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Playing music for live audiences is one of the most rewarding things on the planet. In this podcast, we dissect everything that goes into being a successful gigging musician.


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Playing music for live audiences is one of the most rewarding things on the planet. In this podcast, we dissect everything that goes into being a successful gigging musician.



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Leadership in the Music Industry: How to Secure High-Profile Gigs and Take Charge of Your Career

In this episode, Jared Judge dives into the essential qualities that separate successful gigging musicians from those struggling to find high-profile opportunities. Jared emphasizes the importance of leadership in your music career, sharing insights on how to take control, market yourself effectively, and ensure consistent gig bookings. Learn how to identify and solve common problems, network with industry professionals, and maintain a proactive mindset.


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Unlocking the Secrets of Consistent Networking and Modern Sales for Musicians

In this episode, Jared Judge shares his experiences attending exclusive events, connecting with industry professionals, and discovering innovative sales techniques. From the importance of consistency in networking to the revolutionary concept of neuro-emotional persuasive questions (NePQ), Jared offers valuable insights to help musicians grow their businesses and secure more gigs. Tune in to learn how to effectively market yourself and make meaningful industry connections.


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The Power of Networking and Recommendations in the Music Industry

In this episode, Jared shares his recent experiences and successes in the Denver music scene, emphasizing the importance of networking, venue tours, and the unexpected power of recommendations. He recounts a venue tour that turned into an unexpected performance opportunity, and how being tagged in social media posts by past clients has led to new gig inquiries. Jared also discusses the distinction between the music scene and the events scene in Denver, highlighting how his focus on building relationships within the events industry has led to significant growth in his music career. Furthermore, he touches on the strategic use of his website as a marketing tool to attract more gigs and offers insights into how musicians can leverage their online presence for career advancement.


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Navigating the Gig Economy: Venue Tours, Expos, and the Power of Numbers

In this episode, Jared shares insights from his recent venue tours and a mini expo, emphasizing the critical role of strategic partnerships and data-driven decisions in the music business. He recounts an unexpected mix-up that led to a potential bar gig and how a small expo appearance might turn into a fashion show performance. Jared challenges the common reliance on emotions in gauging career success, advocating instead for a focus on measurable outcomes such as lead generation, conversion rates, and the financial return of various marketing efforts. He introduces listeners to the concept of tracking lead sources and sales cadences within BookLive, and offers a blueprint for musicians to optimize their booking processes and increase gig revenue. Through personal anecdotes and professional advice, Jared illustrates the importance of aligning business strategies with factual analysis, rather than feelings, to achieve sustainable success in the gigging world.


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Strategic Moves: Venue Tours, Expos, and Unexpected Gigs

In this episode, Jared shares his recent adventures and successes in the gigging world, highlighting the power of venue tours and strategic partnerships. From an unexpected bar gig mix-up to a fashion show opportunity, Jared navigates the complexities of the music business with persistence and an open mind. He emphasizes the importance of embedding oneself in the events industry, leveraging partnerships with venues and event planners, and the unexpected opportunities that arise from being active in the community. Jared's stories from a venue tour gone awry to a successful expo showcase the unpredictable yet rewarding nature of the gigging musician's life. He also introduces exciting feature updates in BookLive that empower musicians to track the performance of their lead sources, offering invaluable insights into where their efforts are most profitable. Jared's enthusiasm for his craft and his strategic approach to building a sustainable music career are both inspiring and instructive for any musician looking to make their mark.


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Maximizing Gigs: New Tools for Tracking Success and Boosting Bookings

In this episode, Jared is on the road to Cheyenne, Wyoming, for a gig, sharing exciting updates from the world of BookLive and Fulltime Music Academy. He introduces two groundbreaking features designed to revolutionize how gigging musicians manage and evaluate their lead sources. First, Jared discusses the lead source performance dashboard, a tool that provides unparalleled insights into which marketing efforts are truly paying off, offering clarity on the profitability of various platforms like Wedding Wire and Gig Salad. This dashboard not only tracks the number of leads and bookings from each source but also calculates the conversion rate, total revenue generated, and even the average revenue per lead, empowering musicians to make informed decisions about where to invest their marketing dollars. Next, Jared explores the new sales cadence feature, a systematic approach to following up with leads that ensures no opportunity slips through the cracks. By providing a series of templated messages and reminders for follow-ups, this feature aims to increase response rates and bookings, turning persistence into profit. Jared's enthusiasm for these updates is palpable as he explains how they can help musicians book more gigs, earn more money, and ultimately, find greater satisfaction in their careers.


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Unlocking Gigs: Venue Tours and Strategic Partnerships

In this episode, Jared shares his recent experiences and successes with venue tours, highlighting the power of personal connections and live performances in securing gigs. He delves into his strategy of using the gig vault inside the BookLive platform to identify and engage with potential venue partners in the Denver area. Jared's journey includes a mix of corporate and wedding venue tours, spontaneous performances at a wedding dress shop, and the strategic use of business cards and social media to enhance visibility. He emphasizes the importance of being proactive in the music business, showcasing the effectiveness of building partnerships with venues and event planners. Jared's story is a testament to the value of showing up, playing live, and embedding oneself as a necessity in the events industry. His approach not only leads to immediate gig opportunities but also fosters long-term relationships that promise continued success.


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A Day in the Life: Venue Tours, Unexpected Gigs, and Networking Wins

In this episode, Jared takes us through a day packed with gig-getting activities, from venue tours to spontaneous performances in a bridal shop. He shares the excitement of adding new venues to his gig vault, the strategy behind making in-person connections, and the thrill of being recognized by local businesses. Jared's journey underscores the importance of seizing every opportunity, whether planned or happenstance, to showcase his talent and build relationships within the local events community. By sharing his approach to nurturing these new connections and his plans for future collaborations, Jared offers valuable insights into the hustle of growing a gigging business.


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Landing Gigs Post-Wedding Expo: A Musician's Success Story

In this episode, Jared shares his exhilarating journey from participating in a wedding expo to booking his first gig as a direct result of his efforts. He dives into the nuances of making a memorable impression not just on potential clients but also on other vendors and venue managers. Jared's experience underscores the importance of live performance opportunities, the power of automated booking systems, and the strategic advantage of building relationships within the industry. He also discusses the significance of being proactive in networking, the benefits of partnership with event centers, and how these strategies are paying off in real-time bookings and opportunities. This episode is a testament to the effectiveness of combining traditional gigging strategies with modern marketing techniques to secure gigs and establish a strong presence in the music industry.


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Navigating the Wedding Expo Scene: A Musician's Journey to Success

In this episode, Jared Judge shares his recent experience at the Rocky Mountain Bridal Show in Denver, providing valuable insights for musicians looking to succeed at wedding expos. He discusses the importance of strategic planning, from securing a prime parking spot to ensuring a minimal yet effective booth setup. Jared emphasizes the significance of live performance in attracting attention and engaging both potential clients and fellow vendors. He reveals his tactics for capturing leads, including offering a free PDF of wedding playlists and distributing business cards. Jared also highlights the crucial role of networking with venue owners and event planners, aiming to secure long-term partnerships and referrals. Throughout the episode, he offers practical tips, such as using battery-powered equipment for flexibility and the benefits of playing a diverse repertoire to showcase versatility. Jared's experience underscores the potential of wedding expos as a platform for musicians to market their talents, build relationships, and ultimately, book more gigs.


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Maximizing Success at Wedding Expos: A Musician's Guide

In this episode, Jared Judge takes us on his journey to his first wedding expo in Colorado, sharing valuable insights and strategies for musicians looking to make the most of these events. He emphasizes the importance of being able to perform live at your booth, likening it to caterers offering food samples. Jared explains how this live performance is crucial in capturing the attention of potential clients and standing out among other exhibitors. He also discusses his systematic approach to capturing visitor information, utilizing a QR code for a free PDF giveaway, and the importance of direct response marketing techniques. Additionally, Jared shares his experience in negotiating expo costs and his plans for networking with other vendors, especially during the quieter hours of the expo. This episode is packed with practical tips and personal experiences, making it a must-listen for any musician looking to expand their reach through wedding expos.


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Unlocking High-End Gigs: Venue Tours and Virtual Assistant Strategies

In this episode, Jared Judge shares his recent experience with a venue tour at the Wings over the Rockies, an air and space museum in Denver. He explains the importance of venue tours as part of the Gig Vault strategy for securing high-end gigs without relying solely on platforms like Gig Salad and Wedding Wire. Jared details how being on a venue's preferred vendor list can lead to recommendations for hosting various events. He also delves into how he successfully utilized a virtual assistant to arrange and follow up on the venue tour, highlighting the efficiency and ease of this approach. The episode offers insights into the systematic process of engaging with venues, from initial contact to nurturing the relationship for future gigs. Jared's experience and tips provide valuable lessons for musicians looking to expand their reach and secure more lucrative opportunities.


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Maximizing Your Music Career: The Power of a Personal Assistant

In this episode, Jared Judge dives into the transformative potential of having a personal assistant for your gigging act. He explores how an assistant can handle the myriad administrative tasks that come with running a successful musical act, from marketing and social media management to editing gig videos and more. Jared shares his own experiences with virtual assistants and how they have been game-changers for members of his Full Time Music Academy. He discusses the benefits of offloading routine tasks, allowing musicians to focus on their art and personal life. The episode also covers the practical aspects of working with assistants, including task delegation and communication strategies. Jared's insights provide valuable guidance for musicians looking to streamline their business operations and achieve greater success in their careers.


