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Each episode Hosts Chris Rider and Steve Waldinger watch the Pilot, or Episode One of a different Television show, both new and old, then discuss it from the perspectives of a fan and of a writer. Then they unfairly judge the entire series based on the one episode.


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Each episode Hosts Chris Rider and Steve Waldinger watch the Pilot, or Episode One of a different Television show, both new and old, then discuss it from the perspectives of a fan and of a writer. Then they unfairly judge the entire series based on the one episode.




190. Echo, Ted : Episodes One (Disney+,Hulu, Star;Peacock)

The MCU is back... the seth MCfarlane cinematic Universe! Wait, oh yeah Echo is part of the other MCU. After a long layoff, Ted is back. And this time he's on the Goldbergs? Not exactly, but we talk about the similarities. Also, Steve never watched either Ted film. We also dive into Echo, which checks a lot of boxes for the podcast. Comic book adaptation, Native Heritage, overall inclusive theories. And violence? It's a great, if slightly tardy episode of the Episode One Podcast!


189. Scott Pilgrim Takes Off, Such Brave Girls: Episode One (Netflix, Hulu/BBC 3)

After a lot of bad timing that led to a month long layoff. Chris and Steve are back. In lieu of a Christmas episode, we're giving ourselves a present and watch Scott Pilgrim Takes Off! And to be a little more timely, the new to America, Such Brave Girls. Hear some stories about the original Scott Pilgrim, hear out tak eon the new one, and discover something new in Such Brave Girls Happy Holidays!


188. Gen V, Frasier, It's the 188th Episode Spectacular! : Episodes One (Amazon Prime, Paramount Plus)

Gen V, Frasier, how could you imagine a better 188th spectacular? We spend about the first 45 minute son Gen V, how it relates to Pretty Little Liars, and whether it succeeds enough to get Steve to pay for Prime. Then we do a quick check-in on Frasier, where in we discuss Kelsey Grammar's career more than the show. Then we spend the last half talking about shows from the podcast's past and set ourselves up for the road to 199!!!


187. Krapopolis : Episode One (Fox/Hulu)

We've got a short (for us) episode tonight. The twice renewed Krapopolis has finally aired. Was it worth the wait (and the hype?) We probably ended up talking a bit more about the history and scheduling of the show than the show itself. But it was a unique show and a unique story. Let us know what you think, and follow us!


186. One Piece : Episode One (Netflix Live Action)

Apologies for the poor audio quality. Chris didn't realize the worng microphone was selected. He sounds like he's on a boat with Luffy. We finally review one of the One shows, after a missed opportunity in 2020, we have a second chance at One Piece. We marvel at the history of the Manga and Anime, then dig into how they seemingly did everything right in this adaptation. Plus we dig deep into Skrull steve.


185. Ahsoka : Episode One (Disney +)

Finally, Star Wars on the episode one podcast. Again. But this time, we feature a character directly tied to Star Wars Episode One. Ahsoka is technically Qui-Gon's Great Grand Padawan. (it makes sense if you're weird) Is the Star Wars universe reaching MCU's level of over saturation? Or is this the perfect thing to watch as we head towards the no-content age? All this plus Crossovers and 30 second pitches.


184. My Adventures with Superman : Episode One (Cartoon Network/Adult Swim; Max)

So wait, whose adventures? Chris's Steve's? Lois? Jimmy Olsen's? Mxyzptlk? It's a new Animated series airing on Adult Swim and Streaming on Max (which we will never get used to saying) It's got an Anime vibe, and it's really fun, enjoy it with us!


183. Secret Invasion : Episode One (Disney +)

Skrulls? we don't got no stinking Skrulls? Or do we? Steve may have been replaced by a Skrull? Who else is a Skrull? What exactly is happening in Moscow? And di MArvel pull off making the MCU version of a storyline better than the comic one... again? All this, plus we enter the Urkelverse, on the episode one podcast.


182. Fubar : Episode One (Netflix)

Special thanks to Arnold Schwarzenegger's Pump Club Not a sponsor, but we got to see an early Fan Screening and Red Carpet experience via 1iota due to Arnold's Pump Club. This week we watched episode one of Arnold's first TV Show, Fubar! As Chief Action Officer at Netflix, does this True Lies adjacent series work? All that plus Crossovers and 30 second pitches on this Episode One Podcast!


181. The Clearing, Muppets Mayhem : Episodes One (Hulu/Disney + Star, Disney +)

Two very different shows, with one commonality, Chris and Steve were each very afraid! but guess who was afraid of which? at 6:25 we dive into the newest True Crime show on Hulu/Disney + star. The Clearing is a true crime story about the Australian cult "The Family" And it is pretty creepy. Then at 30:35 we cover the newest Muppets Show. Muppet Mayhem! And it's brought to us by The Goldbergs? All this, plus crossovers and 30 second pitches!


