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Life in Germany, as seen through the eyes of outsiders. Featuring the stories of foreigners who moved to Germany - either temporarily or permanently - and tips and advice for life in Germany. Get an inside view of the joys, the frustrations, and the quirks of adapting to the culture and learning German. New episodes every Wednesday.

Life in Germany, as seen through the eyes of outsiders. Featuring the stories of foreigners who moved to Germany - either temporarily or permanently - and tips and advice for life in Germany. Get an inside view of the joys, the frustrations, and the quirks of adapting to the culture and learning German. New episodes every Wednesday.




Life in Germany, as seen through the eyes of outsiders. Featuring the stories of foreigners who moved to Germany - either temporarily or permanently - and tips and advice for life in Germany. Get an inside view of the joys, the frustrations, and the quirks of adapting to the culture and learning German. New episodes every Wednesday.






Working in tech in Germany (Yotzín from Mexico)

What's it like working in tech in Germany? What do foreigners need to know about finding a tech job in Germany? Yotzín, from Mexico, joins me to answer these questions and discuss his experiences working in the tech field in Germany. We cover the Blue Card visa, changing tech jobs, and understanding the job market. Yotzin on Instagram: @yotzincortez My recent guest podcast appearances: A South African, a Filipino,& an American Walk into a Bakery... with Shaun & LawinChat with a South...


German culture: Der Struwwelpeter and other horrifying children's stories (Nina from Germany)

After watching the Calvin & Habs duo do a reenactment of a German children's story called "Paulinchen", I decided to buy the collection of stories it appears in. It's called Der Struwwelpeter, named after one of the characters. Written in 1845 by Heinrich Hoffman, the book contains a set of cautionary tales for children. Sometimes horrific, sometimes bizarre, and always entertaining, the book offers a great view into German culture of the time, including parenting insights and the view on...


Foreigner friendships, moving back home, and “F**k it” moments (Beth & Amy from the USA)

Both Beth and Amy have appeared on The Germany Experience before, and now they come back on together after having forged a friendship here in Germany. But, as often happens with foreigner friendships, Amy moved back home. We discuss making friends in Germany, what it's like losing foreigner friends, reaching a point of acceptance with life in Germany, and their related tattoos. Beth and Amy also help me answer a question from a listener who is constantly excluded from discussions at work...


RERUN: Seven months as an exchange student in Germany (Montana Showalter from the USA)

//This episode was originally released on 18th May 2020// Montana Showalter was an American high school student who went on an exchange program to Germany (called CBYX). At around the same time, she started a YouTube channel intended to document her experiences in Germany. Little did she know that her channel was about to blow up. In our interview, Montana discusses the differences in culture between the US and Germany, how coronavirus cut her Germany stay short, how Germany changed her,...


RERUN: You go me on the cookie! (Dana Newman from Wanted Adventure)

//This interview originally aired on 25th May 2020// Dana Newman from the Wanted Adventure YouTube channel joins me to discuss her book, "You go me on the cookie!". The book (written in German) describes Dana's adventures (and misadventures) learning German, and also highlights the quirks and beauty of the German language. It was written for German native speakers, but it is definitely relatable for anyone who has learnt German at any level. So I got Dana on the podcast to discuss her book,...


RERUN: Sandals and socks, making friends with Germans, and "selfishly" staying in Germany (Amy from the USA)

//This episode originally aired on 20th July 2020// Original Show Notes: Amy always had a dream of living in Germany, and even happened to marry someone who felt the same way. So living here has kind of been a dream come true. And generally, Amy is really happy here -- she admits that she was "right" about wanting to live here. But making friends with Germans is one aspect that has been a challenge. Amy is sociable and outgoing, and has done everything you're supposed to do to integrate...


RERUN: Germany chose me (Sneha from India)

//This episode was originally aired on 16th November 2020// Sneha from India moved to Germany in 2011. A professional Indian classical dancer, she was expecting something similar to New York, where people knew about the artform of Indian classical dance. Instead, she found herself constantly having to explain to Germans that it wasn't Bollywood dancing that she does... Sneha explains how she quickly started establishing herself in her artform in Germany by putting on shows, and then later...


The German dream, mental health as a content creator, and toxic positivity (Aspen from the USA)

Aspen is originally from the USA and has been living in Germany for 7 years now. She runs the Aspen Abroad YouTube channel. She joins me to discuss the topic of mental health as a foreigner in Germany, as well as the expectations on her as content creator. We also cover the dangers of toxic positivity. The video with Claudio we discuss: Running, Sports, and Mental Health Motivation Aspen's YouTube channel: Aspen Abroad Aspen on Instagram: @aspen.abroad The episode of The Expat Cast I...


From a big city to a small German town, and freelancing in Germany (Lara from Slovenia)

Lara is from Slovenia, and you might know her from her Instagram or TikTok channels, where she posts short, informative and funny videos about life in Germany. She made the move from Chicago, where she was living at the time, to a small town in Germany, and we discuss what that was like for her. We also talk about freelancing in Germany, as well as her Instagram and TikTok videos. Lara on Instagram: Lara on TikTok:...


