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English Heritage cares for over 400 historic buildings, monuments and sites, and brings the story of England to life for over 10 million people each year.

English Heritage cares for over 400 historic buildings, monuments and sites, and brings the story of England to life for over 10 million people each year.
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English Heritage cares for over 400 historic buildings, monuments and sites, and brings the story of England to life for over 10 million people each year.




Episode 24 - The story of a real Downton Abbey at Brodsworth Hall and Gardens in South Yorkshire

As the new Downton Abbey film opens in cinemas, we head over to Brodsworth Hall and Gardens in South Yorkshire to meet curator Eleanor Matthews and discover how the story of this Victorian country house and its inhabitants can be compared to the fictional world of Downton Abbey. Learn about the Thellusson family who lived here, what the house would have been like during its Victorian heyday and how, after years of gentle decay, it was finally saved for the nation. To find out more about...


Episode 23 - Enter a lost industrial world at J.W.Evans Silver Factory in Birmingham

This week we’re in Birmingham’s historic Jewellery Quarter to discover the story of the J.W. Evans silver factory with the founder’s grandson Tony Evans. Listen on to find out what life would have been like working here during the factory’s heyday in the Victorian and Edwardian eras, the difference between die sinkers and drop stampers and how this industrial treasure house came to be under the care of English Heritage today. To find out more or book a visit, go to...


Episode 22 - The Iron Bridge and the Industrial Revolution

On the 240th anniversary of the creation of the iconic Iron Bridge in Shropshire, we meet head collections curator Matt Thompson to find out how its creation marked a turning point in engineering history, how it revolutionised the use of iron, and how it’s paved the way for other engineering projects. To find out more about the Iron Bridge or plan a visit, go to


Episode 21 - Steam power at Stott Park Bobbin Mill in Cumbria

At Stott Park Bobbin Mill on the shores of Lake Windermere in Cumbria, we meet site manager Michael Callaghan and historic property supervisor Tracy Shaw to discover the story of this unique industrial heritage site. We reveal what life would have been like for the ‘Bobbin Boys’ who worked here, the secrets of producing the perfect bobbin and the challenges of maintaining the mill as they fire up their repaired steam-powered boiler. To plan a visit to see it yourself, go to...


Episode 20 - Mary Tudor and the succession crisis at Framlingham Castle in Suffolk

Mary Tudor and the succession crisis at Framlingham Castle in Suffolk This week we join head historic properties curator Jeremy Ashbee at Framlingham Castle in Suffolk to discover how it came to be at the centre of a succession crisis in 1553, which saw the crowning of England’s first official queen. Listen on to discover how the castle played a key role in events leading up to Mary’s coronation and why her subsequent reign was ultimately cut short. For more details about Framlingham Castle...


Episode 19 - Creating Tintagel Castle’s new landmark bridge

As Tintagel Castle opens its new landmark bridge to visitors this weekend, we welcome Head Historic Properties Curator Jeremy Ashbee, Head of National Projects Nichola Tasker and Senior National Project Manager Reuben Briggs to the studio to find out more. Discover why the bridge has been constructed, how the winning design was selected and what has gone into creating this spectacular feat of engineering. To read more about Tintagel Castle’s history and book a bridge crossing, go to...


Episode 18 - Undressing the history of fashion with Amber Butchart

We interview fashion historian and presenter of our popular historic makeup tutorials on YouTube, Amber Butchart, to trace the big developments in English fashion history, discover how much effort goes into making historically accurate costumes and reveal the most outrageous fashion statements through the centuries. To watch Amber’s latest video on Georgian makeup, go to or check out our series of history inspired makeup tutorials at...


Episode 17 - Brave knights and epic fights: The making of a legendary joust

As our new season of legendary jousts gets underway, we head behind the scenes at Kenilworth Castle in Warwickshire to discover what goes into recreating medieval history with joust organiser Diana Evans and professional jouster Dominic Sewell. Discover when jousting was invented, how it has evolved over time and the skills involved in becoming a modern day hero on horseback for the crowds. For details of all of our joust events taking place over summer, visit...


Episode 16 - Studying the skies above Stonehenge with space scientist Maggie Aderin-Pocock

To celebrate the launch of our new digital project, Stonehenge Skyscape, allowing everyone anywhere to watch the sun, moon and stars above Britain’s most famous prehistoric monument, we join space scientist and BBC’s The Sky at Night presenter Maggie Aderin-Pocock to find out more. Discover the role astronomy might have played in prehistoric life, the meaning of archeoastronomy and what you should look out for in the sky above the stones. To experience Stonehenge Skyscape for yourself, go to...


