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The FANtom Zone is a Comic Book Podcast like you’ve never heard before! Join 3 fans as they navigate all things comics -from deep dives to character types!

The FANtom Zone is a Comic Book Podcast like you’ve never heard before! Join 3 fans as they navigate all things comics -from deep dives to character types!


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The FANtom Zone is a Comic Book Podcast like you’ve never heard before! Join 3 fans as they navigate all things comics -from deep dives to character types!




The FANtom Zone Farewell

Well true believers this is it, after almost 3 years we have reached the end of our time at The FANtom Zone. We wanted to record one last episode to thank all of our wonderful listeners and our amazing supporters. But fear not! Noah, Kayla, and Jered have other projects and will still be active in the comic book community! Please feel free to join our discord ( to talk all things comics or to say hi! Thank you all so so so much! Here are links to our...


EP87 Deep Dive: Nightwing

Most comic book heroes are based on pre-established tropes or character types. Very few forge their own. But Nightwing, the trailblazing subject of this episode, not only created the mold but broke it twice. Along with creating the model for the superhero sidekick as the first Robin, Dick Grayson emerged from under the Shadow of the Bat, evolving into one of the greatest heroes in contemporary comics. We deep dive into Nightwing's history, his relationships, his villains, & the moments that...


EP 86 Character Design in Comic Books

Comic books are, it goes without saying, a primarily visual medium. While writers may craft the ideas for our favorite stories, pencilers, inkers, and colorists give these ideas life by rendering them on the page. Perhaps no other aspect of comic art is more crucial to the medium than character design. We discuss the major elements of comic character design and highlight what we believe are the superheroes and villains who have the best looks in comics.


EP85 Wonder Woman 84 Movie Review

Wonder Woman's first film outing lit the box office on fire and raised the quality bar for superhero cinema. We discuss how well Wonder Woman 1984 stacks up to the original. Perfection is a hard act to follow, and this is already garnering a divisive response from audience and critics alike. In this review, we provide a comic fan's perspective of DC's latest silver screen installment and decide whether Wonder Woman 1984 rises above the hate and makes all our nerd dreams come true.


EP84 Deep Dive: Wonder Woman

In comics often time the first is still the best, and the first major woman superhero is no exception. Since her inception Wonder Woman has not only been the premiere female superhero but a first among equals with respect to any of her male Justice League counterparts. Diana of Themyscira is one of those rare comic figures who transcended the medium of comics itself, having risen to the status of a cultural icon representing heroism, equality of the sexes, and the power of women to people...


EP83 Objects, Artifacts, & Items in Marvel Comics

Christmas is in the air, and sure it’s about peace on Earth and goodwill towards men, but come on, it’s actually about getting cool stuff in your stocking! Well, the Marvel universe has magic hammers, iconic shields, mystical capes, and countless other priceless relics and gizmos in their superpowered toy chest. On this episode, we give you the rundown on all the signature items and hallmark objects we all know and love from the Marvel universe. We also spotlight a few you might not be...


EP82 Indigenous Characters In Comics

Indigenous Americans have been unfortunately underrepresented in comics, but despite their frequent exclusion from mainstream comics, Native American characters and creators have had a significant impact on the comic book landscape. We spotlight our favorite Indigenous American characters and we discuss the way Indigenous American inclusion in comics has evolved over the years.


EP81 Marvel Cosmic

While most superhero stories take place on good old terra firma, in the Marvel Universe, some of the most compelling tales occur beyond the stars. That's right, no one does cosmic comics quite like the House of Ideas. On this episode we turn our telescope to the Marvel cosmos, investigating some of the premiere characters, entities, and locales that define Marvel's spaceways. Excelsior!


EP80 Deep Dive: Swamp Thing

Beware Listeners! Because something slimy this way comes! On this episode we Deep Dive Swamp Thing, the one of a kind body horror hero whose stories straddle the divide between Gothic tales of terror & superpowered melodrama. We retrace the journey of this atypical protagonist from mild-mannered biologist to vegetal behemoth monstrosity to full-blown Protector of the Green, & we tell you everything you need to know in order to appreciate the mysteriously macabre madness that is the Swamp...


EP79 Villains Who Scare Us In Comics

Contrary to popular belief the bloodthirsty killers and terrifying monsters in the world of comics aren’t just confined to horror stories. In fact, there are plenty of things that go bump in the night populating every corner of the comic book landscape, even the superhero genre. In celebration of the Halloween season, we talk about the supervillains and comic book baddies that aren’t just effective antagonists but are truly frightening, characters who would fit as well in a slasher film as...


