, Tennessee.

Story Time at the Roo Bus is a weekly podcast where we talk about funny or interesting stories from the Bonnaroo Music and Arts Festival that takes place every June in Manchester, Tennessee.


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Story Time at the Roo Bus is a weekly podcast where we talk about funny or interesting stories from the Bonnaroo Music and Arts Festival that takes place every June in Manchester, Tennessee.




31 - The Dolly Vaccine

Everybody's favorite Angel of Tennessee is back to save us yet again! We talk about how the vaccines are finally letting us see the light at the end of the tunnel, and what it might mean for lineups when we get back to the Farm. We also have a little fun for Thanksgiving and recommend some of the stuff we've been enjoying lately as well!


30 - The Monkey Bar with Dave

If you don't know Dave and The Monkey Bar, you should! It's an amazing lounge and bar that's run by fans for fans out in the campgrounds at Bonnaroo. Dave brings in absolutely everything for it every year and sets up this awesome spot to host everyone to come hang. We also talk a bit about the news of Roo being moved to September of 2021 and remember the amazing Mayor Lonnie. Also, make a plan to go vote this Tuesday!


29 - Brook's Weekly Picks

Brooklin is back this episode to tell about the bands that she's been picking every Wednesday on our Twitter account! We also talk about some of the events of these past few weeks and what it's been like learning how to deal with some of the tougher parts of what 2020 has dealt us. Radiating positivity has helped us get the best out of the good times, but it's also helping all of us keep our heads up together in the bad too.


28 - Public Access Fusion with Mitchell of Camp Reddaroo

Hang on for the ride with this one. Mitchell of Camp Reddaroo is possibly the most outrageous and hilarious Bonnaroovian there is, and we love him dearly for it. We talk about what wild Japanese jazz rock he's into these days, share some stories from the Farm, and get him to tell some of his best dad jokes. Daniel and Sharla also talk a bit about how thrilled we are with the very diverse Virtual Roo-Ality lineup too! Can we please get one of those robes?


27 - Travel Tips for Bonnaroovians

In this special extra episode, Daniel and Sharla talk about theoretically driving the bus all the way to the beach or to Burning Man. Guess which one is more possible. We talk a lot more about plotting out travel for 2021, and give tips to Bonnaroovians about how you can make international travel possible. It's a lot easier than you'd think, let us tell you how!


26 - Welcome to Manchester with Ryan French

This week our good buddy from Manchester, Ryan French joins us to talk about how things are going in our home away from home in Tennessee. Ryan is the recently re-elected Alderman, and fills us in on how the town is doing and what the future of Bonnaroo might look like there. Daniel and Sharla also talk about the drive-in concert we took the bus to this last weekend, and tell the quick story about the guy who asked for the "manager of the bus." You'll just have to hear it to understand!


25 - Open Mics and No Alarms

We have a giant sized episode for what Sharla proclaims to be the start of Season Two of Story Time at the Roo Bus! In this episode, we give each other an open mic to talk about whatever we'd like, geek out over how awesome the new Glass Animals album is, and talk about the upcoming drive-in EDM show the Roo Bus will be at. We're also joined by Andrew Boles, the singer and guitar player for Detroit band No Alarms. 2020 is crazy for us as fans, and it's even wilder for the artists we're all...


24 - Eventually

Daniel and Sharla are back to talk about what the push to June of 2021 means for the Bonnaroo community. We dig into what a Virtual Septemberoo might look like, what artists we might can count on for 2021, and much more. It'll be a while longer until we all return to the Farm, but it's still going to happen eventually.


Bonus Episode: Speakeasy Roo

We're so happy to be joined with some of our best friends at our own Speakeasy Roo! Kyle The Bonnaroovian, Lindsey and Celia from Roo Fitness, David from I Am Bonnaroo and of course Lord Taco / Russ With the Bus are all here. We hang out at our own private farm in Tennessee and talk about some of our favorite moments and how the Roo Community is stronger than ever.


23 - Virtual Roo!

Announcing Virtual Roo! Throughout June we're holding events with friends like Roo Fitness and Camp Reddaroo to bring the community magic of The Farm to you at home online. Listen as Daniel and Sharla tell you about it in this episode, as well as talk about some of our favorite campground community stories.


22 - Festival Gifts with The Radiate Positivity Project

Sharla and Daniel record inside the freshly maintained Roo Bus! Among other things, we talk with Jessica of The Radiate Positivity Project. You've probably seen their stickers and magnets everywhere, we learn from them about what their goals are during the quarantine and beyond. We also take a little time to recognize the graduating Class of 2020, and also want to brainstorm with you about a "Virtual Roo" we might all hold next month!


21 - Sharla's Guide on How to Skoolie

Sharla and Daniel talk on what the "new normal" may mean for festival season in 2020, but also focus on some positives for everyone looking for some tips on how to get started with a Skoolie like the Roo Bus! Brooklin also pops in to talk about what we've all been enjoying during the quarantine. There's still ways to get out there and radiate positivity, let's keep at it!


20 - BonnaProm or PromaRoo?

Let's get back to our regular routine! In this episode, Sharla and Daniel talk about some of the news about Septemberoo and also talk with Cassie who is putting on the Tacky Prom at Where in the Woods this year! Is it the BonnaProm or PromaRoo? Let's find out!


19 - Quarantine and Chill

It's time to find the silver lining in things as Brooklin, Sharla and Daniel hang out on the back porch and talk everything positive in the world right now. From checking in with some other Bonnaroovians to talking about Animal Crossing, we're going to keep radiating positivity about Septemberoo and everything else.


18 - Get Out There and Radiate Positivity

Now more than ever, it's time to Radiate Positivity. We take a look at how things have changed, how you can support your friends and neighbors, and how we're going to still party even if it's from our homes for a while. This is all temporary, and we WILL get through it together.


Emergency Episode - Roo in September!

We are living in super weird times right now, but we’re going to get through this and radiate positivity together. Brooklin, Sharla, and Daniel process the news of a September Bonnaroo and let you know why this is a GREAT thing. Now more than ever, get out there and radiate positivity!


17 - Stuff We Eat at Festivals with Chloe

It's been a weird and challenging week, but we're going to get through it the best way we know how: By Radiating Positivity. We get some health tips from a very special guest, and then geek out about festival food and more with our very good friend Chloe!


16 - On the Bus with Russ from The What Podcast

Maybe you know him as Russ With the Bus, maybe you know him as Lord Taco from the What Podcast. In any case, he's on this week to tell us about his VW bus, some backstory on their podcast, and who he's looking forward to for 2020! We also talk about the sellout, the House of Yes, and much more!


Bonus Episode - Roo Road Trips and Hippy Histories

In this bonus episode, Daniel and Sharla take a few minutes to talk about road trip stops as well as the roots and history of both the Roo Bus and Bonnaroo. We also have a few updates and announcements about our event plans for this year. Get out there and radiate positivity!


15 - EDM and Fest Fashion with Christy

Our good friend Christy joins us this episode to talk about everything EDM at Bonnaroo as well as her festival fashion business. She shares some of her best tips for looking and feeling confident, and of course we all geek out over Tame Impala's new album The Slow Rush!