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Catch our show live every Friday on Peterborough's own Trent Radio 92.7 CFFF FM at 7pm.

Catch our show live every Friday on Peterborough's own Trent Radio 92.7 CFFF FM at 7pm.




Catch our show live every Friday on Peterborough's own Trent Radio 92.7 CFFF FM at 7pm.




Episode 191 – Comic Safari

Tony White gets the scoop on the comic safari Marty Boruta and Adam Bishop went on. The lads hit a whack of comic shops, hock shops and antique malls from Peterborough to Belleville. Some very [...]

Episode 190 – Duolingo

Not an April Fool’s prank where everyone thought it would be funny to not show up. Chris Ellis and Adam Bishop tackle the show as a duet. Comics books, comics and comic stuff were the [...]

Episode 189 – Speculacular

Tony, Martin, Chris and Adam discuss how media trends can affect comic pricing. The speculator market and the trends on when a book becomes HOT. What’s coming up, what’s going down and what doesn’t move [...]


Episode 188 – Ummmmm

Tony, Martin, Chris and Martin sit down and talk about comics. That’s all I got. No clue what they talked about in particular. Comics. As in comic books, not “haha” comics like Kevin Hart. I [...]


Episode 187 – Captain Canuck #1

Dan Collins, Tony White, Chris Ellis, and Martin Boruta break open a copy of the 1975 Captain Canuck #1 and chat away. Poor Adam Bishop is just wondering when the topic will turn to Doctor [...]


Episode 186 – Grab Bag

Martin Boruta, Chris Ellis, Adam Bishop and Tony White just sit around and talk about everything. The messy first appearance of the Spider-Man black costume, comic book TV shows like Peacemaker, Rob Liefeld’s podcast, newsstand [...]


Episode 185 – Stars Wars

Martin Peterson joins Martin Boruta, Chris Ellis and Chris Gilpin to have an M²C² talk about … Star Wars. Needless to say, Old Man Boruta goes on and on about how things were harder back [...]


Episode 184 – Read it Again, Sam

Short description this time around folks. The lads delve into the collected comic volumes and original graphic novels that withstand the test of time and we find ourselves reading over and over again.


Episode 183 – Is There Anything in the Box?

Tony White joins the lads to discuss what’s arrived in our collections. What pickups or mail-calls have we got in recently. Tony shows off some of his gems from buying a few collections. Chris Elis [...]


Episode 182 – Uncanny X-Men

Chris, Adam, Chris and Martin go all X-canny and X-stonishing looking back at their favourite X-Men comics. Mutant Massacre, Fall fo the Mutants, Days of Future Past. Somehow we managed to say a lot about [...]


Episode 181 – Favourite Comic Runs

Dan, Chris G. and Marty talk about their favourite story runs of comics. We cover a few each as we talk about comics that bought us great memories and harken back to a more nostalgic [...]


Episode 180 – Variant Cover Gimmicks

Die cut, Holograms and Chromium … oh my! Dan, Chris² and Marty discuss all the whacky and crazy cover gimmicks that seems to have started in those oh so amazing 90’s. We look back at [...]


Episode 179 – Movie & TV Comics

Everyone, except Dan, sit around the Zoom mics and wax nostalgically about movie, TV and toy tie-in comics. From ROM, Godzilla and Micronauts to Transformers, WWE and Mr. T. Delve in with us as we [...]


Episode 178 – Image Comics

We were there, on the ground floor, watching it all unfold. The birth of Image Comics. From the origins to the 90’s implosion to the #1 publisher in Diamond Preview’s, Image Comics has changed the [...]


Episode 177 – Batmania

Marty, Adam, Chris Ellis and Dan delve into Batman. Just batman. Broad subject yet somehow the Usual Gang of Baffoons manages to waste an hour of your time talking Neal Adams vs. Curt Swan, Bat-nipples, [...]


Episode 176 – ComicCon Crud

Marty, Adam, Chris Ellis and Dan tell comic convention war stories. From smelly carpets in hotel conference rooms to aged wrestlers to sneaking past security guards. We all miss comic conventions and we are stoked [...]


Episode 175 – WE READ COMICS!

Marty and Dan’s insanely stylish hair cuts cause more than a little envy. But Old Man Marty is confused by all this new fangled retro hair products. Chris Ellis and Marty actually read comics this [...]


Episode 174 – Existential Crisis

Marty, Chris Ellis and Dan return to the radio waves after a couple of weeks of reruns. Marty is thinking of selling off his collection again, this time to make room for all the Omnibus [...]


Episode 173 – Do it!

Once again, none of the show hosts have read a single comic this week! Marty admits to stock market fraud and manipulation! Three copies of Captain Canuck’s oversized version of issue #4 on eBay are [...]


Episode 172 – Impulse Control

DC Comics Future State buying frenzy while Chris and Marty went on an appropriately masked, socially distanced, hand sanitizer comic shop run. Chris found a tonne of his beloved Arthur Adams variant covers while Marty [...]