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The Acting Podcast with Risa Bramon Garcia (director, casting director, producer) & Steve Braun (acting coach, communications consultant), founders of The BGB Studio, takes you inside the craft, the casting room, and the business- and bringing other Industry experts into the conversation- we dig into the work, pull back the curtain of the Industry, and show you how much power you really have as an artist.

The Acting Podcast with Risa Bramon Garcia (director, casting director, producer) & Steve Braun (acting coach, communications consultant), founders of The BGB Studio, takes you inside the craft, the casting room, and the business- and bringing other Industry experts into the conversation- we dig into the work, pull back the curtain of the Industry, and show you how much power you really have as an artist.


Los Angeles, CA


The Acting Podcast with Risa Bramon Garcia (director, casting director, producer) & Steve Braun (acting coach, communications consultant), founders of The BGB Studio, takes you inside the craft, the casting room, and the business- and bringing other Industry experts into the conversation- we dig into the work, pull back the curtain of the Industry, and show you how much power you really have as an artist.








Not Just An Actor: Making Your Own Box

Risa and Steve sit down with an incredible group of successful multi-hyphenates- Milena Govich, Will McCormack, Grasie Mercedes, and Brea Grant- all of whom started their journeys as actors and have since grown into other roles in the Industry, making names for themselves as writers, directors, producers, and showrunners. Together they discuss their unique paths, and how they’ve found empowerment and fulfillment by stretching themselves in multiple areas of their careers, acquiring agency to...


Doing It All: Career, Art & Parenthood

Risa and Steve sit down with a dynamic group of actor-parents- Heather Brooker, Eddie Cahill, Anna Silk, and Cate Cohen- all with extensive and varied careers – to talk about what it means to be a parent while navigating their artistic careers & the Industry. They discuss their journeys, their challenges, and their joys- and how parenting has not only informed their acting, but acting has made them better parents.


Re-opening the Industry w/ Gabrielle + Duncan of SAG-AFTRA

In the midst of this time of great uncertainty and upheaval for actors across the globe, and as the Industry slowly reopens, it is paramount for actors to be aware of new on-set protocols, how to advocate for yourselves in every area of your work and careers- including having a voice in your union- and how to keep your creative spirit alive. In that pursuit, we are thrilled to offer our conversation with Gabrielle Carteris, president of SAG-AFTRA, and Duncan Crabtree-Ireland, SAG-AFTRA’s...


Getting Intimate w/ Mia Schachter: Sex, Consent, & Nudity On Set

In this episode, Risa and Steve talk with Mia Schachter- one of Hollywood’s top intimacy coordinators- about their role in the Industry + how actors can advocate for themselves in any situation with regards to intimacy, sex, nudity, and consent of all kinds. Whether choreographing sex scenes, negotiating nudity riders, or simply having the backs of actors on set, Mia discusses what they actually do (and you’ll find this as fascinating and necessary as we did), along with their background,...


Mary Queen of Casting: A Candid Conversation w/ Mary Vernieu

Casting titan Mary Vernieu, whose company Betty Mae Casting is known for working with prestige directors and indie talent alike, joins Risa and Steve in this episode for an in-depth discussion of the casting process, the importance of preparation, championing and nurturing actors and filmmakers, and always approaching the work of acting, auditioning, and casting with creativity, joy, flexibility, and play. Mary’s journey has been incredible so far; she’s created a meaningful, creative family...


The Booking Mindset

Booking work starts with a booking mindset. In this episode, Risa and Steve break down the ways in which to shift your approach to booking work and cultivate a consistent practice in order to do amazing work all the time, whether in a high-pressure audition setting, self-tape, on set, in rehearsal, or in your approach to your career. Listen in and learn how to change your norm from nervousness, self-consciousness, even self-defeat, to believing in yourself, being self-aware, proactive, and...


The Audrey Moore Hustle

Risa and Steve sat down with Audrey Moore, a passionate artist, popular podcast host, and actor’s advocate. She has an incredible focus and discipline in how she engages in the business of acting, as well as her craft, and she’s here to share her journey. Listen in to this juicy talk about what it means to be a story ninja, how to normalize the audition experience, the importance of developing a consistent and practical practice, and the origin story behind her hugely renowned podcast AUDREY...


Sarah Finn: Superhero of Casting

Sarah Finn is the award-winning casting director of Oscar winners and blockbusters alike. Best known for her work casting the entire Marvel Cinematic Universe, she has also cast a huge range of films and TV shows [full bio below]. In this episode Sarah talks with Risa and Steve about her casting journey- its joys and challenges, about her unique process, and about how to approach the work from a place of creative collaboration, curiosity, and a deep love for acting. Fun fact: Sarah started...


WTF Just Happened?! Meeting the Moment w/ Risa & Steve

No matter how bad things get, art brings hope. In this first episode of Season 2, Risa and Steve speak to being an artist in 2020 in the face of a worldwide pandemic, systemic racism, and an election; where the Industry is headed, and whatever uncertainty and distress result from it all. And how keeping hope- and your art- alive is both a soul-serving necessity and a revolutionary declaration that we are still here, we are still feeling, we are still human. All you have to do is show up!