180. Fatal Attraction : Episode One (Paramount Plus)

Solidarity with WGA. As writers ourselves we hope for both a quick, but effective resolution to the Writer's Strike. This week we are checking out the remake, of the 80s film, on Paramount Plus. Fatal Attraction. Can Pacey live up to Michael Douglas? Will steve and Chris fall in love with Lizzy Caplan again? All this plus crossovers and 30 second pitches!


179. Grease: Rise of the Pink Ladies, Am I Being Unreasonable : Episodes One (Paramount Plus, Hulu)

Join Steve and Chris to discuss what may be the deepest digging a reboot/prequel/sequel series has ever done. A prequel to the 1978 movie Grease! And you know what, it kind of works. But Steve is afraid of the music. The music Jerry!. Steve also watched the brand new (to the US) Hulu Show Am I Being Unreasonable. Another BBC to Hulu transplant, it has serious Life after Beth vibes, but in a good way! All that plus a Riverdale crossover pitch, and some deep 70s 30 second pitches!


178. Gotham Knights : Episode One (CW)

The Arrowverse is dead. Arrow has ended. The Flash is ending, Stargirl is Gone. Batwoman? Lois and Clark's future is unknown. But Gotham Knights is here to avenge, well someone's death (Batman's). While not directly based off the recent video game it shares a lot. Chris and Steve talk about the interesting choices, the semi obscure characters used (to great effect) and discuss if a season 2 would, or should be in the cards. All this plus a 30 second pitch that includes a lot of Spiderman... and a reference to the Trouble comic series.


177. History of the World Part 2, The 177th Episode Spectacular! - Episode One (Hulu, Disney + Star)

Hello and welcome to Episode 177! That's a lot of episodes. Like every 11th episode, we take a look back at shows we've done recently and ask the question, did they merit more than just the first episode? But first we chat about the Mel Brooks special, History of the World Part II It's a show that's getting dumped on by critics... but we liked it? It's hard to not like a Nick Kroll/Wanda Sykes/Ian Barinholtz vehicle!


176. Animal Control, Not Dead Yet : Episodes One (Fox, ABC)

Is the network sitcom back? Well at the very least it's declared death was premature! This week Steve and Chris chekc out Animal Control, the new Joel McHale workplace comedy, and Not Dead Yet, Gina Rodriguez's new show. Both had some surprises in store for our hosts. First, we found out Mr Mayor was cancelled, since one our faves, Vella Lovell, ism on this show! Then Chris went into Not Dead Yet without knowing the twist, Jane the Virgin sees dead people! All this plus crossovers and 30 second pitches!


175. Extraordinary : Episode One (Hulu/ Disney + Star)

Welcome back to this week in superhero shows. But this time we have something very different! A new British comedy where the Incredibles proves true: "If everyone's special, nobody is" A world in which everyone gets superpowers at 18, and the trials and travails of one young woman who's powers haven't kicked in yet. This show is definitely worth a watch, and our review is worth a listen!


174. Night Court (2023) and That 90's Show : Episodes One (NBC/Peacock, Netflix)

Reboot season never ends. This week we've got two hot off the press January Reboots. First off we talk about the NBC reboot of Night Court. We also take a look back to the 80s and watch episode one of the classic night court. We also discuss, should Abby Stone's name have been Abby Nighter, so we could call it Nighter Court? Then at around the 50 minute mark we dive into That 90's show. They hit all the classics on this one, it's a pilot with nostalgia +. But honestly not much 90's nostalgia.


173. The Clauses (Disney Plus) and the Best Episode Ones of 2022

This year, something a little different for the holidays. First we go back to November and discuss this year's Christmas Show, The Clauses on Disney Plus. Tim Allen, Elizabeth Mitchell, and did the Elves eat Mrs Claus? And then we look back at the 29 episode one we covered in 2022, and discuss our top 5 shows we ended up enjoying the most! Steve: 1. Single Drunk Female 2. Fleishman is in Trouble 3. The Dropout 4. Reboot 5. Ms Marvel and Shoresy Chris 1. Peacemaker 2. Quantum Leap 3. The Dropout 4. Ms Marvel 5. Single Drunk Female


172. Fleishman is in Trouble : Episode One (FX on Hulu)

Fleishman is in Trouble? who you gonna call? Chris and Steve apparently. Based on a recent high profile novel, it's another fantastic Hulu miniseries, with a fantastic cast. And with stakes this high, Chris and Steve watched Two Episodes! Does the extra context change their review? Can Fleishman escape trouble? All this, plus Crossovers and 30 second pitches on the Episode One Podcast


171. Blockbuster : Episode One (Netflix) Plus a Ten Year Old Reviews Star Wars Episode One

This week we have a returning special guest. Chris's ten year old son, Troy! He watched Star Wars Episode One : The Phantom Menace, so we break from our tradition of not actually talking about Star Wars Episode One, to discuss Star Wars Episode One. Then We talk more about movies, and the show that loves them, Blockbuster, on Netlfix! Starring Randall Park, Melissa Fumero and featuring JB Smoove, we were pretty excited about this one. How did it hold up? We also debut a new feature, pitch and alternate backstory for this character!