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Jenn and Kayla get together weekly to share their opinions and perspectives on a variety of literary and media-related topics and themes.

Jenn and Kayla get together weekly to share their opinions and perspectives on a variety of literary and media-related topics and themes.
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Jenn and Kayla get together weekly to share their opinions and perspectives on a variety of literary and media-related topics and themes.




Episode 27: Sponges, Circi, and Four and Half an Acrobat

In this episode, Kayla and Jenn review The Night Circus by Erin Morgenstern. It tells the tale of a magical circus that only appears at night. Though it may appear enchanted from the outside, the inner working hint at something a little more dire going on. Join us as we give you a spoilery romp through the tents that only come out at night... Find us on social media! Facebook | Twitter | Instagram If you like what you hear and want to sponsor the show, check us out on Patreon!


Episode 26: Boys Kissing Boys, Mowgli for President, and the Burp-Off No One Wanted

In the latest episode, we celebrate Pride Month with a beautiful YA LGBTQIA+ novel (spoiler alert: there are boys kissing and we are in full support of this). Edgar and Mowgli were particularly vocal this week, but we doubt anyone is that surprised! Let us know what your favorite LGBT novel is because we celebrate Pride all year around! DISCLAIMER: Any negative messages/comments will be deleted. We support a culture of love and acceptance, and our podcast is not the place for hatefulness....


Episode 25: The End of an Era, The Rise of a Ruler, and Other Westerosi Disappointments

This week we're talking about the final season of the hit TV series, Game of Thrones. Spoiler alert: we have a lot of grievances following the final 6 episodes and we're ready to share them with you! We'll be back to our regularly scheduled programing in our next episode. Thanks for listening!


Episode 24: Plot Holes, Sexual Frustrations, and Other Inappropriate Funeral Sundries

Sorry for the late episode friends, but we have had some major upheavals this week and are just starting to get our feet back under ourselves. This episode is all about the trashy story that is The Spellbook of Katrina Van Tassel, a "feminist" retelling of The Legend of Sleepy Hollow. We are thankful to this book for one thing: giving us a place to vent some frustrations of our lives while we deal with a lot of stressful things that have come up. Support the show


Episode 23: Psychopathic Tendencies, Too Much Sugar, and Other Things that Lead to Arson

In the latest episode, Jenn and Kayla throw it back to an early Shirley Jackson novel: We Have Always Lived in the Castle. Two young women are ostracized by the town locals 6 years after the murder of their family. They'll do what they must to protect their home, their secrecy, and each other.


Episode 22: Online Dating, Weird Compliments, and Putting an End to Self-Sabotage

In this episode, Jenn and Kayla discuss Candice Carty-Williams' debut novel Queenie and the many, MANY topics of concern the story raises. Disclaimer: this book touches on many adult topics such as, but not limited to: promiscuity, sexual health, abuse, miscarriage, etc. If any of these topics make you uncomfortable in any way, we ask that you please consider skipping over this episode


Episode 21: Teenage Romance Logic, Murphy's Law of Technology, and Going to the Races

This week, we picked up the debut novel of author Astrid Scholte, "Four Dead Queens". Billed as "one big lie. Two forbidden romances. Only three days to catch a killer," this book will take you on a winding adventure from start to finish. Keralie, a young Torian thief with a complicated past, gets embroiled in the plot to assassinate the four queens of Quadara. She seems to turn up late at every turn, until the big reveal....which you will have to listen to episode 21 to figure out! Guys,...


Episode 20: Too Many Hand Puppets, A Bizarre History of Florida, And Other Questions About the Universe

In episode 20, we're celebrating two milestones (1,000k downloads and 20 episodes)! In this interview-style episode, Jenn and Kayla ask each other the hard-hitting questions about books, life, and podcasting. Episode correction: This month we're giving away another book (Lovely War by Julie Berry) in celebration of Jenn's birthday. In the episode, Kayla says the giveaway will be ending April 13 - since this episode aired later than expected, the date to enter the giveaway will be pushed...