Talking Shop with Our BGB Casting Family: Risa Bramon Garcia, Leah Daniels-Butler, & Billy Hopkins

Risa, Billy, and Leah (whose history together runs deep) sat down together (over Zoom) to talk about how actors and CDs are breaking down barriers and connecting in this “new normal” via social media challenges, IG LIVES, and open calls, including the massively popular monologue challenge that Leah ran and took boldly into a daily Instagram LIVE. They spoke about how they’re each making the new virtual space work, what they want from actors during these challenging months (and actually,...


Championing Actors: A Casting Director Roundtable on Zoom!

In this special bonus episode of The Acting Podcast, Risa and Steve spoke with an incredible group of Casting Directors who are sharing challenges, open calls, and calls for reels on social media, and doing Instagram Lives, all with the intention of being in collaboration with actors and to keep their own artistry alive during these challenging time. Erica Bream, Jason Kennedy, Ramani Leah, Seth Caskey, Cara Chute Rosenbaum, Andrea Bunker, Becky Silverman, and Ryan Glorioso are all offering...


Creating a Path to Mind-blowing Work during Quarantine - a conversation with our brilliant BGB Teachers

For today’s special bonus episode of THE ACTING PODCAST, we gathered our BGB Master Teachers together for an important, frank discussion about coping during the time of the coronavirus, the necessity of creating space for community and artistry to happen, and how the Industry is already starting to shift throughout this as a result — and in many ways, for the better.


Art & Healing in the Time of Corona

Risa and Steve sat down together via Zoom for a special bonus episode of The Acting Podcast to speak to our community of artists all over the world about life, art, and healing in the time of Corona. Listen in to what they’ve been discovering about our collective need for artistic expression as we all move through this challenging time. In this, they suggest ways in which we can each maintain- and even cultivate- open hearts and artistry in the face of a global pandemic. The message through...


It's Not You, It's Pilot Season

Pilot Season. Whether you’re going out for series regulars non-stop or dreaming of your first co-star, this time of year is fraught. In this episode, Risa, Steve, and a special guest- Casting Director Becky Silverman- break down the idea of Pilot Season (what it means + what’s really going on behind the scenes) and what you can do to have an active Pilot Season of your own- with or without the Industry’s permission.


Take Action in 2020

Welcome to 2020. It’s a New Year. A new decade. Now is the time to take stock, to refocus, and to move forward from this moment on with a clarity of vision and purposeful, practical action. What does that look like for you? How do you start? In this special bonus episode, listen in as Risa and Steve guide and encourage you to step into this new beginning from a place of artistic power and creative certainty.


Bernie Telsey: The King of Casting

Bernie Telsey started his casting career back in the day alongside Risa, and popped into BGB to sit down with Risa + Steve to talk about it all. As head of the massive- and massively successful- Telsey + Company in New York (and LA), Bernie Telsey is a true titan in the casting industry. In this episode, listen in as he talks to Risa and Steve about his passion for collaboration, what he hopes to see from actors in the audition room, and how his unique approach to casting- stemming from a...


How To Talk To Your Family About Your Career

Knowing how to talk to your family about your career can be a landmine filled with all kinds of emotional pitfalls: shame, insecurity, trying to impress them, a need for validation, and a lack of transparency about where you’re actually at and why you keep doing what you’re doing. In this episode, Risa and Steve break down how you can approach and communicate with your loved ones from a place of compassion, setting healthy boundaries, releasing expectations, and claiming artistic empowerment...


Saying Yes to the No: Managing Rejection

Rejection is a huge part of every actor’s journey. It is part of everyone’s experience in this Industry, and it can be brutal. Can you imagine going into an audition, getting rejected, and allowing yourself to be okay with it? How about making it a meaningful part of your journey? Listen in as Risa and Steve explore every angle of rejection – from the feelings triggered when it happens – to the perspective from the creative team (behind the camera) – and, most importantly, what you can do to...


An Actor’s Consent: Navigating Vulnerable Spaces

In the wake of the ongoing #MeToo and #TimesUp movements, conversations surrounding consent as an actor in this Industry are more vital than ever. In this panel, Risa talks with powerhouse advocates in our Industry: television director and actor Laura Innes, TV producer Laurie Zaks, actor and advocate Esmé Bianco, actor and journalist Margaret Judson, and actor Nick Ballard. This is an honest and provocative conversation that covers everything from nudity on set and intimacy coordinators to...


Josiah Akinyele- The Hardest Working Agent in Show Business

In our recent BGB class, “The Business of Acting,” Risa had the opportunity to sit down with Josiah Akinyele, an agent at Innovative Artists. Listen in as they discuss the agent/client relationship, how to “make it,”along with Josiah’s unique journey from a challenging upbringing in Africa and the U.S.- to working at Banana Republic- to discovering his path and passion as a Hollywood agent. Josiah talks about what he needs from his clients (and potential clients), why the Industry is more...