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A podcast on how media is evolving for storytellers, creators and producers.

A podcast on how media is evolving for storytellers, creators and producers.
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A podcast on how media is evolving for storytellers, creators and producers.




Episode 004: The changing world of Documentary Filmmaking - a talk with Jan Rofekamp

The world documentary filmmaking is facing some challenging times when it comes to financing, production as well as distribution. The old models for all of these areas are still in effect, but they no longer fully answer to the needs documentary filmmakers have today. Not to mention the rapidly changing habits of the audience and the need to adequately address these. My guest for this fourth episode of the Evolving Media Podcast is Jan Rofekamp, founder and CEO of Films Transit and a person...


Episode 003: Addressing the Collective Journey and the Narrative Reversal - a talk with Jeff Gomez

Jeff Gomez from Starlight Runner Entertainment has a wealth of knowledge when it comes to creating stories and story worlds that resonate with and engage audiences. Lately Jeff's been championing the theory of a Collective Journey slowly taking over the role that the traditional Hero's Journey has occupied in the narratives of different media properties. In this talk we'll dive into the Collective Journey more and take an in-depth look at the Narrative Reversal - i.e., what do you do if and...


Episode 002: Reaching the right audience on the right platform - a case study with Mike Monello

Mike Monello of Campfire NYC has an extensive track record of creating content that millions of people engage with, often as additions to already successful titles such as Westworld, Game of Thrones, Sense8 etc. Their latest venture, however, sees them starting out pretty much from scratch - with a horror-genre drama podcast. Well be spending Episode 2 of The Evolving Media Podcast talking about the podcast series "Video Palace", what their strategies were and how these strategies are...


Episode 001: The Art of Reaching Generation Z - a talk with Sandra Lehner

The inaugural episode of this podcast is a talk with Sandra Lehner, whom I had the pleasure of moderating a talk for at the Leipzig Networking Days, invited by Documentary Campus. In this episode we'll take a look at Generation Z - who they are, what their media habits are and how traditional media producers can hope to reach and engage with them. Feel free to comment or drop an email over at simon.staffans(at)! Thanks for listening!