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Ken Reid and his guests explore the tough television watching decisions of our past.

Ken Reid and his guests explore the tough television watching decisions of our past.
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Ken Reid and his guests explore the tough television watching decisions of our past.








TV Guidance Counselor Episode 354: Emma Dumont

Today Ken welcomes actor Emma Dumont (The Gifted) to the show. Ken and Emma discuss Emma's Golden Girls fandom, The Facts of Life, being a Jo, The Facts of Life reunion, loving private school uniforms, roller skates, RollerReid, Roller Derby, Whip It!, being very tall, getting good at something through sheer will and hard work, Ken's failure at practice, Magic, learning Mandarin, doing ballet in Russia, regional oddities, "bubblahs", Seattle, underground cities, being Shanghai'd, vintage...


TV Guidance Counselor Episode 353: Caissie St. Onge

Today Ken welcomes fellow Massachusetts escapee and until very recently the showrunner of the excellent and criminally non-renewed "Busy Tonight", the great Caissie St. Onge. Ken and Caissie discuss Busy Tonight, leaving Massachusetts, New England rage, why "it must be nice", Fitchburg state college, being David Letterman's assistant, 30 Rock, writing letters, being in the trenches of the Late Night Wars, mid 80s TV, WLVI TV56, WSBK TV38, growing up on a farm, how reception drove your...


TV Guidance Counselor Episode 352: Maylin Pavletic

March 15-21, 1997 Today Ken welcomes comedian Maylin Pavletic to the show. Ken and Maylin discuss condemned properties, neighborhood politics, Somerville, drug fronts, pee pee/poo poo vs. poo poo/pee pee houses, uncomfortable sexual situations at work, veterinarians, dogs, Matt Smith, prostitute loving soccer players, bad statues, monkey jesus, brunch, Lord of the Flies businesses, Ren & Stimpy, Frank Zappa: Pope, The Head, MTV Oddities, Oddville, Nicktoons, The Maxx, Goosebumps, Strangers...


TV Guidance Counselor Episode 351: Misti Dawn

April 19-25, 1997 Today Ken welcomes make up artist, cosplayer and podcaster Misti Dawn to the show. Ken and Misti discuss Glendale, Hollywood's creepy underbelly, red light districts, the combat zone, JFK losing his mind, Kentucky, not wanting to leave the house, angry letters, being in Good Will Hunting, Catholic Schools, staring at a dead body as punishment, a cultural removal from the physics of death, Return of the Living Dead, growing up in a video store, Mormons, crushing on Jim...


TV Guidance Counselor Episode 350: Tom Arnold

Today Ken welcomes actor/comedian/involuntary investigational journalist Tom Arnold to the show. Ken and Tom discuss Hirshfeld's of yourself, The Honeymooners, Jackie Gleason, getting paid $1 million to not be in the Honeymooners, The June Taylor Dancers, how sexy Florence Henderson was, autograph shows, peeing next to "Sophia Loren", growing up without a Mother, Loni Anderson, The Partridge Family, David Cassidy, Bill Cosby, the Me Too Era, Roseanne, context and intent, The Break, the...


TV Guidance Counselor Episode 349: Dr. Rebecca Housel

December 20 - 26, 2003 This week Ken welcomes Pop Culture Professor Dr. Rebecca Housel to the show. Ken and Rebecca discuss cheesecake, bar pizza,being an outdoor kid, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Golden Girls, entertainment dynasties, Roseanne, Wonder Woman, anti-antisemitism, Gal Godot, the weird sexual history of Wonder Woman, Donna Reed, variety shows, cutting out commercials from your life, on demand, Alice, Charlie's Angels, Bionic Woman, 50 Shades of Grey, Anne Rice, Interview with the...


