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The Official Bobby Galinsky Podcast






EPILOGUE: THE WAY IT IS is now the way it was…so it’s time for a KING HIT (The silence was killing you)

EPILOGUE: It's been an epic year, well--41 weeks consecutively... that concluded on New Year's Day 2021 bringing you THE WAY IT IS--Official Bobby Galinsky Podcast Thanks to you three of the podcasts hit into the Top 10 of downloads for their individual weeks, so it's good to know there's a lot of 'like minded people' out there in the world, and at the very least some people with 'open minds' who like parts of each week's little 'fireside chats'. I'll be back with something, sometime--I know...


In Episode XXXXI, (41 for you LWNJ’s…) All Good Things Come To An End: THE FINAL EPISODE! Top 10 Predictions for the Decade, Why Having Sex After Your WuFlu Vaccine Could Be a BAD Idea, The Paradox of Discernment, (Amster)Dam Fine Fashion, Sole Man Shoe M

Episode 41 is here, and you know there is never a 42 in life. It's been an epic ride and you listeners and subscribers have made this podcast exceed numbers and reach far beyond my expectations when I sat down in March, but now it's time to say goodbye. Dark forces, time, expiry dates, things from Left Field, and the Universe have compelled me to say: "Arrivederci cari amici, finché non ci rivedremo" Even at this writing we do not have explained how 100's of 1000's of votes in the US...


Welcome to the Penultimate Episode…Christmas Bonus Extravaganza! Exclusive Australian legend Tony Bonner interview “From Skippy to Shakespeare, to Hell and Back”, How Snorting A Llama Can Cure Covid-19 WuFlu, 100 Good Reasons to Bomb China, CATS RULE!!!:

Yep, it's true. Like The Sopranos, Friends, Deadwood and all the good shit, THE WAY IT IS is about to be Gone Baby Gone. This is the Penultimate Ep 40...and next week's is all she wrote. Dark Forces have descended upon us, and I can neither confirm nor deny the rumours. But there's no crying in baseball or podcasting! So I'm cheering you up with a bonus 30 minutes of 'strewth and consequences with Aussie mench, legend, actor, writer, director and coach TONY BONNER. We go to the zoo to get up...


Yes, the United States Congress can agree on things: F**K CHINA!, Why Spiders in Space are more logical and less error-prone than Women in Space, How Frank Lowy and a guard rail at the Grampians are connected, the Hot Clobber is Back just in time for the

Everything is just fine with Episode XXXIV (39) as we head (gasp) into the home stretch of THE WAY IT IS. Yes, it's a '2020 thing' and you'll learn more about that soon. Who says the US political system is broken? Well, everyone, and I can tell you that. However, a BIG win that the moronic Main Stream Media never covered and never will. They're too busy influencing elections. And of course...the problem is China and big businesses profiting from slave labour. 2020 has been a death knell for...


‘Twas the fortnight before Xmas and all through the house, the Hanukkah bush went up with the Jewish spouse….Counting Votes the Right Way, “Free at Last” Tassie Salmon go full Martin Luther King, Hollywood Obituary (sequel), Hollywood Con Queen Nabbed, No

XXXVIII? Unreal! Hanukkah is in full lighty light swing and Christmas is nearly upon us! This relatively snappy brief ep compared to the two Bonus eps the last two weeks will zing past and refresh you like a cold shower on a hot day, or a hot shower on a cold day...whatever. We travel to the oceans to find that the deranged Left's Crazy Maizie Hirono is actually moving together with the wacky GOP's Silly Sarah Palin in a rare show of bipartisanship. My Hollywood Con QueenTrilogy comes to a...


“C’mon man!” We’re still counting in the USA, Your First Job is Your Most Defining Job (time travel with me to Sioux City, Iowa in 1967), The Martin Bryant Film Is Not Making People Happy (and should we care?), Never Trust a Rumanian or Communist China, t

You'll be in Heaven with Episode XXXVII (Sarai in paradiso con l'episodio trentasette)! We'd have something definitive about the US Election but like in Rumania, "vee are shtill vating for da count'. You know Mars is taking over when profound enmity and patience go head-to-head with a lunar and solar eclipse in the same month. Space-time continuum quark physics time travel is my thing, like all creatives, and we go linear back to Sportsman's Camera in Sioux City, Iowa circa 1967 where my...


Thanksgiving Bonus Special Feature Length Episode! Australian Filmmakers “Intimacy Code” gets Unhappy Ending, Witch Hunt in the Desert: The ADF Fiasco, Adios ‘Mano de Dios’, Why Women Can’t Be Trusted in Outer Space, Friedrich Nietzsche is here to help, H

Perfect XXXVI (36) means Ep 36 is your Super Bonus Turkey Day Worldwide Extra Feature Length Podcast to get you through the Loooooong Weekend without travel, football, or whatever you'd normally do. For the Rest of the World it's just a tutorial on how to have fun AND learn the facts you need to win any argument in any dinner conversation with family, friends, or enemies! We do into the dark recesses of Afghanistan to find out what's really going to happen with the ADF (Australian Defence...


