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Hey friends. My name is Calvin Keeney and I am a creative, caring and competitive person. I want to help other like minded people with the content I create such as this podcast. Thanks for stopping by!

Hey friends. My name is Calvin Keeney and I am a creative, caring and competitive person. I want to help other like minded people with the content I create such as this podcast. Thanks for stopping by!
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Hey friends. My name is Calvin Keeney and I am a creative, caring and competitive person. I want to help other like minded people with the content I create such as this podcast. Thanks for stopping by!






Chat 015 - Dating and Relationships with Cindy Austin

Dating and relationships are difficult for me so I talked to my friend Cindy Austin about the topics. I wanted to learn more so I could be a better partner. Thanks to those of you that gave me questions to ask Cindy about dating and relationships. It was helpful for me and I'm sure her answers will be helpful for most of you as well. Cindy Austin is a psychotherapist who focuses on dating and relationships. She has done a lot of research on the subject and has now started a dating program...


Owning Vs. Renting a Place to Live (Ft. Justen Aguillon)

Justen and I shared our thoughts on buying vs. renting a place to live. You can see the full episode of our discussions on buying/renting property, buying a car and more here:


Short Skit Idea 5 - Love story (Ft. Blaze Kunkel)

This is Blaze and my last idea for a short skit. It was a blast being creative with Blaze and I hope to make one of these ideas into a video someday in the future. See the full episode here:


Chat 014 - Teaching Special Needs Class and Creating Artwork with Aunt Marsha

I had a blast talking to my lovely aunt about what she does to help her students have an improved life. Along with how she stays creative outside of the classroom. It was nice catching up with Marsha Henderson and learning even more than I knew about her before. I had forgotten that you had a degree in special education. But I did remember how much you loved art from all the awesome sand sculptures you made at family reunions. I hope to chat again sometime aunt Marsha. That was...


My Quick Take on Mental Health and Woo Woo Stuff (Ft. Carla Lynne Hall)

Carla and I were discussing personal brand and how she is into "woo woo stuff". We decided that it would probably be good for her brand to start talking about woo woo stuff. Along the way I gave my thoughts on the subject along with mental health. See the full episode here:


Chat 013 - Personal Brand and the Creative Process with Carla Lynne Hall

I had a blast talking to my friend Carla Lynne Hall today. We met each other over the internet several years ago through our mutual love of online businesses. We talked about a lot of fun things today such as: - The creative process - What a personal brand is - Why having a brand can help your career - "Woo Woo Stuff" - My content strategy for 2019 - What to do when you feel stuck creatively - Why Carla started her online business - Several reasons for...


Chat 012 with Sheila Rogers - Creative Parenting and Online Businesses

Sheila Rogers has a lot of cool and creative techniques when it comes to parenting. She shares a lot of these parenting tips on her blog, Brain Power Boy. We had a lot of fun chatting about creative parenting and things Sheila found helpful to her raising a child. One of our mutual hobbies is online businesses so we discussed that quite a lot as well!


Carla's Tips on the Creative Process (Ft Carla Lynn Hall)

I enjoyed talking to Carla and hearing some tips on the creative process. She has learned a lot about the topic and was nice enough to share with me. I enjoyed learning some ways to get unstuck when going through writer's block as well. See the full episode here:


A Look Back into Our Plans for 2019 (Ft Sheila Rogers)

I feel like having goals and milestones to reach for is helpful. It's important to me that I don't judge myself based on what actually ends up happening because that can likely end bad for me. However, I think it's really for me to have something to strive towards even if I don't achieve it. Difficult goals are important to me because it makes like challenging which is good for my competitiveness. I don't think hard goals are great for everyone but they work for me. Sheila and...


Chat 011 - The Basics of Photography with Uncle Rob

Uncle Rob has been practicing photography as one of his main hobbies for many decades now. He has learned a whole lot about the topic so I wanted to have him share some of that knowledge with us. We talked about topics such as: - Different types of cameras - What camera setup is good for a beginner - How he got one of his photographs up in a gallery - Tips on sorting your pictures you take so you can find them easier later on. - What dynamic range is in photography I took several...


