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15 Macros Astete: A Christmas Movie Fight!

It’s that magical time of year! The new Star Wars film is almost here! Oh, nope, sorry Josefina... the holiday season has just begun! This week, with the return of Macros Astete, we share our Christmas plans, our Star Wars plans, and Macros’ obsession with Jim Carrey. For the celebration of the holiday season, we’ve each decided to choose a Christmas movie to debate why it is the best and defend its honour in a fight to the death. Listeners, prepare for Taken North’s 'A Christmas Movie...


14 Wiggo Antonsen: The Northernmost Taxi Driver

Even in this northernmost city, we have a taxi service which helps us around during winter storms and getting us to and from the airport to escape the cold and snow. Wiggo Antonsen is one of these drivers and joins us to share his experience as 'The Northernmost Famous Taxi Driver in the World'! After being featured on the BBC TV Series 'Ice Town: Life on the Edge' he has fallen into celebrity life. Each week tourists recognize him as one of their favourite personalities from the series,...


13 Ida Marie Eilertsen: Panties, Entrepreneurs, and Sailing. Oh my!

Passion projects are the driving force for many individuals living in Svalbard, and the world. For Ida Marie Eilertsen and her business partner, that project is creating a top secret pair of comfy ladies undies! Ida Maria, the third generation of arctic explorers, shares a few of her experiences here in Svalbard and says some inspirational words on how to develop one's idea into reality. If you enjoy this episode please leave a review and subscribe! takennorth.com facebook.com/takennorth


12 Malin Grahndin: Q&A Meeting the Locals

During our November Facebook Live event, we asked our listeners to send us some of their questions about life in the Arctic. We did our best to answer the questions, but thought we should seek additional opinions in the pursuit of clarifying what life in Longyearbyen means for people! Josefina's longtime friend, Malin Grahndin, joins us on the podcast to break the ice and introduce our new segment 'Terrorizing the Locals'. If you enjoy this episode please leave a review and...


3 Benjamin Vidmar: Permaculture in the Arctic

How can we make this cold, bare arctic town greener? Founder of Polar Permacutlture Solutions, Benjamin Vidmar, has the solution! He teaches us the steps we can all take to help Longyearbyen to become more ecologically aware. Benjamin tells the story behind the northernmost greenhouse and his passion of fresh food. takennorth.com facebook.com/takennorth


2 Chicco Mattos: Filming the Beauty of the Arctic

Together with Chicco Mattos, producer and owner of Shutterbird Production, we discuss how to survive in the arctic, his fascination with the northern lights, what motivates someone to go out shooting for hours upon hours in -40'C. We also ask Chicco about his successful TV show, "Minha Vida no Arctico" and his next adventure - the crossing of Antarctic! takennorth.com facebook.com/takennorth


1 Ivan Aasten: A Northernmost Introduction

To help us introduce Svalbard and the podcast we have invited our friend, Ivan, to come into the studio. After a few years of living in the city we each share a few unique experiences which makes life here odd. Join us as we discuss surviving the inevitable zombie apocalypse, defeating polar bears in our nightmares, and weird, odd, fun facts of Longyearbyen. takennorth.com facebook.com/takennorth