On the Trail of the Hollywood Con Queen Part 2! The “No Politics/No Rioting” Podcast!, Friends Reunion On! Return of the Giant Terrorist Anti-Semitic Slime: Jeremy Corbyn is back…How Your Brain Forms Sensory Memories, (The Australian State that Locks Down

Yes, it's Episode 35.... We continue the multi-part dramatization of the most amazing con job in Hollywood history as we close in on the suspect...or is it suspects? Avoiding the US election which still marches on we check the damage from all the riots, fires, looting and murders that Republicans have embarked upon destroying city after city since Election Night. (If we can find one) Hotness Super-Model Dating Crooner about to headline the Super Bowl halftime show next February. Why can't we...


Tracking Down the Ultimate Con Queen of Hollywood (Part 1), WuFlu Vaccine Safe? ..of Course…just like they told us Thalidomide was safe, 1950’s Swimming Pools Were The Best, The MSM has NFI what the U.S. Constitution is, Secret Election News, Drink Cheap/

Episode XXXIV is complete, unlike the USA Presidential Election. We go inside the US Constitution (the document, not the spaceship) to show why it doesn't matter what the news media says, the new President will be inaugurated in January in a seamless manner no matter who it is. So STFU and stop making sense! In Australia, the US and UK, they have said 70% of people need to be vaccinated with the 'upcoming safe' WuFlu vaccine. Do the math. Plus it takes TWO injections. And it has to be kept...


Bringing out the Dead: Dark Tales from the U.S. Election, How A German Camera Saved The Jews in WW2, Sean (Connery) of the Dead, Commitment To Excellence Edition, No More Lord of the Flies, Why Edward Norton is the new Marlon Brando, Best New Political Dr

Episode XXXIII (33) shows us that 'one day events' every four years can turn into 'four week events' in no time :) The Dark Side of the USA Elections has emerged as I predicted months ago, with hijinks and shenanigans everywhere. Why a simple Voter ID card would solve all these problems and hateful doubt. My lifelong hate of flies and mosquitos may be coming to an end with an amazing new gene-splitting technology that has got me buzzing. I've always loved photography, and a fascinating tale...


The Most Important Election In History Is Today! NOT the U.S. Elections…the Australian Podcast Awards Listener’s Choice Award!

Hi Everyone! As I reconfigure the podcast to VIDEO for December (hopefully as my crack production team comes back before the holidays, the holidays being whenever they're not here :) I thank you for your support! The Way It Is--Bobby Galinsky Podcast has a shot at the Listener's Choice Award (since I missed out on LGBTQ, ABORIGINAL, FEMINIST and other categories by obviously...just a whisker....) and YOU can make it happen by voting before 15 NOVEMBER at this link below (which you might have...


Hendryx Lives! 40 years of wandering produces the best music since Oasis in EXCLUSIVE Interview & First Song Preview, USA Election Prediction, Halloween Sans Razor Blades, Better Axe Me Again, Do Androids Dream of Electric Dolphins? The Fastest Man on the

Episode XXXII Drops Like A Hunter Biden Blackmail Bomb: Martin Luther King screams "Free At Last" because the Dark Overlord of Victoria has let us out of prison after ~120 days of lock up. Speaking of long roads, almost 40 years of hither and dither the long journey comes good for singer-songwriter MARK HENDRYX who dazzles us with his first solo studio album in an AMAZING exclusive interview that reveals that life is what happens to you when you try and make plans. Plus EXCLUSIVE first...


The Greatest Beer Ad in History That Never Ran, Your Free Trip To Paris is Ready, Hunter Biden’s Tech Tips for Aspiring Grifters, Forget Trump and Biden–here’s the difference in the parties, Welcome to The Rock, Hot Italian Mom Goes Fashionista, Searching

Episode 31 puts us a week before Halloween and less than a fortnight before the US Election. I'll walk us back to the late 70's for a Mad Men experience that is like no other advertising saga you've ever heard. Then I'll show you why it doesn't matter if the whole world has WuFlu...I'm sending you to Paris and Darren Star will ensure the trip is a good one. As Ben Shapiro says: "Your feelings may care about facts...but facts don't care about your feelings" so lets see how everyone feels...


Master of Minecraft: Interview with 9-year-old LOCKED DOWN for 5% of his entire life! Honey Bees are way smarter than you, Japanese Whisper with Junya Watanabe’s Commes de Garcon, “Be Water My Friend”: Why Bruce Lee wasn’t wanted in Hollywood, Best Scotch

THE DIRTY 30! Episode XXX! In this unusually family-friendly ep we have our second epic interview in as many weeks, but this time it's with the future captain of industry; he who will inherit the earth: A 9 YEAR OLD BOY, a student, who is an only child, with divorced parents, giving us his take on Melbourne's endless LOCKDOWN GULAG and how 5% of his life has been spent. You might be surprised... Since BEES are the barometer of WTF is going on with the planet, it's time to watch the...