3 Different Types Of Pickleball Paddles (Feat. Justen Aguillon)

I introduced one of my best friends to Pickleball and I showed him 3 different types of paddles. Wooden and Aluminum are cheaper paddles but are extremely heavy. Polycore composite (plastic) paddles are what most people use though i have started seeing more and more fiber glass paddles as well (not mentioned here). See the full episode on my website:


Monesavers for Buying Auto Insurance and Warranties (Ft. Justen Aguillon)

Justen had been shopping for a vehicle recently so we discussed different ways to save money on that process. We also discussed our thoughts on auto insurance and how to actually save money purchasing it (versus what commercials tell you). Watch the full episode here:


How to Save Money Buying a Car (Feat. Justen Aguillon)

I heard about a cool car buying strategy years back from my brother. He read about this way of buying a car that could save a LOT of money (thousands of dollars in my case). You basically get the car dealerships to bid against one another instead of paying for an overpriced, highly marked up car. I tried explaining it as best I could in this video but stumbled a lot with the words as I tend to do. haha. It's difficult explaining something I've only done once and many years...


Chat 010 - Feedback on Focusing Podcast with Peyton Zipoy

Sometimes I don't feel very confident and happy in my performance. I tend to be a bit self critical of my content and myself in general. This is a follow up episode to the episode on Focusing with Peyton. We discussed how I felt the episode went and possible solutions to make future episodes better. Tactics such as having too many questions vs. too little questions (which is one aspect I wished was better about the Focus podcast). I'm happy that I am improving my skills in content creation...


Chat 009 - How to Stay Focused and Get More Done with Peyton Zipoy

How does your life change when you learn to focus? I brought Peyton on the show again to share her wisdome and we talked about: - How to Better focus your energy - Using checklists to help you focus on the important tasks (and get more done) - How to focus on house chores and complete ones that you put off doing. - What happens when you have focus in life and follow your own path. Thanks again for coming onto the show, Peyton. It was fun!


Different Types of Cameras (Ft. Rob Keeney)

My uncle Rob has been into photography for several decades now. He's learned a lot and was nice enough to share that knowledge with us awhile back. Here are several of the different types of cameras he mentioned in our talk: - SLR (Single Lens Reflex) or ILC (Interchangeable Lens Camera) - Point and Shoot Camera - Polaroid Camera (creates prints within minutes of shooting a picture) - Cell phone camera You can see the full episode on the basics of photography with Rob Keeney...


Practicing Ordering Food (Ft. Peyton Zipoy)

I decided it would be helpful for me to rehearse ordering food for the next time I go to a restaurant. Maybe this would help with my panicking when the waiter asks "are you ready to order?" and not ordering what I want. Peyton was helpful as always and I plan on using the skills she helped me with the next time I'm faced with the difficult decision of what I want to eat! See the full episode on confidence with Peyton...


How to Focus on House Chores and Get More Done (Ft. Peyton Zipoy)

I tend to have a hard time focusing on certain house chores. I'm really good at doing the dishes (mostly!) but I seem to struggle at doing the mail. Peyton helped me figure out ways to complete the tasks that I struggle with and how others can use focus to get more done around home too. Hopefully you find some of her insight helpful as I did. See the full episode about focusing with Peyton here:


Marketing Strategies in Commercials (Ft. Justen Aguillon)

Marketing is one of the several hobbies that I share with Justen. We talked a bit about what companies do in their commercials to get the audience to buy their products. It was an interesting part of our longer talk together as we relaxed for the night. See the full chat here:


What is Dynamic Range in Photography? (Ft. Rob Keeney)

I learned that in photography, dynamic range has to do with the amount of light that our eyes can process. This is different than dynamic range in relation to sound which involves the different pitches your ear can differentiate. Thanks to my uncle Rob for teaching me a lot about photography. It was fun learning! See the full episode here: