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Ashley and Brad Show - ABS 2019-4-25

news birthdays/events a houston high school institutes a dress code...for parents! what do you think? an austrian prisoner who escaped to the canary islands 10 years ago turned himself in because he was bored news how fast food restaurants got their names have you ever lost it at work? just went nuts on a customer? how much do men spend on grooming and facial care? more than you think... news ashley and brad play "think 'n sync" surprising things that make you fat weird rules you...


Ashley and Brad Show - ABS 2019-4-24

news birthdays/events are men or women better drivers best places to hide candy at home/do you steal food at work news best places to start a small business game of thrones or star wars how to make yourself "less trackable" news how to help you remember to bring home milk and bread from the store what's the earliest in the morning it's ok that to start using loud equipment in the neighborhood? what's the biggest mistake after a job interview according to a new study news a...


Ashley and Brad Show - ABS 2019-4-23

news birthdays/events worst jobs in america....according to usa today. craziest excuses give their personal trainers so avoid working out news when dating...who should pay for the date? how americans spend their "leisure" time ashley and brad play "would you rather" news how often do you repaint the interior of your house? guess what we love to do most at work? the boring tasks! is it ok to for a guy to "recycle" a ring?...would you accept someone else's ring... news fastest...


Ashley and Brad Show - ABS 2019-4-22

news birthdays/events the average american has about 6 credit many do you have? uses for leftover easter eggs news it's earth day....each year has a theme...this year is "protect our species" there is an exact time of the day for least according to these experts things that bother people who type IN ALL CAPS FOR NO REASON news a man in china is breeding cockroaches and he thinks we should all incorporate them into our...


Ashley and Brad Show - ABS 2019-4-19

news birthdays/events millennial moms are really proactive... do you tip the housekeeping staff when you stay at a hotel? news gadgets that are on the way "out" things that dads can do better than moms earth day is monday and easter is can you have a "green" easter news how do you get out of a bad date? if you could pick one age to stay at forever...what age would it be? easter eggs hunts...should they be different for different age groups news what weird things do...


Ashley and Brad Show - ABS 2019-4-18

news birthdays/events nasty disgusting foods that are supposed to be really....really...really good for you real baby names....that made the "worst ever" list news quiz time: what's the #1 selling product in america's grocery stores? answer: toilet paper brad gives ashley "the feud" how do you deal with a noisy neighbor? news what's a good age to let your kid go on an unsupervised date? how much caffeine do you drink every day? apparently ashley drinks about 500 mg things NOT to...


Ashley and Brad Show - ABS 2019-4-17

news birthdays/events you've heard of honest trailers...but what about honest slogans most pet friendly cities news fast food much does brad know about fast food restaurants things you should know by the time you're 40 years old the "greenest" and "least green" states news are tall people or short people happier? if all the candy bars in the world went away except for one...which one would you keep? do you (or have you) ever lied on a resume? turns out millennials lie the...


Ashley and Brad Show - ABS 2019-4-16

news birthdays/events how do you deal with stress? how do you de-stress? how old were you when you had your first alcoholic beverage? news things that your baristas wants you to know have you ever lost your cell phone? where is the most common place we lose our phones what movie makes you cry every time you see it? news what americans worry about most regarding their appearance (the top 5 things) there is now a "promposal" website so students don't have to deal with prom...


Ashley and Brad Show - ABS 2019-4-15

news birthdays/events it's tax are some "bad dad" tax jokes the most tattooed cities in america news what are some of the most depressing careers are you a bed maker? it depends if you're a man or a woman... real (but weird) tax deductions....(check with your accountant before taking our advice!!) news your sleeping position makes a big difference on how well your brain "cleans itself" overnight are you a pre-crastinator or a pro-crastinator? and what do you put...


Ashley and Brad Show - ABS 2019-4-12

news birthdays/events a texas woman is suing the houston astros because the t-shirt cannon broke her finger funny but true story of the day...a woman in tennessee stole a mobility scooter to get to the waffle house! news most popular cocktail in each state: do you text others inside your home? thank you CANADA...for these great inventions news a ups driver make a point to take selfies with dogs and post them on instagram...


