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In 2019, three guys met for the first time on stage at The Theatre Company’s production of My Fair Lady. They played the roles of the three dads in TTC’s production of Mamma Mia! Now they are great friends with a love for theatre. Teaming up with their beloved director, they created a webseries for local theatre buffs.


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In 2019, three guys met for the first time on stage at The Theatre Company’s production of My Fair Lady. They played the roles of the three dads in TTC’s production of Mamma Mia! Now they are great friends with a love for theatre. Teaming up with their beloved director, they created a webseries for local theatre buffs.






TTCDivaDads - Ep 47 Weed and Shaw

All the divas in one room? Where could this possibly go? Will we have mic chaos? Absolutely. Will there be amazing special guests to the show? Of course. Is this episode a little on the short side? Well, whaddya know, it is. Enjoy.


TTCDivaDads - Ep 48 Alanna, Aaron, Nicole, and Dalton

Part 2 of our marathon recording session. We pull in Alanna and Aaron again for a quick chat and we get to talk to Nicole Gordon Hanks and Dalton Jones. Once again visiting with several cast and crew of The Wizard of Oz. Tons of fun and we must do it again soon.


TTCDivaDads S2 Ep 46: Dads are BACK!!!

The Diva Dads are on tonight! We aren't sure what is on the docket, but it is going to be great fun!! See you tonight!!!!!!!! LINKS:


TTCDivaDads Episode 45: Willy Wonka - Aaron Wunneberger

The Diva Dads, well, at least half of the cast, interview TTC's very own Willy Wonka!


DivaDadRodney ItShouldaBeenYou

Rodney is off doing his own thing...


TTCDivaDads S2 Ep 14: It's Cold - Live Stream

To celebrate surviving the Texas Snowpocolypse, Dobson and the Dads (and Cynthia!) decided to celebrate by inviting their 7 listeners to join the episode! We welcomed Jennifer Reiley, Keri Kempf, Cody Arn, Linda Bendiksen, Cousin Angelique, and Parker Greer to catch up and discuss how they spent their week of winter. THIS STUFF ALSO HAPPENS: We had a When Adrienne and Terri Cried and talked a bit about In the Heights, and we got a science lesson from Senora Bendiksen about why robins were suddenly bouncing around all of our yards. Thanks to Cousin Angelique, we got to hear Dana go REAL country, and finally…. FINALLY the incomparable SOUL BROWN made his TTC Diva Dads debut! DRINK RECIPE: 2 ounces bourbon 1/2 ounce coffee liqueur 2 dashes orange bitters orange peel, for garnish Support TTC by going to LINKS:


TTCDivaDads S2 Ep 13: William Shirley - Live Stream

William Shirley, 10 out of 10 on the Armineh Davis Kindness Scale, left us a year ago in a pandemic to pursue his dreams in the very cold state of Michigan. Having been entirely isolated in his apartment for the year, William could not wait to catch up with his TTC family. This stuff also happens: Some of the TTC Teens made their #TTCDivaDads return to breakdown Spacegirl the Musical, coming soon. Rodney and Dana recorded TOGETHER, which meant Dana was lucky enough to try Rod’s newest cocktail…. Or was he? Cynthia performer her now iconic Mike Kilgore impression, and we all learned the importance of always saving the last one for Andy. DRINK RECIPE: To a cocktail shaker, add: 2 oz white rum 0.5 oz gunpowder green tea simple syrup* 0.4 oz fresh lime juice 0.4 oz fresh lemon juice 4 drops black lemon bitters or daiquiri bitters 4 drops sea salt saline solution Shake with ice. You want quite a bit of dilution from your ice, so either shake with wet ice or with some crushed ice in with your larger ice. You could also add 1/3 oz of ice-cold water to your shaker if you do not have wet ice or crushed ice available, or if you simply want more dilution to your daiquiri. Double-strain into a chilled glass. You want to double-strain in order to avoid getting small ice chips in your drink. Support TTC by going to LINKS: Bio: William is originally from Austin, Texas. He first found TTC in 2017 when he auditioned for BIG RIVER. Over the next three years, he participated in three other shows: BEAUTY AND THE BEAST, SHE LOVES ME, and ROCK OF AGES. He was also the assistant stage manager for the 2019 production of THE ROCKY HORROR SHOW. William received his bachelor's degree in Forensic and Investigative Science at Texas A&M University last May, and he moved to East Lansing, Michigan in August. He is currently working on a dual degree program at Michigan State University, pursuing a masters degree in Forensic Chemistry and a PhD in Chemistry. TTC provided a constant home and friendship for William while living in BCS, and he is very thankful for the theatre and all his friends there!


TTCDivaDads S2 Ep 12: David Moreno - Live Stream

On Episode 34, we welcome David Moreno, veteran of both the TTC stage AND TTC’s renowned orchestra. David talks all about the perks of both and tells some great stories from his on and offstage moments. We discuss the triggering effect of the song, “Mack the Knife,” and David explains the logistics of being “vegan-ish.” And finally… the Diva Dads got to officially meet his lovely fiance, Shea! This stuff also happens: Roger Pine breaks down Threepenny Opera, which David still doesn’t understand, and Jennifer Reiley gives us some facts about movie Easter Eggs. Dobson & the Dads discuss potential sponsorships (Topo Chico, Hello Fresh, Fuego, Aviator Gin, Broadway HD… we’re looking at you!), and Rodney makes his new favorite cocktail! DRINK RECIPE: Riff Raff 1 1/2 oz Blood orange, Freshly Squeezed Juice 1 oz Simple syrup 2 1/2 oz gin 4 oz Sparkling water TopoChico Lime Combine juice, syrup, and gin in an ice filled tin shake or stir until tin is cold to the touch, double strain into glass, top off with Topo, and garnish with orange peel Support TTC by going to LINKS:


TTCDivaDads S2 Ep 11: Hannah Shihdanian - Live Stream

We had a fantastic show with Hanna Shihdanian! We learned about many theatre experiences which she has made an impact on TTC since her arrival in 2018. Originally from Boston, Hannah moved to BCS in June, 2018, just in time to see Rock of Ages with TTC! Immediately wanting to get involved, Hannah applied to choreograph Joseph and the Amazing..., and appeared on stage as Reno Sweeney in TTC's Anything Goes. She also performed in the trio in Little Shop of Horrors in 2020. Hannah is an Equity Member Candidate and has performed professionally with the American Repertory Theater (directed by Diane Paulus), Greater Boston Stage Company, ToUch Performance Art, Hackmatack Playhouse, Reagle Music Theatre, and others. She was the Resident Choreographer for two non-profit children's theatres in the Boston Area, and has choreographed for colleges, community theatres, and schools since 2010. In the fall of 2019, she traveled back to Boston to perform in a professional production of 42nd Street. Hannah is a certified fitness professional and launched her own virtual dance/fitness company, HDC, in April of 2020. HDC is a diverse community of teaching artists from around the country with the mission of empowering women, POC, the BLM, and the LGBTQ+ Community. As a Mom of 3, she believes that there is no limit to what women can achieve. Support TTC by going to For A Theatre Company Carol, be sure you’re subscribed to TTC’s Youtube channel, Rodney's Cocktail: The Harvard 2 oz Asbach Uralt Brandy 1 oz Sweet Vermouth 3 dashes of Angostura bitters Maraschino cherry Stir ingredients in an ice-filled glass then strain into a coup glass garnish with a Maraschino Cherry LINKS:


TTCDivaDads S2 Ep 10: Maddie Saculla

This week the Diva Dads and Dobson welcome Maddie Saculla. You may recognize Maddie from her TTC roles in Rock of Ages, Mamma Mia, Rocky Horror, or Little Shop of Horrors. Maddie has lent her powerhouse vocals to Texas A&M’s Hardchord Dynamix and is the reigning champion of The Voice BCS. What does the future hold for this talented singer, tune in to find out that and much more. This stuff also happens: Roger Pine FINALLY breaks down Starlight Express, Kate cries about Little Shop of Horrors, and Dobson and the Dads give some updates on what’s going on at TTC! We also surprised Maddie by virtually reuniting her with the rest of her trio, Keri Kempf and Hannah Shihdanian! DRINK RECIPE: Orange Bourbon Smash 1 mandarin or ½ of an orange1 ½ oz Bourbon½ oz Grand Marnier or Triple Sec or any orange liqueur½ oz sweet Vermoutha few dashes of Angostura bittersCrushed ice Support TTC by going to For A Theatre Company Carol, be sure you’re subscribed to TTC’s Youtube channel, LINKS:


TTCDivaDads S2 Ep 9: Paul Early - Live Stream

Support TTC by going to ibelieveinTTC.comFor A Theatre Company Carol, be sure you’re subscribed to TTC’s Youtube channel, Dobson and Diva Dads had a great time chatting with Paul Early, a Rice University graduate who grew up in Oregon who found his way to Texas. He has participated in over 50 productions from local community theatres, high school, college as well as professional. He is currently a board member at TTC and has helped with the Kids Camps for the last 4 years. Besides theatre, Paul has taught partner dance classes at The Dance Barre and also rides his bicycle very long distances. Currently, he is finishing up his high school teaching certificate so he can continue to do what he loves. We chatted about Paul’s TTC career, and he helped the Diva Dads find another moment to add to their drinking game. He also thrilled us with a story about basket weaving, and we determined that the going rate for requests for podcast edits is $700 to Dobson. This stuff also happens: Kate cried about Ratatouille, Roger broke down The Addams family, a conversation about cars went on for too long, and Jennifer Reiley ignited a spirited conversation about space food. DRINK RECIPE: GIN BRAMBLE Add these 3 ingredients to an ice-filled shaker and shake to combine2 oz. - Gin1 oz. - Lemon Juice½ oz. - Simple SyrupStrain into a low ball glass over crushed ice½ oz. - Creme de Cassis (or Chambord)Float on topGarnish with berries and/or lemon wheel LINKS:


