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Join the Poddy Boys each week to discuss all things random, trending, mundane, and as big as life itself. Take a sidebar from the business of life and laugh with us around our table as we make fun of each other, deep dive into various topics, and act like fools all at the same time. This should be fun.

Join the Poddy Boys each week to discuss all things random, trending, mundane, and as big as life itself. Take a sidebar from the business of life and laugh with us around our table as we make fun of each other, deep dive into various topics, and act like fools all at the same time. This should be fun.
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Join the Poddy Boys each week to discuss all things random, trending, mundane, and as big as life itself. Take a sidebar from the business of life and laugh with us around our table as we make fun of each other, deep dive into various topics, and act like fools all at the same time. This should be fun.




White Water Living

Hi There! Episode 29 discusses: 90s wear, Chick-fil-a vs. Popeyes (GoT edition), floating tents, highest paid actors, Plus and chill, why August is the worst month, asking for help, things we do for love, and more! Enjoy!! #LocalFriends highlights Kye's Korner #FastFriends returns for round two Today's sponsor is is something we all deal with every Fall and Spring. This week's shoutouts: KT, Energy, the 90s, Popeyes, Diddy, her, Too $hort


Cheat Mail

Hi There! On episode 28 Zac joins us to discuss more nonsense. Read receipts, emails, the hard seltzer game, big bets, and nasty habits are discussed. Zac airs out his grievances with people posting work stories to social media. We also talk about songs to listen to during a breakup, Karaoke, Meek Mill's docuseries, ESPN the Ocho, and more! Dig in! Two new segments this week: 1) #LocalFriends is where we highlight a local person, business, or movement that is close to us, does big things,...


My Neck & My Back?

Hiya! Episode 27 had a cancellation, so the Poddy Boys sit down to discuss how to recruit a body, making plans, automatic excuses, deep diving on friends/likes, big group dynamics and the worst parts about them, how to bond at a bar, feeling love at first sight, and Drake's Care Package. Our ad this week will resonate with big youtubers. This week's shoutouts: Schoolboy Q, Tony, him out, Dallas, Mrs. Ho, Papa Doc



Welcome to episode 26! This week the pod squad has a wedding discussion, chats on Tiger's fiasco, how we would handle an influx of women and negative comments, backpage/onlyfans, the 1st two XXL cyphers, whether we love or hate pain videos, advertisements/product placement in shows, commercials, and music videos, and so much more. We also field a viewer submitted topic: posting a story to tell about a new post that was just put up. Enjoy! Today's ad comes straight from your expressway...



Hola! In Episode 25, musical guest Black Friday joins us in the red room! During his time with us, Bodey gives a recap of his Cali trip and also informs us how to make a new type of shot he learned about out west. We also discuss whole phases, Ireland and its inhabitant's relationship with the sun, types of friends in your friend group, society's expectations of adulthood, ranking vs. non-ranking, and influential internet individuals. Finally, we play Black Friday's newest release "Where To"...


He Got Pod

Hello and welcome to Episode 24! This week one of us was gallivanting up and down the west coast so we had to recruit a familiar face in Tony to step in and form the Second Triumvirate. We sit down to discuss Wayne's potential early tour exit, Bagel Boss/viral-ness, the best basketball movies debate (sleepers included), cutoff on spoilers, Area 51, the house from The Conjuring being purchased, and much more! Plus, our NBA Twitter insider Tony helps break down the current state of the NBA....


Big Drip Bandit

In Episode 23, we sit down and discuss some more items you never knew you wanted dissected. This week we discuss raffles, scammers/telemarketers, our scam go-to, living with friends vs. living with your significant other, diamond status/ESPN stats, music records being over-rated, Lil Nas X, and Billy Ray Cyrus writing lyrics. Grab your Juul, sit down at your drum set, put on your headband, and enjoy! This week's shoutouts: Them, Katie, Jackie, New Listeners



Hi! For episode 22, we have Katie and Jackie on as our first guest duet! Freshly back from her honeymoon, we check in with Katie on how it went. We then discuss men vs. women behavior after a breakup, various relationship qualms including how to argue and what would you do if your significant other kisses someone of the same sex, ranch Pop Tarts, having a friend tell you they will be quitting a vice, Instagram "like" protocol, what social media platform is the first to go, how we respond...



Welcome to HFL episode 21! This week, we sit down in the basement (with Ki as our audience) to provide a Bonnaroo recap, weigh in on who is the best actor-actress/musician/entertainer combo, discuss the scene all of us (you included) have encountered when card shopping (as well as all the other quirks associated with it). Finally, we discuss the Seth Meyers/Rihanna day drinking video (idea stolen from Bodey) and proceed to list celebrities we would want to have a drink (or multiple) with and...


France Coast Customs

Episode 20 has arrived and to celebrate we brought back our very first guest, Johnny Bags. While joining the dub club, we discussed a variety of topics including: - What we would want to be the poster child for vs. what we would never want to be the poster child for - Tales from the car dealership (shady car salesmen, weird circumstances, who should go with you, etc.) - What show we would host - Hinge/Dating App update (for John) and reviews of others - The over abundance of...


