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Hey friends. My name is Calvin Keeney and I am a creative, caring and competitive person. I want to help other like minded people with the content I create such as this podcast. Thanks for stopping by!


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Hey friends. My name is Calvin Keeney and I am a creative, caring and competitive person. I want to help other like minded people with the content I create such as this podcast. Thanks for stopping by!






Should I Get My Doctorate Degree? (Ft. Peyton Zipoy)

School is a LOT of work. There seems to be fewer and fewer professions that really require you to have a phd to do well in the field. Some people simply like going to school and learning. That's cool too. Peyton was debating how long she wanted to be in school obtaining different degrees and I gave my thoughts on what she should do here. See the full bonus episode here:


What Does A Healthy Relationship Look Like? (Ft. Cindy Austin)

It's important to know what a healthy relationship looks like if you are wanting to have a healthy one of your own. I asked Cindy and Brooke their thoughts on what makes a healthy relationship with your romantic partner. Enriching each others lives and helping one another become a better version of themselves is a great start! See the full episode here:


What It's Like Having A "Competitive Switch" (Ft Brian Keeney)

It's all fun and games until it gets competitive. And for my uncle Brian and I, this can happen a lot! Competition runs in our veins, making it hard for us to do anything casually and "for fun". There is always risk of our competitive switch turning on. I'm proud to be competitive but it does make life challenging sometimes. Releasing that competitiveness in a healthy way takes practice and discipline. See the full episode here:


Pro Tip For Podcasters: Have Backup Topics For Your Guests (Ft. Peyton Zipoy)

Sometimes my interviews don't go perfectly. Well I guess they never really go "perfectly", but they at least go well most of the times. But when I'm not prepared enough, they can go poorly. Peyton and I discussed what I could have done better when interviewing her the second time. See the full bonus episode here:


The Importance Of Bringing Up Difficult Conversations In A Relationship (Ft. Cindy Austin)

I'm the type of person that REALLY likes to avoid confrontation. But I'm also the type of person that doesn't like to have negative issues in a relationship sitting in the background. Talking about problems with your partner is very important. Both small and large. Cindy Austin and I talked with Brooke as we discussed better ways to bring up difficult conversations in a relationship. See the full episode here:


The Benefits of Being Competitive In The Workplace (Ft. Brian Keeney)

My uncle Brian and I are two of the most competitive people I know. That competitive spirit seems to go wherever we go. We discussed how it effects us in the workplace. Whether competitive people like us are working for themselves or others, they tend to strive for greatness with their careers. See the full episode with Brian Keeney here:


What Happens When You Follow Your Own Path (Ft. Peyton Zipoy)

I've never been a fan of blindly following the masses. My personality type is always trying to find new ways to improve life for myself and those around me. Sometimes it's more risky and scary to live like this. But for me, the upside highly outweighs the downside. I talked with Peyton about what it was like stepping out onto my own path I created for myself and what happened along the way. See the full episode with Peyton here:


How To Ask Someone On A Date as an Adult (Ft. Cindy Austin)

It's hard asking someone out on a date. I found it terrifying as a kid. And almost equally scary as an adult. I know it makes it easier to ask someone when I feel that our compatibility is higher. But where do you find someone? Cindy gave me some advice on finding like minded people and then a few tips on actually asking that person on a date. See the full episode with Cindy and Brooke here:


Why Carla Started Her Online Business: internet Famous VIP (Ft. Carla Lynne Hall)

There are many reasons to start an online business these days. You get to be your own boss. Work when you want. Creative process is up to you. And many more. Here are the reasons Carla Lynne Hall decided to start her online business, Internet Famous VIP. See the full episode with Carla here:


Chat 016 - Life As A Competitive Person with Brian Keeney

It was an honor to have my uncle Brian come on the show to talk about being competitive. In my experience, the majority of people I've met are not overly competitive as am I. Maybe 5-10% of people I've met are somewhat close to competitive as me. I believe competitiveness is something you are born with more than anything. And I've experienced a lot of interesting things in life through my competitive lens. It's nice having some friends who can relate to my ultra competitiveness so I was very grateful to have my competitive uncle Brian Keeney on the show. Enjoy!


