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Conspiracy Theory Related Interviews with Mick West






Episode 58: Peter Bergen – Kirkpatrick, UFOs, and the Pentagon

Peter Bergen is CNN’s national security analyst, a vice president at New America, a professor of practice at Arizona State University, and the host of the Audible podcast “In the Room with Peter Bergen.” He...


Episode 57: Alex Dietrich, Clouds, Critical Thinking, and UFOs

Alex Dietrich served a 20-year career as a Naval officer and fighter pilot with two combat deployments. She was also deployed to Afghanistan as an Infrastructure reconstruction engineer. She then transitioned to academia, serving as...


Episode 56: Robert Bartholomew – Havana Syndrome and Mass Psychogenic Illness

Robert Bartholomew has a PhD in Medical Sociology, and is an Honorary Senior Lecturer in the Department of Psychological Medicine at the University of Auckland in New Zealand. He’s an expert in Mass Psychogenic Illness...


Episode 55 – Professor Avi Loeb: The Galileo Project

What is a University professor doing investigating UFOs? Professor Avi Loeb of Harvard University heads the Galileo Project, which seeks (in part) to identify the nature of Unidentified Aerial Phenomena by establishing a network of...


Episode 54 – Mia Bloom and Sophia Moskalenko: Pastels and Pedophiles

Mia Bloom is Professor of Communication at Georgia State University with a PhD in political science from Columbia University. Sophia Moskalenko is a research fellow at Georgia State University and a researcher at the National...


Episode 53 – Jason Colavito – UFOs and the Invisible College, How Did We Get Here?

Jason Colavito is an author and journalist with a focus on “alternative archeology” and, more recently, the UFO cultural phenomenon. In May 2021, he wrote the article: “How Washington Got Hooked on Flying Saucers” in...


Episode 52 – Luis Elizondo – UFOs, UAPs, AATIP, and TTSA

Luis Elizondo is a former senior intelligence official, a disclosure advocate, a national security expert, and the former director of the Pentagon’s UFO/UAP Program (AATIP). We talk about his work in those capacities and also...


Episode 51 – Michael: Post Inauguration QAnon Catchup

Michael is a “follower” of Q, in what is commonly known as the QAnon conspiracy theory. I first talked to him one year ago, February 2020. We met on Twitter discussing UFOs, but had a...


Episode 50 – Alex: Raised by Conspiracy Theorists

Alex was raised by conspiracy theorists. This makes him different from most people who end up down the rabbit hole in that assuming nefarious plots were going on was never a surprise to him. Indeed,...


Episode 49 – Georgina: A QAnon Friend in the UK

QAnon is a very American conspiracy theory, focussing upon a supposed plan by a mysterious entity named ‘Q’ who was working with Donald Trump to rid the US of a corrupt elite. But despite this...


Episode 48 – Accidentally Dating a Conspiracy Theorist

My guest this week thought all was well when she started dating a handsome intelligent man. But then a few things he said, particularly about “the Jews” started to seem like something more than just...


Episode 47: Sarah – Conspiracy Casualty

Sarah’s ex-partner seemed like a normal person, but a few years ago he discovered conspiracy theory videos. Starting with claims that the Moon Landing was fake he quickly progressed to Flat Earth and eventually ended...


Episode 46: Ryan – Growing Out Of 9/11

Ryan became a conspiracy theorist at age 15. He spent five years solidly down the 9/11 conspiracy rabbit hole, believing that the World Trade Center buildings were destroyed with pre-planted explosives. As he grew older...


Episode 45: Brandon Fugal: The Owner of Skinwalker Ranch

Brandon Fugal is a prominent business leader based in Utah and is the current owner of the mysterious Skinwalker Ranch, which is the focus of a wide variety of reported strange phenomena, from supernatural visitors...


Episode 44: Steven Hassan – Cults and Conspiracies

Steven Hassan is an expert on cults. A former high ranking member of the Unification Church, aka the “Moonies”, he’s been helping people escape the rabbit hole since his own escape in 1976. Now he’s...


Episode 43 – Tim McMillan: The Challenges of UFO Investigations

Investigating UFOs presents a number of challenges, many of which are not immediately obvious, but swiftly rear up to impede progress. There are straightforward issues, like military secrecy and people being afraid to talk because...


Episode 42 – Flat Earth and Coronavirus

Does a Flat Earther react to world events differently to other people? When you think the world is flat, then you think that the mainstream view of the world is very wrong. Does this carry...


Episode 41 – Johnny Orbital: Former Flat Earther, Now a Science Advocate

Johnny Orbital is a rare breed – a former genuine believer in the Flat Earth theory who is willing to talk about his experience. When I was writing my book Tales From the Rabbit Hole,...


Episode 40 – Jeremy Rys: Alien Science and 9/11 Conspiracy Theories

Jeremy Rys has gone by “Alien Scientist” for over ten years. His primary interest is in independently researching exotic technology like anti-gravity and warp drives. Some people speculate that such technology exists and comes from...


Episode 39 – DJ Thermal Detonator: 9/11 History and Change

DJ Thermal Detonator was heavily involved in the Los Angeles 9/11 Truth scene in the late 2000s. At that time, local activism centered around the We Are Change group. DJ attended meetings, helped out with...