TTCDivaDads S2 Ep 8: Erskine & Creel - Live Stream

IT’S ANOTHER DOUBLE EPISODE! Tonight we have the pleasure of having not one, but two amazing theatre people on the pod. Stacy Erskine and Beth Creel currently work together in the theatre department at College Station High School. But they ALSO are working together to direct our very own Adrienne Dobson in WHO’S HOLIDAY at TTC! Stacy has graced the Randy Wilson Stage countless times, including as the Lady of the Lake in SPAMALOT and the very boozy chaperone herself in THE DROWSY CHAPERONE. She’s had so many amazing roles that we can’t wait to talk to her! Beth is a director/costumer/tech queen! She has costumed for multiple TTC shows, including ROCKY HORROR and the now infamous ROCK OF AGES 🤘🏽 Beth also worked for several years with favorite #TTCguest Michelle Campbell-Greene. If there is anything you’d like to know about these two amazing women, let us know! And don’t forget to tune in tonight at 8pmCST. See you then! #ttcdivadads #hohoho #fridayvibes #celebrityguests #directors #cindylouwho #divaisafemaleversionofahustler #divapoint #divaburn #doublefeature #strongwomen #womensupportingwomen #divassupportingwomen


TTCDivaDads S2 Ep 7: Dadsgiving - Live Stream

Celebrate the Holiday with the Diva Dads this Friday with Dadsgiving! Rodney's Cocktail 4 egg whites 1 tbls granulated sugar 4 egg yolks 1/4 cup sugar 1 cup heavy cream 2 cups milk 1/2 cup of Jameson Cold Brew Whiskey 1 tsp ground nutmeg Beat egg whites w/ tbls of sugar until stiff peaks form. Set aside. Beat egg yolks w/ remaining sugar until combined and let lightens in color reduce blending speed and add remaining ingredients until combined. Fold in egg whites. Serves 4-6.


TTCDivaDads S2 Ep 6: Keith Owen - Live Stream

We are BACK and being joined by a very handsome devil. It’s @lilkekefromdablock Keith Owen! Born and raised in Bryan, TX, Keith auditioned for his first show back in 2005 at The Theatre Company and was a member of the ensemble in “Beauty and the Beast.” Some of Keith’s favorite roles at TTC include Rapunzel’s Prince in “Into the Woods”, Mordred in “Camelot” and Flotsam (not Jetsam) in “The Little Mermaid.” Keith now works as a Shift Manager at MAD taco and Barista at The Village in Downtown Bryan. Still involved with theatre, Keith now has moved behind the scenes and has worked as the Stage Manager for productions such as “Rocky Horror Picture Show,” “Frozen Jr.” and “Who’s Holiday.” Keith can’t wait to be the extra special guest this week and talk to Adrienne and the TTC Diva Dads! Fiddles McGinty by Kevin MacLeod is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 license. Source: Artist:


TTC Diva Dads Episode 27: Hannah Lee - Live Stream

HAPPY FRIDAY! We have a good feeling about today. Keeping in the spirit of the season of #RockyHorror, we’ve got our Usherette from Rocky I, HANNAH LEE! Hannah Lee, now Farris, started theatre at The Theatre Company at age 13. She had the privilege to work with Randy Wilson in multiple shows, including his original work of Taking Liberty, and our very first Rocky Horror Show as the Usherette. She attended Ball State, pursuing a BFA in musical theatre. She then attended nursing school, graduated valedictorian, and is now a nurse at Baylor Scott and White.


TTCDivaDads S2 Ep 4: Monty Maisano - Live Stream

Monty Maisano spent 4 amazing years at Texas A&M studying for his BBA in Accounting and MS in finance. He was active in the Century Singers on campus, and a frequent participant of TTC shows. His performances included: Jekyll & Hyde (Utterson?), Chicago (Mary Sunshine), Big River (the Duke), Producers (Carmen), Light in the Piazza (Giuseppe), Chess (the Russian), and of course Rocky Horror #1 (Riff Raff). Monty also participated in Brazos Valley Players productions of Hairspray (Mr. Pinky/Gym teacher) and Cabaret (Chorus). When not on stage, he could often be found at the West Campus Library, backstage disrupting rehearsals, at Halo dancing the night away, or attending one of the many century singers themed parties throughout the year. After graduation, Monty moved to Dallas for 5 years working in Deloitte’s Banking and Capital Markets practice. There he met his wonder husband (Drew), adopted a cute little French Bulldog puppy (Winston), and continued his masquerading as an accountant by day and music nerd by night. Monty sang for several years in the Turtle Creek Chorale and managed to find time for one musical, Spamalot (chorus). After 5 years, they moved to New York City to further their careers, where they have continued working at Deloitte as a senior manager. They currently reside in the Upper West Side and can often be found at Marie’s Crises (may it reopen soon) or at the 72nd street dog park.


