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10. Jerry Buting

In the tenth episode of The Last Line, James talks to criminal defence attorney, star of 'Making a Murderer' and author of 'Illusion of Justice: Inside Making A Murderer and America's Broken System', Jerry Buting. During their conversation they discuss the problems with the justice system in America, the benefits of the filming of trials, Jerry's faith and battle with cancer and why people are more drawn towards a job in prosecution than defence. Jerry Buting has worked as a criminal...


09. Harald Grosskopf & Eberhard Kranemann (Krautwerk)

In the ninth episode of The Last Line, James chats to German electronic music pioneers Harald Grosskopf & Eberhard Kranemann of newly formed outfit Krautwerk. During their conversation they discuss the lack of experimentation in modern music, the need for imperfections in art and how growing up in post-war Germany influenced their music. Harald and Eberhard are both influential names in the world of German electronic music. Harald played drums on early work by Klaus Shulze before recording...


08. David Neiwert

In the eighth episode of The Last Line, James talks to journalist and blogger David Neiwert about everything from Alex Jones's removal from iTunes, Spotify and YouTube to conspiracy theories and their love for New Zealand film director Taika Waititi. David hails from the United States and formally wrote for where he won the National Press Club Award for Distinguised Online Journalism in 2000 for his series on domestic terrorism. He is the writer of several books, his latest being...


07. James Toseland

In the seventh episode of The Last Line, James talks to Two-Time World Superbike Champion and Lead Singer of Toseland, James Toseland. Recorded outside the pub at the end of the road they both live on they focus on how one moves on from having to give up what they love early in life and rebuild a new life and career. Apologies for the background noise, as this episode was recorded outside there will be vehicle noises present. James Toseland was the World Superbike Champion in 2004 and 2007...


06. Jack Bourke

In the sixth episode of The Last Line, James chats to Jack Bourke of the band City Calm Down. Recorded backstage ahead of their gig at The London Borderline in May of 2018, they discuss everything from physical music sales, the prospect of AI created songs, the difficulty of balancing a full time job with a music and why James should never write interview questions late at night. City Calm Down hail from Melbourne Australia, they have released two studio albums, In A Restless House (2015)...


05. Ellie Flynn

In the fifth episode of The Last Line, James talks to investigative journalist and documentary presenter Ellie Flynn. Recorded in March of 2018, they cover everything from Ellie's documentary Rent For Sex which investigated landlords advertising their properties for free in exchange for sexual favours, our thoughts and insecurities around conducting interviews and being interviewed and Ellie's experience with the world of catfishing. Ellie has written for an extensive list of magazines and...


04. Tom Williams

In the fourth episode of The Last Line, James talks to singer/songwriter Tom Williams. Recorded in February of 2018, they cover everything from Tom's latest album All Change, his other job teaching music and songwriting to school children, pop music, the merits of buying physical music and their views on a certain red headed singing megastar who plays a tiny guitar. Tom came to prominence with the band Tom Williams & The Boat who released three albums between 2010 and 2014. They were...


03. Shaun Attwood

In the third episode of The Last Line, James talks to author, activist and former ecstasy kingpin Shaun Attwood. Recorded in May of 2018, they cover everything from life and violence in prison, corruption in the justice system, Shaun's book on Making a Murderer's Steven Avery, mafia boss Sammy 'The Bull' Gravano and whether James would end up as someone's prison bitch. Born in Widnes, Shaun moved to Arizona as a young man and within a few years he had already become a millionaire on the...


02. J. Willgoose Esq.

In the second episode of The Last Line, James talks to J. Willgoose Esq. of the band, Public Service Broadcasting. Recorded in January of 2018 they cover everything from creative processes, peforming at Brixton Academy, being interviewed and even the trials and tribulations of being a Wimbledon F.C. supporter. Public Service Broadcasting are a pseudonymous musical group that set new music to old public information films, archive footage and propoganda material. They work closely with...


01. Shaun Keaveny

In the first episode of The Last Line, James talks to BBC 6Music Breakfast host Shaun Keaveny. Recorded in February of 2018 they cover everything from comedy influences, dealing with criticism, delivering huge news to radio audiences and James manages to get some tips on how to conduct a good interview. Shaun has presented the breakfast show on 6Music since 2007 and you'll often hear him pop up on other stations such as Radio 2 and Radio 4. Shaun also has a podcast exclusive to Spotify...