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Two INFJs with a lot to say—about introversion, racism, and everything else! See for privacy and opt-out information.

Two INFJs with a lot to say—about introversion, racism, and everything else! See for privacy and opt-out information.


Jersey City, NJ


Two INFJs with a lot to say—about introversion, racism, and everything else! See for privacy and opt-out information.






Is Anybody Making New Year’s Resolutions This Year? | E 31

Given what 2020 was, and how 2021 has already begun, are New Year’s Resolutions still a thing? Is it hubris to even think that way? In their first episode of the year Sharon and Lisa discuss their...let’s call them “hopes”...for what they would like to accomplish in 2021. Also: since life has been coming at them fast, the sisters are giving themselves some grace and reducing the episode frequency. From here on out, there’ll be a new episode every other week, and TIS Off-Topic episodes when...


Yes, AmeriKKKa, This IS Who You Are: 2021 US Coup | TISOT Ep. 6

Six days into 2021, in a shocking but unsurprising turn of events, the United States experienced an attempted coup, incited by the Seditionist in Chief. There is much to unpack, from the possibility of the orange one being impeached again, to the spate of White House resignations, to the failure of law enforcement officials--and their possible complicity. Join us as we discuss these historic events. The beauty's in the details. Click through for show notes and transcript. See...


COVID Karen, Caribbean Version: The Case of Skylar Mack | TISOT Ep. 5

2021 is barely a few days old, and it’s already setting up to be “2020, The Sequel: More Virus, Less Logic.” And so, we’re starting Season 3 with an Off-Topic episode to discuss Skylar Mack, one of the anti-masking quarantine breakers who ran afoul of the Cayman Islands authorities over the holiday season. In true COVID Karen style, Ms. Mack broke a 14-day quarantine period a mere 2 days into it. However, unlike many tourists who have acted similarly, she was made to pay the price. The...


Why The Official Letters of 2020 Are WTF | E 30

This is the final episode of 2020, and...whew chile...we made it. The entire year felt touch and go from beginning to end. From the global pandemic and anti-racism protests, to the murder hornets and the never-ending election (and let’s not forget The Great Toilet Paper Shortage), the sisters recap this most memorable of years, and explain why, in Sesame Street style, “Episode 2020” was brought to us by the letters W, T, and F. The beauty is in the details. For full show notes and...


Our 2020 Buying Guide: You Get a Gift! You Get a Gift! You Get a Gift! | E 29

The holidays are the sisters’ favorite time of year, and they’re getting closer and closer! Thanksgiving is around the corner, which means that the day after is Black Friday—aka the start of Shopping Season. One thing the sisters LOVE is choosing the perfect gifts for the special people in their lives. Join Sharon and Lisa as they share their top picks for gifts to give to the introverts (or tbh, anyone really) on your list. The beauty is in the details. For full show notes and transcript...


10 Ways Introverts Can Survive Thanksgiving | E 28

Thanksgiving is almost upon us. And even in these Covid times, people will be hosting gatherings and parties, albeit on a smaller scale than usual. Introverts can probably already feel their stress levels rising as they think about all-day-long get-togethers, forced socializing, painful small talk, and people with no boundaries—not to mention no masks. Join Sharon and Lisa as they share their top tips for how introverts can actually have a happy Thanksgiving. The beauty is in the details....


Is 2020 The Year of the Introvert? Yes and No. | E 27

Many are calling 2020 “The Year of the Introvert.” Avoiding people, avoiding crowded spaces, self-isolating, working from home...what’s not to love, right? Sounds like introvert heaven,’s not quite so simple. Join Sharon and Lisa as they weigh the pros and cons of the corona-induced self-isolation lifestyle. The beauty is in the details. For full show notes and transcript click here. See for privacy and opt-out information.


2020 Election: The Battle for The White House| TISOT Ep. 4

The U.S. election is done—but far from over. In an alarming repeat of the 2016 election, Biden won the popular vote (as Hillary had), but as we all now know, it’s the electoral college votes that count towards actually securing the presidency. The race is distressingly close. Candidates need 270 electoral votes in order to win. As of this writing, Biden has 253, while the orange one has 213. In this TIS Off-Topic episode, the sisters discuss the still-pending election result, how we got here...


2020 Election Watch: Vote Like Your Life Depends on It | TISOT Ep. 3

The U.S. election fever is building, and so is anxiety around what the outcome will be. In their third TIS Off-Topic episode, Sharon and Lisa discuss the orange one’s regime, the ways in which he has harmed Americans, and why he must be voted out at all costs. See for privacy and opt-out information.


Is Freelance Writing the Perfect Job for Introverts? | E 26

Ask any introvert to describe their dream job, and they’ll probably mention freelancing. No people? Check. No small talk? Check. No need to go into an office? Check, check, check. Join Sharon and Lisa as they discuss why freelancing, and especially freelance writing, could just be the ideal job for introverts. Plus: From Kamala “I’m speaking” Harris to Aisha Joseph, and so many more, Black women are fighting the good fight against racism, censorship, and the patriarchy. Tune in as the...