TV Guidance Counselor Episode 348: Shawn Carter

This week Ken welcomes Boston comedian Shawn Carter to the show. Ken and Shawn discuss visiting Ken's house every two years, getting hugged by TV, assuming everyone is older than you, losing your hair, Shawn watching sports, getting off the Patriot's wagon, Ken's hatred of Gronk, Rockland MA, Plymouth Rock, clubbin', Skinemax Comedy, Boobs vs. Boobs after Midnight, HBO, running schoolyard gags, Mr. Walls, Mr. Enis, white suburban hip hop, Roseanne, Star Jones, ads with attitude, Michael...


TV Guidance Counselor Episode 347: Ben Seidman

June 20 -26, 2004 Today Ken welcomes magician, comedian and master pickpocket Ben Seidman to the show. Ken and Ben discuss dogs, weird relationships with TV, learning magic, what TV Guide has in common with Playboy, Ken's time in the UK, growing up in Milwaukee, Mid-west eyes, Butter Burgers, being an only child, central time, being an indoor kid, Prince, how practice makes friendless, martial arts, Making Believe, Krystyn Lambert, Boston bullies, Myq Kaplan, David Blaine, David...


TV Guidance Counselor Episode 346: Fee Waybill

This week Ken welcomes Tubes' frontman Fee Waybill to the show. Ken and Fee discuss tax free New Hampshire, moving from Omaha to Arizona, horses, small town theaters, Westerns, Frances the Talking Mule, serials, Commando Cody, The Lone Ranger, Cisco Kid, James Garner Maverick, The Rifleman, Chuck Connors, Branded, Wanted Dead or Alive, Steve McQueen, SCTV, the Serious Moonlight Tour with David Bowie, Canada, Edmonton, Wayne Gretzky, Big Bucks Bob, John Candy, The Fishing Musician, sushi,...


TV Guidance Counselor Episode 345: Erin MaGuire

This week Ken welcomes BACK to the show (after appearing on a live edition at last year's Women in Comedy festival) comedian Erin Maguire. Ken and Erin discuss Ken's odd carnival prizes, East Coast anxiety, Psychic Storefronts, Arlington mobs, lottery studio, accents, nicknames, The Winter Hill Gang, SATs, five and dime stores, Boston's WHDH kid's show "Ready to Go", New Kids on the Block, Heathcliff, The Three Stooges, Roof Kids, Scott Grimes, two gingers, Night Life, Joey McIntire,...


TV Guidance Counselor Episode 344: Storm Large

This week Ken welcomes fellow former Boston Punk Rock kid, the fantastic musician, writer and all around entertainer Storm Large. Ken and Storm discuss being North Shore, Framingham, being shocked that Massachusetts is a Democratic state, Boston's racism and segregation, bring back "fine", 90s lingo, Bad Brains, wanting somebody to sing to you from jail, going to an all boys school, sausage forests, growing up as a punk rock kid, San Francisco, drag queens beating frat boys with platform...


TV Guidance Counselor Episode 343: Nellie McKay

This week Ken welcomes singer/songwriter Nellie McKay to the show. Ken and Nellie discuss dogs, growing up in Harlem, warming yourself by the TV when the heating is turned off, David Letterman, subversive art, Conan O'Brien, Ferguson, the cutting edge on the internet, The Jimmy Dore Show, when comedy becomes the gatekeeper of the status quo, corporate overlords, Jimmy Fallon: Comedy Eunuch, Joan Rivers, leaning into viral content, cool music on TV, COPS, not watching TV shows about New York...


TV Guidance Counselor Episode 342: Guinevere Turner

Today Ken welcomes screenwriter, director and actor Guinevere Turner to the show. Ken and Guinevere discuss growing up in the Lyman Family, Ryan Walsh's Astral Weeks, Mel Lyman's Lords List of movies, not being allowed to watch TV, being obsessed with Dallas, The Twilight Zone, being the keeper of the commercial clicker, The Three Stooges, M*A*S*H, refusing to acknowledge Daylight Savings, getting TV Guide, Go Fish, making a movie for lesbians, falling in love with Kermit the Frog, Charles...