EP78 Deep Dive: Doom Patrol

If you’re looking for the most delightfully bizarre and wonderfully unorthodox collection of rag-tag misfits whose hearts are in the right place and at the end of the day they get the job done… then the Doom Patrol is for you! Join us as we Deep Dive DC’s strangest (and often best written) comic series, as we break down the hallmark characters, their villains, and all the details you need to know about one of the most undeniably unique teams in all of superhero comics.


EP77 Objects, Artifacts, & Items in DC Comics

In the world of superheroes if you aren't born with alien powers and you don't own a few billion dollars you might still be fortunate enough to get your hands on a special bauble or gadget that bestows upon you out-of-this-world abilities, burdens you with the responsibilities of a hero, and it might only cost you being possessed by an inhuman cosmic deity who wears your body like a fleshy mortal suit. On this episode, we take a look at the many mystical artifacts, signature items, and...


EP76 Deep Dive: Catwoman

They say that curiosity killed the cat, but curiosity also makes for a killer podcast episode, especially if what you’re curious about is Catwoman! That’s right, it’s our Catwoman deep dive! This episode has everything you might want to know about the enigmatic Ms. Selina Kyle: her abilities, her defining moments, and the details of her 80-year evolution from a sexpot supporting character to a feline femme fatale for the modern era. She is Catwoman. Hear her roar!


Let's Talk Spider-Man with Mac Blake

Superheros and comic book culture generally have had a tendency to bleed into other media and genres. They've been adapted into videogames, they've practically dominated the cinema, and they've even found their way into the material of stand up comedy. On this episode we have a friend of the podcast comedian Mac Blake on to talk about his favorite character Spider-man. We chat about what he loves most about the wallcrawler, his first introduction to the character, and how comic books have...


EP75 Schools & Academies in Comics

Some heroes are made, some heroes are born, but all heroes need schoolin’. Not only are sidekicks and young heroes a fixture in superhero stories, but by now so are the institutions that train and educate them. This week we look at our favorite examples of superhero academies & our favorite aspects of the stories that feature them. Grab your backpacks & trapper keepers, and your heightened sense of embarrassment, and join us as the Fantom Zone goes back to school! We also are running a...


EP74 Let's Talk Faith with Julie Murphy

This week we chat with New York Times bestselling author Julie Murphy about her book Faith: Taking Flight! Julie Murphy wrote the best selling and now Netflix movie Dumplin'. Faith: Taking Flight, is a coming of age novelization of the eponymous character originally published by Valiant Comics. We discuss the politics of representation and resisting toxicity through superhero storytelling. Join us as we take flight with Julie Murphy! Learn more about Julie Murphy and purchase this soon to...


EP73 Comic Book BFFs & Duos

While you might be tempted to think of the superhero as a lone figure in an outlandish costume waging a solo crusade against crime, the truth is comic book vigilantes often need someone to lean on when the chips are down. Friendship and camaraderie are a crucial part of the comic landscape, and that’s why this episode is all about the best team-ups, partnerships, and buddies in comic books. So grab your best mate and join us as we discuss our favorite Platonic relationships to grace the...


EP72 Deep Dive: X-Men's Storm

Batten down the hatches because it's going to be quite a gale! This week we deep dive Marvel's Mistress of the Elements, Storm! We tell you everything you'd care to know about Ororo Munroe, breaking down her powers, her personality, and her personal history: from her humble origins to the raging tempest she's become. Moreover, we explain why we think Storm has grown past being an ensemble X-men character and evolved into an A-list solo star. In the Word of Dorothy Parker, "They sicken of the...


EP71 Rewind Review: Justice League

When the greatest superheroes and comic book legends DC has to offer come together on the panel they form the Justice League, but when Zack Synder and Warner Bros brought them together on the silver screen were they able to replicate the same magic? It's rewind review time again as we put the Justice League movie under the microscope! We talk about the controversies surrounding the film, the bizarre choices that went into its production, and point out the various aspects worthy of...


EP70 #Podcastblackout

We will not be releasing a regular episode in support of #podcastblackout. We aren’t going to contribute to taking your attention from what’s going on in the world. As content creators, we feel this is the right decision and better use of the platform we have. Thank you everyone for your support #BlackLivesMatter Ways YOU can help: