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In Practice is a podcast all about practicing! We ask the best of the best how to not suck. These interviews explore what experts do, how they think, and the path they took to mastery.

In Practice is a podcast all about practicing! We ask the best of the best how to not suck. These interviews explore what experts do, how they think, and the path they took to mastery.
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In Practice is a podcast all about practicing! We ask the best of the best how to not suck. These interviews explore what experts do, how they think, and the path they took to mastery.






Ep 8 - Minisode! Every Two Weeks = Twice a Month = IPP's New Release Schedule

In this episode, I get real with you guys: I'm a lazy boy. Not really, but we're moving to a twice a month release schedule. Listen to this bite-sized episode for this and other news on In Practice. Shows by Columbus Podcasters Meetup Attendees: Positive Living Be Great Today FrazlCast As We Move Forward Thrive and Connect Wrestling With Chaos The Post Traumatic Growth Erotic Awakening For More In Practice: The Link Tree


Ep 7 - Lara Falberg, Writer/Yoga Teacher

I had a chance to sit down with Lara Falberg (@iworkbarefoot), a novelist, blogger, yoga teacher, and motivational speaker. Her website,, is a resource for yoga teachers with sequences, cues, and themes for classes. Our conversation covered writing in the voice of your characters, writing because you have something to say and you need a place to say it, when and when not to care about what other people say, and self refinement as an ongoing process. Cheers! Follow...


Ep 6 - Neal Kassanoff, songwriter / educator / refined gentleman

Neal Kassanoff is an Austin based songwriter and the founder of the Groundwork Music Project, a non-profit organization that provides free and low cost music lessons to children with limited means. Neal has a way with words and a hell of a story to tell. I was fortunate during my trip to Austin to have a chance to sit and learn about my old boss and his practice. Topics we covered include collaborating, inspirations, when to embrace and when to reject templates, and "what can uke bring to...


Demon Trash Practice - Nate Newman as guest on Demon Trash Podcast

This episode is a collaboration between the In Practice Podcast and The Demon Trash Podcast (@demontrashpodcast). Host Nate Newman goes into more detail on his story and thoughts on practice, and how he is actually "demon trash". Topics covered include embracing the quarter life crisis, why motivation is overrated , and self compassion. Follow Up: Host Podcast Demon Trash Podcast Instagram (@demontrashpodcast) Subscribe for more In...


Episode 5 1/2 - In Practice Update

Since no new interviews are being released this weekend, I decided to make a quick episode to fill everyone in on developments with In Practice. More to come! Follow up: The In Practice Blog Subscribe for more In Practice Spotify iTunes Stitcher Google Blubrry Youtube


Ep 5 - Benjamin Rossi, performance coach

Benjamin Rossi (@Brossi20) is both a performance coach based out of his gym, ATP Evolution, and the director of physical wellness for InMotion; an organization that provides exercise, education and healing arts activities to improve the quality of life for people living with Parkinson’s Disease. His background spans playing collegiate football for Baldwin Wallace University, coaching multiple youth sports teams, and working as a performance coach for professional athletes and the NFL...


Ep 4 - Lindsey Conroy, yogi/traveler

Lindsey Conroy (@adzentures_yoga) is yoga teacher, traveler, and entrepreneur who splits her time between Austin, Texas and Bovec, Slovenia. Lindsey runs AdZENtures, a fast growing yoga event and retreat company that hosts several domestic and international getaways for the yogi and non yogi alike. We discussed when the “why” matters, developing a vision, adapting your practice, sharing experience as a mission and much more. Follow up: Guest Instagram...


Ep 1 - Nicholas Tuttle, musician

Nicholas Tuttle (@nicholas_tuttle_guitar_studio) is a career musician, performer, and the owner of the Nicholas Tuttle Guitar Studio in Cincinnati, which has grown an impressive community around itself. He’s passionate and extremely talented in playing a wide range of styles, and he’s equally enthusiastic in developing his students to their ultimate potential. We covered topics from ‘the muse’, practicing guitar like yoga, the undeniable supremacy of rhythm, influences, apps, and life...


Ep 2 - Christopher Warren Groppe, software engineer/musician

Christopher Warren Groppe (@christopherwarrengroppe) is a software engineer with GE Digital and saxophone player in Cincinnati, Ohio. Chris is an imaginative and entertaining mind, drawing connections between seemingly remote topics and is articulate on his ideas for practice. Topics covered include incremental improvement, learning mistakes as truth, single minded practice, efficiency in practice, working on your process, and having your practice be more fun than the show. *Christopher’s...


Ep 3 - Jose Reyes, martial artist

Jose Reyes (@columbuskungfu) is a practitioner of Wing Tsun kung fu and owner of Western Lotus Athletics in Columbus, Ohio. Jose shares his background and his fascinating story of being drawn to and shaped by the principles of his martial art. Topics covered include kung fu family, training on your own, “snowflaking”, living by principles, “kung-fu depression”, and teaching as a life of service. Follow up: Styles Wing Tsun Capoeira Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Karate Tai Chi Movies Wing...


Ep 0 - What's Going on Here?

This is episode zero of In Practice, a podcast all about practicing and I’m your host, Nate Newman. This will be a short episode where I just take a few minutes to introduce myself and lay out what this podcast is all about. If you’re listening to this, then the first three episodes should be up and available for streaming. So if you’re up for a good time, you can go ahead and give those a listen right after this. If you love the show, then please rate us and leave a comment on iTunes or...