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Catch our show live every Friday on Peterborough's own Trent Radio 92.7 CFFF FM at 8pm.

Catch our show live every Friday on Peterborough's own Trent Radio 92.7 CFFF FM at 8pm.




Catch our show live every Friday on Peterborough's own Trent Radio 92.7 CFFF FM at 8pm.




Episode 175 – WE READ COMICS!

Marty and Dan’s insanely stylish hair cuts cause more than a little envy. But Old Man Marty is confused by all this new fangled retro hair products. Chris Ellis and Marty actually read comics this [...]


Episode 174 – Existential Crisis

Marty, Chris Ellis and Dan return to the radio waves after a couple of weeks of reruns. Marty is thinking of selling off his collection again, this time to make room for all the Omnibus [...]


Episode 173 – Do it!

Once again, none of the show hosts have read a single comic this week! Marty admits to stock market fraud and manipulation! Three copies of Captain Canuck’s oversized version of issue #4 on eBay are [...]


Episode 172 – Impulse Control

DC Comics Future State buying frenzy while Chris and Marty went on an appropriately masked, socially distanced, hand sanitizer comic shop run. Chris found a tonne of his beloved Arthur Adams variant covers while Marty [...]


Episode 171 – Ipsum?

We’re starting to formalize flexible opinions around our foundations but, can we try it a different way so we don’t get too far into the weeds. What’s the status on the deliverables for fourth quarter? [...]


Episode 170 – sigh

Is everyone okay? How are you feeling? Covid-19 lockdowns got you down? We hear ya. Marty, Chris and Dan struggle through a show tired of all the horrible behaviour being reported in the press, cancelling [...]


Episode 169 – Chapter No More

Chris, Chris, Dan and Adam hold on tight as Marty just lets loose with both barrels. Chapterhouse Publications is no more! Sorta. Kind. Enter Lev Gleason Publishing, continuing the adventures of the Chapterverse and Marty’s [...]


Episode 168 – Memory Lane

Chris, Chris, Marty, Dan and Adam … the entire crew made it for this nostalgic walk down memory lane. The lads talk about hitting the fancy Toronto shops up and down Queen St. But our [...]

Episode 167 – Read-Only Memory

Chris Ellis is watching Doctor Who now! Much to Adam’s chagrin and Dan’s joy. Marty is itching for collected editions of all the great 70’s Marvel licensed comics like ROM, Micronauts and Godzilla. And who [...]

Episode 166 – Frank Bolan

Marty, Dan, and Chris chat about Marvel facing calls to cancel Mack Bolan, The Executioner … er … ah … I mean Frank Castle, The Punisher after his logo was used by some of the [...]

Episode 165 – Gimmie a Dalla!

Marty, Dan, Chris and Adam were floored by the recent Comixology 99¢ sale on digital Marvel Masterworks. Martin brain farts on the title for Dwellings from Black Eye Comics. And Chris goes on a Facebook [...]

Episode 164 – MMXXI

Marty, Dan, Chris and Adam ring in the New Year with tales of auction scores and rants of auction scores. We also talk some scuttlebutt that more comic book publishers are following DC Comics’ lead [...]

Episode 163 – Wutdaflug

Marty, Dan and Chris talk comics, at least, they talk about what ISN’T coming out. And what they are NOT buying. Still, Last Ronin gets a nice shout out as Marty LOVES the Mike Rooth [...]

Episode 162 – Auric

Davis Dewsbury from Great North Comics stops by to spill the tea on the new Auric of the Great White North Kickstarter project. And what is he excited about reading these days from The Big [...]

Episode 161 – whoops

No! I didn’t lose the first 15 minutes of this episode, you did!! Basically, we whined about not loving DC’s Future State, how it was just using up material already produced for Dan Didio’s cancelled [...]

Episode 160 – Jeepers

Oh boy! Our wallets are thor with all these hikes in collectible comics, all these variants, special anniversary issues and alimony payments! Marty, Chris, Chris and Adam sit down and chat the week’s comics as [...]

Episode 159 – Let’s Do This

The Boys are Back! After an eventless summer, the crew are back, rockin’ da mic, bring you all the jibber-jabber about comic books. In this episode Marty, Chris and Chris shake off the cobwebs and [...]