How Coming Out as a Republican Killed a Hollywood Career…(until the Phoenix Rose Again to Smash the Hypocrisy): The Antonio Sabato, Jr interview, Oktoberfest Special! German Invasion 3.0!! (Just don’t mention the Instagram), Best Munich Shopping Experienc

In a gloriously international Episode XXIX (29) we go full-on to Germany for Oktoberfest and show you where to shop and the cool ageless German couple invading our Insta. While there let's stay at the best hotel in old town, and go to one of the coolest department stores on the planet you don't know about...LODENFREY. It's 10 days to Unterscharfuehrer Dan Andrews' Countdown to Freedom and he better be prepared for a blitzkrieg if he fails to honour a promise. Fantastic...


Why Your Family Memories from the Snow Globe of Life (and you) Are Disappearing, Sucking Out the Truth From the Tentacles of ‘My Octopus Teacher’, Cliff Notes & Fallout from Presidential Debates 1.0, Best Rock & Roll Bio In Years, Full Moon Realities, Chi

Episode XXVIII goes full erudite and variety pack to cover all your needs and bases. My Yom Kippur confession is that I lied and I can't not talk about politics before Halloween, so you'll get the 2 Minute Warning Cliff Notes from the first Presidential Debates. An accidental discovery on an old videotape brought my parents back to live for a brief shining moment like memories locked inside a snow dome, and why you MUST secure your memories before they (or you) disappear forever. If you...


How Ruth Bader Ginsburg dug her own grave with Make-A-Wish, Have you lost your mind?? (No, you haven’t…you’ve been Gaslighted), Destroying evidence proves that the Mueller Probe has tons to hide, Emmy Do’s & Don’ts, Your Life Philosophy is your story-writ

EPISODE XXVII (27) goes where nobody dares to go RBG is Gone-Baby-Gone, and the gloves are off for Kavanagh 2.0. 99.84% of you are probably thinking you're losing your f-----g mind but trust me....if you're a loyal listener--you're not. You're being Gaslit by the media and morons. The Truth Revealed. The Bob Mueller/Andy Weissman Witch-Hunt-Society could be the dumb & dumber of tech fail as DOZENS of their mobile phones are discovered serendipitously wiped just as the IG comes calling. The...


THE RUSSIANS ARE COMING!! THE RUSSIANS ARE COMING!!, Why Adam and Eve were DEFINITELY white, The History of The Universe, How To Blow Your Shofar (sic) (“Which chauffeur?” –Don Lemon), Putting Out Fire (Ants) with Gasoline, The Difference Between Austria

EPISODE XXVI (26) goes hot and heavy. Russian interference? Hillary warned us! I guess she meant the Melbourne, Australia Lord Mayor Race. Bring on the Russians! I end the age-old conundrum about whether Adam and Eve were white or black, and how God ever could have wrestled a rib away so easily. Tonight it's Rosh Hashanah, and us Jews will be blowing shofars all over the joint. Find out why CNN's Don Lemon wanted to convert until he realized he got the syntax wrong, just like he gets...


When Porsches Murder/Suicide: The Brief But Epic Life and Death of a Favourite Friend, Academy Awards Madness, Aussie Entrepreneurs Are Here To Take Your Identity, Why Fire Ants and Gasoline Don’t Mix, Remembering ‘Some People Who Did Something’ on 9/11/2

EPISODE XXV In this kickoff of a seven week digital podcast detox without US Election Politics before we go full "Flamethrower" on October 23rd, we have the most inclusive podast of all---just like the new Academy Awards Best Picture Fiasco. The Brief Life and Death of my Porsche and it's Murder/Suicide Finale. 1971-1975 and how the state of Nebraska contributed to an early misunderstood family carjacking. 1971 revisits to my last year in Sioux City, Iowa and trials and travails attempting...


Chadwick Boseman’s Dark Secret Cover-Up, Up Close & Personal with Lesbian Mice, If Muhammad Ali had a Twitter Account, Behind the Scenes with director Michael Mann, #WhyCupcakesMatter, Let’s Go Postal: The REAL Truth of the USA Elections Myths, You have A

Episode XXIV (24) DIRTY DOZEN! They said we'd never make it to five and now we're at two dozen.... RIP Chadwick Boseman and his legacy but there's a dark secret there his agent and manager have some explainin' to do. Hot Lesbian Mice reveal the secrets to their dark escapades and Their Chemical Romance. We go behind the scenes with uber-Director Michael Mann as he shares a most intimate and revealing story about the making of ALI with WILL SMITH. There are Cupcakes...and there's the Post...