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Is your family more important than your yard? Do you want to have a beautiful healthy landscape? Landscape designer and yard productivity coach Ben Hale will help you reduce work and increase curb appeal so you can create a positive change in your life.

Is your family more important than your yard? Do you want to have a beautiful healthy landscape? Landscape designer and yard productivity coach Ben Hale will help you reduce work and increase curb appeal so you can create a positive change in your life.
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Is your family more important than your yard? Do you want to have a beautiful healthy landscape? Landscape designer and yard productivity coach Ben Hale will help you reduce work and increase curb appeal so you can create a positive change in your life.




ELY 028 – Garden Edging made Easy

Lawn Edging and Garden Edging Ideas - Show Notes Today, we talk about lawn edging and garden edging Ideas Benefits of garden edging Reduces maintenance Weeding Trimming Design Provides clean lines Clear borders benefit many designs Metal edging Benefits Durable Low visibility Cautions Steel can rust – may be appealing if thick steel Steel [...]


ELY 027 – Backyard Ideas for Kids

Show Notes Today's episode we chat about what makes the backyard fun for kids! What does a kid love about the backyard? Creating rooms Ambience Escape Imagination Backyard fun: Creating space your kids want A space to call their own Outdoor playhouse Makes a fun space for imagination Able to get dirty Able [...]


ELY 026 – Low Maintenance Landscaping Ideas

Show Notes: Low Maintenance Landscaping Ideas Take action in your yard with these low maintenance landscaping ideas! If you want easy landscaping and more time, use these simple landscaping ideas to transform your yard and life! Yes, it really makes a difference! Low maintenance landscaping can help you save time and enjoy more [...]


ELY 025 – Backyard Landscaping Ideas

Show Notes: Backyard Landscaping Ideas Today, learn how to create easy landscaping in your backyard with these backyard landscaping ideas! Create a backyard with fun for everyone - playspaces, relaxation, and entertainment! These easy landscaping ideas offer low maintenance landscaping that improve your lifestyle by saving time and increasing enjoyment in your yard! [...]


ELY 024 – Front Yard Landscaping Ideas

Show Notes: Easy Front Yard Landscaping Ideas Today, you find easy front yard landscaping ideas to make your front yard pop! Learn the primary focus areas that make the greatest impact on your front yard. Goal with most front yards Curb Appeal Welcoming Easy Property edge Mailbox Driveway Frame property edge Visual interest [...]


ELY 023 – Easy Plants for Low Maitenance Landscaping

Find easy plants for easy landscaping Today, you'll learn how to find the best plants for low maintenance landscaping. If you're looking to have easy landscaping in your yard, these tips will help you find the right low maintenance plants for your yard. Show Notes: Low Maintenance Landscaping Plants These tools find the right [...]


ELY 022-I got busted! Property maintenance violations and what to do

Show Notes Today, you get to learn about how I got BUSTED! Getting a property maintenance violation can be frustrating when you are trying to convert to low maintenance landscaping. Here's what to do. Our story Violations can be emotional and stressful Frustrating Infuriating Embarrassing Difficult Want to retaliate How to deal with [...]


ELY 021-Don’t Get Busted! HOAs and Municipal Zoning Regulations

Show Notes Today, we talk about how to live in an HOA or municipal zoning area with regulations... without getting busted! We want to be able to enjoy our low maintenance landscaping without having to work on it all of the time. Here's how you can have an easy landscape and enjoy it [...]


ELY 020 – Surprise Episode!

Show Notes Today, Big change! This is my Why I am driven by two things living a better life with my family, making tomorrow better than today Because of my why, I want to help you and your family live a better life About life Improving how you live Live with passion [...]


AE019 – Easy Plants – Annuals or Perennials?

Show Notes Today, we talk about easy plants for your yard. What are the best types of plants? I cover the topic of annual plants and perennial plants and why these categories are important for you when you want a low maintenance landscape. Show Notes: Today’s topic: what are annuals and perennials and [...]


AE 018 – How to save time mowing your lawn

Show Notes Today, we talk about how to save time mowing the lawn. From how often should you mow your lawn to how to save time mowing. Mowing time saving hacks Mowing - #1 time drain for maintenance Inflexible Takes away from what’s important Weather dependent #1 issue with neighbors Main piece to “keep [...]


AE 017-Native plants and exotic plants

Show Notes Check out my high tech mobile recording studio! Hear me talk about it on the show today. Today, I weigh the pros and cons of native plants and exotic plants for your landscape and gardens. Does all this even matter for your landscape? Listen in to figure out where you [...]


AE 016-When to hire a Landscape Designer

Show Notes Today, we discuss when it is a good time to hire a landscape designer for your yard and garden, and when a project is manageable to do it yourself. Whether you are considering changes to lawn or garden, this episode is worth considering if you have a busy lifestyle and your [...]


AE 015-Neighbors and your yard

Show Notes Today, we discuss how have the best relationship with neighbors and also how to enjoy your landscape. How you don't have to toil in your lawn and garden to keep up with the Joneses and still have a good relationship. Life with neighbors How to work with your neighbors, and live [...]


AE 014-Compost and why it’s Awesome

Show Notes Today, we cover why compost is awesome for your lawn and garden! Why compost is awesome One of the safest and best fertility boosters of all time General elixir for soil and plant health Age-old fertility booster Composted manure What is it Degraded & digested organic matter Bacterial & fungal digestion [...]


AE 013-Healthy Low Maintenance Lawn Care

Show Notes In this episode, we talk about how to have a healthy lawn and a low maintenance lawn. Is it possible to have a low maintenance lawn that your neighbors envy? Topics: Grass: Love/hate relationship Aesthetics Work Maintenance Mowing/growth Feeding General grass health Weeds Health Chemical residues/exposure Exhaust Epa: 17 million gallons of [...]


AE 012-Dealing with Weed Problems

Show Notes In this episode, we discuss what to do with weeds. Why are weeds there? What can you do about weeds in your yard? Are there healthy ways to remove weeds? Topics: What is a weed? Wrong plant, wrong place Repairing the soil Taking advantage of unused resources Space, nutrients, sunlight, etc [...]


AE 011-Soil and why it matters

Show Notes Topics: Simple principle Good organic matter Support microbes Good moisture Good air What is soil Physical Texture Granular size of soil Sand Large particle sizes High permeability Benefits Well drained Risks High nutrient loss Erosion prone Drought prone Silt Medium particle sizes Permeable Benefits Generally higher nutrient availability Well drained Risks [...]


AE 010-How to start a new garden bed

Show Notes In this episode, we talk about how to start a garden bed project. What you need to do before planting! Topics: Overview Site selection Planning Preparation Planting Site selection Usually determined by architecture If multiple spaces possible Consider environmental features Functional features Access Appeal Value - make it worth it Planning [...]


AE 009-The right plants for your yard

Show Notes In this episode, we discuss how to find the right plants for your space. Are you overwhelmed with what to plant in your yard? Does the nursery always seem to let you down? Topics: Reason Right plant = less work Happier Fewer problems Better growth Better foliage & blooms Know your [...]