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Ashley and Brad Show - ABS 2019-5-22

news birthdays/events making friends at hard is it? does it depend on your generation? this is how the "other half" lives news a writer from men's health has ranked all the actors who have played "batman" from worst to you agree? it's the beginning of wedding you buy stuff off the registry or are you one of the 5% that give non-registry items would you tell a co-worker that they smell? does it depend on the seniority of the worker? news which movie...


Ashley and Brad Show - ABS 2019-5-21

news birthdays/events 26% of people live near the home they grew up that accurate for you? what's the worst look you've ever had? ashley's was the late 80's early 90's...brad's was the early 80's... news how do you get an ear worm song out of your head? top complaints about restaurants tank america...a military themed amusement park in florida where you can crush cars in a tank! news tricks to help you wake up...according to everyday health how can you break plans without...


Ashley and Brad Show - ABS 2019-5-20

news birthdays/events a vet saved a tortoise's life using a screen door repair kit from home depot taco bell hotel resort and palm springs news what does dad want for father's day? new jammies! what's the sexiest accent in the united states place we're forgetting to put sunblock on during the summer... news features people regret getting in their homes features people didn't get in their homes but now wish they had what's something you've learned to appreciate...


Ashley and Brad Show - ABS 2019-5-17

news birthdays/events experts say there are 3 times you should step away from your phone or computer has come up with a list of the best male and female dog names news lottery winners and trust fund babies don't have as much life satisfaction as those of us that have to work for it ways you are using your dishwasher all wrong worst places to get stung by a bee news how much coffee is too much coffee? 6 cups per day... ashley gives brad a quiz...You can drive from Nebraska...


Ashley and Brad Show - ABS 2019-5-16

news birthdays/events least fit city in america is..... you want take a break...and why can't we quit it? news how unsanitary is it to kiss your pet? should we be able to get compensated for "spoiler alerts" mad have we gone? denmark wraps up college with "kapsejladsen" did you end college? news would you pay more if your uber/lyft driver had a "quiet mode" speaking of uber/lyft...we just talked about how dirty their cars are...but now we found out that...


Ashley and Brad Show - ABS 2019-5-15

news birthdays/events do you know someone named after a car? tesla is becoming a very popular name what items are "essential" for americans to take on road trips? news most americans think they're smarter than the average american chili flavored toothpaste...and we find out that brad only brushes his teeth once a day...GROSS!! mistakes we all make online...but according to experts we shouldn't news what really great movie had a terrible ending ashley give brad and our intern tianan...


Ashley and Brad Show - ABS 2019-5-14

news birthdays/events glamour shots is still around...but only in 5 locations...what mall store do you miss from your childhood who do you like to spend your birthday with? news why do we procrastinate? the new york times lists four categories of reasons why what do we eat while we're driving...vs...what SHOULD we eat behind the wheel ashley and brad play think 'n sync news do you share streaming passwords? tossing and turning...83% of americans don't get a good nights...


Ashley and Brad Show - ABS 2019-5-13

news birthdays/events the 5 signs of "burnout" many do you have? 40% of americans want to quit their jobs to become entrepreneurs news how many superhero movies are too many superhero movies? tattooed moms will choose tattoo removal over jewelry...agree? the australian $50 bill has a typo... news playing jokes on people...putting notes on people's backs which 3 u.s. states get the most robocalls which foods produce the most....g-a-s news who did you learn most of your...


Ashley and Brad Show - ABS 2019-5-10

news birthdays/events how many steps a day do you take? some professions REALLY walk a lot! things that everyone hates but we don't really talk about news ashley and brad play "outburst" ashley and brad play "outburst" fitness many pullups/pushups/situps can you do in one minute? news would you hire someone to argue for you? the reasons american don't have as much fun as they'd like to what NOT to get your mom for mother's day news hey....what's this 10 year old doing...


Ashley and Brad Show - ABS 2019-5-9

news birthdays/events last minute items you can still get for mother's day what perks do workers want for the summer? news famous tv moms... how to quit soda forever... how bored are americans? out of 365 days in a year...we're bored 131 of those!!!! news partial amnesia...can it drew barrymore's character in "50 first dates" according to nutritionists...we should be eating "what doctors eat" they polled americans...what do we think is the sexiest foreign...