Flush the Draws

Happy Episode 19! This week the Poddy Boys try to stay on topic. We discuss: - Satisfaction of bromances vs. romantic relationships and tiers of friendships. - 25 cups of coffee being heart healthy. - What Instagram thinks of you (Instagrams ads specific to each person) - Walking the sappy line on social media posts. - Paul Pierce's wheelchair game. - Celebrity Deep Dives. - Show revivals. This week's shoutouts: Free (from 106 & Park), Michael Phelps, Hunter M, 106 & Park, Marcell,...


War Circus Stories

A bit delayed, we are back with a new special guest this week: Marcell! After a special guest intro done in post recording, Marcell and the crew dive into a variety of topics including pick up lines, AC temp check, service people scamming, coupons, back door hotels, places we have woken up randomly, small wins that have you feeling like a boss, fest season, concert vibes, fanboying, party bus moves, lottery winner selling nudes for charity, likes getting you in trouble, Iggy Azalea, RJ...


The Gray Box

Happy Tuesday! On this episode we touch on artist name changes, when you stop being young, scents, DJ Khaled, Disney/Hulu, Wale's new song title, PC folding computers, stress vs. worry, how to relieve stress, significant other's quirks, what a Cincinnati Mohawk is, Cincinnati being shit on, hyping up vs. keeping it real, bigging up vs. tearing down, Tiger Woods' bar suing scenario, gift buying and reactions to a not-so-great-gift, childhood hygiene, cursing at your kids, old school...


Industry Talk

This week we have our first female guest join us! KT sits down with us to discuss Sparkle girls/boys at the clurb, cycle classes, motivation, Chipotle moves, borrowing clothes, keeping secrets, Air Drake, skating and its intricacies, putting unnecessary pressure on yourself, passing judgement (we all do it), children being the biggest critics, at which store you would host your shopping spree, Superstore, rock climbing, Denver livin', Snapchat etiquette at concerts, Amphitheaters, Salty:...


Price Match

This week in the basement red room we have a Naturday review segment with a special guest taster and discuss the following: party packs, Instagram like removals, using mental health, eating fast food, using a whale as a spy, Game of Thrones Battle of Winterfell review (skip 31:28 - 31:55 and 32:32 - 32:58 to avoid spoilers), movie theater programs, school's failings, BBMAs- Mariah channelling Adele, BBMAs- Madonna backing up Madonna, what age is considered passed your prime, Stan being...


Took A Dub

In episode 14, our good friend Dickey joins us. During his visit to the basement red room, we discuss sister-in-law names, typical aunt/uncle names, the guy that always brings down the mood, the new Lil Wayne fashion collaboration, millennials not being frisky, being power hungry at work and in friendships, lent finale and Wyatt’s dub, how we read articles, flask adventures, shirtless adventures, ghosting, fowling, what celeb we would collaborate with, Dickey do’s and Dickey don’ts, Asahd...


Willy Wine Gawd

In Episode 13, we discuss why we missed a week, a trip to San Francisco, Uber Jump bicycles, Lil Nas X trolling and having haters, Fillmore vs. Bogarts, the worst/most embarrassing supermarket purchase to walk out of the store with, GoT premiere and winner predictions, touristy trips vs. lazy trips, vacation eyes, temp check eyes, eye aversion methods, what names we could pick for ourselves if we could pick any, types of names we like/don't like, Bengals record predictions, Genius app usage,...


The Priesty's

This week we have Mike special guest with us in the basement red room. During his visit, we discuss Lil Nas X, our claims to fame, Alex from Target's business plan, fish fry's, aphrodisiacs, Mt. Rushmore of shorts, celebrity deaths/connections, funeral themes, coping mechanisms, being serious, God tokens, The Priesty's, BDE, keeper girlfriend qualities, wedding season, being called up for wedding, types of open bar (Kamchatka vodka being served), lies told by parents, group chat etiquette,...



This week the Poddy Boys discuss Nelly's new drop, Ronald McDonald rapping, Logic's interview "thing," what our interview "thing" would be, Knockback Nats, Bodey's trip to New Orleans (and another bad meal), what type of trip we prefer, policy for splitting checks, going downtown for opening day and seeing the parade, the dreaded bathroom wait, pet peeves, policy for receiving gifts, sports injuries occurring while playing a young man's sport, and March Madness woes. We are joined during...


Bucket Of Steam

On this edition of the podcast, Scott joins us in the red room to discuss a variety of topics. We discuss phone likes/dislikes, proper nickname protocol, 1st jobs, a candy house story, relationships with priests, things we can't believe are real, favorite theme park rides, roller coaster tycoon, getting places on time, making lists, 1st song selections at a bar/party, Bodey's burger horror story, smoking vs. non-smoking sections, what non-mainstream sport at which we are each best, when to...