Episode 15 - The centenary of the Cenotaph: the UK’s most famous war memorial

A century after the unveiling of the original Cenotaph memorial in London, we are joined by senior properties historian Dr Steven Brindle and Dr Lucy Noakes, professor of modern history at the University of Essex to discover its story. Listen on to find out how and why this famous First World War memorial was created for the Peace Day celebrations of 19 July 1919 and how it’s come to inspire the designs of other memorials to conflict all over the world. To find out more about the World War I...


Episode 14 - The story behind Kenilworth Castle’s Elizabethan Garden

Ten years since our gardening team recreated the Elizabethan garden at Kenilworth Castle, we meet landscapes advisor Emily Parker and head gardener Fiona Tansey to discover the story behind the garden, the Elizabethan garden style, the planting and features of the garden that visitors should look out for during a visit today and the activities planned to mark the anniversary, including 19 days of celebrations planned to commemorate Elizabeth I’s historic 19-day visit to the castle in the...


Episode 13 - How the Victorians invented the great British beach holiday

As thoughts turn to holidays ahead, we join senior properties historian Andrew Hann to discover the role of the Victorians in popularising British beach holidays and seaside resorts. Learn how many of the things we now associate with a trip to the British seaside (fish and chips, promenades and piers) have their roots in the Victorian summer holiday, and how Queen Victoria herself developed a love of the seaside at her own private beach at Osborne on the Isle of Wight. You can find out more...


Episode 12 - Behind the scenes of Summer Solstice at Stonehenge

As the team at Stonehenge prepare to welcome thousands of visitors to celebrate the start of summer and see the sun rise between the stones on the longest day of the year, we head behind the scenes to meet senior properties historian Susan Greaney and senior property curator Heather Sebire. Discover how the solstice informed the formation of the stones, how the solstice was originally celebrated here, the challenges of managing the solstice celebrations today and what you need to do if you...


Episode 11 - The mythology of plants at Mount Grace Priory

At Mount Grace Priory in North Yorkshire, our gardening team are growing plants inspired by medieval monks across Europe with aphrodisiac, narcotic and hallucinogenic qualities and names like mandrake and deadly nightshade. Today these might sound like the stuff of storybook spells, but for medieval monks they were ingredients in everyday remedies to treat all kinds of complaints*. We asked our Senior Gardens Advisor for the North and Midlands, Dr Michael Klemperer, to help us uncover the...


Episode 10 - The D-Day landings and Dover Castle

On the 75th anniversary of D-Day on Tuesday, 6 June 1944, we meet English Heritage’s senior properties historian Paul Pattison to discover the story of the Normandy landings, the other operations that fed into this turning point of the Second World War and how the iconic fortress of Dover Castle played its role. For more information about the D-Day deceptions, visit


Episode 9 - Author George Orwell’s blue plaque and the making of 1984

On the 70th anniversary of the publication of author George Orwell’s most famous novel 1984, presenter Charles Rowe interviews historian Howard Spencer to discover the story behind Orwell’s blue plaque in London and discuss how accurate he was in predicting the future. To find out more about our blue plaques scheme or order a copy of our guide to London’s Blue Plaques, go to


Episode 8 - Conversations in Making: artist Linda Brothwell on her new exhibition at Stonehenge

As Stonehenge prepares to welcome visitors to its new exhibition, Conversations in Making, which opens on 24 May 2019, we headed to artist Linda Brothwell’s studio at Spike Island in Bristol to get a preview of her artwork about to go on display. The exhibition will feature a collection of 40 copper and silver bowls, beakers and vessels that form a portrait of the area, charting the connections between Stonehenge and the communities that have lived around the monument, both past and present....


Episode 7 - Discover the treasures of Kenwood in London

We travel to Hampstead Heath in London to explore the breathtaking interiors and world-class art collection of Kenwood in the company of assistant curator Louise Cooling. Discover the story of this hidden gem, its former owners and its renowned collection of paintings, which remain free for everyone to enjoy today. To learn more about the history of the house and its treasures, or to plan a visit, go to


Episode 6 - Victorian cook Avis Crocombe at Audley End House in Essex

This week we join food historian Annie Grey at Audley End House and Gardens in Essex to discover the story of Victorian cook Avis Crocombe, whose cookbook was discovered at the house and provides a fascinating insight into the food that she prepared for Lord and Lady Braybrooke and their guests. More recently Mrs Crocombe has been featured as the main character in our popular series of YouTube videos in which a re-enactor prepares a selection of her original recipes. To watch the videos, go...


Episode 5 - Explore England’s history on a pilgrimage walk

We join Guy Hayward and Jason Goodwin from the British Pilgrimage Trust to walk a section of the South Dorset Old Stones Way – one of 10 historic trails taking in English Heritage sites en-route. Listen on to discover the meaning of pilgrimage, the mental and physical benefits of exploring our past, and what you can expect to discover along the way.