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mostly i've just been in my feelings, calling my brothers

mostly i've just been in my feelings, calling my brothers
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mostly i've just been in my feelings, calling my brothers




I Saw Stan Lee’s Ghost

When major celebs die, supernatural things happen to me. SEO Show is back with a whole new ep discussing Amazon taking over Long Island City and building an underwater bunker, Jeff Bezos eating Iguanas, Game Of thrones, an Intersteller Object that probably isn’t an alien probe, Stan Lee, Detective Pikachu is hot and we wonder what his penis or cloaca looks like, Jaden Smith and Tyler the Creator are dating??? , facebook down, Veterans Day, Wildfires, and more. Thanks to Tree, Zach SHow...


Thank U, Next (Horse Balls Remix)

Hey all you cartoons in cartoon graveyards, you’re tuned in to the Digital Ofrenda! This is ~SEO SHOW~ where we talk about all the top google search trends in order to attract organic traffic via search engines. Today we talk about the California shooter Ian David Long, The Butte County Fire, Ruth Bader Ginsburg, Tucker Carlson, National Cappuccino Day, Foam, where to vote on election day 2018, election results, should you flex your ‘i voted’ sticker?, Dia De los Muertos, Sandstorm, Death,...


Casey Neistat’s Penis *horse testicles, and pee*

Is Casey a never nude? Does he hate his body? Are horse testicle physics important to you? (We talk about the new Red Dead Redemption ball gossip. And also, do you sit down to pee? Should you ? Ft Ryan and Zach show live


The Mind Of Shane Dawson

The Mind of Jake Paul has finally concluded and Shane Dawson has been christened as the Dr. Phil of YouTube. Zach, Tree, and Ryan go through some of the best and worst parts of the series. Was the editing too manipulative? Does Jake manipulate children? Is he racist? Is Jerika real? Who should we blame? How do we fix it? Is this series actually over?


YouTube Hacked?? NO PAPA!!

SEO SHOW/// Youtube was down for over an hour yesterday and no one knows why. We sift through the rumors and add a few of our own. Canada legalized recreational weed. Ariana Grande and pete Davidson Broke up!! Was it because of the micropig?? Are human beings ape/pig hybrids? Its Pasta Day!!! Ted Cruz is definitely the Zodiac Killer (new evidence). We say hello and goodbye to Oli Herbert, the only person more metal than he is Stephen Hawking. Thanks to Evan Rodgers, Zach Show Live, and...


Kanye Trump Meeting *new hat*

Watch a vid of the ep here: Whether it’s a Make America Great Again hat or a Cleveland Indians hat featuring Chief Wahoo, this week we’re asking ourselves, ‘is this hat racist?’ and the answer is mostly, mmmhmm :/ …...rising from the chum, it’s ~SEO SHOW~ topics include: Selena Gomez, Columbus Day, Indigenous People’s Day, Razor 2, 23 and Me, google conspiracies, Kanye visits Trump, did he watch Ian the intern on H3H3?, Shane Dawson, You go girl day, sausage...


China's Microchips (The Secret Truth)

Why are Apple and Amazon denying that they were part of the Supermicro supply chain attack? We’ve got a few guesses…. (watch this episode on youtube! link: ) ~Science Thursday~ ft Evan Rodgers and Ana Vasquez Topics this week: Japan lands some bots on an Asteroid, Leo Dicaprio’s THE BEACH beach is trashed, Dogs R dumb! Custom T-cell cancer killers, flu-shot bots, and secret Chinese spy chips.


Spiderman Soundtrack Legacies and Legends

Yet again on SEO Show, sports are trending, so Zach and Kyle toss u a little chatter about the Cleveland Browns. The mistake on the Lake continues to let us down. Can a Post Malone track rival Spiderman soundtrack classics like ‘vindicated’ by Dashboard confessional and “hero’ by Chad Kroeger ft Josey scott? Is The Shane Dawson Jake Paul Doc legit or poop? Amazon raises its minimum wage to 15 one dollar zombie drinks from Applebees. Is Carter V Lil Wayne’s worst Carter? It’s Custodial...


Octopuses on MDMA *New Research*

There's a video version of this podcast here: ....Scientists find out what happens when you give ecstasy to Octopuses. Elon Musk reveals fashion mogul, Yusaku Maezawa is going around the moon and taking artists. Meanwhile, Elon is poop de scooping around social media. Space is full of dangerous old junk and we're finally cleaning it up with a net throwing satellite, called "RemoveDebris satellite." You can finally play music from your skin, and Germany unveils...


I Love It (iOS 12 Update)

Kanye West and Lil Pumps new jam, what does it mean? Should Screen Time stop me from watching it so many times? This ~SEO Show~ we talk about this music video for a long time. Then we talk about how Apple is ‘trying’ to get us unaddicted to our iphones with the new ‘time well spent’ features. Bert and Ernie are officially gay….or are they? And we learn what Yom Kippur is. Happy cheeseburger day!