TV Guidance Counselor Episode 341: Toy Newkirk

Today Ken welcomes actor, producer, director and all around talent Toy Newkirk to the show. Ken and Toy discuss the Hollywood Hills, growing up a tomboy, donut families, Fonzie's swimming hole, the 1970s, the golden age of porn valley, not being allowed to watch TV, growing up with the Zappas, from Maryland to California, being an engineer, being a kid on sets, curiosity, throwing dirt at a commercial director, riding horses, ice skating, going on vacation with Kim Fields, auditioning for...


TV Guidance Counselor Episode 340: Jackie Kashian

January 22-29, 1977 Today Ken welcomes comedian, podcaster and dork forest ranger Jackie Kashian to the show. Ken and Jackie discuss welcoming yourself to you, SCTV, Roots, having a liberal stepmother, bedtimes, Wonder Woman, Mary Tyler Moore, Bob Newhart, decoding the Hallmark Christmas movies, Marvel Team-Up, Spider-Man, reading weird Australian biker books, Spenser for Hire, Wisconsin, Fonzie Statues, Happy Days, weird Milwaukee-isms, WI Gangsters, Laverne and Shirley, Starksy and...


TV Guidance Counselor Episode 339: Mehran

January 7-13, 1989 After a long delay Ken finally welcomes comedian Mehran to the show. Ken and Mehran discuss Ken's aversion to coming into the city, murderous athletes, the Venn Diagram of Euro-trash and townies, the J. Fred Muggs Awards, Geraldo, White Supremecists, representation on television, Adam Walsh, Stranger Danger, Iran, being an anchor baby, butt tapes, HBO's America Undercover, having a big dump in your pants, waiting on Mike Tyson, Night Court, sleazy TV, Golden Girls, LA...


TV Guidance Counselor Episode 338: Cathy Podewell

October 22 - November 2, 1979 Today Ken welcomes actress Cathy Podewell (Dallas, Growing Pains, Night of the Demons) to the show. Ken and Cathy discuss her pre-work, Studs Terkel, Riverdale, growing up in Chicago, the coolest artifact ever brought on the show, TV Forecast, Kukla, Fran & Ollie, golden age of live TV, legacy acting families, Lady Blue, why everyone should wait tables for two weeks, the importance of empathy, Halloween, Nightmares, The Beverly Center, Eight is Enough,...


TV Guidance Counselor Episode 337: Adam Marsh

September 5-11, 1987 Today Ken welcomes writer (Atomic Bebop Hulabaloo) and friend Adam Marsh to the show. Ken and Adam discuss Adam's dream come true of appearing on the show, Adam's complicated sibling history, pool hustlers, Tower Records, New Kids on the Block, arcades, the homeless, slug people, pools, Mountain time, Pool Trucks, Rumpus Rooms, Werewolf, Chuck Connors, Thicke of the Night, Chris Elliot, Jay Leno on Letterman, What's Your Beef?, Marlon Brando, The New Adventures of...


TV Guidance Counselor Episode 336: Ayden Mayeri

March 23-29, 1996 Today Ken welcomes actor Ayden Mayeri to the show. Ken and Ayden discuss the Bette Davis estate, seltzer, Polar, famous noses, the 90s and the 60s, Nick at Nite, SNL, separate beds, references in comedy, the 1996 Telecommunications Act, syndication, reality TV, the horrors of deregulation, local weird late night TV, preachers on TV, prank calling Church TV, growing up in wine country, Pastor Scott, calling people's parents by accident, growing up an only child, learning...


TV Guidance Counselor Episode 335: Ken Levine

Today Ken welcomes writer/producer/podcaster/sports announcer Ken Levine to the show. Ken and Ken discuss Ken's Hollywood home, Hirshfelds, Emmys, the golden age of television of the early 70s, the horrors of working as a radio DJ, getting laid off before Christmas, forgetting a person's real name and calling them by their actor name, David White of Bewitched, Erin Murphy, being in the army reserves, moving into writing for TV, reverse engineering scripts via bookstore remainders and reel...