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The Great Big Beautiful Podcast celebrates popular culture by talking to the people who create it. Hosted by Jamie Greene and a rotating crew of awesome cohosts.

The Great Big Beautiful Podcast celebrates popular culture by talking to the people who create it. Hosted by Jamie Greene and a rotating crew of awesome cohosts.
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The Great Big Beautiful Podcast celebrates popular culture by talking to the people who create it. Hosted by Jamie Greene and a rotating crew of awesome cohosts.




Episode 208: J.C. Cervantes

This week, we're entering the world of myth. The mythological world of the Maya gods, to be exact. J.C. Cervantes is the author of The Storm Runner, which is one of the debut titles in the Rick Riordan Presents imprint of books that explore the world's mythologies. Cervantes is also the author of Tortilla Sun and the forthcoming sequel to The Storm Runner, which is scheduled to release this fall: The Fire Keeper. On this episode, we chat about The Storm Runner, coming in on the ground floor...


Episode 207: Chuck Wendig

Happy New Year! Welcome back to the podcast, and welcome to 2019! We're ringing in the new year the best way we know how: with awesome conversations. And one of the most awesome I've had recently with none other than Chuck Wendig. Star Wars fans know Wendig well for his Aftermath trilogy and his graphic novel adaptation of The Force Awakens. He also had a story in the stellar From a Certain Point of View and ALMOST wrote the Shadow of Vader limited series for Marvel (which is a whole other...


Episode 206: Jarrett Krosoczka

This week, we're giving you a (slightly early) end-of-the-year present: our conversation with Jarrett Krosoczka. I think we can all agree that 2018 was mostly another dumpster fire of a year in so many respects. But in others (such as publishing), it was a great year. Among other things, it was the year that we were all gifted with Krosoczka's graphic novel memoir, Hey, Kiddo. On this episode, we talk about sharing such an intensely personal story with the world, the reception the book has...


Episode 205: S.A. Chakraborty

We're traveling to Daevabad and the realm of the djinn this week with S.A. Chakraborty, author of the phenomenally great The City of Brass (and its forthcoming sequel, The Kingdom of Copper). These books will suck you in, hold on tight, and not let go. In all the best ways possible. On this episode, we talk about how Chakraborty "fell into" being an author, how much of her sprawling saga is based in historical fact and mythology, writing for a community that doesn't have much representation...


Episode 204: Christine Toy Johnson

We're headed back to the Great White Way (in a manner of speaking). This week, we welcome Christine Toy Johnson to the show. Christine is currently playing the role of Diane in the national touring company of Come From Away, the musical that tells the story of 7,000 airline passengers who were stranded in the small town of Gander, Newfoundland after September 11. Off stage, Christine can be seen on a number of shows, but she most notably starred as Sherry Yang in the second season of...


Episode 203: Greg Weisman

This week, we welcome back Greg Weisman to the show. LONG-TIME listeners might remember Greg from WAY BACK on Episode 5, when we had no idea what we were doing. This episode spun out of a story I did for SYFY Wire that was an oral history of Gargoyles. For that story, I talked to Greg, Jonathan Frakes (Xanatos), Keith David (Goliath), and Carl Johnson (composer). Much of my conversation with Greg made it into that piece, but I wanted to bring you guys our complete, unfiltered conversation -...


Episode 202: Dav Pilkey

This week, we chat with Dav Pilkey about Dog Men, Captains Underpants, and more! That's right; the author/artist/creator behind the Captain Underpants phenomenon swings by our little corner of the Internet. The Adventures of Captain Underpants burst onto the scene way back in 1997. Since then, the series has spawned 11 sequels, several spin-offs, a feature film adaptation, an animated series on Netflix, and a genuine worldwide phenomenon. And one of those spin-off series has itself become a...


Episode 201: Peter Beagle

This week, we have the one and only Peter Beagle on the show. Sometimes, we even impress ourselves. Peter is of course the author of The Last Unicorn. Though he has written many other books, it's this classic that cemented his place among the greatest living fantasy authors. This episode is a delight. Peter is a master storyteller and draws from an incredible life to keep you spellbound from beginning to end. On this episode, Shiri and I talk to Peter about his early career, writing and...


Episode 200: Dominique Tipper

Welcome, ladies and gents, to Episode 200! Happy anniversary to us! When we began this weird little show about four years ago, I don't think I ever realistically thought I'd be here to see 200 episodes. But here we are, and stronger than ever! And I could think of no better way to celebrate than with Dominique Tipper! Tipper currently anchors an absolutely amazing cast on The Expanse, which is making the jump over to Amazon Prime for its fourth season. As Naomi Nagata, she not only leads one...


Extra Episode 17: Halloween

Welcome to the Big Dumb Thing. This year, I made the incredibly awesome/unwise decision to take care of a pop culture blind spot that's been plaguing me for a while now. Regarding the Halloween franchise, I'd only ever seen the original, John Carpenter classic. Therefore, as this month saw the return of Michael Myers and Jamie Lee Curtis in the newest installment - 40 years after the original - AND it happens to be October, the month of Halloween, this all seemed to make sense. At the time....


