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Grab a drink and join Mel and Marissa as they chit the chat about navigating life as a young woman working in tech!

Grab a drink and join Mel and Marissa as they chit the chat about navigating life as a young woman working in tech!


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Grab a drink and join Mel and Marissa as they chit the chat about navigating life as a young woman working in tech!




TGHH 46: Stress

Today we discuss stress, the good and the bad. Things can feel really complicated in our 20s, as our careers ramp up and more personal responsibilities land on our plates, but we'll help you with the tips on preventing and managing stress to make it through your day.


TGHH 45: Negotiations

Negotiating a job offer can often feel so scary and awkward, but it's an important skill to hone that can make a huge difference in what you're taking home in your new role. This week, join us as we discuss our tips and tricks, do's and don'ts in negotiating offer packages, and help you hone your skills to secure the bag.


TGHH 44: Dating

Join us this week for a spicier episode than usual as we talk about dating! In this episode, we break down the struggles and learnings from our dating experiences in tech cities in our mid twenties.


TGHH 43: Performance Reviews Demystified

Ah the dreaded performance review and peer feedback cycle, a very important time of year that we all seem to dislike. In this episode, we tackle how to prep for reviews, tips on writing good reviews, and moving forward after results come out, to make everyone's experience a little more pleasant. Let's stay connected! Follow us on instagram @techgirlhappyhour


TGHH 42: Looking Ahead to 2022 Reflection

We’re back! In this episode we look ahead on 2022. Join us as we discuss our predictions for the year and share our tips for planning (or not planning) your goals for the year.


TGHH 41: FAANG Demystified

FAANG companies are often known in the tech world as the most exclusive companies to work at. Are these companies really worth the hype? Join us this week as we talk about our experiences at FAANG and give you the inside scoop on the good, the bad, and getting your foot in the door.


TGHH 40: Work From Home Revisited

We didn’t see it coming but it’s been over a year of working from home! We’ve settled into our routines and we’ve seen a big shift in tech embracing remote work. Join us this week as we reflect on remote work since Episode 1 and discuss changes in the industry.


TGHH 39: Having Difficult Conversations

Do you dread the thought of having a hard conversation? Whether it's confronting a friend about a conflict, asking your manager for a promotion, or breaking some difficult news to your family, there are a lot of situations where finding the right words can be uncomfortable. In this episode, we discuss a framework to empower you to tackle these difficult conversations.


TGHH 38: Being "That Girl"

“That girl”. You’ve seen her on TikTok and Instagram — she has her life totally together, is always super productive, works out every day, makes an IG-worthy breakfast, practices self care, and somehow still finds time to socialize between it all. She’s the best version of ourselves. She’s who we aspire to be, but at the same time, we all know she is unachievable — right? This week, Mel and Marissa challenge themselves to be THAT girl! Join us as we reflect on a week of trying to achieve...


TGHH 37: Data Scientist AMA

Welcome back to our career deep dive series! Ever wondered what a career as a Data Scientist is like? Join us this week as we interview our friend and guest Meera on life in this exciting hot new field. We'll discuss how to start a career in data science, the day to day, and the highlights and lowlights. Resources mentioned in this episode: Masters of Scale podcast How I Built This podcast Let's stay connected! IG: @techgirlhappyhour


TGHH 36: Work & Vacation

Taking time away from our full-time jobs can be unexpectedly stressful, making us less likely to take the time we need to rest and recover. Vacation is meant to be relaxing and restorative, and with a bit of strategy, we hope to keep it that way! Join us this episode as we provide tips around preparing to take vacation, unplugging when you’re out of office, and returning to work as smoothly as possible. Let's stay connected! IG: @techgirlhappyhour


TGHH 35: Hot Girl Summer Reflection

We’re coming to the end of hot girl summer, post-vax summer, whatever you want to call it. It’s been truly a unique summer for the books. Join us this week as we reflect on how the summer has gone and look towards fresh fall beginnings. Let's stay connected! IG: @techgirlhappyhour


TGHH 34: Being a Trans Woman in Tech

This week, our good friend Veronica joins us as a special guest to share her unique perspective as a trans woman in tech. She'll share her insights, experiences, and advice on navigating the tech workplace, both for other trans people and for allies.


TGHH 33: Taking an Active Role in Relationships

As we get older, the harder it feels to keep up with friends and sustain our relationships. Whether you're frustrated by always being the planner of the group or feeling lost about who your friends are, join us this week as we dig into the importance of taking an active role in your relationships.


TGHH 32: Overcoming Fear

Fear and anxiety are feelings that can freeze us in our tracks and stop us from chasing our dreams, but can also be important motivators in achieving progress. Join us this week as we discuss the role of fear in the workplace and in our personal lives, and ways we can tackle our fears for the better.


TGHH 31: Meal Prep

Eating well fuels a good work week, but how do we prepare for a week of meal prep success? Join us this week as we discuss different meal prep strategies, and tips on staying nourished while balancing a busy schedule of work and life.


TGHH 30: When S*** Hits the Fan

Sometimes work is just a dumpster fire and the hours are long and the stress is high. Join us this week as we discuss how to cope during those tough times at work and make the craziness a bit more bearable.


TGHH 29: Sleep Hygiene

Sleep! It's a beautiful thing. But unfortunately the perfect night of rest often eludes even the best of us. Join us this week as we discuss healthy habits and tips to get a good night's rest!


TGHH 28: Effective Meetings

Being able to run effective meetings is one of the core skills of a tech job. While it seems simple at first, there's a lot that goes into running a great meeting from start to finish! Join us this week as we break down the steps on how to ace your next meeting.


TGHH 27: Resiliency

What does it mean to be a resilient person? Certainly this past year has really been a test of our collective resilience. Join us this week as we share our personal journeys in developing our resilience, and talk about ways to build up that grit (without having to go through a pandemic).