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S2E9: Banks’s Mild & Hawkshead Red Ale

Anglo-ales assemble ! Yes ma’am, it’s God save the cream with some hand-picked top English crop for tonight’s midnight ramble as we barely make it through the barley once again. You’re guaranteed spills, chills and…power drills ? Shit, we took …


S2E8: Blue Moon Belgian White and Gold Label Barley Wine

The night is still young but the beer is matured, so wander with us into the witching hour in search of more wheat ale-willies ! Things may get hairy as we flirt with a full moon but rest assured, we’re …


S2E7: McEwan’s Export and Bacchus Cherry Beer

It’s match time once again and Lager Logs FC are hitting the pitch with an export-heavy lineup to put even China to shame. Yes, a couple of ailing Scots and a pair of krieky Belgians make our pissed up pour …


S2E6: Hobgoblin Gold and Leffe Blonde Belgian Ale

Come on down to the Pints of View pond as our golden goose lays another podcast-shaped egg ! I hope it’s one of those chocolate ones, they’re nice. I don’t mind a standard yolk and white number but I feel …


S2E5: Manns Brown Ale and Diceman Stout

Time to take that right hand road again as we’re goin’ to Brownsville to pick up a couple of ebony beauties. I know it looks a little dicey but if you blow mine, we’re guaranteed snake eyes…although I should really …


S2E4: Joker IPA and Old Jock Scotch Ale

Four pours and seven months ago, the lads with the logs (yikes, pass the bran flakes) set upon their epic beer journey to bring joy and laughter to the inebriated masses. They failed, but are more than happy to settle …


The Lager Logs Special: The Boys Go Beer Tasting

That’s right ! Your penpals with the pints of view are back from our school trip to Beertanical Gardens and what sights we shared…the crisp camalellias, the beautiful bittercups and the incredible IPAris (a stretch you say ? Nonsense ! …


S2E3: Boddingtons Draught Bitter and Kopparberg Fruit Lager

Stop Kopping a feel of our breath taking Boddies ! Sexual harassment aside, I honestly prefer the touch of a hand to the pinch of a litter picker…jeez, I should really stop trying to pull during community service but ever …


S2E2: Cobra World Beer and Hatherwood Purple Panther Porter

Get outta our dreams and into our jeep ! The Lager Lads are on safari, ready to charm your asp and purr-vey your beautiful big cats with the finest brewski. Remember to keep your hands and feet inside the vehicle …


S2E1: Hop House 13 Irish Lager and Guinness Foreign Extra Stout

The boys are black in town ! We couldn’t resist…after our award-winning pairing from last season of two of the best Ireland has to offer we’re here again with a Dublin double to drive even Oscar wild. Yes, the premiere …


The Lager Logs Special: Another Round Review

Yikes, that was a longer break than expected but Science Camp will always come first. To be honest, it took me an awfully long time to work out what E=MC2 actually means but eh, less about boring MDMA-swallowing rappers and …


S1E10: Marston’s Special- A Trio of Great British Ales

We’re a perfect 10, but we wear a 12…well, I’m more in between a 14 and a 16 at the moment but please don’t judge, my Mom said it’s just a growth spurt. Coffee will stunt your growth, but excess …


S1E9: Becks Lager and Amigos Tequila Flavoured Beer

Is it a bird ? Is it a plane ? No, it’s just another of my morning drinking-induced hallucinations. Maybe this time that 10:30 magpie to Costa Rica with let me keep my ring pulls…and my air miles. What’s that …


S1E8: Ringwood Brewery’s Forty Niner and Baltika #7 Premium Export Lager

Can I Play with Madness ?…Well no, not really, Suggs is busy- why not ask The Specials ? Yes, the boys with the Pints of View are back with another show filled to the brim with lashings of lager lunacy. …


S1E7: Guinness Original Extra Stout and Guinness West Indies Porter

The Lager Logs is back with another night of brewski-induced insanity. One flew over the cuckoo’s nest ? Try two stumbled into a blue tit’s auditorium. Man, this all-female version of the Blue Man Group rules ! We have an …


S1E6: Doom Bar Amber Ale and Innis & Gunn The Original Bourbon Barrel Scotch Ale

Grab that pistol cowboy- you got a dual on your hands. The Lager Logs is officially locked and loaded with six of the best and episodio sei is headin’ straight for ya with some malty mayhem in the old west …


S1E5: Courage Best Bitter and Newcastle Brown Ale

What do we want ? Somewhat adequate beer discussion ! When do we want it ? Anytime really. Next week would be nice. Tonight ? Well, that’s awfully decent of you. I had nothing planned. In this episode, we rate …


S1E4: Tsingtao Premium Lager and Efes Pilsner

The age old debate…Stones or the Beertles. Well hot off the presses, we have our very own episode (fab) four and if we’re talking solo careers, The Lager Logs is definitely the Ringo Starr of the podcasting world. In this …


S1E3: Old Speckled Hen and Hobgoblin Ruby Beer

Party people, we’re back with a vengeance- part 3 in The Lager Logs saga has it all…mystery, intrigue and a severe need to break the seal. We hope you’re enjoying our coverage so far but even if you’re not, look, …


S1E2: Greene King IPA Reserve and Hoegaarden Wheat Beer

Here we are. The sequel no one asked for…yes, I am talking about my Uncle No one (he’s from Cancún) this one’s for you big guy ! Due to the law of diminishing returns you’re guaranteed to have at least …