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Join us as we go looking creative inspiration in every day life.

Join us as we go looking creative inspiration in every day life.
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Join us as we go looking creative inspiration in every day life.




Ep. 103: Chair Yoga With Carolyn

Hi guys. Today marks a very special day - Episode 103 Day! Thanks as always for checking us out, we know you have a lot of choices in podcasts and we are truly appreciative that we chose to listen. In this episode we decided to try something a little different than most of the artist dates we have lined up and escape the cold winter weather that we'd been experiencing. As the title of this post gives away, our time today was spent in a Chair Yoga class with a very interesting and...


Ep. 102: Going Slow at The Barnes Foundation

One of the unexpected benefits of this little adventure into podcasting has been happening since I have started chronicling my artist dates. Being a bit of a planner, it's been interesting to see how many cool things there are to do in just a couple of hours and that was definitely the case with this episode. I'm no stranger to Philadelphia's The Barnes Foundation, but I was a stranger to Slow Art Day, which as it turns out, is a real thing. It seems we now have a "day" for everything:...


Ep. 101: Downton Abbey: The Exhibition

Hi everyone, and thanks for stopping by. This marks the very first episode of The Enchant Me Podcast and I'm super excited to be here and to get started. Before I dive into the premiere, I want to mention that you can read all about how the podcast came to be here. In a nutshell, each week I'll be going on a different excursion that is meant to keep the creative juices flowing and to help me live a more creative life. The first episode takes us back to post-Edwardian England as my mom and...