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The Earful Tower is a podcast all about France, recorded in Paris. The goal? To figure out France with the help of a new guest each week – from cooks and comedians to TV hosts and tour guides.

The Earful Tower is a podcast all about France, recorded in Paris. The goal? To figure out France with the help of a new guest each week – from cooks and comedians to TV hosts and tour guides.
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The Earful Tower is a podcast all about France, recorded in Paris. The goal? To figure out France with the help of a new guest each week – from cooks and comedians to TV hosts and tour guides.




The most interesting thing in every Paris arrondissement

Meet Boris from Paris in Person. He is a tour guide who knows Paris inside out. He shares the most interesting thing that you can find in every one of Paris's 20 arrondissements. In case you're unsure of the spelling from his list, I've added the places to the notes below. See all the pictures plus a little more on the official Earful Tower website here. The list! 1st. The Saint Germain Auxerois church: Enjoy the difference between the medieval and classical styles - and keep an eye out...


Paris for the history nerd

This week's guest is Beckett Graham of The History Chicks podcast. It's her first time in Paris and I was curious to know what a history buff like her seeks out in a city like this. For addresses and more info, simply scroll down, or check the site here for even more information. Lay a potato at the grave of Parmentier Antoine Parmentier brought the humble potato to Paris and as a thanks, Parisians leave potatoes at his grave. You can find it in section 39 of Pere Lachaise cemetery....


Paris in Four Months

This week's guest is Carin Olsson, the Swede behind the hit website Paris in Four Months. Almost a million people follow her on Instagram - so she sure knows what she's doing. We talk about what it's like to be an "influencer", the man who walks his pig on the Ile Saint Louis, and the best cafes, restaurants, and bars in Paris. Find Carin's website here and her Instagram here. Support The Earful Tower on Patreon here And this episode was brought to you by French Today, audiobooks...


Best of 2018

Hello everyone and Happy new year! As I prepare for an enormous and exciting 2019, I thought we could do a flashback episode to the number one most downloaded episode of 2018. Which one was it? Well have a listen and find out :) Don't like surprises? Well here's the link for all the information from the episode, which was originally published earlier this year.


Christmas in France

It's Christmas in Paris. Well, it's Christmas elsewhere too, but today we're keeping it France-related. So how do the French celebrate Christmas? And what should you go and see if you find yourself in Paris during the festive season? Where are the best Christmas lights? All these questions and more are answered in this episode. You'll hear the (slightly croaky) voice of myself, plus Lovely Lina, coming at you from the studio in Sweden (where we're going to celebrate Christmas). You'll...


French culture shocks

This week it’s Rosie McCarthy from the hit YouTube channel Not Even French She shares a few observations about the French people that she has picked up over the past five years in Paris. What's the deal with how they shower, how they dress the bed, and how they give you the bill in a restaurant?? Check out her channel here, and here's the link to when I made an appearance on Rosie's channel. To see all the extras from The Earful Tower, check out my Patreon page here.


David Lebovitz

This week it’s the 100th episode of The Earful Tower! To celebrate, here’s a chat with celebrity chef and author David Lebovitz, who has just written a new book called L’Appart. We chat about Christmas in Paris, the lack of a future tense in Sicily, and the blog he has been running since 2009. We also talk about Barbara Streisand and the testicles of Simon and Garfunkel - so if you only came for food recipes then you will be sorely disappointed :) Remember, David will be on the book club...


Women of Paris

Why do all the tour guides focus on the men in French history? What about the women?! This is a question that haunted Heidi Evans - so much so that she launched a company called Women of Paris that specifically focuses on revealing the neglected gender in France's historical pages. She talks about her company, some French women you may never have heard about, and (what she calls) an X-rated fact about Marie Antoinette. We also did a live Walk Show on Facebook if you want to know more...


How to find a rental home in Paris

Finding a rental property in Paris can be like finding a needle in a haystack. But imagine there are hundreds of other people looking for that needle too. And now imagine that when you find the needle, the needle's owner is very likely to ask you for a large amount of money and documents before you'll be allowed to have it. You need to prepared, and I mean really prepared. For this week's podcast episode, you'll hear about how gruelling the whole affair can be from the perspective of a...


Paris: Left Bank vs Right Bank

Choosing between the Left and Right Banks of Paris is like picking a favourite child. Tough, but often necessary. But of course, there's no real answer. There's no scientific equation, no data mining, no possible way to find the "best". Or is there? I've spent this week talking to experts, surveying Earful Tower followers, and churning through stats to figure out which side of the river is "officially" the best. And I have an answer. I discuss the topic with two authors, Right Banker...