Episode 19: Poppa H, Jenn's Anger, and Other Things that Happen in the Bathroom

In episode 19, we are reviewing the YA Historical Romance, "Lovely War" by Julie Berry. This book is delightful parts history and mythology along with a dramatic backdrop of World War I. Join Jenn and Kayla as we discuss the finer points of the novel, and throw in a bit of toilet humor for good measure. Don't forget! We're having a social media give away! Comment on iTunes, or shout out to us on any of the social media platforms and be entered to win a copy of either The Birds, The Bees,...


Episode 18: French Accents, FrankenSHTEEN, and Goliath the Spider

For episode 18, Jenn and Kayla review the YA novel "The Gilded Wolves" by Roshani Chokshi, a layered and sprawling tale set in a fantasy Paris during the World's Fair. Please don't forget the giveaway currently running on all social media! Review the podcast on iTunes and send us proof, or tag the show in a shout out on social media and be entered to win a copy of "The Birds, the Bees, and You and Me" by Olivia Hinebaugh, along with some super exclusive goodies that are too good to share...


Episode 17: Endless Condoms, Dothraki Lookalikes, and Feeling 17 Again

In the latest episode of That's My Story and I'm Sticking to it, Jenn and Kayla discuss Olivia Hinebaugh's debut novel: The Birds, The Bees, and You and Me; the lack of sexual education in our society; and the importance of consent


Episode 16: Witches, Sex Worker Voices, and What You Can Find in an Ear Canal

This week, Kayla and Jenn review Laird Hunt's "In the House in the Dark of the Woods" and the film "The Witch".


Episode 15: Bowler Hats, Butt Shudders, and Nell's Homecoming

We're ringing in the new year and the new season with Shirley Jackson!


Episode 14: Shovels, Scalpels, and Sad Endings

What better way to welcome Halloween than with the king of horror (Stephen King)? Like the music on this week's episode? You can download it here: Track: Stefan Ruesche - No way back (Copyright Free Music by Ruesche-Sounds) Music provided by Copyright Free Music by Ruesche-Sounds. Free Download: Video-Link: Channel:


Episode 13: Jeremy Irons, Disney Villain Boyfriends, and the Fairest of them All

In Episode 13, we explore our favorite villains of all shapes and sizes


Episode 12: The E-POE-sode, Hot or Not, and the Revenge of Squidward the Pooptopus

In Halloween episode #2, we talk about our shared love of Edgar Allan Poe, and Gothic literature as a whole.


Episode 11: Sewer Tentacles, Horse Hooves, and Other Spoopy Tales

This week Jenn and Kayla kick off the best time of year: Halloween! In this episode you'll find what we love about the season, and our favorite forms of horror movie and scary story entertainment. Book Recommendations: Shawshank Redemption - Stephen King Eye of the Dragon - Stephen King


Episode 10: Nanabel, Bathtub War Councils, and Tears of a Panther

Hello friends! We are back from our brief hiatus to bring you the second half of our War Storm review! It's been an emotional ride for Jenn and Kayla as this series comes to an end. We cry, we scream, we laugh really hard, and we talk about the nature of revenge, loyalty, and why grown ups still read young adult novels. THIS EPISODE CONTAINS SPOILERS.


Episode 9: Disappointing Ice Cream, Drowning My Enemies, and Bruce Wayne of Wayne Manor

(MAJOR SPOILERS) We are back from our brief Labor Day hiatus! In Episode 9, we revisit the Red Queen series by Victoria Aveyard with the first half of our review of the series finale, War Storm. What we loved, what we hated, and what we are most looking forward to!


Episode 8: Cousin Love, Pretentious A-Holes, and Other Honorable Mentions

This week's episode has a hodgepodge of problems including a thunderstorm and everything we think is wrong with some popular books.