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The Tank is a home for New York’s emerging artists and experimental work across many disciplines, and this is our

The Tank is a home for New York’s emerging artists and experimental work across many disciplines, and this is our
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The Tank is a home for New York’s emerging artists and experimental work across many disciplines, and this is our




17 LadyFest Special

It's that special time of year when we have our biggest summer festival, LadyFest! To celebrate this celebration of exciting, emerging lady and non-binary artists, we are sharing five short conversations with artists in this year's festival. Hear guest host, LadyFest producer Katie Walenta explore themes and stories of the shows and what makes them work so well as a part of LadyFest. This episode features interviews with essica Wu, Mary Goggin, Catherine Weingarten, Taji Senior, and Katelynn...


16 Christian Roberson: Technical Resident

In Rosalind's final episode of Tanked, we sit down with someone who is not putting up a show at The Tank, but is essential to its fabric. That is our beautiful technical resident Christian Roberson. This man helps the theater run every day, and there is so much more to him than a boy in a booth. Learn the story of how he came to The Tank, and what The Tank means to him on this genuinely heartwarming episode.


15 Kev Berry: A Sissy's Physiology

IT'S PRIDEFEST! Kev Berry has been a part of The Tank family for years, putting up dazzling solo pieces and work responding to current events. He has also done a lot of "extravagantly gay" plays, and we talk about his latest queer opus, A Sissy's Physiology on this episode of Tanked! It's our sixth annual PrideFest, so what better time to have this conversation!? Plus, while the Meghan is away, there is a special guest host with Roz.


14 Crystal Skillman, Jessi Hill, and Megan Hill: Open

Abra-ka-tank-da! It's magic time here on Tanked! (maybe they can magically make our puns better) We sit down with the enchanting trio behind our newest one-person play, Open, to hear about how they came together and what happens to a play that has sat in your back pocket for almost a decade. Plus, hear what network TV star originated the role of The Magician.


Bonus: Intern Marques with Roz & MF

Superstar intern Marques Villaronga is ending his internship at The Tank and wanted to sit down with Roz and MF to hear more about their opinions of The Tank and to hear all the hot gos. Tune in for a sincere episode and to hear more about our illustrious leaders' connection to this place.


13 April Ranger and Christina Roussos: Bathsheba's Psalms

What if we recorded an episode when our guests weren't in tech!? what a concept - one we achieve today. We talk with April Ranger and Christina Roussos about their new play, its development, and their feelings about baths. We also talk about our admiration and collaboration of/with Mac Wellman. What a truly joyful chat.


12 Leah Evans: The Armory

Get ready to laugh. It's comedy time. At The Tank, we have so much comedy going on, from weekly improv shows, sketch, indie tournaments, jams, and so much more. The main hub of comedy at The Tank is The Armory, and this week we sit down with its found and fearless leader Leah Evans. Leah talks about her comedy journey and how The Armory came to be this unique voice in the New York comedy scene.


11 Ailis Ni Riain and Ran Xia: The Tallest Man in the World

Ran is back on Tanked to talk about this dark and powerful drama Ailis Ni Riain. These two collaborators discuss how they made this piece feel human, magical, and tangible. The wildly diverse and international team that put this work up crafted a delicate story; hear how it came to fruition. Plus: who watches Shark Tank?


10 Nadja Leonard-Hooper and Dan Nuxoll: Eat The Devil

Do you like theater but think it needs more artificially intelligent sex dolls? Well, do we have the show for you. In this episode, we chat with the co-writers of Eat The Devil about the terrifying all-too-real world they've created. The fake news they've generated, the engulfing force of the internet, and all of the daddies come to play in this chaotic and beautiful show. Things may get a bit furry, and maybe a bit sporty!


09 Ria DiLullo and Katelynn Kenney: Wendell and Pan

After a short break, we are back to bring you our conversation with Ria and Katelynn - the director and writer of Wendell and Pan. We find out how the two met and began working together, what shaped this play, and the personal connections to the story. Was there flying in this show? Yes! How high is our grid? Just over 11 feet! Celebrate this great show with us as well as Rosalind's 5 year anniversary at The Tank.


08 Rodrigo Nogueira: Real

Happy Tanked New Year! Rodrigo has made a home for himself at The Tank and workshopped Real at our PrideFest this Summer. Now he's back to share the full production. Rodrigo talk with Roz & MF about how he came to the U.S., how he came to this play, how his affinity for music is embedded in the play, along with the politics of Brazil and the U.S.


Bonus: #JoinTheTank

As the days get shorter, our end of year fundraising campaign is nearing its end. With just a few days left, we reached out to some of the artists who were at The Tank this year to get their opinions on why you should #JoinTheTank You can support our fundraising campaign at JoinTheTank.org


07 Greg Kotis: The Truth About Santa

We step out of The Tank and head a few blocks north to The Drama Book Shop for this very special live episode of Tanked! Roz & MF sit down and share a cup of eggnog with Tony award-winner Greg Kotis to discuss the 10 year anniversary production of The Truth About Santa. Is there exclusive info about Greg's next show? Only one way to find out! Plus, hear a follow up voicemail from Collin's Corner.


06 Emily Perkins & Liba Vaynberg: The Russian & The Jew

We sit down with the creators and stars of The Russian and The Jew to talk about their smash hit show. They first workshopped it at The Tank back in January, and now it is shining in our 56-seat theater. Hear them talk about russians, jews, and how the themes around immigration strike poignantly across decades.


05 Christopher Stevenson: Weekend

Come join Meghan & Roz talk with Christopher Stevenson, director and sound designer of Weekend, adapted from Jean-Luc Godard's text, which follows a monstrous couple set out on a weekend trip along the American countryside to collect inheritance money by any means. We talk about the inspiration behind the show, the correlation of the show to its original text, and what makes a show stand out. And some KFC.


04 Ben Gassman & Ran Xia: Independent Study

These two have become an essential part of our Tank family, and we can't wait for their first collaboration together. Independent Study traces the unlikely friendship of a first-generation college student and her former professor, each struggling privately with a brother's radical choice and the onslaught of the internet’s opinions. We discuss the ways they've physicalized the internet within the play and many of the real-life experiences that have influenced this piece. Also, did Phil...


03 Caitlin Saylor Stephens & Sarah Frances Cagianese

On this episode, we sit down with the playwright of When We Went Electronic to talk about this new play which follows two American Apparel models as they try to recall a tragic/fun night. Caitlin has been developing this play for seven years, and talks to us about her journey and her collaboration with Meghan directing the piece. We also hear an exclusive performance of "Possession" from the show performed by the composer Sarah Frances Cagianese.


02 Normandy Sherwood: Ruffles, or, a Progression of Rakes

This week, we sit down with director, writer, and designer, Normandy Sherwood to talk about her new show Ruffles, or, a Progression of Rakes. She has been workshopping this piece for years now, and she walks us through its development, and also how she has developed in her time as a New York theater artist. Also our first first installment of Collin's Corner.


01 Miranda Haymon: In The Penal Colony

For our first episode, Co-Artistic Director Meghan Finn sits down with the creator and director of the new piece In The Penal Colony, Miranda Haymon to discuss the insightful and experimental piece running at The Tank through September 17th. They talk about how the piece came to be, its relation to today's societal forces, and Miranda's own background. All of this plus stories from Roz & MF and our favorite (and only) featured segment: email count! For more info, visit www.thetanknyc.org