Episode 199: Matt Forbeck

It doesn't matter if you were a jock or a nerd, a boy or a girl, or lived in the city, the burbs, or the country - all kids in the 80s had one thing in common: "choose your own adventure" books. Sure, those four words might be trademarked and just one brand, but that style of storytelling was all over the place in the 80s. From the ubiquitous Choose Your Own Adventure titles to Time Machine, Twistaplot, Pick a Path, Find Your Fate, Lone Wolf, Fighting Fantasy, and Endless Quest . . . the...


Episode 198: Eric Shanower

This week, we're traveling to Ancient Greece with Eric Shanower's epic Age of Bronze series. Shanower first began his story way back in the Dark Ages of 1998. And yes, he's still working on the series 20 years later. It's that big. After a break from the series - during which time he worked on projects such as the Oz series for Marvel and Little Nemo: Return to Slumberland for IDW - he's going back to Age of Bronze. To the beginning and to the future. On this episode, Shiri and I talk to...


Episode 197: Victoria Schwab

This week, we're talking ghosts, magic, and the macabre with Victoria Schwab. Writing as both Victoria (for YA) and V.E. (for "adult"), Schwab has a deep and compelling catalog of amazing books. Most recently, she's spooking the middle grade crowd with City of Ghosts and thrilling fans of her runaway success Vicious with its sequel, Vengeful. She's also returning to the Shades of Magic world with The Steel Prince, a comic book prequel from Titan Comics. Busy much? On this episode, Shiri and...


Episode 196: Star Wars Resistance

Welcome back to everyone's favorite galaxy far, far away. This week, we take an advance peek at the newest incarnation of Star Wars to grace television screens: Star Wars Resistance. On this episode, Shiri and I talk about our immediate reaction to the first two episodes of Star Wars Resistance (what we liked and what we didn't) and how it stacks up to both The Clone Wars and Star Wars Rebels. I then talk to Athena Portillo (executive producer) and Amy Beth Christenson (art director) about...


Episode 195: R.A. Salvatore

This week, we're headed to the Forgotten Realms with superstar author R.A. Salvatore! Thirty years ago, Salvatore created the dark elf Drizzt Do'Urden. Over the course of more than 30 books, he's explored the legend of Drizzt from all angles and plumbed nearly every corner of his world. But there's always more story to tell. And his newest book, Timeless, kicks off a new trilogy that serves as a prequel of sorts. The book focuses on Drizzt's father, Zaknafein, and is a fascinating prelude to...


Episode 194: Siddhartha Khosla

This week, we turn our sights back to music and composing - television scores, to be specific. We welcome Siddhartha Khosla to the show and dive deep into his career and experiences as a musician. On this episode, we talk about his musical background with the band Goldspot, his family and the sacrifices they made for him, growing up as a first-generation American, his work on both This Is Us and Marvel's Runaways, how his experiences on both shows compare, and finding success in the "new...


Episode 193: Jason Fry

This week, we're geeking out about Star Wars again. Big surprise, right? Joining us is Jason Fry, who's certainly no stranger to the franchise. His in-universe bibliography is lengthy, having written everything from fiction to "nonfiction" to visual guides to RPG supplements and covering nearly every corner of the Star Wars galaxy. His most recent foray to the galaxy far, far away is the novelization of The Last Jedi. On this episode, we talk about crossing the streams of being a fan versus...


Episode 192: Rebecca Roanhorse

This week, we continue our unexpected spotlight on authors who also happen to be lawyers...or lawyers who moonlight as authors. Not sure which. I'll let Rebecca Roanhorse's own bio stand here, because I kind of love it: SFF writer. Nebula winner. Hugo, Sturgeon, and Locus Award Finalist. Campbell Award Finalist. Pug owner. Yale grad. Lawyer. Ohkay Owingeh/Black. Navajo in-law. Roanhorse recently dropped a whole bunch of jaws with her debut novel, Trail of Lightning, which steeps the reader...


Episode 191: Tiya Sircar

This week, we're celebrating the wondrous storytelling, acting, and beauty that comprise a little show called Star Wars Rebels. The show recently wrapped up its fourth (and final) season, so this seems like the perfect time to welcome Tiya Sircar to the show. For Star Wars fans, Sircar is indelibly tied to the character of Sabine. But her career is as busy as they come. If you're a fan of NBC's The Good Place (and if you aren't, shame on you), then you know her as the real Eleanor/Vicky. If...


Episode 190: Kris Bowers

Kris Bowers is a Juilliard-trained musician who was awarded the Nobel Prize of jazz when he won the Thelonious Monk International Jazz Piano Competition at the Kennedy Center in Washington, DC. He performed at the White House (when that meant something), released a CD of jazz originals (Heroes + Misfits), helped bring Ezra Jack Keats's classic picture book The Snowy Day to life for Amazon, and is currently scoring Dear White People on Netflix and Shonda Rhimes' For the People on ABC. He's...