TTCDivaDads S2 Ep 3: Corey Barron - Live Stream

HAPPY FRIDAY! It’s time to cancel your Friday night plans, because you’re about to spend the evening with us. We get to hang out with Corey Barron! Tell us what you want to know about King Arthur himself and what he’s been up to since he left the BCS area. Tune in tonight at 8pm live on YouTube! Corey Barron is absolutely thrilled to be a guest on Diva Dads! Some of Corey’s favorite shows include Assassins, Camelot, and She Loves Me. In his free time Corey enjoys doing his best to cook, socializing with goofy people, and writing bios. Enjoy!


TTCDivaDads S2 Ep 2: Kelsie Kullman (REDUX) - Live Stream

Kelsie Kullman is a long time veteran at The Theatre Company, having been in over 18 productions (and 2 more to come). She was first cast in the 2005 production of The Music Man, starring the brilliant Mark Bendiksen. After that she was hooked and did several more productions throughout high school. She took a break to go off to college at The University of North Texas, where she received a B.A. in Theatre with an emphasis in performance. Her studies at UNT included Realism, Musical Theatre, Voice, Movement, Clowning, Playwriting, and Directing, just to name a few. She was also blessed to have been in five productions during her time there, including one of her most cherished roles, Rona Lisa Peretti in THE 25th ANNUAL PUTNAM COUNTY SPELLING BEE. She moved back to College Station in 2015 and picked right back up at TTC, auditioning for PETER PAN about two weeks after she moved back. Some of Kelsie’s favorite TTC roles include: Yente (FIDDLER ON THE ROOF), Justice Charlier (ROCK OF AGES), Mrs. Peachum (THE THREEPENNY OPERA), Sour Kangaroo (SEUSSICAL THE MUSICAL), and Narrator (JOSEPH AND THE AMAZING TECHNICOLOR DREAMCOAT). Kelsie has a passion for not only theatre and singing, but comedy, writing, art, social justice, movies, and petting dogs. In 2010 she wrote a short film, The Guardian, which was then produced and filmed in Houston by Crosswind Productions and has won several international awards. In 2014 she was picked to produce two of her short plays for local DFW actors and directors. Also in 2014, she wrote, cast, and directed her own short play series called The Talking Walls of Room 14. She is a devoted friend, a loving sister, and a caring (yet a handful) daughter. In 2021 she (hopes) to move out of state to pursue her love of theatre, singing, writing, and voiceover work. Enjoy the show :)


TTCDivaDads S2 Ep 1: Riley McMahon - Live Stream

Riley grew up in Castle Rock, CO and has always had a love for the arts and music. Putting on Britney Spears concerts in her living was a favorite past time for her. In elementary school, after seeing the local high school’s production of Beauty and the Beast, her passion for musical theatre was born. She went on to be cast in Annie, Thoroughly Modern Millie, Once Upon a Mattress, Aida, and Once on this Island throughout high school. After starting at Texas A&M, Riley took a break to focus on her studies. During her sophomore year, the lovely Melanee Kate Thomas told her that the local theatre company was having auditions for Beauty and the Beast, and Riley knew she had to go. What she wasn’t expecting though was to be introduced to the group of people who would help spark her passion for performing once again, and become a group that she holds close to her heart. After that, she knew she had found a home, and strived to be as involved as possible. Since discovering her TTC family, Riley’s roles have included a very dashing napkin (Beauty and the Beast), a charming flower seller (My Fair Lady), a phantom with an addiction to blow pop suckers (Rocky Horror Show), a business woman by day/dental assistant by night (Little Shop of Horrors), and the closest to her heart, Sophie (a girl with some serious father figure issues) in Mamma Mia! She was also the makeup/hair designer for TTC’s magical performance of Frozen Jr, and misses her little snowflakes and hidden folk! Riley has since graduated from Texas A&M with her Bachelors of Science in Race, Gender, and Ethnicity studies and is currently working full time in IT. She misses the theatre dearly, and is excited for the chance to hang out with the marvelous Adrienne and pester her 3 favorite musical fathers!


TTCDivaDads Episode 21: The Dads - Live Stream

We're turning 21! Please join us tonight in celebrating the last 20 episodes as we relive some of the magical moments and decompress from the week.