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Welcome to The FANtom Zone a podcast where Kayla, Jered, and Noah discuss, review and argue endlessly while indulging in everything comics!

Welcome to The FANtom Zone a podcast where Kayla, Jered, and Noah discuss, review and argue endlessly while indulging in everything comics!
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Welcome to The FANtom Zone a podcast where Kayla, Jered, and Noah discuss, review and argue endlessly while indulging in everything comics!




EP12 Mayhem for Money

Some characters are known for their moral courage and unflinching bravery. Others are known for their despicable villainy and malevolence. Still, others are just trying to earn a buck in this crazy comic book world. On this installment of the Fantom Zone Kayla, Jered, and Noah sit down to banter about their favorite mercenaries, bounty hunters, and hitmen for hire to grace the pages of superhero comics. If a character shoots, stabs, punches, or explodes things for money, they probably get a...


EP11 Write Here, Write Now

Some people hate to podcast, but love to have podcasted. Well anyway, a podcaster podcasts, and on this one, instead of gabbing about what’s on the comic page, Kayla, Jered, and Noah focus on some of the people working behind the keyboard and in the writer's rooms who dream up the comic stories we all crave. This episode is about comic book writers. The Fantomzoners talk about why writing comic books is a uniquely challenging job all its own, about the elements that make for successful comic...


EP10 A Comic on Comics: Andrew Wagner

One of our goals, when we started the Fantom Zone, was to translate our infatuation and zeal for superhero comics (and okay, our downright obsessive tendencies) in a digestible podcastable package; something general audiences could sink their teeth into along with longtime comic nerds such as ourselves. In that spirit, we thought we’d try out a segment we like to call A Comic on Comics. It’s where we ask one of our comedian friends or other sorts of interesting types who have never read...


EP9 Aquaman Movie Review

It's movie review time, Fantomzoners! Our first ever, and it's about none other than Aquaman. The podcast was fiercely divided: some of us like a lot while others of us loved it with a passion mightier than the sea. If you had told 15 years ago that there'd be an Aquaman movie, we would have said you were dreaming. And if you had told us it would be one of the most badass superhero movies to date, we would have said, "how dare you mock us, airbreather!" and then we would have stabbed you...


EP8 Superhero Support Service

Sometimes comic book heroism isn't all about having superpowers and thwarting evil plots. Sometimes it's about effectively getting powder burns out of spandex leggings and filling out government forms in a timely manner. Comics aren't only about the heroes and villains. Sometimes their about those friends, co-workers, and confidants of superheroes who are essential to comic storytelling. On this episode, Kayla, Jered, and Noah talk about the most notable, loveable, and downright...


EP7 Marvel Comics Crossovers / Infinity and Beyond

We are from beyond! Listen to our podcast and all you desire shall be yours! Nothing you dream of is impossible for us to accomplish…especially if what you dream of is to listen to Kayla, Jered, and Noah have a conversation about Marvel crossovers, because that’s what this is! On this episode of the Fantom Zone they discuss the ways in which Marvel’s big events somewhat differ from DC’s, and they each spotlight the Marvel crossover they love, find most interesting or find most emblematic of...


EP6 Deep Dive: Aquaman

This episode doesn’t talk to fish… it commands them! That’s because it’s about the undisputed king of the seven seas. None other than Aquaman! Listen in as Kayla, Jered, and Noad do their first ever character deep dive (pun intended). They discuss their favorite Aquaman moments, describe his intrepid supporting cast, and his most menacing villains. And most importantly they do their best to undo the damage that ridiculous Super Friends cartoon did by convincing you that Aquaman is, in fact,...


Ep5 Fantastic Teams and Where to Find Them!

And there came a day unlike any other, when Kayla, Jered, and Noah were united against a common threat… people being unfamiliar with comic books! On that day the Fantom Zone was born! To podcast about subjects, no single podcaster could withstand! Fittingly, this episode is about teams. Kayla, Jered, and Noah discuss superhero teams; why the Avengers, the Justice League, and the X-men have transcended team-dom itself; and they briefly spotlight their favorite teams that may have flown under...


Ep4 DC Comics Crossovers / Crises

Villains are running amuck! The dead have risen from their graves to eat the still-beating hearts of the living! And the Multiverse is exploding… AGAIN! What’s it all mean!? Obviously, it means DC is having a crossover, and the Fantom Zone is all over it. On this episode, we discuss DC crossovers: those big comic book events that bring every DC character together in order to prevent catastrophe, save the world, and murder your favorite superheroes. Will all three of your heroic hosts make it...


Stan Lee, Thank You (Bonus)

This is a small, but heartfelt tribute, we at the Fantom Zone recorded in honor of Stan Lee’s passing. There’s not a fan of comics that hasn’t been influenced by Stan Lee for the better, that hasn’t been touched by his imagination and his humanity--and we’re no exception. Stan Lee was a creative giant and we will always feel deeply indebted to him for capturing our imagination with the characters he brought to life and the worlds that they inhabit. He inspired us with his stories, taught us...


Ep3 Dying Alien Equals Hero?

Look! Up in the sky! It’s a bird! It’s a plane! It’s… the Fantom Zone's episode on heroes! This week Kayla, Jered, and Noah discuss superheroes and superheroism. Get ready to stop a comet hurtling to Earth, halt an armed bank robbery, foil a terrorist plot, and maybe even tip more than 20% even when the service isn’t that great… on this week’s episode of the Fantom Zone.


Ep2 Urzkartaga and the Gender Fluid Blood Tricks

Why so serious? Because on this episode the FANtom Zone talks villains! Kayla, Jered, and Noah discuss what it is that makes a great villain work and what makes them tick. Yeah, this episode is a little evil… but it’s a necessary evil.


Ep1 A Blur, a Boy Wonder and a Crack of Thunder

On this, the inaugural episode of The FANtom Zone, Kalya, Jered, and Noah get together for the first time to talk comics! They discuss their first experiences with comics books and the superhero genre and poke fun at each other along the way. they also each reveal their #1 favorite comic book character of all time, gushing about what it is that makes them amazing. It's nauseating. You'll love it. Wanna find out what characters they picked? Listen to find out, but there are hints in the...


The FANtom Zone: Trailer

Welcome to The FANtom Zone a podcast where Kayla, Jered, and Noah discuss, review and argue endlessly while indulging in everything comics! In this trailer, we break down why we wanted to make this podcast.