Dating Websites And A Healthy Way Of Moving On From A Past Relationship (Ft. Cindy Austin)

Cindy and Brooke had a lot of helpful tips on finding a compatible romantic partner. We discussed their views on dating websites and a way to move on from a past relationship in this clip. See the full episode with Cindy and Brooke here:


How To Get More Done By Using Checklists (Ft Peyton Zipoy)

I enjoy using checklists to get things done. I didn't always use them but have found that I tend to get more accomplished when I write tasks down and check them off as they are completed. My brain feels the positive reinforcement of checking off a "to-do" from a list and it is nice. Peyton Zipoy is a friend of mine that is MUCH more organized than me and has taught me good organizational skills. In this clip, she taught me helpful ways to use checklists. I didn't realize how much strategy went into an effective checklist, but it makes sense after she explained it. See the full episode on focusing with Peyton here:


"You Could Be A Talk Show Host" (Ft. Marsha Henderson)

Thanks for the nice comment, aunt Marsha! That was super nice of you. Hehe. What is it about me that could make a good talk show host? Well here is what my lovely (and biased?) aunt had to say about it. See the full episode with aunt Marsha here:


When And What To Post On Social Media For Your Personal Brand (Ft. Carla Lynne Hall)

Building up your personal brand can be very beneficial for your career and lifestyle. Think about your personal brand as your "reputation". How do people view you as a person? I talked with Carla about what types of content are good for posting to raise awareness about yourself and when to post this content. See the full episode with Carla about Personal brand and the creative process here:


Why I Switched My Focus To My Personal Brand (Ft. Sheila Rogers)

I spent several years focusing on building up Streamlined Gaming. My online business where I teach people how to make and sell their own board game. When I became I pickleball coach, I started to focus more on my personal brand ( This was helpful to me because I could use my personal brand to make posts about me playing and coaching pickleball. Other reasons I started focusing on my personal brand was because it was new and fresh. I could do more and be a bit more creative with the content I made. See the full episode with Sheila here:


What it Feels Like Being Recognized for Your Art (Ft Marsha Henderson)

My aunt Marsha is an amazing artist. When I think of her art, I remember the humongous sand sculptures she spent many hours creating at our family reunions. As it turns out, other people in her community became to know her as the sand sculptor. She got several requests on various trips to build creatures out of sand. See the full episode with aunt Marsha here:


What Type of Books do Boys Tend to Enjoy Reading? (Ft. Sheila Rogers)

I have been a slow reader throughout my life. Maybe I'm somewhat dyslexic or something. I'm not really sure but I do know that reading seems to be much more difficult to me than the other kids in class. Sheila Rogers is a friend of mine and she suggested that boys tend to prefer non-fiction books over fictional books. Not all boys but most. This came up in our discussion about how to help motivate your son to read. See the full episode with Sheila here:


The 5 Love Languages: 5 Different Ways People Express Their Love (Ft. Cindy Austin)

Cindy Austin and her daughter Brooke shared with me the 5 love languages. It's interesting to hear the 5 different love languages and to remember how I tend to show love to those closest to me. I encourage you to figure out your favorite love languages and to surround yourself with close friends/partners that share that language. Having a similar love language is a huge boost to a healthy long term relationship. See the full episode here:


When Podcasts Go Wrong (Ft. Carla Lynne Hall)

I had an episode on my podcast that didn't go nearly as planned. It wasn't that it was a horrible show that day, but I definitely didn't feel prepared enough. I shared that experience with my friend Carla in this clip. See the full episode with Carla about the creative process and personal brand here:


Big Brothers Breaking our Bones (Ft. Marsha Henderson)

My aunt Marsha and I have many things in common. One of those things is that we've both had a bone broken by an older brother. My left arm was broken in two places while playing football with my older brother. And aunt Marsha's nose was broken by playing.... you guessed it. Football with her older brother). We reminisced on our battle scars in this clip. See what else we have in common in the full episode with aunt Marsha here: