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Playing music for live audiences is one of the most rewarding things on the planet. In this podcast, we dissect everything that goes into being a successful gigging musician.


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Playing music for live audiences is one of the most rewarding things on the planet. In this podcast, we dissect everything that goes into being a successful gigging musician.




I’m Giving Up…

In this episode, Jared dives into a dramatic update regarding his involvement with the National Association for Catering Events (NACE) chapter and the valuable lesson he learned from it. As he shares his journey, he highlights the importance of assessing the activities and commitments that may be draining your time and energy. Jared candidly discusses his decision to resign from his leadership position, realizing that it was taking more than it was giving. He encourages listeners to prioritize their well-being and focus on projects that truly matter, offering permission to let go of endeavors that no longer serve them. With personal anecdotes and insights, Jared reminds gigging pros to avoid burnout and embrace self-care.


There Are More Than Enough Gigs To Go Around

In this episode, Jared challenges conventional beliefs about gig scarcity and unveils a world of untapped opportunities for musicians. By examining the gig landscape and debunking common misconceptions, Jared reveals a multitude of high-paying venues and event spaces eager for entertainment. Learn how to collaborate with DJs, strategically market yourself, and set your own rates as a private event musician. Discover a mindset of abundance as Jared empowers you to break free from limitations and unlock a world of gigging possibilities.


My Secret To Getting So Much Done

In this episode, Jared shares his secret to staying motivated and taking consistent action towards his music career. He emphasizes the importance of working on both mindset and skill set every single day. Jared reveals his daily routine of listening to podcasts on business and mindset while working out, distilling lessons and applying them to his music business and Fulltime Music Academy. He highlights the value of mindset work in developing mental resilience and toughness. Jared also discusses the role of accountability partners and the importance of watching training videos and executing the strategies learned. He encourages musicians to step outside their comfort zones and try new approaches to propel their music careers forward. If you're ready to make progress and get more opportunities, Jared's insights and strategies will inspire you on your journey.


Patience and Persistence Will Get You 10x More Valuable Gigs

In this episode, Jared discusses the venue partnership strategy and why it may take longer than expected to see results. Partnering with venues can be a goldmine for future gigs, but it requires patience and a long-term perspective. Jared explains that building relationships with venues and event planners takes time, as the booking process for private events often happens months in advance. He emphasizes the importance of persistence and taking consistent action to increase the chances of getting booked. While the strategy may not yield immediate results, the potential for high-paying gigs is significant. Jared encourages musicians to embrace the long-term nature of the partnership strategy and recognize that patience and persistence can lead to rewarding opportunities.


High-Paying Gig Series: Part #4 Private Parties

In this episode, Jared explores the world of private parties as part of the high-paying gig series. He shares stories from his experiences playing at various private events, including birthdays and backyard barbecues. Jared emphasizes the importance of professionalism and adaptability in catering to the specific needs of private party clients. He also discusses the unique dynamics of funeral gigs and how they can be emotionally rewarding. Jared highlights the challenges of marketing for private parties and emphasizes the significance of having a strong online presence to attract potential clients. He concludes by emphasizing the value of serving others through music and the potential for high-paying gigs to elevate musicians' careers.


High-Paying Gig Series: Part #2 Corporate Events

In this episode, Jared continues his series on high paying gig types with a focus on corporate events. Corporate events are hosted by companies for business reasons, such as employee or client appreciation, and can be well paying gigs for musicians. Jared shares his experience playing corporate events, including a variety of events he's played and the benefits of corporate events for companies. He also discusses the ease of playing corporate events, as companies typically have professional event planners and AV teams, creating a structured timeline and clear expectations for the musician. Additionally, Jared shares tips for networking with event planners and getting hired for corporate events. If you're interested in playing corporate events and want to learn more, this episode is a must-listen.


High-Paying Gig Series: Part #3 Nonprofit Events

In this episode, Jared explores the world of nonprofit events and how musicians can tap into these high-paying gig opportunities. He emphasizes the importance of networking, building an online presence, and maintaining professionalism in the nonprofit event industry. Jared shares insights on securing gigs, payment terms, and considerations for rate reductions. Discover valuable strategies for navigating and succeeding in nonprofit events, while attracting other types of gigs through networking. Tune in to unlock the potential of nonprofit events for your music career.


High-Paying Gig Series: Part #1 Weddings

In this episode, Jared delve into the world of high-paying gigs for musicians with a focus on weddings. Jared shares his experience and strategies on how to get and master wedding gigs to ensure you make the most of these well-paying opportunities. While weddings can seem high maintenance and full of potential for problematic clients, we break down how to weed out those issues and make the most of the many performance opportunities that weddings offer. From bachelor and bachelorette parties to playing the ceremony or reception, we explore the nuances of each gig type and how to excel in them. So if you're a musician looking to up your gigging game, tune in to learn how to master the lucrative world of wedding gigs.


Google Shut Me Down!

In this episode, Jared talks about the importance of reviews in getting high paying gigs. He shares his own experience of starting his musical act and the struggles he faced in building trust with potential clients. Jared emphasizes that reviews are the most important factor in building trust and credibility with clients. He talks about his process of engineering reviews by playing gigs at lower rates and asking for reviews after each performance. He shares how he built an automated review collection system and how it has helped his business grow. Jared also shares his recent experience of setting up his business on Google My Business and the challenges he faced. He ends the episode by offering free breakthrough strategy sessions to musicians who want personal help with marketing their acts and booking high paying gigs consistently.


The Money Talk

In this episode, Jared discusses an important yet often neglected topic among musicians: the mindset about money. Drawing from his personal experience and interactions with other musicians, Jared addresses the misconception that focusing on making money with music makes one a sellout. Instead, he emphasizes that money is simply a tool that musicians can use to achieve their goals, expand their reach, and ultimately create more and better art. Jared shares insights into the benefits of prioritizing high-paying gigs, valuing one's time, and building a network of industry professionals. He also challenges the notion of the "starving artist" and encourages musicians to adopt a more positive and practical approach to their finances. Whether you're a gigging musician looking to make a living from your art or simply interested in the intersection of money and creativity, this episode provides valuable insights and actionable advice.


You Have To Show Up

In this episode, Jared emphasizes the importance of showing up, both in life and in music career. He shares his personal experience of overcoming skepticism and taking action to learn marketing strategies that helped him achieve success as a gigging musician. Jared explains the benefits of his Fulltime Music Academy Gold program, which helps musicians pivot into higher-paying private events and provides coaching for marketing and business systems. Jared stresses the need for commitment, accountability, and consistency in showing up to coaching calls and taking action to implement the strategies taught in the program. Jared's message is that showing up is the first step towards success and becoming your best self in all areas of your life.


My First Public Gig in Colorado

In this episode, Jared shares his experience of playing a public gig and how he got the opportunity through online directories like Thumbtack. He discusses the importance of reinvesting a percentage of your earnings back into your music career to cover expenses like equipment, repairs, marketing, and more. Jared also talks about the benefits of playing public events, which can turn into private events and even new opportunities, like a potential Christmas luncheon gig he was offered. He shares tips on optimizing your online profiles to increase your chances of being hired and how he recorded his gig to create content for social media platforms like YouTube and TikTok. Overall, Jared's experience highlights the importance of being open to different opportunities and utilizing various marketing strategies to grow your music career.


A Secret, Highly Effective Music Marketing Strategy

In this episode, Jared talks about the concept of a lead magnet, which is a powerful tool that musicians can use to attract leads and generate more business. Jared discusses the importance of developing a relationship with potential customers, and how lead magnets can help to break down barriers and build trust. He also provides examples of lead magnets that he has used successfully in his own business, and shares tips for creating effective lead magnets that will help you stand out in a crowded market. Whether you're a beginner or a seasoned pro, this episode is packed with valuable insights and actionable tips that will help you take your music career to the next level.


Your Music Website Isn’t Working

In this episode, Jared talks about the importance of a musician's website and how it can be optimized to function as a marketing funnel. He emphasizes the significance of having a website that serves a clear purpose and achieves specific goals, rather than just being aesthetically pleasing. Using his own experience, he explains how a marketing funnel can help musicians achieve success in the private events business. Jared also provides tips on how to drive traffic to a website, and suggests ClickFunnels as a platform that is specifically designed for building marketing funnels.


Do You Focus On Problems Or Solutions?

In this episode, Jared shares his insights on how to handle problems in life and career. He begins by sharing his recent experience of his car breaking down in the middle of rush hour traffic, and how he realized that there are two kinds of people in the world: those who focus on problems and those who focus on solutions. He explains that although life is full of problems, the ones who are going to succeed and feel great along the way are the ones who focus on solutions. Jared offers tips on how to quickly process the problem and think about the solutions to those problems. He also suggests focusing on solutions as a way to be happier and more productive. Lastly, Jared encourages listeners to reflect on whether the people in their lives are problem-focused or solution-focused, and how that can impact their own outlook and success.


The Most Impactful Thing For A Music Career

In this episode, Jared shares how he was able to book four gigs while on vacation without doing any work. He talks about the power of automation and delegation, and how they can be applied not only to a music career but also to other aspects of life. Jared shares his personal experience of using automation and delegation to successfully run his string quartet, Dream City Strings. He emphasizes the importance of delegation and shares his experience of hiring a virtual assistant to take care of administrative tasks. Jared encourages listeners to join his free 5-day Fulltime Music Challenge to learn more about leveraging automation and delegation in their music careers.


Stop Doing Things That Don’t Matter

In this episode, Jared shares insights from a Tony Robbins program called "The Time of Your Life" that helps people get more time in their lives to do the things they love, specifically as it applies to their music careers. Jared breaks down the way we spend our time into four categories: unimportant and not urgent, important and urgent, unimportant but urgent, and important but not urgent. He encourages listeners to delegate or not bother with tasks that fall into the unimportant and not urgent category, as well as to identify ways to reduce urgency on tasks that are important and urgent. He emphasizes the importance of spending time doing things that are important but not necessarily urgent, which he calls "the zone," and shares Tony Robbins' recommendation that successful people spend 40-80% of their life in the zone.


Creating Habits In Your Music Career

In this episode, Jared discusses the concept of habit stacking and how it has helped him in his music career and life in general. He defines habit stacking as linking two actions together so that once you accomplish one, you automatically do the other. Judge gives examples of both healthy and unhealthy habit stacks, and discusses how musicians can use habit stacking to optimize their time and push forward in their careers. He also shares a personal example of habit stacking by recording his podcast episodes while walking home from the gym. The episode ends with Judge thanking a member of his Fulltime Music Academy for inspiring him to talk about habit stacking and encouraging vulnerability and authenticity.


Emotion Manipulation In The Music Industry

In this episode, Jared discusses the prevalent issue of emotional manipulation in the music industry. From people trying to take advantage of musicians by playing to their emotions to bandmates expecting extra work for free, Jared provides tips on how to combat emotional manipulation. He emphasizes the importance of knowing your worth, setting boundaries, and maintaining them. Jared also discusses the negative impact that emotional manipulation can have on mental health and the music industry as a whole. Tune in to gain valuable insights and learn how to recognize and deal with emotional manipulation in the music industry.


Belief Is Everything

In this episode, Jared discusses the importance of belief in oneself and in the process of achieving one's goals. He shares how many musicians struggle with believing in themselves, which ultimately holds them back from booking gigs or taking the necessary actions to achieve their goals. He emphasizes the importance of definiteness of purpose and having a burning desire to achieve what one wants. He encourages listeners to think deeply about whether they believe they are worthy of the things they want and to work on changing any beliefs that may be preventing them from achieving their goals. This episode is a must-listen for any musician looking to improve their mindset and achieve success in their music career.