Lucky Me (Machine Gun Kelly Remix)

Is the beef between MGK and Eminem fake? Why are old ppl and dumb bros burning their nikes? What’s a good way to execute rich people? ~SEO Show~ is back and bette… it’s the same. Zach, Evan, Tree, and Ryan talk about chick fil A , Adventure Time, American Idol, and google.


Opiates and Weed

This is a classic 'poop de scoop' style convo with Zach show live. We talk about our experiences with prescription opioids. We also talk about CBD myths and truths, the ins and puts of buying the right edibles, and the changing brandscape around weed.


Logan VS KSI : Blood On The Merch (Official fight Recap)

Fans are damanding a refund from the biggest event in youtube history when the fight ends in a draw. Zach and Ryan are Paul-bro experts and they'll provide you with the most comprehensive knowledgebase to navigate this post-fight mediascape. #RNBO "Rise n' be original" -Jake Paul


In My Feelings (Yummy Baby Poop Remix)

Would you eat baby poop? It’s the latest health craze and we’re trying for ourselves. ~science Thursday~ is back from the forests and we are ready to ship our sperm worldwide for 130 dollars a squirt. We don’t believe in hierarchy and that’s why we where these gerbil tooth crowns. We’ve listened to the sound of your computer monitor and know everything you’ve typed, we know you’ve been ambivalent about your gender performance, we know you’re ready for a new start. We can decide what to do...


In My Feelings (VMA Aretha Franklin Remix)

Aretha Performing the song of the summer via Ouija board ~SEO SHOWWWW~ IS BAACKKK Who the flip is paul Manafort? Nvidia GPU is this too nerdy to talk about? A heartwarming snake Bite story, Marilyn Manson Poisoned?? Lil wayne sues drake?? Elon Musk trends because of an MKBHD youtube interview? Ariana Grande engaged to pete Davidson?? NAtional Bacon Day..ok. And Mosquito Day?? The trends BLOWWW this week folks. We’ll get back to you later this week with a camping adventure podcast tale.


In My Feelings (Goo’d Up Worm Orgy Remix Ft. Ella Mai)

Ba-dum, goo’d up, Biddy-Da-dum Goo’d up. 3 days after a full moon, and 55 mins after sunset an Ella Mai secretes a brightly glowing green goo and rapidly swims in small circles. A nearby Drake sees her. Something in his feelings makes him start glowing just as bright as Ella. Almost uncontrollably, he darts toward her in the warm Caribbean Sea. The two encircle eachother, dim, and disappear. New studies into this slimy bioluminscent phenomenon are so fascinating, even the scientists are a...


In My Feelings (Alex Jones Hollow Earth Remix)

Coming to you live from the crystal city within the holllow earth, it's ~SEO Show~ *Boyz Nite Out* Zach, Evan and Ryan talk about Alex Jones, mighty ducks (Shaun Weiss), earthquakes, avacados, Kourtney Kardashian, FUPA fetish, Patrick Stewart, Star Trek, Kane the Mayor, drake remix, wiggle your toes day, and more. Apologies to Evan, Asia, and Jamaica


In My Feelings (Steampunk Medicine remix)

This week we ask ourselves if we should stop pretending to be a Drake, “In My Feelings” remix. The answer is no. Welcome to another ~Science Thursday~ we are joined by Zach Show Live and Tree. Tree has a pet bird so i found some bird news. Birds learn foreign bird calls, they can see color and they categorize. There’s a new steampunk looking pill the detect gut gases. BTW, dont eat centipedes. ROBO NEWS: new wheeled-robo-boy , and a popcorn powered robot. New tools for bluring faces using...


Adderall Makes U Dumb?

I hope you took your study’s drugs cause I need you to stay positive during this rocky ep. Welcome to ~Science Thursday~ where a supermassive black hole is stretching us out like taffy, luckily we’ve eaten so much adderall and cat poop that we’re confident we can turn this into a money making opportunity. This week, Zach and Ryan are joined by their brother Sean. and in the middle of the show, Nick comes in. They talk about ancient bread crumbs, life on Europa , a new big dinosaur, Facebook...


In My Feelings (Demi Lovato Shark Bite Remix)

We've all been Demi-heads since Barney so it was a pretty devistating week for us here on ~The SEO Show~ we talk herione, other dirty drugs, mega millions, jeff bezos, big dick energy, small dick energy, treehouses, shark week, megaladons, giant squids, jennifer lopez lookin real good at 49, goldfish cracker recall, facebook stock, mars water, and more. Sorry we were late, we're on family vacation so youre lucky we are doing this at all. We had a lot of family and friends as guests though!...