What to wear in Paris

So what should you pack for a trip to Paris? Paris-based shoe designer Lina Nordin Gee, co-star of The Honeymoon Season, shares her top tips for if you really want to blend in with the locals. Here are the tips in brief in case you need a cheat sheet. 1. Pack smaller accessories 2. Bring a big(ish) handbag 3. Pack for the rain 4. Focus on matching neutrals 5. Don’t forget your red lipstick 6. Leave your hairbrush at home Read the full story here. Also mentioned in this episode:...


Ten incredible things to see in France

Hello listeners! France is a massive country with wildly diverse landscapes and breathtaking monuments. There's A LOT more to see than just Paris and Provence. With this in mind, I've come up with ten things you should absolutely visit on your next trip, all taken from our recent honeymoon trip around the country. This list is about landmarks, specific things to see, rather than beautiful towns (Annecy!) or pretty villages (Menerbes!). I was going to list out the ten places right here,...


A Year in Provence

This week we’re talking all about a memoir, A Year in Provence, a book that may not have changed the face of the French village of Ménerbes, but apparently changed the rest. It sold 6 million + copies over the past 30 years and was translated into 40 languages, sending tourists from all over the world to find out exactly what was so charming about the little village. The memoir was the subject for The Earful Tower’s Book Club for October and I, too, stopped into the village to take a look...


We did it!

It's the honeymoon season finale, more or less, as we've made it back to Paris. Yep, 4,000 kilometres (2,500 miles) at 45 km an hour (30 miles) on one little red scooter. Here we answer some of the frequently asked questions from you listeners, we share the ups and downs, and give a few tips for places you should visit if you ever need a new spot to see in France. Oh, and we also discuss how the scooter is allegedly a stolen vehicle... Season five on the way, subscribe on Patreon if you...


Crossing the French Alps on a scooter

In 218 BC, war general Hannibal famously crossed the French Alps with 37 elephants. In 2018 AD, we crossed the same Alps on a little red scooter. Here's our story, plus some info on what we absolutely consider to be the most beautiful town in France, Annecy. Support this show and get a lot more on Patreon.


How to spend a week in Provence

Imagine you had seven days to spend in Provence but didn't know what to see. Never fear, we've done the research for you. We just scooted through the region and can recommend the following. The Roman arena in Arles. The Camargues national Park The cathedral overlooking Marseille Getting lost in the old town of Aix en Provence Chanelling your inner travel writer in Ménerbes (where A Year in Provence was set) Taking in the Sunday market in L’Isle sur la Sorgue Dancing on the Pont...


France's most interesting city

Hello from Carcassonne in south western France, a town that’s easily the most interesting that I’ve seen in France. This episode will explain why - and will introduce you to my new hero - Eugene Viollet Le Duc - the man who changed the face of France. Read a whole lot more about my thoughts on Carcassonne on the blog here. Help me make better podcasts by supporting on Patreon here. And find more about the T-Shirts we mentions here.


How I raised a French kid

Imagine your own child is more French than you are. Well that's a reality for Catherine, an American in Carcassonne, who's today's guest on The Earful Tower podcast. Catherine, who writes the Taste of France blog, talks about bringing up a bilingual child, the differences between French and American schooling, and the difficulties of parenting between two cultures. Check out Catherine's blog, Taste of France, here. PS: Did you see there are now Earful Tower T-shirts? Limited edition...


Cognac, Bordeaux, and Toulouse

Hi guys, It was such a busy week on the road that I decided to just share it all. Here are ten tales, a mix of anecdotes, tourist tips, and marvels to find - all in the space of 35 minutes. Mentioned in this episode: The Cognac Tour of Otard. The Cité du Vin museum in Bordeaux The Grosse Cloche in Bordeaux The town of Cadillac The town of Saint-André-du-Bois The town of Sauveterre de Guyenne The tiny town of Castelmoron-d'Albret (or <) The town of Puymirol The restaurant of Michel...


Tips for Bordeaux

This time it's a chat with Mike Foster, who runs Le Map Bordeaux, a city guide to one of France's most famous cities. His tips are in the form of things you should do, and things you shouldn't -- aka the Bordeauxs and Bordeauxn'ts. It makes sense when you hear it... sort of. Anyway, enjoy the episode, I'm off to enjoy my birthday. Until Monday! PS: Support The Earful Tower here on Patreon.