The “Quarantine15” is Real. Here’s How to Lose your Pandemic Pounds. | E 25

After more than 10 months at home, so much has changed—including the sisters’ weight! Like so many others, they have accumulated the “quarantine 15,” (ok...maybe more than 15) and now it’s time to shed the extra pounds. Tune in as Sharon and Lisa discuss effective home workouts that can help you get your weight back on track. Plus: Another aspect of life that 2020 has changed is hair care. Neither of the sisters is ready to go back to “normal” activities like getting their hair done. Even...


Traveling While Black: The ABC Travel Green Book | E 24

One thing the sisters have been missing since Corona started is travel. Though they’re not quite ready to hit the skies yet, they’ve already started thinking about where they should go. They plan to consult the ABC Travel Green Book, written specifically for travelers of color, to help them plan their next big trip. The new Green Book is written by Martinique Lewis, and is based on the original Negro Motorist Green Book Compendium created by Victor Hugo Green during the Jim Crow era. Also on...


No Justice for Breonna | TISOT Ep. 2

After 6 months, the Breonna Taylor case finally reached a resolution. In their second TIS Off-Topic episode, the sisters attempt to process the miscarriage of justice in the case, and discuss where we can all go from here. Full show notes with links to resources and educational content is available here. See for privacy and opt-out information.


21 Things Introverts Wish People Understood | E 23

So many introverts feel misunderstood; Sharon and Lisa are no different. Join them as they hilariously list 21 things that make introverts tick. Or not tick. Plus: Introversion is just a small part of what the sisters are about. Tune in as they discuss Sharon’s anti-racism work, and how walking in her purpose helps her find the energy to do #allthethings. On a lighter note, Lisa shares what she’s been binge-watching on Netflix. Join the Introvert Sisters for a fun-filled, lighthearted...


Rest in Power, Black Panther: Celebrating and Mourning Chadwick Boseman | E22

Chadwick Boseman’s death sent people around the world into a tailspin of grief. Especially Black people. It feels as if OUR king was taken too soon. Tune in as Sharon and Lisa talk through their feelings about his untimely passing, explain why so many of us are grieving someone we never actually met, and discuss the legacy of the Black Panther. Plus: Rest is part of the revolution. The sisters have been doing A LOT, especially in the realm of anti-racism writing. It’s energizing and...


Alone, Not Lonely: Why Introverts Love “Me Time” | E 21

People spend a lot of time trying to encourage introverts to “get out there” and come out of their shell. The thing is, for most introverts, their shell is their happy place. Spending time alone - and enjoying it - is part of what makes introverts introverts. Listen in as Lisa and Sharon talk about why they value their alone time, and how they use it. Plus: Shadeism (aka colorism) is still a thing, along with its unfortunate companion, skin bleaching. The sisters discuss why skin bleaching...


The 5 Love Languages of Introverts | E 20

Introverts have the unfortunate reputation of not being the happiest of people. But, is that even true? The sisters think not. In fact, they believe that like most people, introverts have “love languages”: things that make them feel happy, and able to be their best selves. Tune in as Sharon and Lisa each reveal their introvert love languages. Plus: This has been a summerless summer. No trips, no festivals, no vacations, nothing. They even cancelled Crop Over in Barbados. The girls discuss...


11 Shady Things You Should Never Say to an Introvert | E19

Introverts (like most people) have their pet peeves. And those include the misguided, shady, and hurtful things that others can say to us in order to get us to...not be us?? We can only assume that that’s the reason behind it. Tune in as we discuss the tone-deaf things that extroverts often say to introverts. Plus: since wfh life is the new normal for so many of us, does this mean that “work clothes” are dead? Does anybody need formal business attire? Or do we only need shorts/sweatpants, a...


Why Introverts Love Working Remotely and Don’t Miss The Office | E 18

Working from home has (thankfully) become the norm, and like so many other people, the sisters are big fans. Listen in to hear why they’re loving the work from home life, why they are not missing the office, not even for a second. Plus: Have your elastic waist pants been lying to you? Have you put on a few pandemic pounds? The sisters both have. Tune in as Sharon and Lisa share what they’ve been doing to shed the extra weight and achieve their wellness goals. The beauty is in the details....


The Sweet, Introverted Spirit of Elijah McClain #gonetoosoon | E17

Police violence against Black people and the trait of introversion come to a bizarre, painful, and tragic confluence in the case of Elijah McClain. The sisters, like all BIPOC, were shocked and devastated to learn about this gentle introvert’s murder at the hands of police. Join them as they unpack what happened, and discuss why, no matter how non-threatening you attempt to appear, every Black person is always at risk of losing their life to the police at any time. Plus: From fireworks to...