From long distance relationship to locked down together (Kaleena from the USA and Jan from Germany)

Kaleena is from the USA, and Jan is from Germany, and together they host the YouTube channel, Kaleena and Jan. Shortly after meeting each other, their relationship was forced to go through two phases by the pandemic: first, they had to conduct a long distance relationship, and then, when Kaleena was able to return to Germany, they were locked down together. We discuss how they managed to keep their relationship going through both of those phases, as well as their YouTube channel. Kaleena...


Coping with depression in Germany, seeking help, and online therapy (Steffi from the UK)

Steffi is from the UK, and she describes herself as an "unexpected expat". In fact, as someone who experiences anxiety and who is a planner, life in a foreign country was not something she considered. When Steffi moved to Germany, she experienced depression after the honeymoon phase was over, and to deal with it, she turned to therapy. Steffi and I discuss the effects of expat life on mental health, the difficulties with finding a therapist, and the effectiveness of online therapy. Plus we...


Apologizing in Germany, sauna surprises, and making friends: an expat's guide to living in Germany (Fadi Gaziri from the UK)

Fadi Gaziri has written a book about life in Germany for foreigners called, "Ze Germans: An Expat's Guide to Living in Germany", and he joins me to discuss the book and some of his insights from his experiences in the country. We cover apologizing in Germany, sauna surprises, making friends, and why Fadi actually likes it here. Plus, we do the "How German Are You?" quiz from his book to see which one of us is the most Germanized. "Ze Germans: How German Are You?" on Amazon:...


Advice for foreigners in Germany, taken from two years of The Germany Experience

The Germany Experience podcast is 2 years old and to celebrate, here is a compilation of some of the advice that guests have offered about everything from making friends through to preparing for bureaucracy. Thank you for listening the past 2 years! The advice givers, and the episodes they were featured in: DwightAudreyJennaNatalieEmmaAmySarahGreg & BrigidaLilianaVladThomasLoriMariThe God QueenCeriTimBethAnnaTaniaAlicia HShakedFionaLawinRafaelChristy


Three amazing women from German history (Jasmin from HerStory)

Jasmin is the host of a podcast called Herstory, which tells the stories of strong women from history. Her podcast inspired this week's episode: a look back at incredible (and underappreciated) women from Germany's history. And to tell these stories, I'm joined by Jasmin herself. The women we'll focus on all faced adversity of some kind, but went on to do monumental things that still impact Germany and the world today: Elisabeth Selbert...


Beer, digitization, security, and education: our preconceived notions of Europe (Lawin from the Philippines)

Before you move to a foreign country, you inevitably have a picture of what it's like in your mind. Maybe you got it from TV and books, or perhaps you've met tourists from that country. Lawin, host of the Pop Your Cultural Cherry podcast, joins me to discuss our preconceived notions of Germany and Europe, and what the reality was for us. Pop Your Cultural Cherry podcast: Pop Your Cultural Cherry on Instagram:...


Planning a summer trip to the mountains (Ceri from the UK)

If things in Germany continue easing up, vacation will again be possible this summer. A very popular tourist destination is the mountainous region of Bavaria. Ceri, originally from the UK, runs a mountain tour and trekking company there called Four Elements. She joins me to discuss how to avoid tourist hot spots in the mountains this summer, how to prepare for a trip, and also how her love for the outdoors has shaped her time in Germany. Ceri's mountain tour company:...


Three key factors for making friends in Germany (Nadja from Germany)

Nadja Todt was born and raised in Germany, but spent 11 years abroad. She describes herself as a global citizen, change-maker, international experience expert, community connector and mentor, and a German and English language consultant. Nadja offers a program called "45 Days to Meaningful Friendships and Connections", and so I asked her to come on the podcast and discuss her insights. Her discussion centers around the what she sees as three central topics of making friendships: knowing...


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This is just a quick announcement: no episode this week, and from next week, new episodes will be out on Wednesdays.


Feeling weighed down by the pandemic, and making the trip back home (Beth from the USA)

How are foreigners in Germany feeling right now? Do they feel like they want to pack up and return to their home countries? And what is it like to make the trip back home? These are all questions we look at in this episode. Back in 2020, Germany was doing great with its handling of the pandemic: cases were down in summer, and there was even a degree of normality creeping back into every day life. The rest of the world envied Germany. However, in winter of 2020, things took a drastic turn....


BONUS - My experiences searching for jobs and working in Germany (Lisa Janz interviews me)

Lisa Janz, who is a job coach for internationals in Germany, recently interviewed me in a live Q&A on her Facebook page. This is the audio of that video. She asked me about my experiences looking for jobs and working in Germany. We also discuss workplace culture shocks, interviews while wearing ripped trousers, and more. Watch the interview on Facebook here. Lisa's Website: Lisa on Facebook: Lisa Janz - Job Coach Germany Lisa on Instagram: @lisa_janz_jobcoachgermany