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A show about ordinary people building extraordinary communities. "Get Together" is hosted by the team at People & Company and our correspondents Mia Quagliarello, Maggie Zhang, Marjorie Anderson, and Whitney Ogutu.


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A show about ordinary people building extraordinary communities. "Get Together" is hosted by the team at People & Company and our correspondents Mia Quagliarello, Maggie Zhang, Marjorie Anderson, and Whitney Ogutu.




Vulnerability is key when connecting fathers 💚 Bruce Muchelule, DADing Different

“The journey is not so much about how many people respond. You can just impact one person and they can impact you back.” - Bruce Muchelule When Bruce became a dad, he wasn’t quite sure how to know if he was doing things right. He reached out on Twitter to see if there were any support groups or places for dads to find peer mentorship. He couldn’t find one, but he did receive DMs from many fathers looking for a community like Bruce. DADing Different began as a space for young and first-time...


A systems thinker’s approach to rebuilding trust 🔴 Evan Hamilton, Reddit

“It's way better if members are passionate and loud than dispassionate and quiet. The fact that they care enough to yell is really a gift.” - Evan Hamilton Reddit is the mothership for sub-communities known as “subreddits,” each of which covers a different topic from ask historians to cats standing up. Subreddits are each managed by a team of volunteers. Thus as the Director of Community at Reddit, Evan Hamilton doesn’t have just one community to cultivate. He has hundreds of thousands of...


How SXSW created programming *with* its community 🎨Todd Hansen, SXSW & Artist Rescue Trust

“If you're going to go to your community and build with them, realize that you're going to have to support and prop them up. It's not a part-time job. It's a full-time thing.” - Todd Hansen In the Spring of 1987, a group of music fans and journalists organized a small live event in Austin, Texas. Around 700 people showed up. By 2019, South by Southwest (SXSW) had become a 10-day conference and festival with over 28,000 attendees heading to Austin each March. Each year the conference...


Spreadsheets rule the world 📊 David Lyford-Smith, Spreadsheet Warriors

“The question is ‘how do I keep my volunteers on track?’ because they're hugely motivated.” - David Lyford-Smith If you spend a lot of time working with spreadsheets, you know they have a special power to rule the world. You can do almost anything with them from creating a shopping list to financial planning and analysis. Spreadsheets' powers lie in the fact they are accessible to people who aren’t programmers and coders. But if even just one cell is wrong, it can wreak terrible...


Meet the huge, leaderless web of fans fueling BTS 🎶 Ashley Hackworth, BTS A.R.M.Y.

"We are a part of their success. We are a part of their team.” - Ashley Hackworth BTS is a seven-member South Korean boy band. They became the fastest-growing group since The Beatles to earn four US number-one albums, doing so in less than two years. The rise of BTS is in part thanks to a huge leaderless web of dedicated fans who call themself A.R.M.Y. People like Ashley Hackworth host accounts that serve as informational and even emotional hubs for millions of fans. They don’t just love...


Connecting designers across Africa during COVID-19 🇰🇪 Lewis Kang'ethe, The Fearless Community

“Let's bring designers together and first talk about your wellbeing. Then let's talk about the next steps forward for you as a designer.” - Lewis Kang'ethe Lewis Kang'ethe was first championed as a community leader in primary school when his teacher asked him to spearhead the mathematics club. When the teacher asks, the answer is either, “yes or yes.” Now, Lewis works as a product designer in Kenya. When he’s looking for jobs outside of Africa he often gets asked the question, “are you...


Growing a community one town hall at a time 💰 Claire Wasserman, Ladies Get Paid

“The email that I would receive after every single town hall was, ‘I thought I was the only one.’” - Claire Wasserman By 2016, Claire Wasserman was fed up with men not taking her seriously in the workplace. For years, she’d internalized this marginalization as somehow her fault or her problem to struggle through alone. It was time for that to change. With a friend, Claire brought together 100 women in a town-hall style event to talk about money and power in the workplace. Out of those...


Wastin’ away in retirement paradise 🍹 Adam Bedoian, Margaritaville

“I tell all my staff to have your hearts, your minds and your ears open to new ideas. It doesn't have to come from you to be a great idea.” - Adam Bedoian Margaritaville isn’t just a state of mind, it’s a real place. Seniors can live out their Buffett-inspired retirement dreams at the three Latitude Margaritaville retirement communities in Daytona Beach and Watersound, Florida, and Hilton Head, South Carolina. When moving into a retirement community, people care greatly about what their...


A band of 500 modern day superheroes 💍 Chris Turner, The Ring Finders

“The strategy is the questions. You have to ask the right questions. If you don’t, you can be walking away from a smile.” - Chris Turner When Chris Turner was 12 years old he got a metal detector and fell in love with looking for history. Over the years, he would be on the beach or in a park and get approached by a frantic couple looking for their ring. Within minutes, he was often able to help them recover their ring. These rings represent stories and relationships, and when they are...


Building real bonds amongst diverse groups of strangers 💖 Sophie Mona Pagès, LVRSNFRNDS

“Society is losing something when we don’t share our weirdness with one another. You're losing something when you have someone at your table and they don't share what makes them different. One of the purposes I have in life is to create spaces where people will share what is interesting about them, and why they are different.” - Sophie Mona Pagès As a Moroccan immigrant growing up in France, Sophie Mona Pagès grew up feeling a bit “weird” in her complex identity. She craved a space infused...