Ashley and Brad Show - ABS 2019-4-11

news birthdays/events 5 most overused "buzzwords" for resumes according to linkedin how long will you wait on hold before you get impatient? news what are your thoughts on non-service dogs in restaurants according to glamour magazine...things guys would like to say to a women...but don't is brad "smarter than a 5th grader" news what are the top 3 most relaxing colors.... why is it so annoying when you hear someone else's cell phone conversation in public? how much credibility do...


Ashley and Brad Show - ABS 2019-4-10

news birthdays/events should mlb add instant replay? according to a new study from boston university...umps are missing 20% of calls flea market tips...from the experts news ashley and brad play "would you rather" crazy insurance claims submitted by vacationers...and some of these actually got paid! when you get you feel personally attacked? news do you use slang words? what about at work? if you're over 25, a new study says you're too old to be cool have you ever...


Ashley and Brad Show - ABS 2019-4-9

news birthdays/events your favorite geometric shape reveals a lot about your personality graduation parties for high schoolers... news a pregnant mother in georgia got a ticket for letting her toddler go pee in public...ok or not ok? 33% of us postpone outdoor projects because we just don't know where to begin... what's the one thing that will derail your diet...and it's not food news ways to rejects someone without hurting their feelings scientists say the best cure for a hangover...


Ashley and Brad Show - ABS 2019-4-8

news birthdays/events have you ever pretended to do something to get a free upgrade while traveling? things you should always buy at costco, sam's club, bj's...because they are so cheaper news when you're dating someone...does it matter how clean they keep their home? how do you deal with it when you have gas? (yes...we're talking about farts) weird things we think affect our internet speed news college is now offering classes to teach kids that can "fail" at...


Ashley and Brad Show - ABS 2019-4-5

news birthdays/events mother's day is may 12th....we're giving you plenty of's what mom wants brain to you get it and how do you avoid getting it news 10 worst easter candies...ever according to do you argue "productively"? would you buy a super giant roll of toilet paper? news how many nights a week are you actually cooking dinner at home? only 25% cook at home all 7 nights a week should kids have their own phone/phone plan? verizon thinks...


Ashley and Brad Show - ABS 2019-4-4

news birthdays/events do you have a specific side of the bed? would you switch? cities that have the most fast food restaurants per person... news difference between crunchy and smooth peanut butter eaters ashley and brad play "speak out" part 1 ashley and brad play "speak out" part 2 news what's with these millennials best place to sit in a movie theater...especially now that you can pick your seat cramped airline seats...would you rather stand? news signs you need a new...


Ashley and Brad Show - ABS 2019-4-3

news birthdays/events what a celebrity chef says you should always have in your pantry with spring some bugs and with bugs comes bug bites...what are some natural/holistic ways to deal with bites news how does your personality type help (or not help) you with spring cleaning? men with beards look angrier than clean shaven men...even when they're happy kids (and parents) agree that reading helps kids understand the world better... news is it ok to take time off after a break...


Ashley and Brad Show - ABS 2019-4-2

news birthdays/events a fun way to get ready for easter using shaving cream or cool whip to dye the eggs how to make yourself work news since wedding "season" will be beginning in are some wedding stats according to a survey in "real simple" magazine...which springtime activity makes you the happiest? which age group did you find to be the toughest when raising a child? the terrible 2's or teenagers? news difference between extroverts and...


Ashley and Brad Show - ABS 2019-4-1

news birthdays/events funny april fool's day pranks at work (that won't get you fired) have you ever second guessed yourself regarding the name you gave your child news how much do babysitters make in 2019? besides your wedding...what other times do you really try to look your best? how long does it take you to text people back? news doordash driver was caught on a ring doorbell drinking someone's milkshake....eeeewwww how to get in a good just 12 minutes things that we...


Ashley and Brad Show - ABS 2019-3-29

news birthdays/events what americans do with their old they recycle them or keep them? the new trend in engagement rings is a "loaner ring" news birth accurate is this? have you ever thrown a gadget in a fit of rage? what about pounding your computer keyboard? how can you keep yourself on budget? according to experts...only carry large bills... news a woman in new york wants $5 million from tgi fridays because she bought potato skins in the store that didn't...