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Unlocking High-End Gigs: A Musician's Guide to Preferred Vendor Success

In this episode, Jared Judge shares his personal journey and insights on booking high-end private event gigs. Despite the challenges of cold Denver weather and adopting two playful cats, Milo and Nori, Jared remains focused on his gigging goals. He delves into his successful strategy of becoming a preferred vendor at event venues, a key to securing bookings without relying on gig websites. Jared's persistence pays off with Lionsgate Event Center, leading to a contract and immediate gig offers. He emphasizes the importance of building relationships with venues and event planners, and how his gig vault strategy is scaling his operations. Jared encourages musicians to start building these relationships, highlighting that delay is the enemy of success. For those interested in accessing their gig vault and reaching out to venues and event planners, Jared offers a free trial of BookLive at


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Gigging Musician Podcast: Joe Deninzon Interview

In this episode, Jared Judge welcomes the multi-talented Joe Deninzon, the current violinist for the renowned band Kansas, to The Gigging Musician Podcast. Joe shares his fascinating journey from his classical music roots in Russia to becoming a prominent figure in the rock and jazz scenes. He delves into his experiences with his band 'Stratospheerius,' his role in the movie "Maestro," and the unique challenges of touring with Kansas. Joe also discusses the importance of versatility in music, his work as a string contractor, and the significance of understanding the business side of music. His insights into balancing creativity with practical skills offer invaluable lessons for aspiring musicians.


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Believing in Your Music: The Key to Booking Success

In this episode, Jared Judge delves into the crucial aspect of belief in one's musical product on the Gigging Musician Podcast. He emphasizes the importance of musicians believing in their music's power to change lives, which is essential for consistently booking gigs. Jared recalls a debate with a blues trio musician, highlighting the moral obligation to help clients make informed decisions if one truly believes in the superiority of their musical act. He stresses that belief isn't just about musical excellence but also encompasses the administrative and customer service aspects, ensuring a seamless and enjoyable experience for clients. Jared's insights offer a profound perspective on the significance of self-belief in the success of a musician's career.


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Finding Renewed Inspiration: A Journey of Resilience and Growth

In this episode, Jared Judge delves into a personal reflection on the challenges and triumphs of the past year. He shares his experiences and the lessons learned, including the importance of maintaining physical health, dealing with personal loss, and the struggle to stay motivated. Jared discusses his plans for personal development in 2024, including his commitment to fitness and exploring biographical works for inspiration. He also talks about the exciting interviews he conducted, including with Joe Deninson of Kansas, and Jennifer Roig-Francoli, highlighting their unique contributions to the music world. Additionally, Jared touches on the benefits of using BookLive and its new features to ease the workload for musicians. This episode is a candid and motivational discussion about overcoming obstacles, setting intentions for the new year, and utilizing tools and resources to achieve success in the gigging world.


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Gigging Musician Podcast: Jennifer Roig-Francoli Interview

In this episode, Jared Judge welcomes back Jennifer Roig-Francoli, a former associate concertmaster for Apollo's Fire and an expert in the Alexander Technique, to the Gigging Musician Podcast. They delve into Jennifer's recent book launch, "Make Great Music with Ease," which offers insights into smarter practice, confident performance, and leading a happier life as a musician. The book, divided into three parts, addresses the challenges musicians face, shares personal and client stories of overcoming these challenges, and provides practical techniques for improvement. Jennifer and Jared discuss the evolving landscape of being a musician in the modern world, the importance of self-promotion, and the challenges of education in music schools. They also explore the impact of mindset, anxiety, and physical health on a musician's career. This episode is a deep dive into the holistic approach to musicianship, emphasizing the interconnectedness of physical, mental, and emotional well-being in the pursuit of musical excellence.


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New Year, New Gigs: Embracing Opportunities and Innovations in 2024

In this episode, Jared Judge kicks off the new year with enthusiasm and a fresh perspective. He shares his personal resolution to hit the gym consistently and discusses the importance of setting and resuming beneficial habits. Jared also teases an exciting upcoming interview with Joe Dennison, the electric violinist from the band Kansas, promising to delve into his musical journey and gather valuable insights for fellow gigging musicians. Additionally, Jared highlights the growth of BookLive, particularly its new features that simplify and enhance the process of securing gigs. He introduces a unique AI-powered tool within BookLive that personalizes email outreach, making it easier for musicians to connect with potential clients. Jared also talks about his own recent gig bookings and looks forward to attending the American String Teachers Association conference in Louisville, Kentucky. This episode is a blend of personal goals, professional updates, and anticipation for the opportunities that the new year brings.


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Scaling New Heights: Reflecting on a Year of Gigging and Setting Sights on 2024

In this episode, Jared Judge shares his reflections and aspirations from the scenic heights of a mountain in Scottsdale, Arizona. He delves into the challenges and achievements of the past year, including his relocation and the personal hurdles he faced. Jared candidly discusses his journey as a gigging musician in Denver, celebrating his successes while acknowledging areas for improvement. He emphasizes the importance of visibility and networking in the music industry, and introduces the innovative features of BookLive, a tool designed to connect musicians with event planners and venues. Jared also announces an exciting 31-day challenge for January, inviting listeners to join him in a concerted effort to boost their gigging careers. This episode is a blend of personal storytelling, practical advice, and motivational guidance for musicians looking to elevate their careers in the coming year.