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Catch our show live every Friday on Peterborough's own Trent Radio 92.7 CFFF FM at 7pm.




Catch our show live every Friday on Peterborough's own Trent Radio 92.7 CFFF FM at 7pm.




Episode 206 – Big King

Two all-beef patties, special sauce, lettuce, cheese, pickles, onions on a sesame seed bun. Hmm, maybe I shouldn't upload podcasts on an empty stomach? Two all-beef patties, special sauce, lettuce, cheese, pickles, onions on a sesame seed bun.


Episode 205 – S.A.D.

The lads need some Vitamin D to defeat the Seasonal Affective Disorder. The crankiness continues. More Cancel Culture, more Moore, more Scott Adams. But then we dive into some Canadian comics since Dan's West Coast Canuck from Lev Gleasonsaw issue #4 solicited. Mounties galore from Semple to Steele.


Episode 204 – *bzzrt*

In this week's episode of "Hey Kids Comics," hosts Mark-12 and Billy-D4 dive into the world of classic superhero comics. They discuss the history of the genre, its most iconic characters, and the evolution of superhero storytelling over the years. Mark-12 and Billy-D4 also take a deep dive into one of their favorite superhero story arcs: "The Dark Knight Returns" by Frank Miller. They discuss the impact the comic had on the industry and how it changed the way people thought about Batman. As always, the hosts take listener questions and share their picks for the best new comics to check out. Whether you're a longtime fan or just getting into superhero comics, this episode of "The Hey Kids Comics Radio Show" is sure to entertain and inform.


Episode 203 – Moore!!!!

We go way too deep into the economics of buying trades and hardcovers from the USA. Adam missed the James Gunn DC movie slate discussion, so we rehash that a bit. Tony takes in the sweet, gloriously musty scents of an old box of comics. Adam has a love fest for the X-Men's Forge, and who on Earth thought it was a good idea to mention Alan Moore around Marty? Like, seriously?!?


Episode 202 – Zoinks, Part 2!

What could possibly go wrong when asking a 53-year-old, ranty, underslept, neurodivergent, white, non-visible minority (is that a thing?), son of a Polish immigrant for his take on an ethnically diverse, adult-orientated reboot of a beloved Saturday Morning kids cartoon? How bad can it get? Welp, we found out! Oh, and that Guardians of the Galaxy guy made some announcements that triggered the crème de la crème of Snyderverse pundits. I'm not saying we are going to get in trouble with this episode, but I'm also not not saying it either.


Episode 201 – Zoinks!

Marty teases Tony with his Tarzan digest find. The lads ponder the high cost of Marvel Star Wars and GI Joe comics. We chime in on everyone chiming in on the new Velma TV show. Howard Chaykin is drawing like Howard Charykin. Marty is gushing a bit about the Captain Britain omnibus as we continue with our tiny infatuation with Marvel UK and Chris wants more Bloodshot movies.


Episode 200 – Unbelievable

Our Bicentennial episode! Who would have thought that a bunch of schmucks driving to a comic convention eight years ago would result in 200 episode radio show? James Gunn is being eviscerated on social media, but DC Comics/Warner Bros has been dysfunctional, at best, for decades. Public Domain Mickey Mouse or Steamboat Willy Mouse? Sony is reaching way down in the licensing barrel for their next slate of movies. And do you remember when Marvel UK had a North American imprint? Death's Head does.


Episode 199 – Happy New Year

Greetings to 2023!!! The whole gang here hopes you had a great holiday, and we are all ready to talk comics again. Or are we? Highlander 4K has more grain than a Jack Daniel's distillery! Holiday reading taking huge chunks out of our To-Read piles, holiday sales, road trips, and general tomfoolery await your aural pleasure.


Episode 198 – Really? Again?

This is another one of those episodes that I'm scrambling to get online. Can't remember what we talked about. Can't remember who talked. For sure it was, at minimum, tangentially related to comic books and graphic novels. maybe?


Episode 197 – SNAP!

Tony White, Adam Bishop, Chris Ellis and Chris Gilpin rock the mike with a few mail calls. Kickstarter stickers, comics, keychains, galore as we reflect on the projects we backed over the past decade or so. And we almost come to blows when Adam drops a very controversial, "National Treasure is a better movie than Indiana Jones".


Episode 196 – Meh

Tony White, Adam Bishop & Martin Boruta start by asking why does no one seem excited about current comics? Kevin Smith's new comic imprint and latest movie, Clerks III are almost spoiled. Tony talks about Christmas and his experience hosting some panels at Hal-Con and Big Country Comics Expo


Episode 29 – Revisted

Guest Dan Boudreau guest hosts with Dan Collins and Sam Tweedle as Chris Gilpin and Martin Boruta are Niagara Comic Con bound. Is anyone REALLY surprised Sam doesn't like the Preacher show? Really? Is anyone really surprised Sam is immediately comparing it to the comic book? Anyone? Lots of chatting about TV, upcoming movies, etc.


Episode 195 – Who?

Martin & Dan discuss Doctor Who: The Power of the Doctor while Adam zones out playing Marvel Snap on his phone. This a pretty in-depth look at Jodie Whittaker's tenure as The Doctor with a tonne of hot takes and ranty options, naturally. Adam finally looks up from his screen to yell, "X-Men" but by then it's too late and the hour has gone by. Maybe next episode Adam, maybe next episode.


Episode 194 – Impressive

Martin, Chris G. and Tony discuss all the life-shattering stuffs surrounding comics today. Marty poses the question, "Are Omnibuses (Omnibi?) shrinking? Is paper getting thinner? Are Omnibuses the latest victims of Shrinkflation?" Tony shows off his new Giant-Sized X-Men #1 with a very im-press-ive pedigree. See what I did there? No? Oh well. And the lads go over Jim Shooter's impressive career with a course-toothed comb.


Episode 193 – Whatchamacallit

The second episode of the Fall 2022 season and the lads need coffee. Boy o' boy do they need to guzzle some coffee. As usual, comics are the topic of the day.


Episode 192 – The Boys

After five months of basking in the summer sunshine, it's time to don our hockey sweaters and Norwood Dinner Jackets and get back to talking a whole lot about nothing. Did we nail down a specific topic, spend a week researching, formulating salient talking points and prep for lively debate? Ahhh heck no!! We just winged it this episode.


Episode 191 – Comic Safari

Tony White gets the scoop on the comic safari Marty Boruta and Adam Bishop went on. The lads hit a whack of comic shops, hock shops and antique malls from Peterborough to Belleville. Some very sweet finds indeed. Marty is also a bit tongue-tied and embarrassed that Shaun of Grey Guardian Games made sure he got a copy of the George Perez JLA / Avengers Hero Initiative trade paperback. But not to be outdone, Tony chimes in with nice pickups in a collection he recently bought.

Episode 190 – Duolingo

Not an April Fool's prank where everyone thought it would be funny to not show up. Chris Ellis and Adam Bishop tackle the show as a duet. Comics books, comics and comic stuff were the topics of discussion. Definitely no Luanne or Doctor Who. But what's actually in the episode? No clue as Adam ensured the podcast the file arrived at Hey Kids HQ signed, sealed and delivered.

Episode 189 – Speculacular

Tony, Martin, Chris and Adam discuss how media trends can affect comic pricing. The speculator market and the trends on when a book becomes HOT. What's coming up, what's going down and what doesn't move as much as other influences. More than just a Top 10 Hot Comics list. Mind you, this is the second go at this show since Marty was asleep at the wheel and forgot to hit record the first time around ... D'oh!


Episode 188 – Ummmmm

Tony, Martin, Chris and Martin sit down and talk about comics. That's all I got. No clue what they talked about in particular. Comics. As in comic books, not "haha" comics like Kevin Hart. I guess listen to the show to find out?