Ashley and Brad Show - ABS 2019-5-8

news birthdays/events beautiful people dating site....ugh! what your favorite coffee says about you news ashley's car battery died...and her jumper cables weren't in her car!!! lesson learned ashley's car battery died...and her jumper cables weren't in her car!!! lesson learned..part 2 with mother's day coming up...good housekeeping did a survey..."are you as good a mother as your mom" news ask the millennial break with intern Tianan top 3 bathroom pet peeves be kind to animals...


Ashley and Brad Show - ABS 2019-5-7

news birthdays/events the slogan game things you should know do before becoming a parent news signs that you're an annoying social media friend the longest you've ever slept at one time best paying jobs...looks like you should go in to medicine! news a man at expired food for a year as an experiment...guess what happened to him?!?! ashley gives brad a quiz brad gives ashley "the feud" news where do high schoolers get career advice from would you let someone put a chip in your...


Ashley and Brad Show - ABS 2019-5-6

news birthdays/events americans feel guilty about of the food they eat what's one of your most embarassing moments? news more and more americans are travelling alone...would you? ashley and brad play "think 'n sync" what habit of others bothers you news funny ways to help you manage your stress have you ever stood someone up on date or have you ever been stood up on a date? what was the first cd or album you ever bought? news of all the things guys can lie about...this is...


Ashley and Brad Show - ABS 2019-5-3

news birthdays/events standing desks...they really aren't that good for you men "hide" on the toilet for 7 minutes a day news with mother's day coming many "mother figures" do you have in your life? the average woman has at least 3 gross things that people should stop doing in you agree? burger king is offering "unhappy" meals news have you ever left a drunk friend anywhere? how many texts can you/should you send before you look clingy? life's little...


Ashley and Brad Show - ABS 2019-5-2

news birthdays/events adulting sticker books?!?!?!? are you kidding?!?!? ashley and brad actually agree on something!!!! have you ever been flipped off while driving? one motorcyclist ended up in the e.r news what's the difference between cheap and frugal? do you get 8 hours of sleep a night? here's a list of professions that don't here are things that you should clean but you probably don't news ashley and brad play password what do the words "fine", "five minutes", and "nothing"...


Ashley and Brad Show - ABS 2019-5-1

news birthdays/events items that probably won't exist in your home in the next 10 years what are some of the worst driving distractions news we're bored with birthdays....what the what?!?!?! what food tastes best as a leftover... how often do you run into people but you can't quite place them? news when you take a ride often do you fasten your seatbelt? how be more eco-friendly (beside the reusable drink cups and reusable straws) would you consider getting a...


Ashley and Brad Show - ABS 2019-4-30

news birthdays/events things that doctors say patients don't tell but should! americans would rather go to a u.s. national park than a theme park news annyoying songs...a.k.a. songs you can't get out of your head are you thinking about growing facial hair? you might want to think again when you travel for work...should your company make you share a room with your co-workers news life skills parents fear their teens don't have is it ok to be super specific when asking for a meal...


Ashley and Brad Show - ABS 2019-4-29

news birthdays/events do you lie about your vacation? 68% of americans do weird fad diets from history news how long do men hang on to underwear top productivity killers at work what does your mom still do for you/what did she do for you into adulthood? news worst cities for road rage ashley gives brad a quiz (marvel/avengers) brad gives ashley "the feud" news are you a "reader"? it can help you stay focused and have a higher self worth how much are you planning on spending for...


Ashley and Brad Show - ABS 2019-4-26

news birthdays/events speed bumps vs speed humps vs 3D printed raised blocks how to avoid over-packing for a vacation news when you play scrabble...are you a word snob? what do kids think of school lunches...most don't like their school cafeteria people can't even shake hands at work anymore due to sexual harrasment news feel good story of the day...3 men in alabama invite an elderly lady dining alone to join them ashley and brad the slogan game 75% of teenagers share waaaaaay too...


Ashley and Brad Show - ABS 2019-4-25

news birthdays/events a houston high school institutes a dress code...for parents! what do you think? an austrian prisoner who escaped to the canary islands 10 years ago turned himself in because he was bored news how fast food restaurants got their names have you ever lost it at work? just went nuts on a customer? how much do men spend on grooming and facial care? more than you think... news ashley and brad play "think 'n sync" surprising things that make you fat weird rules you...