Connecting over the food & family we love 🍲 Sarah Leung, Woks of Life

“As the community grows and people come back, they start wanting to know more about us and where we're coming from. We wanted to make that really clear--the origin of all of these recipes and of our family.” - Sarah Leung The Woks of Life has opened the door for many families to connect over the food and memories they love. The Leung family, Bill and Judy, and daughters Sarah and Kaitlin started the blog to document their favorite Chinese dishes and family memories in 2013. Food has been a...


Meet Maggie Zhang 🎙 “Get Together” Podcast Correspondent

“Everyone has that thing that makes them super excited they can just talk endlessly about it. When you’re interviewing you're feeling around for that geyser. You don't know what's going to make them light up. As you find it, you can feel that flow and the change in their voice.” - Maggie Zhang Maggie Zhang and Bailey sit down to reflect on Maggie’s learnings so far as a “Get Together” correspondent. Maggie’s approaching her 10th episode on the podcast. She’s brought us the stories behind...


Toastmasters: Still thriving 100 years into its history 🗯 Joe Smith, Toastmasters

“The hallmark of Toastmasters is making things fun because we want people to come back. We can have the best education in the world but if you're not coming back, it's of no use.” - Joe Smith Toastmasters was founded on October 22, 1924 (97 years ago!) at a YMCA in Santa Monica, California by a man named Ralph Smedley. Ralph set out to offer a functional value--creating a space for members to improve their public speaking. What continues to keep people coming back decades later is the...


Realizing a global movement 📣 Colombe Cahen-Salvador, Andrea Venzon & Laura Giani, NOW!

“We really managed to create a community of doers. Our people always look at how they can impact the world, how they can impact change.” - Colombe Cahen-Salvador In 2016, Colombe, Laura, and Andrea were devastated by the UK's decision to leave the European Union. Colombe is French, and Andrea and Laura are Italian. For them, the E.U. is a symbol of a more open and global society. In response, the team completely changed their lives to organize. Colombe and Andrea started by creating Volt,...


The People & Company Holiday Spectacular 🎁 A live interview with Bailey, Kevin, & Kai of People & Company

“Stop using the word community. We all know community is magical but doesn’t come together by magic. It’s magical because it’s this elusive thing. So take the ambiguity out of it. Stop using the word and get more specific.” - Kai Elmer Sotto People & Company’s theme of our last year was to refine the process we use to teach community building. How did it go? What did we learn? What will 2021 hold? Kai, Kevin and Bailey sat down with our friend Marjorie Anderson, “Get Together”...


A home 30 years in the making 🏡Ceyenne Doroshow, G.L.I.T.S.

“In creating a home, I'm creating sustainability. And I'm creating excellence within the people that I'll be housing.”- Ceyenne Doroshow Ceyenne Doroshow is an author, activist, and the founder and executive director of G.L.I.T.S., an organization dedicated to creating sustainable housing and healthcare for Black transgender people. Ceyenne has become “the parent that she desperately wanted as a child” for people around the world. At an early age, Ceyenne identified as transgender and...


Supercharging grassroots political action in our communities 📢 Nicole àBeckett, SameSide

“You don't have to be a celebrity or a mega influencer to take action and host an event. A hundred people or a thousand people don’t have to attend. It can be five people. That impact is still impact. ” - Nicole àBeckett Just after the 2016 U.S. election, many people were saying, “I want to do more to get involved but I don’t know how.” Nicole àBeckett and her brother, David, knew there had to be a better way to bring people together for action on issues that matter. They started SameSide...


How a movement took over LinkedIn 🗺Anna McAfee, #LinkedInLocal

“Leadership is actually the first few followers, not the crazy first person to stand up on stage.” - Anna McAfee In May 2017, Anna McAfee put up a simple post on LinkedIn to see if anyone living in her hometown of Coffs Coast, Australia wanted to get together. She had just returned after years of living abroad and wanted to “get to know the people behind the profiles” in her area. Anna included the hashtag #LinkedInLocal. Fifteen people made it out to the first Coffs Coast event, but the...


LIVE Interview! “Going Virtual” 👩🏻‍💻 Carla Fernandez & Mary Horn, The Dinner Party

“We're not going to give up in-person gatherings, but at the same time, virtual tables have been so meaningful. Post-COVID probably will be a ‘both and’ community.” - Carla Fernandez In November, we hosted a live interview with Carla Fernandez and Mary Horn in front of an intimate audience. For both women, their work with The Dinner Party is personal. “We know what it’s like to lose someone and we aren’t afraid to talk about it,” their website states. When COVID-19 arrived in March, Carla,...


Room for reimagining masculinity 🤝Onyango Otieno, Nyumbani

Note: we will discuss sexual assault in this episode and advise our listeners to practice discretion in tuning in. “Everybody's story is valid. The fact that people feel they cannot speak up about their own pain is my motivator.” - Onyango Otieno At twenty years old, Onyango Otieno was the victim of sexual assault and found he had no where to turn. In Kenya, as in many other societies, the patriarchal structure turns a blind eye to the sexual experiences of men. Men are socially...